16 Things We’ll Always Remember About The Backstreet Boys #IAWLT Tour ( + Fan Memories)


We can hardly believe it! The seemingly never-ending In A World Like This tour is coming to an end on June 28, 2015 – TWO years after it’s beginning. Their 20th anniversary tour has gone just past their 22nd anniversary and traveled worldwide (twice in some places!). If people didn’t know that Backstreet was “back”, they certainly do now.

Although fans are ready for new material, new albums, new events and new tours, the IAWLT tour will have a special place in our hearts. The tour was monumental for many reasons and will perhaps go down in our memories as the new Millennium. We’ve tried to narrow it down to the biggest things we’ll remember. Here it goes….

[NOTE: On June 28th, the last day of the IAWLT tour, we will be trending the hashtag #TheWorldWillBeWaitingForYou with your fave pic from the tour as a reminder to the Boys as to what they mean to us, what this tour has meant, and that we will be loyal til the end.]

1. The Return Of Kevin.

We waited six years, many “open door for him to return” comments, and a few teases for Kevin to return to the Backstreet Boys and for the In A World Like This tour, he finally did. Honestly, it was like he never left. Kevin’s return brought a sense of order back to the group, a completed peace and harmony, if you will. Perhaps we didn’t even know how much we missed him until he was onstage or in VIP, connecting with us…because that is what Kevin does. You don’t ever forget the way he makes you feel.

2. The Official Afterparties.

This tour was the first tour for a consistent round of afterparties in nearly every city. While a few got out of hand, there was never a doubt that it added an element of fun to many tour stops and something totally new for us. We got an opportunity to see Nick in his DJ element, Howie, Kevin and AJ in their connecting-with-the-fans party element and a chance for us to hang out a little longer with our friends and our idols. Would you get a glowstick from Howie? A selfie with Kevin? The late night parties made us feel 18 again and something we appreciated them doing.

3. Those Blue Suits. 

We’ll never look at blue suits the same again. Just when we thought those light blue suits couldn’t get any better, the darker blue suits were broke out for the second leg and we had a whole new set of feelings. There is NOTHING better than a sharp dressed Backstreet Boy, especially when they’re dancing. Yeow!

5. Kevin’s Red Pants.

Oh, those red pants. See our previous post for the suggestions we have for those. Hopefully we haven’t seen the last of them.

6. Brian’s Circus Act.


Brian has always done backflips across the stage, climbed on equipment, and flipped upside down but, on the IAWLT tour, it was taken to a whole new level. Besides using Howie and AJ as playground equipment and lifting Kevin nearly every show, we were forced to hold our breath everytime Brian jumped over stairs. We’re also pretty positive that he stayed on his hands more than his feet. Hey Brian, next tour, we’d like you to do a dance…on your hands. (Or don’t, because we love your face.)

7. The Acoustic Set.


The Boys definitely showed off what they do best on this tour with an acoustic set in the middle of the show (and the return of 10,000 Promises, much to our delight!). Most of us instantly went back in our memories to the Coming Home concert in Orlando when they threw their band off the instruments and played themselves or to the Night Out With The Backstreet Boys acoustic concert. This segment in the show was a perfect mix of the two and we hope to see more of it in the future. Don’t get us wrong, we love the high energy dancing and the interactive pieces, but we love seeing them in different lights and proving to the world that they’re more than just a boyband.

8. Howie D. Shaking It.


Who knew Howie had it in him? SO many nights during the IAWLT tour, Howie delighted us with a little latino rump shaking and we are forever appreciative. We also love how much fun the guys seemed to have with this. It was a win-win for everyone.

9. This Was The First Tour For A Few Of The Backstreet Babies.




For AJ, this was his first tour as a dad. For Kevin, this was his oldest son’s first tour seeing him perform and his newest son, being born just before the tour, he won’t ever know when his dad wasn’t a Backstreet Boy. For Howie, this was his first tour as a father of two. Each of these photos shows their children at the beginning of tour and today. It may be the most telling sign of how long the tour actually went on and how lucky we are that these Backstreet daddies split their time between us and their babies. We’re so thankful for every sacrifice they make and for sharing their lives with us.

