10 Signs That It’s Backstreet Boys Tour Season

Tour Season (proper noun): The period of time that the Backstreet Boys are on tour; a time of intense planning, prepping, overthinking and every emotion under the sun

It’s Summer 2019 and we are deep in the throws of what Backstreet fans call tour season. It’s the best of times, the worst of times, time of (nearly) complete irresponsibility, and severe lack of sleep, whether it’s due to travel, planning, or worrying. You know how it is.

We’ve compiled the top 10 signs for people who don’t, in fact, know how it is.

1. Slowly, Profile Pics Start To Change.

This is one of the best indications of tour season on social media. As soon as the first batch of VIP Meet and Greet photos are posted, people dump their best angled selfies and their family pictures for their latest photo with Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick. Soon, your timeline is full of people who have similar looking profile pics / avis and you have to squint to see who you’re really talking to….unless someone has a clear favorite and other BSB be damned, er, cropped.

2. You Know At Least One Person Traveling To A Show Everyday.

This probably contributes to the most amount of FOMO and greatest irresponsibility because as soon as your friend gets out of the concert and is telling you about it, the fumes of greatness are all you need to start planning another tour travel. Or to further your moping. It really depends on the day and time and alcohol consumption, right?

3. Everyone Is Asking For Suggestions About Different Locations.

Backstreet Boys fans have become masters at turning concert destinations into full blown vacations. After all, a concert is a perrrfffecccttt excuse to jet set to that one (or five) city you’ve always wanted to go to.

Of course, with the friends you’ve accumulated across the land just by being fans, you neeeeed suggestions about what to do and where to eat in the in between. There is ALWAYS someone asking for suggestions about random cities during tour season. Always.


Speaking of your friend collection, tour season is PRIME TIME to get together! Half of the fun of tour season is either making plans to travel WITH your friends, happening to all be going to the same show or honestly just being like “my city or yours?” All the instagrammable moments, right?

5. Finances And Funds Are Whatever.

Literally, what even are bills during tour season? Not something anyone is particularly worried about. This season sees even the most responsible people going rogue “because YOLO”.

But actually it’s just that we’ve become so acclimated to tour season that we usually have funds stashed somewhere for occasions such as this aka loss of self control.

6. Aggression Is High. Standards (And Love) Are Conditional.

If you’ve been through any tour season, you know that with the crazy good, comes the crazy bad. Concerts and merch and pricing and VIP and the words SOLD OUT will bring out some kind of asshole monster in us all at some point or another. Whether it’s the hunger for more or the sleep that we are definitely not getting, we lash out more than we should sometimes.

And don’t even get us started on the normal things that we suddenly find unacceptable when it comes to tour season. One person online hints at something we were thinking and it’s all downhill from there. “WHY DON’T THEY JUST ASK US?!” – Every fan at some point during some tour season when we get cocky enough to think we know everything.

But it’s all okay as soon as the lights go down – trust.

7. Actually, Every Emotion Is High. We’re High.

As much as we can bitch during tour season, the love we’re feeling is even greater. The love for the band, our friends, the different seasons, etc. keeps us traveling from city to city, keeps us looking for new events to attend and keeps us coming back for more. Everytime. Every season. Always.

8. Only Fellow Fans Understand What You’re Talking About.

I mean, really, anyone else reading up to this point that isn’t a fan really wouldn’t understand any of it. But we do. An army. A fan-mily. Thanks to 26 years of tour seasons.

9. You Haven’t Been To Work For A Whole Week In A While.

What are vacation days / sudden “flat tire” call-out-of-work days and owed favors for? Tour season. Duh.

10. So. Much. Happiness.

Refer back to #7. The feeling a fangirl (or boy) gets from heading to an arena with their best friends in tow, running into friends you never see otherwise, and everything from VIP to seeing how close your seat really is to the minute the overhead music turns off and the lights dim, that’s the good stuff. Those are the moments that memories are created. Those are the moments that we go back to when we’re feeling lesser than. Those are the moments that we can forget everything else. In the height of tour season, we are happy….. and that’s how you know.

5 Symptoms of Post Backstreet Concert Depression

Post Concert Depression (also known as PCD): The undetermined period of time following a Backstreet Boys concert in which a fan experiences deep internal sadness, FOMO, and similar symptoms included but not limited to the ones found in this post.

Continue reading “5 Symptoms of Post Backstreet Concert Depression”

The Basics: All About The Backstreet Boys’ ‘DNA’ World Tour

UPDATE – MAY 2020: All dates of the 2020 DNA Tour have been POSTPONED.

