20+ Times The Backstreet Boys Tweeted Each Other That You Need To See Again

Right now, Twitter can be an anxiety-inducing place to be… but it isn’t always!

One of the reasons that many of us even joined Twitter in the first place was so we could keep up and communicate (!!! how wild is that, still?) with the Backstreet Boys themselves. One of the gems that we weren’t necessarily expecting was seeing Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick interact with each other. Since 2011ish, their timelines have been chock full of different peeks into the minds of our fave five.

While we’ve written other posts about their tweeting habits, including Nick’s excited tweets, Brian’s first year of tweets, Kevin’s tweets in general, and the blossoming bromantic tweets between Nick and Howie, we’ve not actually delved into the tweets that they’ve sent to each other. We really love bringing up the old stuff and we hope that you enjoy taking a look back with us!

— Tweets From Nick Carter —

Of all the Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter has had the most Twitter presence and therefore, has had a lot of opportunity to expose his bandmates’ fears, thoughts, and who might be responsible for those outdoor music video settings.

— Tweets From Kevin Richardson —

Kevin Richardson is everything on Twitter that he is in person – a big brother and quietly humorous. Our favorite tweets are definitely when he tweeted all of the other BSB individually, calling them ‘biatch’… except for Brian, who got a special ‘briatch’.

UPDATE: The day after this post was written, Kevin gave us another gift of sass that he does so well.


— Tweets From Howie D. —

Howie D. might not tweet too much, but when he does, it’s probably some of the best. Much like Howie in person, he doesn’t say much to say, but what he does say lands some real zings. Also, can we talk about how he was the only Backstreet Boy to tweet about Nick every week on Dancing With The Stars? Aw!

— Tweets From AJ McLean —

Also, much like in real life, AJ McLean has always used every last character available in a tweet to talk to his Backstreet brothers about anything and everything. The man always says what’s on his mind and doesn’t care who reads / knows it!

— Tweets From Brian Littrell —

Before Brian Littrell disappeared (for the most part) from Twitter, he had some really golden tweets…er, chirps. Sometimes he returns and boy, when he does…he drops tweets we talk about for a long time (i.e. Howie’s birthday 2019).

A Post About Nick Carter, Howie D. And Some Of The Best Tweets Ever

We’ve written about Kevin and Nick, Nick and Brian, but since the invention of Twitter, we’ve realized the gem that is Howie D. and Nick Carter.



From bringing the party to the first Backstreet Boys cruises (and even now) to Howie’s MASSIVE support for Nick on DWTS and I Heart Nick Carter to Nick’s obsession with Howie’s “100 Kisses” and ALL of the (playful) shade throwing, these two are endless entertainment!

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34 Tweets That Prove Nick Carter Is The Most Excited Backstreet Boy


It could be argued that Nick Carter is the most excitable Backstreet Boy… and we have the tweets to prove it. There’s even different kinds and levels. Continue reading for details…

1. Extreme Excitement

2. Those Times Where His Excitement Was OFFICIAL.

3. Sometimes, He Just Wants YOU To Be Excited! 

….And that time he wanted us to be excited about Nick & Knight “coking” out. Uhhh, yeah, about that…

4. Mostly, Though, He’s SOOOOOOOO Excited (!!!!!)

About new songs…

About ass and aliens…

About everyone staring at his butt, er, the BSB cruise…

About Lauren’s possible endeavors…

About everything, really!

Oh Nick Carter – As excited as you are for everything, we will always be more than excited to see your tweets and your face, to be honest. Follow Mr. Carter on Twitter because you NEVER know what he’s going to be excited about next!