24+ Things That Nick Carter Has Done That Everyone Needs To Know About

Since Boy Band has started, there have been several rude tweeters / social media know-it-alls who have had less-than-kind things to say about Nick Carter and his advice for the 30 competitors that are vying for a spot in a hand-picked-by-viewers boyband.

While the nice things have far outweighed the not-so-nice, we feel that there is far too many individuals who doubt Nick’s ability or, as one tweeter so eloquently put it this week, believe that he is “living through” the boys competing. Most irritating is the fact that most of the individuals saying these things do not do their research.

So, without naming the millions of things Nick has done for this fans, our own personal feelings, that he is always giving of his time or the fact that he is literally the hardest working still-current boybander today, we wanted everyone to have access to the quick facts in one post.

For those who think Nick is not equipped to handle choosing boyband members, check this out:

  • Joined the Backstreet Boys at the age of 13, with an offer of The Mickey Mouse Club also on the table
  • Has released 9 albums with the Backstreet Boys + working on the 10th
  • Has sold more then 130 million albums worldwide, making them the largest selling boyband ever
  • Won a ridiculous amount of awards – WORLDWIDE
  • Released 3 solo albums and went on 3 successful solo tours
  • Wrote a book, revealing his own struggles and offering inspiration for others to change their lifestyle
  • 2014: Got married, continued to tour with the Backstreet Boys, filmed and premiered a reality show, joined a duo with Jordan Knight (NKOTB), released an album and went on tour as ‘Nick and Knight’
  • 2015: Finished touring with BSB, wrote, directed, produced, and starred in Dead 7, competed on Dancing With The Stars all the way to the finals, released 3rd solo album, made a baby
  • 2016: Went on tour, became a father, appeared across country at different comic cons, premiered Dead 7 in several countries, announced BSB Vegas residency
  • 2017: Performed 3 nights a week in Vegas with the Backstreet Boys (becoming the fastest selling residency in Vegas history), hit #1 with BSB on a collaboration with Florida Georgia Line, performed with BSB at several music festivals (including 100k people in Quebec), joined the cast of Boy Band

There are a lot of things you can say about Nick Carter, but saying that he doesn’t know what he is doing is NOT one of them. Please don’t.

Oh, and trust us, in 20 years, you will appreciate your favorite boyband having dance moves — what else are you going to embarrass your kids with and / or do with your friends at concerts? BSB fans are also here for the music, but we got us a boyband that can do both — you should welcome it as well. Get you some men that can do both!

We aren’t hating. We aren’t saying that Nick is the boybander to end all boybanders. We’re just asking anyone that wants to say derogatory things to at least be accurate in your assumptions and facts. Focus on the next greats and respect the people that have paved the way for them and are enthusiastic about supporting them. In the end, we all win.

Leave Nick alone.


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