Australia / New Zealand — you can find info about the new dates here. Refunds must be requested before May 31st at 5pm, if you wish to cancel. If not, hold onto your tickets and use them for the new date.

North America — all dates have been rescheduled for 2021! Click here for details. Please note that meet and greet is not currently on sale for any North American date. If you purchased your tickets through Ticketmaster, there is an email being sent out with a “Request A Refund” option — keep an eye out if you’re looking to get a refund! If you don’t get an email, log into your Ticketmaster account and look for the option there.

Stay safe, stay well and we hope to see you in 2021!

We are officially in the Backstreet Boys DNA era! Can you believe it?

With every new era comes new questions, new things to figure out logistically, and, of course, a new show, setlist, wardrobe, memorable moments, etc.

Just like we did with BSB Vegas, we’ll be with you every step of the way. This post will be segmented and updated as needed with all the links to posts about tour, any new things you need to know and answers to the questions we get the most of. We won’t have all of the answers immediately, but we’ll find them for you when we don’t!

As always, if you have a question we didn’t answer, please feel free to CONTACT US!

**FYI: This particularly post will remain spoiler free. We’re not too into posting major details about shows, but if we do, we’ll do it here. Consider this a safe space.**

***VIP Meet and Greets are not currently on sale for the North American leg and may vary for upcoming dates. These details were for the first leg on the tour and have been left here for reference.***

++ VIP Meet and Greet ++

– Meet & Greet with Backstreet Boys (Wonderful Union – $500 USD + Fees)
Photo Opportunity with Backstreet Boys
Access To Backstreet’s Pre-Show DNA Green Room Before The Show
Light Hors D’oeuvres
Champagne Toast + One Backstreet Themed Drink Special
One, VIP Only, Poster (Shipped After The Show)
One Special, VIP Only, Merchandise Package (Shipped After The Show)
One, VIP Meet & Greet Laminate

– The above listed packages are the **ONLY** verified ways to meet the Backstreet Boys on the DNA World Tour.

– The Wonderful Union Meet and Greet **DOES NOT INCLUDE** a concert ticket.

– All Meet and Greet packages and upgrades include ONE professional photo with the Backstreet Boys, taken by their photographer, that will be uploaded to their website usually 24-72 hours later. You can find the photos here.

– Your photo with the Backstreet Boys will be individual – not in a group – unless you have a friend / friends you want in your photo. In that case, each person still has to have purchased a meet and greet. It is up to you who you want in your photo basically.

– Cell phones / selfies are not permitted. We would not suggest bringing gifts, props, etc.

– The current North American leg of the DNA tour does off a DNA Circle PACKAGE with meet and greet. Meet and Greets will be sold separately at a later date.

– Check in information (time, location, etc.) will be emailed to VIPers 24-48 hours prior to the show. If you purchased Meet and Greet through Wonderful Union, here is your resource for help: help.wonderfulunion.com If you purchased through Ticketmaster, contact their Customer Care for your region.

– IMPORTANT: VIP Meet and Greets are NON-TRANSFERABLE! Do not purchase them from someone else and do not purchase if you are not 100% you can attend. If you think a ticket might be a scam, contact us and we can likely help you out!

– Once VIP is sold out, it is SOLD OUT.

The VIP Club / Lounge / etc. sold by Ticketmaster for the Summer 2020 North American leg at certain venues **DOES NOT** include meet and greet and has nothing to do with the Boys themselves. It is, in most cases, quicker access to food, beverage and restrooms.

++ The Show ++

– The show is 32 songs — more can be found here about the details that we do know!

– The show runs 1 hour and 50 minutes.

– You can exit the DNA Circle throughout the show. The entrance / exit is built into the stage. Trust us.

– There is plenty of space inside the DNA Circle and interactions are similar to that, if not better than, in the pit of IAWLT tour and Vegas.

– All dates and tickets for the tour can be found here.

– As questions are asked and the shows begin, we will have more updates here.

++ FAQ ++

All of the questions that you ask and we answer via tweets or email, we’ll also address here.






++ Odds and Ends ++

– Be flexible! This is a new era, new album, new tour, new everything and everyone is learning. Things will inevitably change as things are worked out – it has happened with every tour thus far and will continue to happen. Don’t sabotage your own time.

– BE CAREFUL! With a tour as large as this, there are scalpers and scammers who are looking to trick fans into “a deal”. If the tickets are far overpriced or offered at a low price, verify that they are actual, real tickets. Again, keep in mind that the only M&G options are through Ticketmaster and Wonderful Union — you can not purchase them anywhere else.