10. Baylee Littrell – Opening Act.


Guys, remember when Brian and Leighanne ANNOUNCED that they were expecting Baylee?! Remember when he was a tiny blond baby with a tiny little microphone?! He’s (nearly) grown up and OPENED for the Backstreet Boys for a select dates on the IAWLT tour. We were blessed to watch this child grow up and now we have been lucky enough to see him follow in his dad’s footsteps. What a talent!! Also, seeing Brian so proud of the young man he has become was icing on the cake. When he’s famous, we’ll be those ladies telling our kids, “Oh yeah! I loved his father and I saw him when he was an itty bitty thing!” …. Maybe that will get us some cool points.

11. Nick Carter Became A Married Man.

We never thought it would happen, folks, but it did. On a short break from tour in 2014, Nick Carter tied the knot with Lauren and all five Backstreet Boys became officially off the market. What would happen now?! Ummm, nothing actually. He was/is still the same Nick we all loved from the beginning, just perhaps a little bit happier. Still, this tour was the first to see all five with a ring on it and it’s a milestone to be marked!

12. The Return Of “We Got It Goin’ On” (With The Original Choreography).


Awwww, yeah! While it may not be a favorite of the Backstreet Boys themselves, this song with it’s original choreography hit us RIGHT in our fangirl feels. We were all so young when this song debuted, as were the Boys themselves, and it is one of those that takes us to another place in time. We appreciate them bringing it back and hope that it becomes tradition. The choreography, I might add, also makes for great photos.

13. The Fan Pit.

Oh, the fan pit. The most up close and personal we have been with the Backstreet Boys during a show than any other tour. While you did run the risk of getting your head knocked off if you were in the front and a Boy came over, SO MUCH cool stuff happened if you were standing there. Selfies with Brian, holding Kevin’s hand, rubbing Nick’s….back. It all went down in the fan pit.

14. The Feelings We Got Seeing Them All Back Together.

Nothing warms our hearts like seeing all 5 Backstreet Boys back together again. Nothing gives us more feelings than hearing that perfect 5 part harmony that we fell in love with from the beginning. Nothing will ever replace the love we have for these five men because they have continuously been there for us, healed us, bent over backwards for us, listened to us, and given up so much… for us.

15. The Triumph.

While all of the Boys have faced trials and tribulations through the two years they’ve been on tour, they stuck it out. They showed up because we showed up. They worked their asses off through 167 shows, traveled all around the world, battled sickness, left people they loved, healed in front of our eyes and were amazing throughout it all. These Boys showed us what they’re made of in every sense of the phrase and we were never more proud to tell the world we’re Backstreet Boys fans as we have been after this tour.

16. The Love.


To The Backstreet Boys: We know we screamed it at you at every show we attended, but from the bottom of our hearts, we adore you and love you. You all constantly say how lucky you are to have the best fans, but we’re the lucky ones. You have been so much to us for 22 years and we are so blessed, in a world like this, to have you.

To Kevin: Thank you for coming back. You have touched so many of us around the world on this tour and your spirit shines through in every interaction you have with us. We love you.

To Howie: Thank you for always being so kind to us and willing to party with us as long as we’re down. We have loved watching you take leads on this album and this tour and we can’t wait to see more.

To Brian: Thank you for sticking it out. You will never know how much that meant to us. You’re an incredible person and the progress you’ve made vocally from the beginning of tour until now is INSANE. We are SO proud of you.

To AJ: Thank you for always being you. For being so kind hearted, for always delivering amazing sound and energy and for making us feel so appreciated. You are, and always have been, awesome.

To Nick: Thank you for continuing to grow with every tour. Thank you for the sacrifices you’ve made as a newlywed to be with us and for working your ass off to perform in the way only Nick can. It means the world to us.

Until we meet again, Backstreet, the world will be waiting for you…

—– What Was YOUR Favorite IAWLT Tour Memory? We asked. Fans Answered. —–

 unnamed“I can’t believe that the In A World Like This Tour is ending! It’s been a great tour. Honestly, the album and the tour couldn’t have been released at a better time in my life. I am really thankful.

The first leg of the US tour, I almost didn’t make it! I remember them announcing opening up fan pit for the August 13th (2013) Nikon Jones Beach Theater. I was actually on my way to the Hamptons for a beach party, but I had to make sure that I stopped at 10am to get tickets.  I knew I had to go because it was a venue that was kind of (3 hours away) close.

