Celebrate #BSB25 Week With Us!

For the past three years, we have had special posts to celebrate the Backstreet Boys’ anniversaries. We’ve poured our hearts out, talked out everything we’ve learned from the Boys, asked you to contribute and more. So, what about the huge 25th year??

It’s been no secret that #BSB25Project is our big project this year and has been very successful thanks to the help of a few thousand fans! We’re so thrilled with the way all of it has turned out and can’t wait for you all to see the final ad in the 4/21 issue of Billboard Magazine.

But that is not going to stop us from celebrating this anniversary ALL WEEK LONG!

So here’s the deal… we want you guys to get involved.

Each day of the week, starting Monday, we want to celebrate different BSB “eras”. Here’s the deal…

The Deal

  • Tweet your favorite photos, videos, memories from whatever era corresponds with the day (see below).
  • Use #BSB25 in your tweets so we can find them and retweet.
  • The only day we’ll use a different hashtag is Saturday, when we’ll use #BSB25Project

Monday: The Beginning (Backstreet Boys / Backstreet’s Back era)

Tuesday: The Middle (Millennium / Black and Blue / Never Gone era)

Wednesday:  The Foursome (Unbreakable / This Is Us / NKOTBSB era)

Thursday: The Now (IAWLT / Present)

Friday: THE ANNIVERSARY (All The Times)

Saturday: The Ad Release (This is the day that the #BSB25Project will be released. We are asking you to keep sending your kind words and sweet wishes to all of the Boys + your photos of the ad as you get your copy of the magazine. The hashtag will be included on the ad.)

We can not WAIT to celebrate our Boys the whole week with you guys! Ready for it?


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