8 Pieces of Backstreet Tours Past That We’d Love To See In Vegas

The Backstreet Boys Vegas (Test) Residency is fast approaching and we’re squirming with anticipation. After two years of In A World Like This, it’s hard to imagine a different show – something that’s bigger and better. This made us think.. wouldn’t it be cool to have our favorite parts of past tours all rolled into a giant, explosive show in Las Vegas? Here’s our top picks for what Backstreet should bring back (alright)!

1. A Few Songs From The Backstreet Boys Tour.

Many of us grew up loving the Backstreet Boys and if you did, you surely remember watching the Backstreet Boys Coming Home concert on repeat (on TV and VHS). Since that tour, we have begged the Boys to bring back songs like “That’s The Way I Like It”, “Like A Child”, and maybe even “Just To Be Close To You”. Not only are they instant nostalgia for us, they are genuinely likable songs that we want to sing along to. We also didn’t even know we wanted “Darlin'” back until the 2016 BSB Cruise acoustic performance (THE FEELS!). Time to dig into some classics, Boys. Make the old new again.

2. A Grand Entrance Like Millennium.

It’s been nearly 20 years and people still talk about the entrance the Boys made into the Millennium tour. We’re not asking them to fly in again…

…but maybe roll down the aisles on segways? Slide down on stripper poles? KIDDING!

The return of epic entrances should definitely happen in Las Vegas though. Something larger than life (ha!).

3. The Bridge From Black And Blue.

The bridge that started it all. Before there was soundcheck parties and VIP, there was standing on a chair to try to reach AJ who was hanging off the bridge over the crowd, trying to reach our hands. We’ll never forget the time our favorite leaned over and waved to us (DIRECTLY TO US – NOT THE GIRL BEHIND US, OKAY!?).

While the bridge probably isn’t feasible for the venue set up in Vegas, we can only hope that they continue to be out in the audience and bring something new and interactive to the table.

4. Kevin’s Piano From Never Gone.


Who doesn’t love acoustic / ballad singing Backstreet Boys? We love them even better when Kevin is playing a grand piano. Something about it is just so…heavenly? It’s such a chill vibe. It’s a toned down, throwback vibe.

Extra points if they choose two or three of us to sit with them around it.

Or sit on top of it? We’re not picky.

Can we also have a Sphynkter appearance?

5. The Solo Parts And Props From Unbreakable.

C’mon! That boxing ring was everything. We loved the concept and we’re hoping to see something like that brought to the stage again.

But let’s talk about those solo moments! First of all, we’ve never gotten a chance (other than the cruise) for Kevin to have his solo time. Second of all, this would be a good opportunity for AJ to test out some of that mysterious solo music he’s been working on since we were born for the past year. Third of all, we just really love hearing them one at a time sometimes!

Also, bring back “Panic”. And Nick’s finest dancing.

6. The Video Segments From This Is Us.


We love a good theme and the This Is Us tour delivered! Who could forget the fun movie-themed segments during wardrobe changes? We really loved having something fun to watch that tied the entire theme of the tour together and seemed well thought out. We’re not sure yet WHAT the theme should be or what they should do, but give us a minute.

7. The New Kids On The Block… You Know, From NKOTBSB.

DO NOT HATE ON THIS IDEA. Some of us loved NKOTBSB and wouldn’t mind a New Kid or two popping in. Maybe Nick and Knight can open? Is that allowed? Are there rules?

8. The In A World Like This Vibe. Oh, and Kevin’s Red Pants.

The IAWLT brought a renewed energy and a renewed Kevin. 2013 and this tour was everything we had been waiting for. All five BSB were back together, a celebration of a milestone anniversary, and fans felt included throughout the whole performance. From fan pit, to afterparties, to Ultimate VIP onstage, we loved it all!

Oh, and Kevin red pants. Can they at least be on display in the halls?

Come to Las Vegas in March, April, or June and check our if any of our picks made the show. VEGAS, BABY!

5 Things We Hope To See On The Next BSB Tour

That’s right; Backstreet Boys are back (again)! …Even though we know they never left. It has been confirmed that the boys [guys?] will be performing 9 shows in Las Vegas as a trial for a possible future residency. Word on the [Back] street is that this will be part of their upcoming tour that will run somewhere between the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017. Backstreet fans everywhere are super pumped, and we know we are too! Here are some of the things we would LOVE to see!