I arrived at the venue early. It was nice because I could hear the sound check party going on. It was funny because I ended up standing in the pit next to a lady from CT as well. It was my very first concert being that close to the guys, and I was able to touch them!

Fast forward to the 2nd leg of the tour, June 21st 2014 in Camden, New Jersey. This was probably my favorite concert because I decided to do Gold VIP.  At the sound check party, I ended up next to two really awesome chicks that I’m still friends with.

When I went to take the picture, I had forgotten that you were supposed to stop where you wanted to stand.  Apparently you can’t pass Nick when you’re trying to hug the rest of the guys because he pulled me in for the picture. I got weak in the knees and all I could think was “yes, I will” stand by you every single damn time. He said to me, enjoy the show sweetie. I have no idea how I even contained myself and acted normal. This is the exact moment that would be the start of my crazy fall adventures.” – Monica @Sushi_Flower


My best memories :
Going on stage for the acoustic set was awesome.
I will also add living this moment in my country and celebrating the comeback of BSB in France.
For me, the most intense moment was the minute of silence in honor of Q #vivalaQ
– @Looloot23


A few months ago they did this really fun-to-watch ‘most intensive quiz’ (as dubbed by B-Rok) where you had Team El Guapo (AJ and HD) versus Team Sexy Time (Nick and Kevin). The funniest part of this video was that each time Sexy Time scored, Kevin would crazily yell, “Sexy Tiiiime!” in that famous Borat accent, and Nick would laugh every single time. I love Borat, I love the movie and everything about it and Borat’s character and the accent and just the whole gimmick. That’s why when I saw this, I just knew I had to hear Kevin shout ‘Sexy Time’ in person. I had to hear him yell it live. Haha!
So last May (2015) I had the chance to go see our favorite Boys live for the second time during their IAWLT tour, and it was also my first time to experience the whole VIP deal where I actually got to meet and greet the Boys. Everything on that day was just so special, knowing the fact that it was a concert where all of them are complete, Kev’s back, and even before the day of the show I knew we were going to party like it was 1999!
As I said it was my first time to have the amazing VIP experience. I’d known and expected to have a really great time months prior to the show, right after I purchased my package. Slow and long months passed and my excitement was growing with each passing time. And when the day finally came… WOW! IT WAS UNLIKE ANY OTHER!
Nothing was more surreal than actually having the chance to see the Backstreet Boys in person, be able to exchange a few words with them, and have the chance to hug every single one of them! It was amazing! And even though the security kind of had to rush me because behind me was still a long line of fans, it still was worth it and was really really really a wonderful experience. It was funny ’cause, when it was already my turn to meet and greet the Boys, considering that it was my first time, I got way too excited and Howie was the one I walked up to first (or ran up to, more accurately), and I literally jumped into his arms and my tiny body bumped against his and the impact kinda moved him from his stance… Howie was just like, “Whoa okay you had me —” I don’t know why I couldn’t remember what the rest of his sentence was… probably because he was chuckling in his sweet Latino voice hahaha!
And then I got to AJ, to whom I excitedly exclaimed “Aaaaayyyyeee Jaaaayyyy” when I gently hugged him. He was calm and was like, “Hi, how are you?” But I couldn’t really answer back you know? I mean you get me, right? You know what I’d been going through that night? HAHA! Thinking back now, I wish I could’ve really prepared myself more for the meet and greet and maximized that time even though I had to rush through them.
