5 Things Backstreet Boys Fans Need To Remember Right Now

In the past month, things have really picked up for the Backstreet Boys. It’s everything we’ve been waiting for all year! 2017 is going to be an amazing year.

If we can hold it together.

Despite all of the excitement, all of the improvements, all of the announcements, some of us are going a little wild. Let’s take a minute to regroup on some things because we ALL need a breather, a moment, a little grounding and perspective to make this an enjoyable time for everyone!

  1. The Backstreet Boys Fanclub is BACK!

REJOICE! The BSB FC that we know and love is slowly coming back with contests, merch, decent presales, newsletters, and more!

However, those that are PAYING for the membership reserve the rights to FC ONLY exclusives. It should be noted that the sharing of exclusive photos, blogs, videos, etc. outside of the fanclub could result in suspension of your account. In general, it’s just not cool to do. It’s not fair to yourself (who paid for the membership) or other members who have paid for the access. Please be mindful that the exclusives will be less if they continued to get shared. That’s no fun for anyone!

  1. Official Meet and Greet Info Will ONLY Be Posted On Backstreetboys.com – Calm Down.

Of course we’re all chomping at the bit to find out what Vegas will bring us, including how we can meet our Boys once again. No one blames anyone for being excited – it’s an exciting time! Meet and greets go on sale October 9th and the details are sure to good ones.

Good things come to those who wait. While we absolutely understand the need to plan, sending constant streams of tweets, posts, and emails to Wonderful Union and/or the Backstreet Boys is not going to make things post faster. They are well aware that we are waiting. They want to tell us officially as much as we want to know. Consistent nasty comments about details NOT being posted yet does not make anyone feel good. It doesn’t make anyone want to give us info any faster.

If you’re worried about planning with a bunch of friends, talk ahead of time; set price points of what you’re willing to spend and hypothetical scenarios. The great thing about VIP upgrades is that you can all buy separately as opposed to tickets where you sit together.

Also, please don’t believe rumors about pricing, levels, etc. NOTHING has been released to ANYONE. People make things up in an attempt to rile the masses. Don’t buy into it.

Breathe. It’s all going to work out, guys.

  1. The Backstreet Wives Are Not The Backstreet Boys.

Without going too far into detail, just wanted to put it out there that the opinions and words of Backstreet wives are not that of Backstreet BOYS. Be mindful of such before you put negativity into the air.

  1. You Should NOT Feel Bad If You Can’t Make It To Las Vegas.

There’s been a lot of pressure from fans going on fans who can’t make it. It’s understandable and it’s okay. Not everyone is going to be able to swing it – that doesn’t make you less of a fan. There’s always the new album and tour to look forward to! There’s always going to be more opportunities. Be happy that you’re a fan of a band that WANTS to continue for the fans.

  1. Remember To Be Grateful.

There’s a LOT of work that goes into making all things Backstreet happen. Don’t forget to take time to thank Wonderful Union (as much as people complain, they’re connecting us), the Backstreet Boys (for doing all of it), Ticketmaster (even though things have had snafus, they’ve been willing to help in most cases), and more. Thank your friends for coming with you or dealing with your crazy (I know I’ve thanked mine)!

Now, let’s get this Backstreet Party 2017 started, shall we?


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