1. Extra events.

Let’s all take some tips from Solo Nick- he set that bar reallll high. I mean- who wouldn’t want to have lunch, bowl, or play laser tag with your favorite Backstreet Boy?! Now it’s time for the AJ, Brian, Howie, and Kevin girls to get their chance. Also, BSB, feel free to bring back the after parties, especially in Vegas– we like those (when we’re not getting crushed in a crowd of people?) [*Cue Kevin’s calm down gesture on the bus in Rio]. You know you’re picturing it.


2. Backstreet Bus.

Ever wish you could travel in style on a tour bus like BSB (or WITH BSB)? For those of you and your friends who have already created your own mini-tours, have you ever thought of renting a RV/bus to travel around? Well, how about if BSB provides you with a tour bus? We should do this. Let’s make it happen.


3. More exclusive VIP.

The different levels of VIP are great because it gives many fans a chance to participate to their liking. However, for one of the levels, is having some kind of “Ultimate” VIP asking for too much…? A VIP with less fans and more time spent with BSB? …Because we all know that no one feels very VIP[-y?] when you’re rushed in and out with hundreds of other people. Just in case we forgot how amazing Nick Carter’s All Access/Ultimate was, BSB should find a way to do something similar. And of course, this goes without saying- we want soundcheck.

Another option is NKOTB’s version of the “Ultimate”. As an upgrade to your VIP package, you get an entire SOLO photo shoot with candid and group pictures without having to buy a completely separate VIP.

Finally, I think I’m speaking for many fans when I say- bring back the backstage tour! The on stage seating for Platinum VIP was fun and all, but the amount of individual face-time with the backstage tours is why fans love it. But… if there was ultimate VIP, you wouldn’t need the backstage tour, because going backstage would already be built into the package– hmmmm… something to think about, Wonderful Union….


4. A Chance to Vote.

Every fan has a dream set list they would love to see BSB perform in concert. Although we LOVE the iconic hits like “I Want It That Way” and “Everybody”, wouldn’t we all love a good “Let’s Have A Party” or “Back To Your Heart” thrown into the mix?! If fans get to vote on [at least a few] songs, then maybe we could switch things up for a bit. Just for fun.


5. A Baby.

Well, ladies and gents, if you have not yet seen it in the news– Nick Carter is a DAD! [WHAT?!] We are SO excited, and now all 5 guys can bring their little ones on tour! Can’t wait to meet the newest little Backstreet Boy, Odin!



**Take notes, boys (and WU); and we can’t wait to see you soon!

10 Reasons Nick Carter’s Ultimate VIP Was EVERYTHING

  1. Getting to hang out with your friend, Nick Carter. 

Forget everything you thought you knew about “VIP”. As many BSB fans know, regular VIP includes a meet and greet, picture, and usually less than a minute of trying to gather all of your thoughts and form words. Not in All Access. Imagine getting to sit for hours talking to your favorite Backstreet Boy about literally anything you want- no limitations. Kind of like a Q&A on steroids, but an actual meaningful conversation. Plus, you have the added bonus of hearing insider information for the first time and plans for the future that Nick only wants you, his Ultimate VIPs, to know.

Speaking of Nick being our friend, a few lucky ladies decided to play Never Have I Ever The Name Game with him. Let’s face it, the Backstreet Boys, especially Nick, meet so many fans on a daily basis, of course remembering names is difficult. But not in All Access. Imagine you and Nick being on a mutual first name basis, and let’s just say, he has a really funny way of remembering names (a strategy taught to him by our other favorite Backstreet Boy New Kid, Jordan Knight).

2016-03-12 19.29.16_edited


  1. Being exclusive.

One of the perks of ALL Access is that you get ALL of it; including participating in exclusive activities with Nick that only a few people in the world have ever gotten to do. Every single Ultimate differed from the last due to the venue and space limitations, but each one was special in its own way. For example, in New Jersey, Nick took his fans to the candy shop *Cue The Dan Band “Candy Shop” rendition*. In NYC, Nick (along with special guest, Hal, from Rose Tours) invited all of the current non-cruisers to join the party (at their own expense, of course). He even played roommate matchmaker for a couple of girls. Who can ever say that they shared candy with Nick, or got a personal invitation to come on the BSB cruise from a Backstreet Boy? The fans who did the Ultimate VIP; that’s who.

2016-03-11 18.16.49_edited


  1. The bus. 

Only every fangirl’s dream ever… Okay, or maybe just mine? Ever wondered what Nick’s bus looks like? Well now the fans who did Ultimate VIP know. Except the ones who did All Access in NYC, because Nick didn’t know where the driver parked his bus. LOL! SMH, Carter.