And then I got to Nick, and this was the part where you got told by security to stop for the picture (between Nick and AJ) so that the awesome Justin Segura could take the most amazing photo in my life as a solid Backstreet fan. A few moments before the camera flashed, I excitedly wrapped my arms around my number one favorite Backstreet Boy Nicky C. As I hugged him tightly by his fluffy and huggable and warm waist, I squealed, “Nickolaaaaaas!” And Nick sweetly responded, “Hey, sweetheart.” I didn’t remove my arms around Nickolas and as Justin counted 1-3 for the picture, Nick also wrapped his arms around me WHICH REALLY REALLY MADE ME ABOVE-THE-HIGHEST-LEVEL-OF-HAPPY! But wait! I’d thought at that moment that THAT was it…but the awesomeness of the moment didn’t stop there! Literally 2 seconds before the camera’s flash, Nick even tightened his arms around my body and really pulled me close so that my head was leaning against his chest (he was so fluffy and it was heavenly hahaha). *CLICK!
I still hadn’t gotten over how on-cloud-nine Nick had made me feel, but I had to move on quick as I now got to Kevin, who very nicely bent down to meet my small height, welcomed me in his arms, gently embracing me.
Note: I made the great mistake of staring into Kevin’s magnetizing eyes. @_@
I was vulnerable. I failed to avoid it. I mean… I tried. I really did. But seconds before he enclosed his arms around me to pull me for a hug FATE just made a way for our gazes to connect and I fell for it and I really really really got drowned into some kind of alternate dimension just by staring at Kevin’s hypnotizing eyes even for only a few seconds! Thankfully he had to pull me in for a hug before his gaze could pull me into some deeper part of this world. The eye contact was disconnected and when we were finally enveloped into each other’s arms (and I was inhaling this particular heavenly Richardson scent from his denim jacket) I was able to say what I’d been planning to to say to him for a long time since I purchased my VIP package months before this amazing night. While embracing each other, I sweetly asked, “Hey Kev, can you say ‘Sexy Time’ in Borat accent?”
We slowly pulled away, and oops I did it again, I stared into his deep, enchanting eyes, awaiting his magical response.
With a serious but friendly look on his face, he went to even bore holes into my eyes and went, “Sexy Tiiiime!” saying it on average volume but with the energy and excitement I was looking for in his tone.
I couldn’t believe it. It was a fulfilling moment! I made him say Sexy Time! Dream come true! Dreams do come true! I win! I win at life! Wow! I giggled sweetly, genuinely satisfied by the amazing music his live performance of Sexy Time served me that very moment. Remembering I had to rush, I slowly turned away and moved on to Brian, whose eyes were also just another pair that had a contagious swirling effect. His eyes just… shone. It was brighter and more magical in person. It honestly felt like Christmas to look into his sparkly blue eyes.
“B-Rooook!” I excitedly hugged my favorite singer out of all the five of them, cherishing the moment.
“Hey, how’ya doin?” That Southern accent was honey to the ears, especially when you could hear him talk right next to your ear! Like with the others, I failed to make up a nice and quick reply and was left speechless again for the nth time that night because of how overwhelmed I was. When I pulled away from Brian, I knew I had to make this moment really wonderful because he was the last Boy and I already had to walk away for good, so I gave his biceps a gentle squeeze, calmly saying, “Love you, B-Rok,” before shyly walking away.
I had only begun taking my first two babysteps away from the Boys, readying myself to accept the fact that the amazing moment was over, when I suddenly heard, “Sexy Tiiiiiime!!!!!” this time in a much louder and more energetic voice. I looked back and my eyes were quickly magnetized back by Kevin’s gaze (even from afar his eyes could do tricks on yours), and he was smiling and I laughed sweetly, while I saw Nick laugh hysterically to his big brother’s funny antics. I really can’t believe Kevin did it for me. Others might laugh and say how small of a thing it was, but, they’ll never understand, you know? It just meant so much to me and made me so happy. And he even did it twice. Kevin is the real MVP!
That was a very, very special night and so far, nothing has topped it yet. I love you Boys, I miss you. Hope to you soon.
KTBSPA! – Janica (@annejanika)
unnamed (1)

“I’m a BSB fan since the 90’s. Brian is my favorite BSB. Been to all their concerts in the Philippines but its my first time to finally see him face to face last May when they visited the Philippines again.

