Everything You Need To See In The Backstreet Boys and Nick Carter Fan Clubs Right Now

We are so thrilled that the Backstreet Boys, as well as Nick Carter’s, Fan Club have really stepped up their games! In fact, they have stepped up their games so much that, while we always try to tweet what’s going on, we wanted to put everything going on RIGHT NOW in one place.

Backstreet Boys Fan Club

  • BSBVegas Cup Giveaway: If you’ve been to a Vegas show in April or June, you might have seen the blue souvenir cups that The AXIS was selling before and during the show. If you didn’t get to grab one, you’re in luck! There are two cups being given away to two FC members. You can find all of the details in this blog.
  • Points Items: Remember when we weren’t sure what the point of the getting points was? Now, they have a purpose. You can find multiple items to use your FC points for in the EXCLUSIVE FC store (which is also a thing — you can buy items only available to members). Through July 9th, the BSB Air Fresheners are BOGO!
  • Fan Club Exclusive Facebook Group: Wonderful Union really is listening to fan requests in regards to the FC. When the forum was taken away during the website revamp, fans were not so happy. This led to the creation of the Facebook group for members only! You can join here
  • VIP Contests: They’re not going on right now, but for the previous Vegas dates, VIP was given away for each date. There’s also the possibility of winning Soldier Of The Month. That’s reason enough!

You can join here or grab the digital membership.

Nick Carter Fan Club

  • Nick Interaction: From the beginning, Nick has always been adamant about his fan club being a place for fans to hang out and for him to interact with them. While it died out for a bit, he is back in the game and the FC is refreshed with new things all the time – including Nick dropping in the forum to answer questions from fans and blogs written exclusively for members.
  • Spotlight Stories: Launched this month, Spotlight Stories give fans a chance to share their Nick-themed stories and memories with other fans based on a different topic every month for a chance to be featured in the news section and win some Nick Carter swag. It’s a win-win. Find the post in the Forum section under Nick Carter.
  • All American Tank Top Contest: This contest ends in just under two weeks, but it’s definitely ones that members should enter. The Nick store has been filling up with cute merch and this is one of our favorites. Don’t miss your chance!

Join the Nick Carter FC now



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