2016-03-11 18.34.22


  1. Attending the unofficial Dead 7 pre-premiere/screening. 

If all of the above wasn’t enough, the Ultimates got to continue doing things that no other fans have ever gotten to do. These fans got a first look at his movie, Dead 7, and all of the boyband-filled gore and comedy that ensued. Being one of the first people ever to see the movie that Nick worked so hard to create was truly a shared special moment for both Nick and fans.


  1. The opportunity to be nicks security for the day. 

Yeah, we roll with Nick. Or should we say he rolls with us…?

2016-03-12 01.35.08-10_edited


  1. Nick Carter pops champagne. 

And you drink it. After he serves it to you and toasts to you in the eyes, of course (or else it’s 7 years of bad sex) – according to Carter. So when Nick Carter wants to look you in the eyes, you make sure you look him in the eyes.

Screenshot (966)_edited


  1. Making cameos on Nick’s social media.

Ever wanted to make featured picture and video appearances on nicks Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and/or Snapchat? Now, these lucky Ultimate fangirls (and boys) get to show their friends and family their one picture/video of fame, and Nick has the pleasure of reliving the fun memories of his Ultimate VIPs every time he opens his social media / camera roll on his iPhone! #Sorrynotsorry Nick.

2016-03-13 00.08.39_edited


  1. #ThePerfectFans

Okay, so, the Backstreet Boys are fun and all, but sharing experiences with friends and other fans is truly one of a kind. Having good times with existing friends and making new friends while hanging out with your favorite Backstreet Boy is always where it’s at.


  1. A VIP ran by… You. 

Remember that time you got to run your own VIP? No? Then you haven’t been one of Nick Carter’s Ultimates. Nick really cares about what his fans want, and he is always looking for fans’ honest feedback in order to better himself and the experiences he shares with them. We asked… Nick delivered. Want to go on his bus? Want to go backstage? How about watching the show from side stage or being front row? (all while drinking complimentary champagne, sitting down if you prefer, or being able to leave your spot to use the restroom) – Just in case you don’t know, these luxuries are RARE at a GA concert. Speaking of front row… we all know what happens when you’re in the “Swet” zone at a Nick concert. You get all of *that* […picture it…] automatically just for being an Ultimate VIP. You even get a laminate that says “BACKSTAGE”. If you thought flashing your “regular ol’ VIP” laminate was cool, think again.

2016-03-12 16.58.26


  1. “Free” extras…

So you know those $100 selfies that Nick was selling to concert goers? Ultimate VIPs got those and an added post-show hangout included as part of their package. Sure they paid more already, but who’s counting? Plus, all of the Ultimate VIPs got longer photo sessions; pictures, pictures and more pictures; Selfies/videos/autographs, you name it; they got it all. Hence, ALL Access. Some lucky Ultimates even got to take pictures with Nick’s lens-free nerd glasses, basking in all of their Spencer’s store glory.



**We had a great time in All Access, Nick; we should definitely do it again. But ladies and gents- keep in mind, this does come with a price– getting sick for an indefinite amount of time if you catch the Nick superbug; and I can almost guarantee you will. But hey, at least you can say that Nick Carter got you sick…? #Contagion

Here’s Why We Really Loved The ‘All American’ Tour, Nick Carter…


In January of 2015, we were made aware that Nick Carter was working on his 3rd solo project. We were thrilled that he kept referring to the new album as something he had really wanted to do for a long time, himself “in a bottle”, as he put it. Anything Nick has ever put his heart into is usually what we enjoy most.

Finally released in November, All American was different, but we were right about how much we would love. It was new, fun, honest, and felt real. Before 24 hours was up, we were singing along with the songs like we had had the album for months and of course, we couldn’t wait to see the songs live.

Most of us bought our tickets to see the All American tour right after we purchased the album and November to February became the longest wait ever. We were basking in the afterglow of seeing Nick pushed to the limits and baring his soul every week on Dancing With The Stars, excited to have seen him filming Dead 7 previous to that and this tour was our chance to tell him how proud we are of him.

Then, February came, and once again, Nick Carter blew us away.

The All American tour is honestly probably the most passionate we’ve ever seen Nick. It’s authentic, it’s a performer at his best (even when he’s sick), and it’s from him to his fans. This tour seems to have wrapped up everything we love about him into one show.

Hey Nick, if you’re reading this, remember this – we really appreciate everytime you show up for us. As adults, we know how much you have on your plate and how much goes into planning a tour and being out on the road, but you do it and you do it well. We don’t need a show full of gimmicks and hip thrusts (although we enjoy those too) to be entertained – your talent has always been and will always be enough. We are continually blown away by how much effort you put into every show for us, how your talent continues to grow with every tour, and how much you care about every aspect of what you’re putting out there. It is not lost on any of us how lucky we are to have an artist that tries his hardest to connect with fans, that tries to personally right any wrongs that might have happened and listens. That’s rare.