Brian, after having some pictures taken with fans, he started walking back to his hotel room. I thought I would never get the chance. But then he looked back and I braved the crowd and asked him one last time for a picture and he did. I almost melted and his smile was so awesome. I was his last photo that time and then he went straight to the hotel elavator. Haha. Just a simple encounter with my idol and that to me was very memorable.” – Toni PH


dadrwewunnamed (22

“IAWLT Manila, Philippines May 5, 2015
Few memorable things to me is when me and my friend decided to check in on the hotel, where they had been chek-in.
I had a lot of memories but of course as a b-rok girl, my memories with him are the most special. It was after his gym and when he saw some fans (more or less 10 people) waiting outside, he ran away from us, but what’s funny is he ran on the wrong side of the hotel, he ran on the hotel exit door. He has no choice but to return and gave us time, one by one. I able to talk and hug him
Meet and Greet: Another memories is during the meet and greet, prior to it I already rehearsed my script, but when its my turn to him, I was shocked when he first said “It’s you again”.. its a 3 word that means so much to me, because he remember me (even during Manila tour only!)
Concert: -When Brian fall on stage during the song Don’t want you back.
               – When Brian also hand over the towel to me on the moshpit after he wipes on his face.” – Schenley
unnamed (2)
So… IAWLT tour memories… oh man, so many to choose from! I saw two shows last year, one in Rotterdam (Holland) and one in Amsterdam (also Holland). And I was lucky enough to have gold VIP both times, as well as PIT tickets (by the way, best invention EVER!). I was only going to do VIP in Rotterdam, the first show, but once it was over I didn’t feel like I actually experienced it (if that makes sense), so I decided last-minute to do VIP in Amsterdam as well. And so glad I did!
First, a little background for a better understanding of the moment… hope you don’t mind. Way back when, during the Millennium and Black & Blue days, I was part of this BSB message board. We had an awesome group of women there from all over the world, we talked for hours every day and we were all really close friends. Unfortunately we have drifted apart mostly, but some of us are still friends. A few years ago one of the women committed suicide, which was very sad ☹ Then, during the 20-year-anniversary event, I heard the boys talk about Madeleine and it reminded me so much of Marybeth, although the circumstances were different. So, during my meet & greet in Amsterdam I asked Kevin (he was her favorite) if they could maybe dedicate Madeleine to our friend (all the while Nick was twirling my hair, which I didn’t even notice at first ). He then had to discuss with Nick, as he would be introducing the song (meanwhile, Brian took over Nick’s task). They made a note of it and said they would try to do it. Then, picture time! This one felt so different than the one in Rotterdam, much more personal somehow. This sounds really cheesy, but I could just feel their love for me and all their fans, and it made me love them even more! (Also, after the picture Brian called me back for a proper hug, so sweet! He apologized for being sweaty, bless him!). I’m so happy with this picture, it really captured the moment.
Anyway, fast-forward to the concert… After Howie was done shaking his ass, AJ then dedicated the next song (Madeleine) to Marybeth. I can’t believe they did it! It was an amazing moment, Howie’s ass-shaking right before was so perfect, it would’ve totally cracked her up. During the song, Kevin was quite emotional, as was I and my friends from that group who were in the audience. It was a moment to never forget! I’m sure she was looking down on us right then, and she’ll always be with us when they sing that song
– Gaby


unnamed (3)

“In A World Like This will always be one of my all-time favourite tours for a couple of reasons. To start, the show is bad-ass! It is electric, and sweet, and soulful, and sexy – in other words, everything you’d expect from a BSB show but done to perfection. So great, I HAD to see it twice! For the first time ever in my BSB concert-going history, I travelled to another town to go to a show. Driving to Hamilton for the 2nd Canadian Leg of the tour with some of my oldest friends are memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Last but most certainly not least, in fact probably the most important moment of all, is my meet and greet with the boys. This was my first time meeting Kevin and he did not disappoint, and equally as important the other boys were still just as sweet as ever. Being able to hug them all and say thank you to them is something that I will remember always. Cannot wait for the next tour!”  – Amanda A.


“They said that we’re (Philippines) the best singing crowd on the entire tour. It’s funny though, because we’re singing all their songs, AJ said that we are all Backstreet Boys because we know all the song.” – @JocasDLozada


“If we’re talking about strictly the show itself, then it would definitely have to be (Vienna) when Larger Than Life started and Nick ran and started spraying water all over the fans. When the song was at its end and the heavy guitar part started, Nick started crawling with his tongue out towards the smaller stage! He was out of control!” – @KaosNevena



“My favorite IAWLT moment at Citibank Hall, Rio de Janeiro, 1st concert!” – @donahellen



“My favorite moment was when I met them for the first time last year in Vienna. It was the best day of 2014.” – @swissgirl85


