10 Things Every Backstreet Boys Fan Has Done At A Concert (And We Don’t Know Why)

Whether you’ve attended 1 or 501 Backstreet Boys concerts, you WILL find more than one thing in the following post that makes you say “YAAAASSS!” or, if you’re of the more sophisticated type, “Yep. So me.” Either way, you’ve done these things and on a normal day, you find yourself questioning why.

Let’s talk about it.

1.Scream Uncontrollably.


You could be mid rant about how you’ve been waiting an hour for the Boys come out, about how you really need to pee, about how you’re friend Becky backed out last minute and you’re really sick of –

And then the lights go down.

And your brain comes out of your mouth. The screams that come out of your body are literally the sound of your brain and your heart colliding and try to escape your being all at once.


Then the screen lights up to remind you. OH MY GOD IT’S THE BACKSTREET BOYS!

You act like you did not even know they were coming. Like this is all happenstance.

Backstreet Boy. SCREAM.

Backstreet Boy. SCREAM.


Backstreet Boy. SCREAM.

Backstreet Boy. SCREAM (and you don’t even really care about that one)!

We are all intelligent humans. Why can we not simply think / say “Woohoo! Glad I’m here!”

What IS that? We’re animals.

2. Say “YEAAAAHHH!” Everytime Nick Asks If He’s Sexual.


Am I sexual?


If your man came into your bedroom and asked you if he’s sexual, you’d look at him like he’s a lunatic and forever make fun of him.

However, everytime Nick Carter asks us, we yell “YEEAHHH!” Sometimes we don’t even make it that far. Sometimes we’re so prepared that when he starts swiveling his hips around like new-Elvis, we are saying unintelligible responses that don’t even fit into the song.

Even though we’ve all discussed in conversations with friends outside of the event, “What if he asks if he’s sexual and we’re all just like…no.”

And while we’re at it, what does “Am I original?” and “Am I the only one?” even have to do with the rest of the song? WHY ARE WE SAYING YEAH WITHOUT QUESTION?

3. Sing Along To “I Want It That Way” Like It’s The Best Song Ever Written.


We’ve all skipped it on the CD and on our iPods. There’s maybe 5% of us that actually favor “I Want It That Way”. To be honest, we get annoyed when the nostalgia fans behind us before the show shriek, “I hope that play ‘I Want It That Way’!”

But those first few notes play and we’re done for. We sing every word Brian wants us to sing. We ask our friends to tell us why. We are singing along like our lives depend on it.

4. Insist That One Of The Boys Pointed To / Stared At / Sang To You.


You could be front row. You could be nosebleeds. But at some point in your fangirling concert-going life, you’re going to be absolutely convinced that Nick, Brian, Howie, AJ or Kevin looked directly at you, sang directly to you, and wanted to personally invite you to the afterparty.

But if by chance one of them did look at you and sing to you, you will make it your mission to find a video of it online. Chances are, however, that you will spend the 5 minute video asking yourself “wait – was that it?”. Because you could have SWORN that moment last 10 minutes, not 10 seconds.

5. Scream Louder When They Say They Can’t Hear Us.


We KNOW they can hear us. They aren’t THAT old. But we continue to indulge them anyway.

“[City that they’ll later name the best city ever], how you doin’ tonight?”


“I can’t hear you. I SAID HOW YOU DOIN’ TONIGHT!?”

“*screams until our vocal cords are permanently damaged*”

….Or maybe we’re screaming out of fright from the louder screams behind us. Who really knows?

In what world is it acceptable to scream when someone asks you how you are do you respond with a scream? I don’t suggest doing it in the workplace, you guys.

6. Take A Million Videos Of The Same Song.






Two years later, you will not understand half of the things you took a picture of and/or recorded. But just in case….

7. Cry.


At some point, the screams will melt your eyeballs and your eyes will start to run down your face. Hold onto your eyelashes, ladies. You won’t be able to explain why, but those high emotions you’ve been holding in since you bought the tickets are finally getting to you. You are sharing oxygen with the Backstreet Boys. They are singing all of the songs. THEY LOOK SO GOOD. They are changing your life.

8. Take Selfies With A Backstreet Blur.


Sure, you paid for VIP and got a professional photo with the Boys. You might have even waited at the airport for a glimpse and gotten a selfie with 2/5 of them. Those things will not stop you from turning your back to the stage during the concert and trying to catch them in a pose behind you. You try to do it in a way that’s inconspicuous and quick – but when does ANYONE take a quick selfie? And WHYYYY can’t the Backstreet Boys be still?! God bless Brian for laying down on stage and taking a few fan phones.

But that still won’t stop us. “See that bearded blur?! AJ.”

9. Act Possessed For No Apparent Reason.


Most of us have actually stopped at one point during the concert and asked ourselves “Who AM I?” You’ve either made friends with the people around you or they’re your mortal enemies for trying to steal your spot. Sometimes, you even strike up deals. You’ve been drinking for three hours but for some reason, you don’t have to run to the restroom. You’re wearing shoes that you’re going to regret but you feel no pain. Your boob could be out – you wouldn’t know. Your head is about to spin off of your body and there’s nothing you can do to stop you.

You can NOT be held accountable for your actions while you are Backstreet drunk. Not even that text to your husband saying “WHY ARE YOU NOT KEVIN RICHARDSON?”

10. Google More Tour Dates During The Encore. 


Because we all know what the last song is before we even got there. Panic sets in. This can’t be it. Even though we’re going to 54 more shows and the Backstreet Boys promised as long as there’ll be music, they’ll be coming back….We feel the need to see them again immediately (See #9).

We innocently tap our friend’s shoulder and show them the next tour date to which he/she responds “if we leave RIGHT now, we can make it.” Because he/she, too, is under the spell.

And that’s how the best memories are made.

We bet you’re saying….



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