8 Reasons To See Some Backstreet Boys At A Con

Who knew wandering around an exposition center for a weekend could be so fun? We definitely didn’t know. Don’t knock it ’til you try it! So here are some reasons you should consider going to the next comic con in your area.

1. Backstreet Boys.

Isn’t this reason enough? We know you are ready and willing to fill your Backstreet void while the boys are off tour. You’ll get to to hang out with and converse with them any time you want (I’m looking at YOU- Nick Carter) (pending there’s no line). YES – you just walk up to a table that your favorite Backstreet Boys are sitting at!

…and maybe you’ll even find out insider information.



2. Other Boyband Members.

Who knows– you might end up being pleasantly surprised. From personal experience, they all are pretty awesome! At least those in the Dead 7 cast. (Forgive us for the following gif)



3. Other Celebrities.

The fans in us are always down for meeting other celebs– you can’t even pretend that you’re not. My personal fave? 90’s hearthrob Jason Priestly from Beverly Hills 90210 *swooooooon*



4. Professional Photos.

…With a potentially cheesy background, buttttt they DO come out flawless. Seriously. You look airbrushed. Also, endless selfies and autographs! How can you go wrong?



5. Panels.

Panels are where actors talk about their movies, and you as a con guest get to attend as many as you want. Our personal favorite is Dead 7’s panel, but we may be justttttttt a little biased.



6. Parties.

At certain cons, there are VIP after parties. These are subject to change at each con, however if boyband members are involved, it is bound to be a good time, and maybe even get a little wild and crazy. Need I say “There ain’t no party like a Backstreet party, cause the Backstreet party don’t stop”? Well, I just did.



7. Cosplay (as the con-folk call it).

Cosplay is where people dress up as characters from various movies, comics, books and such. Guess what!? You get to as well (if that’s something you’re into).

It’s like Halloween, but without the October… and the trick-or-treating.



8. Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone.

Sure, if it’s your first time at a con, you’ll wander around aimlessly trying to figure out where you are, while also potentially wanting to hide in a corner from people in costumes walking around with chainsaws. You’ll get to step outside of your comfort zone, and into someone else’s fan world. And it could wind up being pretty fantastic. Just another weekend in the life of a fangirl, right?



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