“My favorite memory from that tour has to be the Paris concert! An absolutely fantastic atmosphere, better than I’ve ever seen! And Brian kissing the Platinum VIPs on the cheek remains a highlight for me.” – @SilverMoon28



“In Kuala Lumpur : When brian took my phone and take video+photo selfie. And when Kevin recognize my sign “Thanks For coming back, Kev!” & he said thank you. And finally,I have met my “online” friends.” – @kevinbsb_id


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“Being in one of Leighanne’s instagram videos for as long as you love me was my favorite especially because Brian made a special appearance!” – @yahtzee27


“Super special for me… It was my first entire show ever and VIP with my best friend and the best of it was our surprise for my favorite boy… We sang HAPPY BDAY in Spanish for him! 20/Feb/14 in Barcelona.” – @ladytorcida


fR9Z5YmQ tLNzcgkT

“I attended two shows on this tour & me being 13 at that time of both shows I was scared of criticism & how people would react of me Going to their concert. I remember my first one.. Back in August of 2013 crying tears of joy because it was actually happening & seeingBrian & Leighanne be so proud of Baylee made me so emotional.. (That is one very talented kid) I’m very proud of him also. First time I’ve Lost my voice at a concert & had to drink lemon juice.. It was all worth it. After the concert.. My cousin couldn’t find her car because of The people.. It was all so real. I absolutely loved it! My second BSB concert was back in June of 2014 in Cincinnati (both were in Cincinnati) I remember getting to the venue 5 hrs before the Show even started.. I ran into some people from twitter I met. Of course, I was scared of criticism.. I introduced myself & most of them  Were just so excited & happy to see me.. I was too. Me & mom waited for non-VIP people to arrive & I knew that it was getting close time For the show to start. I could hear sound check & them singing.. I thought to myself.. “This is really happening again & they sound amazing”. We go inside the venue & just quickly went to our seats… I was that excited. About an 1hr & 15mins before the show started.. Kristin Walked by with Mason following behind her & little Maxwell was in a stroller… (Can’t believe how much he’s grown up) I remember telling my Mom that was Kristin, Kevin’s beautiful wife who walked by & she said.. “Wow she’s so tall & pretty..” I agreed with her. I was honored to Spend father’s day with the best five fathers anyone could ask for.. (Nick is father to Nacho… Just kidding. hopefully him & Lauren will Have one soon)
The show starts & all I hear is just excited screams of everybody.. I was so ready for them to come out. They’re on the Stage & I’m just screaming with excitement.. I look over at my mom & told her “Thank you for me listening to them when I grew up..” She got Teary-eyed because that’s all she listened too when she was pregnant with me…
AJ coming off the stage & being about 100ft Away from me was amazing for me to see. I’ll never forget that. After the show I bought a poster & two shirts… Love them! I’ll never forget these 2 unforgettable concerts & I thank them for making it So special for me & mom. Me & my mother get into play arguments over who Kevin waved at first me or her.” – @daribeari


CwVKx1W4 Oiv-kuKo

“My favorite IAWLT tour memory was meeting Kevin and getting my first selfie with a Backstreet Boy. It was also my first BSB after party at the Jones Beach show, first leg of the tour. I also met Leighanne and she was super nice.” – @frickingkaos



“This is a pic I took of Nick in Jaffa, Tel Aviv (Israel) before they went cycling in the city, May 17th, 2015.” – @ImanAg


“Seeing all 5 Boys at the M&G as well as the show. It brought me back to being a giggly teenager. Made me appreciate them even more.” – @Jhie0730


“My favourite IAWLT tour memory is without a doubt my Gold VIP experience. The best day of my life happened on April 4th, 2014.” – @daisywoodcock


“My favorite memory of iawlt tour was my personal moment w/nick carter! For the last concert in israel i was 1st row and made this sign:


As he was the only one I didn’t get to selfie with while the boys visited Israel, I hoped I would be lucky enough. Nick noticed it at the show He doesn’t let go of me the entire show and gave me all the attention he could! That was amazing of him! But unfortunately, he couldn’t selfie, obviously this would cause a lot of mess but!!! He was so cute when he was talking to the audience and then asking to give his guitar pick To someone special… Then he pointed me to come over and came off stage to give it to me personally along with a kiss and a hug!” – @MaayanBenYakob




