10 Signs You Have Chronic AJ McLean Syndrome

Since the beginning of time, ladies have sought after the one and only AJ McLean. As the unrivaled ladies’ man of the Backstreet Boys, some of us have formed a sort of a addiction. What shall we call it? Chronic AJ McLean Syndrome, of course. CAMS affects some when they least expect it and others catch it when it is literally thrusting into their faces. If you’re not sure if you have it, keep reading.

1. While listening to album versions of Backstreet songs, you insert random yells.

Any good Backstreet fan knows that when things get hype up in a concert, AJ gets hype enough to start yelling at random moments in the songs. We’re not talking like a laugh/scream at the beginning of “Larger Than Life”, we’re talking like “AHHHHH I’M COMING FOR YOOOUU” kind of yell. It is those that have CAMS that will insert these yells into songs while in the car, listening to the album, not live at all. It is ingrained into their memories because they have an AJ addiction. Those with long-term syndrome will also insert “with bacon and eggs and ham” into “Everybody” and “GOOD GOD” into “Get Another Boyfriend”. Those people also just read that and thought, doesn’t everyone do that?

2. You know every un-choreographed thrust that AJ is going to make in every tour and you’re prepared.

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You can smell a thrust coming. You can get a new Backstreet Boys album and be almost positive of the parts at which AJ will thrust during a live show. By prepared, we mean you a.) stabilize yourself, and b.) have your camera ready…unless your face is eye level. Then you’re just losing it. You’ve also been known to spend some serious screen time with youtube before attending a show so you aren’t caught by surprise. CAMS is a hard life, y’all.

3. He has inspired at least two of your own tattoos.

….And you WILL talk to him about it. Anyone with CAMS knows that the way to AJ’s heart is through talking ink and it’s seemingly appropriate that he being the inspiration for your own is a win-win situation. Well, as long as your tattoo isn’t his face on your arm. That’s not the CAMS, that’s the wild.

4. Men dying their hair different colors is COMPLETELY normal.

Blonde, blue, green, black…CAMS has made you think that it’s completely normal for any man to have a different hair color every month. In fact, your prefer it. It spices things up in your life, right?

5. Facial hair artistry is your ultimate turn on.

For those with Chronic AJ McLean Syndrome, you can not deal with normal run-of-the-mill goatees and beards. You’ve stared so longingly at AJ’s intricately designed facial hair that you have grown accustomed to it and think it is a must for any man. Then, he grew the beard…. and only because it was AJ, you were okay with it, but you were cheering louder for the Luigi mustache that followed.

6. You never watched FRIENDS when it was actually on, but you sure do now!

You were the only person who wasn’t watching Friends during it’s original run, but AJ forced you spoke so highly of it, that you HAD to see what all the fuss was about… and now you get all the references, can quote all the quotables, and can tell everyone that Ross and Rachel WERE NOT on a break. And it’s all because of your CAMS.

7. You promote anything AJ creates, whether it ever comes into fruition or not. 

CAMS-ers are keeping the faith when it comes to all things with solo AJ. They will support the jewelry, the apparel, the albums, the videos, the foundation, the phone cases, the energy drinks, and WHATEVER else AJ puts on the table. Whether it ever meet it’s endgame or not, it doesn’t matter. They love just the idea of it.

8. The rasp in his voice does things to you.

Really? You need an explanation? We’ve ALL felt those vibrations.

9. You’ve been physically affected by his lowering-his-sunglasses move.

If you truly have CAMS, you pictured the move as you read that. You know the McLean maneuver where he whips off his sunglasses and stares you in the eyes….and you’re suddenly feeling chilly…because your underwear have fallen off. It is the biggest move you can’t resist and you actually hope to one day be his victim. When you yell “Take it off” to AJ, you actually mean his sunglasses.

10. At some point in your history as a fan, you’ve declared AJ as your hero.

AJ has fought battle after battle and has really come out on top. He is the kindest soul with a heart of gold and his story is an incredibly inspiring. We all have something to learn from Mr.McLean and perhaps we all have a touch of Chronic AJ McLean Syndrome…and are better for it.


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