This tour has been an escape for some of us and an adventure for others. A tour of firsts – first VIPs, first events, first solo concert altogether. In 24 cities and 32 days, no one has left disappointed with the show itself. Fans and non-fans alike have left impressed. It’s not just because you’re Nick Carter, the Backstreet Boy, but because you’ve reinvented yourself as a solo artist, because you leave yourself on the stage, and you do your own thing. We couldn’t be more proud. 

If there’s ever a moment where you think you aren’t enough, think again. Thousands of us don’t show up just for the hell of it. We show up because you do more than show up. We show up because we believe in you, because we know you work hard, and because your success is important to us. The All American tour has been no exception.

Thank you, Nick. For everything.


There are three shows and two cities left on tour – if you can make it to Kansas City, MO or Nashville, TN this week, GO! On Sunday 3/27, I’ll be tweeting and retweeting all of your All American tour memories.

Use the hashtag #AllAmericanMemories and follow @WHOTheBckstreet and @_Nick_Nation_ to join in!

7 Reasons You Need To See Nick Carter On The ‘All American’ Tour


Since January 2015, we’ve been waiting (kind of) patiently for new solo music from Nick Carter. More importantly, we’ve been waiting for a new solo tour. Now that we have the album, All American, we’re even more excited for a tour! If you haven’t bought the album yet, check out all the reasons you need it. After you buy the album, you NEED to find the closest All American tour date and buy those as well. Solo Nick concerts are totally different from Backstreet Nick…and we’re going to tell you why.

1. The Tour Is Intimate. 


Low on theatrics and wardrobe pizzazz, Nick’s past tours have always been what we wish the Backstreet Boys would do at least once. The tour is limited on dates and the venues are smaller, but it provides an up close and personal experience for every fan whether you’re in front or in the back. You can literally feel the music flowing into your ears and taking over your body. If that isn’t something you want to feel, you’re lying.

2. VIP Is Everything You’ve Ever Wanted.


I know, I know… VIP is expensive and it’s just one guy, but DAMN, Nick genuinely wants it to be worth it. Speaking from experience, I was skeptical. What are you going to do with one guy when you’re used to five? Ummm, have an awesome time is the answer! People that aren’t even necessarily solo-BSB fans totally dig the Nick VIP experience. Why? Because he’s completely present, incredibly appreciative, and so nice you’ll want to take him home (but don’t, because that’s frowned upon. Although his security said we could if we had him back in 24 hours, but I digress…). If you didn’t love him before, you will after VIP – trust me. You’ll actually want to squeeze his face off.

3. This Album Is Bomb…So The Tour Won’t Let You Down!


All American is exactly what we’ve always wanted from Nick. An album that sounds like him. Tropical and chill. Crazy and gentle at once. It’s been less than a month since the tracks have been ours and we’re already dying to hear them live. It’s a new era for Nick Carter and you definitely won’t want to miss it. Plus, he always does the best songs from previous albums and maybe a few covers of other artists’ songs. The point is, the show is his to do what he wants and what Nick Carter wants is always a good ride for the audience.

4. There’s Always A Backstreet Song or Two.


Because we want it that way. He wants it that way. Everyone wants it that way. And we’re in a severe Backstreet drought. Do it for the Backstreet songs! (If you do it for the BSB songs, you’re going to leave looking for more dates you can go to though…because you’re going to LOVE the whole thing.)

5. Nick Performs For The Fans.


You might be thinking, ummm, doesn’t every artist? Well, kind of. It’s clear though that in putting together his tour, from the set to the venues to the VIP, Nick has listened to what the fans want. He takes critiques of the first few shows and changes it up in the next few. It’s why we love him and why you’ll love the show.

6. This Is His First Tour As A Near-DILF.


This isn’t a really real reason to go see Nick on the All American tour other than if you’re in the gift giving mood, baby things are totally appropriate. Plus, who doesn’t love a dad glow?! Dad glows are hot. This tour is basically a Dad Baby Shower (that’s how you can sell it to your significant other who is jealous of your Nick affections…we got you covered.)

7. Because WHY NOT?!


What are you doing that is sooooo important that you’d miss this tour? Just listen to the album. Listen to all the albums. Can you admit that you wouldn’t want to see them sung live? Can you admit that you don’t want to sing along with 3 or 4 of your best friends? It’s guaranteed fun or your money back.

Ok, not really money back. But you can comment on here and tell me how wrong I was.