“My wonderful memory from the IAWLT tour. Meeting the amazing boys in their 1st visit in Israel for 22 years.” – @Oshrat_tz


unnamed (4)

I saw BSB in Helsinki on March 7th 2014. The entire day couldn’t have gone any better. My friend Heidi and I decided to get Gold VIPs and pit tickets. Best. Decision. EVER! We were so excited to go to the sound check cause it was the first time for both of us. And she had never seen Kevin live so I was really excited for her to see him. Before the sound check we decided to go to their hotel. After a few hours of waiting the Boys finally came down to see us before heading to the venue. I was so nervous. I had been waiting to meet them for 16 years and it was finally happening. I got selfies with Howie and Kevin. I couldn’t believe I got a picture with Kevin! That was my dream! I told him how much I had missed him and how glad I was that he’s back. He was so humbled and just thanked me. That made me feel so good. Then came the sound check which was everything I could’ve hoped for. I even got to ask the Boys a question! As the M&G time was coming closer I started to feel really excited. Finally I’d get to meet my Boys! I walked up to them and remember thinking that this can’t be real. I can’t believe I’m actually going to meet them and get a picture with them. They were so nice and so sweet. They even called me Mrs. Richardson because my shirt said “Helloooo Mr. Richardson”. I thought it was so funny. When I went to hug Kevin I didn’t want to let him go. He hugged me so tight! It was absolutely everything I had dreamed it would be. We had the best time in the fanpit (best invention ever!. We even got to hear AJ and Redrama sing Clouds live! That was a special treat for the Finnish fans. The entire show was UNBELIEVABLE! The Boys looked and sounded incredible. And I was really happy to see some of their old school dance moves come back (which I absolutely love). I was dancing, singing and screaming the entire time. I didn’t want it to end! Once again the Boys had proven why they are pop royalty. I left the concert with so many great memories and with a stupid grin on my face that lasted for days. We went to their hotel after the show to wait for them to get back from the afterparty. All the other Boys went straight inside but as Howie was taking his bags from the car he asked us if he had enjoyed the show. He even took a final picture with us! He really is Sweet D. That was the perfect ending to a perfect day. I didn’t think it was possible but I actually fell in love with them even more. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next. ❤  – Noora (@Noora_S)


unnamed (5)

“My name is Jackie (@candy_perfumed_ ). I’m 36 years old and I live in Berlin/Germany.  I have to say the best memory of the IAWLT tour for me was definitely March 4th 2014 where the boys stopped in Berlin/Germany. I dunno where to start because it’s been the best meet & greet ever. I’ll always remember that special day!

I had a PIT ticket and platinum VIP for the show. Since my friends just had concert tix I had to go all alone to the SC party and so I had to stand there waiting for the VIP check in to begin. It just took a few minutes than I had some nice company by 2 girls who was there on their own, too. We had a lot of fun at the check in and at the SC as well. We’d partied in the front row.

After the SC was done it’s was photo time…..

One of the girls was about to meet them for the very first time and was nervous as hell. That was sweet. So…I was next….AJ was the 1st who greeted me with “Hi sweetie…” a hug, kisses on cheeks, short talk… next Howie…hug, kiss…pretty short….then next up I got blinded by the spotlight right in front of Nick…he was making fun out of that situation…he was trying to convince me that he blinded me and not the light….ahhhhh yeah. For sure it’s like that Nick! Kev was up next …hug, kisses, short talk and the last one (and best) was Brian who smiled at me with a big grin on his face. He said “Hello”, kissed my cheeks and immediately he gave me a big bear hug. This felt so, so good that I had to squeeze him a little more and longer…as Mike was like “It’s time for the photo right now!” I still couldn’t let go and said to Brian “No, I can’t…”he had to laugh out loud , but he was also still hugging me, too.

Then I had to made the pic. As it was shot, Brian was had his arm around me.

…then he turned to me and asked me what my name is and this turned out to be a really funny situation, because I told him and he didn’t understand it, so I said it again and he was even trying to spell it and created some so funny names and I had a good laugh about Brian being so confused. Mike was still in my neck to tell me I had to hurry…Brian was still talking to me…so I said to Brian: “You can call me Jackie.” He laughed but understood it this time and then he had to go back because the next fan was waiting to greet him.

