Happy Birthday, Nick Carter! Watch Some Of Our Favorite Moments


Nick Carter is turning 38! He’s the last Backstreet Boy in the 30s club (with the majority of us), but it feels like he JUST turned 21. We’ve all loved the BSB for a long time, but we’ve really grown up with Nick and just as he has celebrated our birthdays through tweets and kind words in meet and greets, we love celebrating his!

We asked you to send us your favorite Nick videos and GIFs and share your reasons why you love these moments. Keep scrolling for all of the moments you loved best and don’t forget to send a tweet the birthday boy’s way!


“March 16, 2016. All American tour lunch. That afternoon was much fun. He took selfies with everyone. When it was my turn, I told him it was my first M&G. He thanked me for coming and took 3 selfies…omg! Then he took a selfie with Lucie, me and Marie.When it was time for the M&G photo, after my photo was taken, I told Nick, “Now, Nick, Brian, AJ, and Kevin, Howie will be jealous of you so no bragging on twitter.” He looked at me like “huh???” Cause like you get to meet me again tonight!!! He laughed and said ok hun see ya later. Plus, it was funny when nick pretended to forget the words to “19 in 99″. Anyways, just want to say happy birthday Nick.”



“This is my favourite because it was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – the Sunday night after I had just attended my first Backstreet Boys concert! I remember having my VCR set to tape this, as I was on the train home. I have so many wonderful memories from that weekend!” – Karen Brander


“Even if I could have easily went with “this is nick” in “we’ve got it going on” because that’s when I was stunned by him, I can definitely say that my favorite Nick moment is the gender reveal of Odin. In general, Nick as a husband and a dad… I remember crying all the tears I had in that episode…  mostly happy tears for him and Lauren. It’s when he became the best version of himself so far. He was so happy Odin was going to be a boy because Lauren really wanted a boy, so sweet! They fought to have this baby… I remember the ultrasound part and Nick looking ecstatic… you could feel the real pure love all around, even in the dance. I love Nick father and husband and I love their family. I just can’t help but being amazed by Nick and Lauren’s love for each other and for their baby. This moment is when he got what he always longed for, A FAMILY! Lauren and Odin make him very happy and that’s all I can ask for him and I wish him all the kids they want, happiness and love for this birthday!” – Alessandra Chiocchi-Johnston


“I have so many favorite moments; But this moment you could see the look of love & pride on Lauren’s face. That was basically me. I had this look of love, pride & adoration on my face as well. When I watched this episode, Nick blew away when he was on DWTS. I’m so so proud of him as a husband & father.” – Halley Klemm
“I choose this moment from Dancing With The Stars because I love how touching and human Nick is. Not only is he gorgeous as always but he shows us his soft side, his vulnerable side. Unfortunately the link doesn’t have the little video before their dance where Nick talks about his love for Lauren and about her being pregnant ( I couldn’t find a link with a clear image and sound). His face just lights up and it makes me so happy to see him so happy. And the moment they find out they are having a boy. This is definitely one of my favorite Nick moments.” – Anne


“I have been lucky enough to have a few moments with Nick. One when I got him to sign my arm so I could get it tattooed. Another where he gave me his towel after he wiped his face on it. But my favourite moment with Nick happened recently when O was in Las Vegas on the 10th of November 2017, when Nick sang to me. I may look like I was calm but I was soooo nervous and I cried when he left lol. The funny thing was these seats were not the seats I purchased. My original seat had a camera obstructing my view so I told the staff that I was disappointed that I had come a long way (from Australia) for this show just to have a camera in my way. She came and got me once the show started and sat me right where Nick was going to stand. I couldn’t believe my luck. You will notice in the video i had my phone up recording. Well i thought i was recording. During all the excitement, i forgot to press record. Lucky for me the girl beside me pressed record and got this footage for me. Happy birthday to my favourite Backstreet Boy Nick.” – Rachel McAdam


“Because his voice touches me so deeply like no one else can.” – Claudia A.

“This video was taken by me on the last #bsbcruise, it’s just a little part of the whole video, but I love it because that was my first time listening to Nick singing live #IGotYou. I cried like a baby, that song is my forever favorite and feeling the emotions of seeing nick singing it, giving his best, with those flawless vocals with his bros, was everything for me. Never I’ll forget that beautiful moment, this is a memory of a lifetime, I’ve always dreamt to hearing this beautiful song live and well, with Nick dreams do come true!