But you won’t.


Check out all of Nick’s upcoming tour dates HERE and keep checking @WHOTheBckstreet on Twitter for added dates, updates from nickcarter.net, and more!

7 Things To Remember About The Backstreet Boys “Into The Millennium” Tour

In 1999, there was no social media, there was no VIP, there were no digital music options and CDs were fairly new.

In 1999, there was us. Most of us were kids, most of us did not have kids, and all of us shared the same love we do today.

In 1999, there were the Backstreet Boys. Before wives and children of their own, they were coming into their own as adults and selling out arenas worldwide. They were creating a hysteria within us by simply showing up and singing their music.

The Into The Millennium tour would prove to be the point where many fans became hardcore fans, dedicated for life. It was the beginning of an era; not just for the Boys, but for pop culture. Allow us to remind you how awesome it really was:

1. Getting Tickets To The “Into The Millennium” Tour Was CUTTHROAT. 

The tour was the hottest ticket around and God bless our parents for indulging us on this one. Now that we are old enough to buy our own tickets, we know what our parents went through and it was even harder back then. Most arenas sold out in minutes and, please note, online ticket purchasing was not a huge thing in 1999. You had to actually line up at box offices and Ticketmaster vendors to get your tickets or go by phone (while you looked at the seating chart in the phonebook). The fact that the tour was selling so quickly with only these options is insane!

2. That Was Really The First Time Most Of Us Knew What It Felt Like To Feel Our Hearts Exploding.

That feeling we get now when the lights go down just before a BSB concert, all started with Millennium. As soon as Kevin raised his eyebrow and opened his mouth with the “Are you ready to paaarrrrr-taaayyy?!” – We. Were. Done. Our hearts were never the same and from that point on, we were addicted to the Backstreet high.

3. They FLEW! 

For the first and last time, the Backstreet Boys FLEW OVER OUR HEADS. We don’t know how they were talked into it (especially height-fearing Brian), but we were definitely aware that no other boyband was that awesome. We also couldn’t help but wish that one of them might fall on top of us (Look, we had no concept of pain then). Also, we obsessed over the story about Kevin’s pants falling while he was in the air and every girl wished she was there. Simple times, folks. 16 years later, Kevin rips his pants onstage and walks around like it’s no big deal.

4. Kevin Rising Up And Playing The Piano Along With Nick On Drums.

While they played a few of their own instruments during the first Backstreet U.S. tour, there is not one of us who didn’t swoon when Kevin’s piano rose from the middle of the stage, playing an instrumental and then going into “Back To Your Heart”. Tie in Nick on the drums and the smooth vocals of Brian, AJ and Howie and we were puddles on the ground.

5. “The Perfect Fan” Got Our Moms Involved.

Brian wrote “The Perfect Fan” (scoring points with our moms) then invite moms onstage while they sang it (pretty sure that made him the top mom-approved BSB). Most of our moms were already fans of our wholesome Backstreet Boys, but this just allowed them to be out about it. Of course, we thought it was cool that our mom loved them too – that meant we could rewind the cassette tape in the car and play it over and over. It also meant we had someone going with us to the concert that had a credit card for the merch.

6. The Boys Were Untouchable.

At the time of the “Into The Millennium” tour, there was no such thing as VIP. You couldn’t just buy your way in to meet the Backstreet Boys and, really, with good reason. We were CRAZY. The majority of us were going through puberty and didn’t understand our feelings, we just knew that if we got within reaching distance of Nick, Brian, Howie, AJ, or Kevin – we were going to take one home. Mom would approve! There were very few lucky fans who received the chance to do meet and greets back then. My, my, how far we have come!

7. The Tour / Era Changed Our Lives.

While Millennium was really the height of everything career wise, the Backstreet Boys only used it as the first step to show us what they were capable of. Since then, they’ve continually impressed us with tour after tour, album after album, success after success. We have grown, the Boys have grown, and times have changed but the “Into The Millennium” tour was absolutely a game changer for all of us. 16 years later, we still have those 1999 feelings and we wouldn’t have it any other way (‘Cause we want it that way).