It still makes me smile when I think on that weird situation. It was so cute how hard he was trying and didn’t get it correctly. By the way, I have the same first name as his mum does. That makes it even funnier!

The PIT was the best decision. It was the 1st time they have had Pit tix in Germany.

My two new friends from the VIP before hadn’t those PITs so I went in there alone again, saved my place in the front row and got me a drink from the bar.

While we were waiting in the PIT, I got pretty fast into some conversations with other fans around me and we had a blast at the concert.

It was so close to the stage so the boys could interact with us pretty much (Brian sang to  me a few times and made some funny non verbal communication and Nick does his kind of things while pointing at me and looking directly in my eyes  and in the PIT I had even a lot of space to dance).

As I had platinum I was able to go on stage at their acoustic set. There was the girl from the VIP again….yay! We were seated in the second row. Right before the set Brian came around to say “hi” and to kiss on cheek to each of the fans on stage. I was so freakin nervous to see him walking around and knowing he would be right in front of me again. When he reached me he grinned and said “You’re Jackie,right?!”I was totally confused, but happy he’d finally known my name and remembered it! He excused himself for being sweaty, gave me a hug and kissed my cheek. I had such a good time and it was simply amazing to get view of what the boys see while they are on stage! Wow it was overwhelming to see all those people and lights. Thanks for giving us this great opportunity! I loved it!

All of these things make this day to an unforgettable day in my life. And I wanna thank the BSB for all they have done for us in the past 22 years! I’m so proud of you guys and I love you from the bottom of my heart! Thanks for letting us be part of your ups and downs in life!

A special thanks goes out to Brian….I can’t tell you how proud I am that you work so hard on your vocal issues! You sounded amazing and I thank the lord for giving us a gift like you in our lives!!!

Hope there will be another 22 years to come with you guys!!!”

6 Things That Kevin Richardson Could Do With Those Red Pants

They were perhaps the most iconic things that came out of the soon-to-be-over In A World Like This tour. They showed up to every show. They were constantly talked about, begged for, and stared at… and it had nothing to do with Nick Carter. We are referring to Kevin’s red pants. You know the ones – THE red pants. We’ve pondered so many things about them: Are there more than one pair? Are his perfectly matching shoes actually attached? How has the color lasted for 176 shows? The biggest question recently though… What will happen to the pants now that tour is over? We have a few ideas.

1. Sell Them On Ebay.

This seems like the most obvious choice. With fans clamoring to get in own Kevin’s pants since tour started, he could really make a killing for them. Of course, it could be a fundraiser. Think how many forests you could save with one pair of pants, Kevin. Or all of the equipment you could supply to a high school football team. It’s a win-win situation. Except that anyone who buys the pants will have to look over their shoulder for the rest of their lives because fans are SERIOUS about these pants.

2. Cut Them Up and Distribute The Pieces In His Solo Album.

Just as the NKOTB sold limited edition DVDs with pieces of their Fenway banner, Kevin could easily sell double the albums by including small pieces of the red pants in a limited number of albums. Why do you have 2354 Cover Story albums? Duh, because you were trying to sew the beloved pants back together!

3. Keep Them.

Could the red pants return on the next tour? Will he dye them another color? Orange perhaps? We can continue down the rainbow…

4. Pass Them Along To His Boys.

We all know that Kevin is a huge fan of recycling so why stop at plastics and environmental things? The pants could be folded into the closet for when they are old enough to wear them. They could tie the legs around their necks and use the pants as a cape. Maybe even Kristin can wear them and do something fancy…because let’s face it, the woman never looks bad in ANYTHING.

5. Give Them To Nick So He Can Be Kevin For Halloween.

Let’s face it, that IS Nick’s life dream.

6. Whatever The Hell He Wants To Do.

Those pants are literally a part of Kevin’s legacy. The denim jacket and the red pants are going to go down in history and while the other boys changed up their wardrobe throughout the two years, the returning member was loyal to his look. For that, you do you as you always do, Mr. Richardson…

But, we do want to know what brand they are to hold up so well and if they’ll hire you as their model!

We’ll miss you, Red Pants. You were talked about almost as much as Nick Carter’s hair.