How Do You Display Your Backstreet Tix, VIP Laminates, etc.? Share With Us!

For years, Backstreet Boys fans have had posters plastered all over their bedroom walls. Now that we are grown, WE want to see how YOU display or store your VIP laminates, concert tickets, autographed items, or any special BSB memorabilia.

Do you still have those BSB posters plastered all over your bedroom like when we were teenagers, or do you have a BSB shrine for all of your guests to see when they come into your house…

…or do you simply wear your BSB merch to the grocery store?

Do you have any funny stories surrounding your BSB memorabilia? We want to hear and see it all! Send your pictures and/or stories to us using the form below!

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8 Things That Happen When It’s Time To Buy BSB Tickets


It’s been a year or more for most of us since our Backstreet Boys ticket buying skills have been flexed, but it all came back to us when Nick Carter’s tickets for the All American tour went on sale this morning. The anxiety, the excitement, the power of beating the TICKETMASTER… we’ve been doing this for years. There’s a process.

1. Get The Tour Dates and Prioritize.


Tour dates are out and you’re immediately going through them to find the closest to where you live. Then, you see the date that’s 10 minutes from where your aunt lives. Oh, and a date on your birthday. And your friend has always wanted to go to Florida in August. Before you know it, there’s four dates you’re committed to and you have to prioritize which are most important, which you can trust your friends to buy your ticket and pay back, and which ones won’t sell as fast. Like I said, it’s a process. God bless those who haven’t been in the game that long……. making it easier for us to steal tickets right from under their noses.

2. Set Your Alarms!


10 AM local time…. and you’re buying in 3 different time zones. Of course you set your alarm for two hours earlier than necessary, just to make sure you’re alive and ready. Get your coffee, get your laptop, get your friends, and GET READY.

3. Give Your Friends Specific Tasks.


Of course you’re not going alone – you have your crew and you know by now who’s good at what. One person in charge of tickets for each date, one person assigned to tweet about it non stop, one person booking the travel plans (usually the one that gets some kind of discount), and the hype girl – she can’t be responsible for anything, really, but she’ll make sure it’s a fun time!

4. 10 AM…. FREAK OUT!


Oh God, it’s time. IT’S TIME. Don’t refresh…. don’t refresh. I need to refresh. I’ll just use my phone. Oh my gosh, is anyone getting tickets?! Do I let these go and risk getting worse ones?! I can’t breathe. THE TWEET I SENT FOR HELP DIDN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE. Why am I not drunk? Are these even good seats? I thought I was prepared for this! Do I want to do VIP for this date? I can’t remember.

You literally want to rip your face off.

5. Go Through 10 Different Emotions In 3 Minutes.


Who knew you could go from angry to excited to anxious to scared to happy in 2 minutes? We’re not sure it’s normal, but we’re sure it’s the normal for Backstreet Boys fans. Ask any of us. They’re basically our acid trip.

6. Buy Your Tickets… Then Debate Buying More…


Ok. Breathe. The confirmation came through. You’re going to see your Boy(s) four times in less than a month next year. Buuttt….

Is that enough? Really? PCD (Post Concert Depression) is HARD. Who wants to deal with that earlier than you have to?

Let me just ask who’s going to that date 7 hours away. You only get a chance to see long distance friends a few times….Right?

7. Freak Out With Your Friends.


Not only are you seeing the Backstreet Boys (or just one of them), you’re also going to hang out with your friends! Even the ones you’re not going with are still excited about the same thing and you’re so excited to compare notes on your experience. Let’s face it, the Beatles were right – we get by with a little help from our friends. Start planning the meet ups!

8. Indulge In Some Bad Habit.


You just went through hours minutes of terror, joy, and anxiety. Who cares if it’s 11AM? You deserve that wine or those french fries or both. You’re going to see the Backstreet Boys!! Time to celebrate!! The truth is, as crazy as it is, we wouldn’t give up a minute of the hysteria. We’re so lucky there’s still tours to buy tickets for and as long as they’re selling, we’re buying — even if we have to sell an organ or two. 😉