Wish you a beautiful birthday special human being!” – Ciap Carter


“First of all, I’m 18 and I think I’m one of the youngest fans. I’ve followed these boys for a very short time even if I heard some of their songs when I was a kid. Last month, I watched for the first time Show’ Em What You’re Made Of the movie and I was very impressed when Nick told about his childhood, about his family and how he felt when he walked in the halls of the school because I saw myself in him in some aspects of him life and personality.” – Alessandro

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“These are my favorite gif moments because I love Nick’s energy on and off the stage; he isn’t afraid to be himself and he can always put a smile on my face. The video shows his dedication/passion and how he accomplishes everything by putting his whole heart and soul into it. He is inspirational and his voice/music has helped me through so much. Happy 38th Birthday Nick! Hope your birthday is as special as you are.” – Melissa

“Generally any Kevick moment is my favorite, you gotta love them. They’re so funny and adorable together. I’m hoping they team up for games night on the next cruise, that would be the best. And of course, I have to add in a little booty shaking and that smile we all love. Happy birthday Nick :)” -Anisha


“This is my favorite Nick GIF and GIF ever. He’s just so cute in it!” – Shannon Link


“For me, the most and favorite Nick Carter moment was when I met him for the first time on his solo tour last 2016 in Brazil. He was sweet and kind with every single fan and truly trying to give attention and make that lunch unforgetable. And it was.

As a fan dying to meet Nick Carter for the first time, I hid my nervousness and could spend 2-3 eternal minutes asking about how the tour and his flight was and also the excitement to be back. As a fan, that moment while he was curiously paying attention to what I was asking and gently answering, filled my heart with love and happiness.

After that, he took my phone and we made, for me the most beautiful selfie and video which I wasn’t expecting. Thankfully, last April I could go to Vegas and got another beautiful picture and memories to collect. I’m thankful for his excitement to live a happy and healthy life, his love for his music, his buddies, family and fans.” – Carol Molina


My favorite Nick video! – Sille

“My favorite Nick moment was on the 2016 cruise when Nick sang ‘I Got You’. I love how the song means more to Nick now that he is a father. Although, I have always felt this song relates so well to his relationship with his fans, lyrically and with what he’s gone through, it just fits well. The song was truly made for Nick. I also liked when AJ showed up for Nick on DWTS, and how proud AJ looked after Nick’s ‘Backstreet’s Back’ dance. I couldn’t find that gif so the one of them dancing together will have to do lol.” – Nancy Iverson


“Just because it shows so much about Nick! He’s funny! He knows so much about music, and wants to give others as much as possible. Nick is an inspiration for any of us!! I loved that Boys Band show! And look at this face!” – IIze

“This is one of my favorite videos of Nick, and I Got You is one of my favorite songs from him. This video got me crying specially at the end where he was tearin up. This is a meaningful song for him, a song dedicated to Odin. Here, we saw a different Nick. We saw a father with pure and genuine love for his son. We saw how real he is and how big his heart is. And as the song goes..

“It’s funny how life can take new meaning
You came and changed what I believed in”

Truly, his family made him the best person that he could be and made him love life even more.

Happy Happy Birthday Nick! You have no idea how much you have inspired me. I thank you for you, and I thank God for giving you to us. We fans are so blessed and beyond grateful to have you as our idol. Hope you’ll have a birthday as amazing as you are. I love you forever.” – Pearl

“My favorite Nick moment is any time he’s having fun, and so I am submitting a video of Frick and Frack moments because they are adorable. Happy birthday Nick!” – Jennifer Varnum

“This is by far my favorite Nick video because it’s him at peak ridiculousness, it’s adorable, and how hard Kevin and AJ are laughing the whole time he can’t get the word right makes the entire thing even funnier. I’ve always come back to this video over the years and found it hysterical each and every time.” – Brynne-Eva Zeff

“He seems like such a good dad and I love seeing him spending quality time with Odin!” – Nancy Carter

“I haven’t been to any of the lunches/VIP experiences with Nick but I’m so glad people uploaded videos of it. I feel like he went above and beyond. You could tell how much thought went into making the experience special for everyone and really showed how much he appreciates his fans. This is just one of the many vids I’ve enjoyed. I loved the intimacy and how open he was.

My other fave would be Dead 7 coming to life. I love how he’s not afraid of taking chances, or care what people may think. I picked this vid because of 43:56 (even tho the whole vid was great). One of my fave things about Nick has always been how humble he is. He recognizes areas where he has opportunity to grow as an entertainer or just a person. And he is always one to applaud the strengths of others.” – Nina M.


“I love all Frick and Frack GIFs and clips in general, but this has gotta be one on my top favorites. Just look how our lovely Nickolas holds Brian so dearly in his arms! It’s like he’s so afraid he’d lose his big brother if he let go! It is so totally adorable. It’s a perfect reminder that Brian and Nick’s bond and love for each other will always, always be there. It’s a perfect reminder that they was, they are, and they forever will be… Frick and Frack.” – Janica Catabay


“This was at Nick’s All American Tour at the Sound Academy in Toronto AND the FIRST time meeting Nick, I was soo nervous I could barley say speak!!! I saw him again that November in Waterloo and had even postponed my tonsil surgery so I wouldn’t miss meeting him again even though his lunch got canceled!! Nick I hope you have an amazing Birthday!” (Holly sent a video, but it wouldn’t work). – Holly

Happy Birthday, Nick!

We hope it’s one of the best ones yet (and we can’t wait to celebrate with you)! You deserve the best year yet.


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