Fans Want It That Way: What Songs We Want To Hear (Or Not) On The Next Backstreet Boys Tour


Every new Backstreet Boys tour brings new surprises and the one everyone always wants to know (but tries to avoid for fear of ruining their show) is the setlist. Typically, the Boys are promoting a new album on every new tour but, of course, can’t leave out their classics. Tour after tour, they have added new songs, brought back the insanely old, and have kept certain ones on the list, but we were curious as to what the general fan opinion is on what we love to hear, what we REALLY miss, and what we could do without. Here are the results…

What We Want Added / Kept

The songs fans requested to hear once more (or for the first time live) might surprise you. Topping the list were:

  • “By My Side”
  • “Siberia”
  • “Just To Be Close”
  • “Back To Your Heart”
  • “Drowning”
  • “That’s The Way I Like It”

I’d LOVE to hear “Just To Be Close” a cappella because it’s just simply amazing.  I’d also like to hear “Not For Me” because it’s one of my faves from Black & Blue.  – @Noora_S 

I wish they would sing Siberia unplugged. For me, that song is everything. Such a perfect breakup song. –@yael1983s 

“Feels Like Home” could be fun! – @Lethe85 

The best B-Side “By My Side” – @LivGitahy 

I would love to hear ‘Just To Be Close’ and ‘What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)’ And they CAN NOT get rid of ‘Larger Than Life’, of course, and ‘Permanent Stain’! – @LilliumD 

I’d add “It’s Gotta Be You”, the energy it’d add would be amazeballs. Especially since 10,000 Promises is already back – @TheDarkSideBSB 

Siberia, Shattered, Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon, Unmistakable, Something I Already Know. – @_SouffleGirl_ 

“Like A Child”, one of my fave songs when I was 13. I still regularly listen to it. Volume has to be way up though! – @Starshine_00 

Bringing back Unbreakable songs would be awesome, maybe “You Can Let Go”. – @Deise_r 

“Inconsolable” or my favorite -“Climbing the Walls”. Or anything with Brian doing the leads. “Like  A Child” would be perfect! – @ImanAg 

“Just To Be Close To You” and “I Still” – @Jhie0730 

“I Still” and “Get Another Boyfriend” because both are amazing songs and should just always be sung live – @AmyBChirps 

Love “Straight Through My Heart”….  good sound… Nice to dance to – @MigSelv8 

“Get Another Boyfriend” and something from NG like “Crawling Back To You” or “Climbing The Walls” – @teenie36214 

I would LOVE to hear “Crawling Back To You”. – @Toni4Kaos 

GIVE ME “I STILL” BACK DAMMIT! And “That’s The Way I Like It”. And “Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon”. And “Panic”. And “Any Other Way”. – @dubnoxious 

Drowning, Missing You, Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon, Helpless When She Smiles, Bigger, By My Side. Songs that they CANNOT get rid of: More Than That, Shape of My Heart, As Long As You Love Me, All I Have To Give. –  ‏@Sushi_Flower 

If You Stay – @Shortybubbelz 

Back to your Heart – @LoveinLeighBri 

Siberia, Back to your heart, Don’t Wanna Lose You Now, Undone, That’s The Way I Like It.  – @Yahtzee27 

“Let’s Have A Party” and “If I Don’t Have You” – @AJChicaBitches 

“Hey Mr DJ” and “Try”!!! I absolutely love both of these songs!!! – @beautifulblck86 

“I still”… I’m so in love with that song! I always wonder why they don’t include it on tours – @BackstweetNews 

I wish they’d add “Back To Your Heart” and “Drowning”. Some “Lose It All” would be great as well – @BSBroxtheworld 


So many amazing songs but for me it would be “Drowning” love that song – @mayanderson64 

One Phone Call!!!!!! – @NickCarterVEVO 

“If you knew what I knew”, I’ll never find “Someone Like You” & “If You Stay”. Great tracks! Miss all of it. – @bsbfcp_uae 

“Everyone” Is one of The best!!! It’s for us! – @anaizinhaaa 

Bigger, Undone, More Than That – @SAntonette14 

I’d love to hear “Siberia” live and they’re not allowed to get rid of “In A World Like This”! –@Kalayra18 

What To Throw Out

Sorry, Boys. We know that there are some songs performed that are “mainstays” but, forgive us, we may go to the bathroom during “Incomplete” and “I Want It That Way”.

Incomplete. I know we gotta keep it since it’s the only consistent post 2005 song but eh – @ForeverRebel 

Incomplete. – @jennifercw015 

Incomplete. – @Yahtzee27 

I Want It That Way. – @KatieOK_ 

Quit Playing Games – @MauraSull 

“The One” … it’s nice…but boring – @smeagols_twin 

For me, it’s “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” – @BSBroxtheworld 

I’d want to hear a song from IAWLT that they haven’t performed live to replace “Madeleine” (sorry!) – @teenie36214 

I’d have to say “I want it that way”. – @Lethe85 

I loved “Incomplete” when it was released but it’s too depressing and kinda boring now. – @Kalayra18