15 Reactions We’ve Had To The Backstreet Boys (via ‘Boy Band’ GIFS)

Coming up on Week 5 of Boy Band, there have been a lot of things within the show so far that have caused us to compare the coming-together and performances of these boys to that of our own Backstreet Boys. They may be up and coming, but give us five boys singing in harmony and choreographed in time with each other and we are in!

If you’ve followed WHOTB for any length of time though, you know there’s nothing we love more than a good GIF. When Boy Band posted their own Giphy page, we knew we were going to have to do something with it. Boybands, Nick Carter, Baby Spice – it has our name all over it!

So here it is – all of our fangirling / fanboying reactions using gifs from Boy Band.

1. When A Backstreet Boy Says / Tweets Your Name


2. When Someone Is Talking To You, But You’re Really Thinking About Your Next BSB Event


3. When You’re Waiting For The Backstreet Boys To Announce Your City For Their Tour


4. When You’re Positive A Backstreet Boy Is Pointing To You… In The Nosebleeds


5. Roadtrips To BSB Shows With Your Friends Got You Like… 


6. When Nick Carter Is Thrusting Two Feet Away From You


7. The Morning Of A Concert…


8. …During A Concert…


9. …After A Concert


10. Walking Into VIP Meet And Greet Like…



(And what we think the Backstreet Boys must think about us sometimes)


11. And When You Want To Stand By One Boy Specifically…


12. The BSB Security When We Get A Little Too Loving…


13. During VIP…


14. After VIP…


15. Then You And Your Friends Vow To Do It ALLLL Again…Next Weekend! 


Tune in for more Boy Band greatness on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC!



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