3 Years Of What Happens On The Backstreet

Together we’ve been through…

One World Tour.

A Vegas Residency Announcement.

The Beginning of a Fastest Selling Vegas Residency.

Con Appearances.

Nick’s Solo Album + Tour.

100 AJ Projects.

Kevin In An Indie Flick.

Brian’s Journey.

Dancing With The Stars.

Boy Band.

Two Cruises (+ One Future Sold Out Cruise).

Multiple TV Appearances.

A Documentary.

A Movie Starring Three Of Them.

Two Backstreet Babies.

One Backstreet Teenager.

The Recording Of An Album.

A Million New Memories + Victories + Celebrations.

Since beginning What Happens On The Backstreet 3 years ago this weekend, so much has changed and so much has remained the same. It’s been the time of our lives and in some moments, the highest of highs. But it hasn’t all been great. There have been some really weird times, for the Backstreet Boys and for the fans, but we have always ended up back here. Together. Like our five favorites, we’ve learned that the best way to get through anything is together.


This year, I thought about shutting down WHOTB. The whole reason I began is because I thought that the Boys deserved better promotion and that the fans needed a place that was updated, but also a place that made sure to point out not to take ourselves too seriously. We achieved that. With nearly 6500 likes on Facebook and 6100 followers on Twitter, WHOTB has become bigger than I ever dreamed. 100 followers and 5 likes alone would have been crazy to me.


Now, backstreetboys.com and nickcarter.net have picked up pace and are the regularly updated websites that the fans and the Boys have always deserved. In fact, when this blog isn’t being updated, you can bet it’s because I’m on one of those two. 2017 has become a better version of 1999 in terms of being a fan – we’re adults with access to Kevin, Brian, Howie, Nick and AJ. We’re meeting them. We’re traveling for them. THEY KNOW OUR NAMES. Isn’t this what we as fans have always wanted? What a time to be alive!


That being said, it still seems important that we stick around for the little things. The blog posts may be less frequent than when I started (which drives me crazy), but I’ve made it a personal mission to remind all of us to take a minute to laugh at ourselves, remain positive in the face of adverse situations, and to stay updated – even if there are other places to do that now. You can never have enough Backstreet (or the truth), right?

If you’ve read this far, WOW! Thank you! Who are you people that keep reading the things I have to say? Ha!


I’ve kept What Happens going for three years because of every single one of you reading this. I know so many of you now and have had so many conversations with you guys that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. You’ve poured your hearts out in stories, memories, and contributions to posts when I’ve asked. You’ve trusted me to post your personal moments, you’ve been so kind and you’ve also really let me know what you all think about things – good and bad. Most of all, you’ve shared these posts and you keep coming back. THANK YOU.¬†Thank you for being a part of this and thank you for indulging me.


A special thanks to Kristie for being the VIP Guru of WHOTB, but mostly for letting me bounce ideas off her, taking over when she knows something better than I do, and for pushing me to do things outside of my comfort zone (aka literally being my voice when I don’t want to speak up). Also a huge thank you to a few people (who know who they are) for listening, for making things happen, and for endless other things.


So… here’s to another year of What Happens On The Backstreet and a WHOLE LOT happening on the Backstreet. 2018 will be a quarter of a century celebration for them and I’ll be damned if we won’t be there for every second. We’re staying RIGHT here. Together.


I look forward to another 365 days of laughs, tears, memories, VIPs, concerts, multiple album release dates until we get a real one, AJ not doing some more things, rumors, coming together for the greater good and hating each other the next week (let’s be real – that’s what we all do, but we wouldn’t have it any other way). Oh, and we can’t WAIT to see everyone on the cruise.

Thank you again for sticking with WHOTB. As always, my inbox is open for suggestions.







2 Years Of What Happens On The Backstreet



It’s been two years today since I started¬†What Happens On The Backstreet simply because I thought the Backstreet Boys (and the fans) deserved more than they were getting at the time. The BSB needed something to promote all of their goodness and fans needed something that would share the lighter side of things (most of the time) while still being informative, fun and something to share.

I honestly never thought I / it would last two years.

328,000+ hits, 3500+ FB likes, and nearly 4900 Twitter followers later, here it is.

2016 was a lighter year for the Boys and obviously, not much happening on the Backstreet until the past two months. For that reason, a lot of my energy has been spent on nickcarter.net and Nick Nation. You guys, though, keep sticking around! You keep reading what I write, you keep sharing it, you keep responding and you keep entertaining my ridiculous ideas.

If you’re reading this right now, you’ve made 2016 a really great year!

This year, we’ve changed layouts, added a writer (Kristie The VIP Guru), made so many new friends and had more fun interactions with the Backstreet Boys (including in person – WHAT?!).

2017 is fast approaching and it’s going to be a wild one! There’s a lot that will be happening on the Backstreet and we’re going to be here for every bit of it… as long as you are.

So, let’s stay friends, okay?

From the bottom of my heart, thank you guys for being so kind (and sometimes critical). Thanks for sharing your stories with me, sharing your ideas, and sharing love only BSB fans understand. I’m forever grateful for every moment.

Love, Love, Love,