50 Thoughts We Had Watching The Backstreet Boys “Get Down” Music Video

Back by popular demand, we’re bringing  you more “Thoughts We Had…” posts! Since the beginning, we’ve had multiple people to ask us to do one for “Get Down” and honestly, it just seems like the mecca of Backstreet Boys music videos in terms of having thoughts. Why? Because there’s SO many thoughts to be had about it and none at all.

I thought about making this post “one thought we had” and capitalizing a BIG WTF… but I rewatched and well, here you go! Enjoy!

1. The minute the Backstreet Boys appear on screen, I can only smell lemons and oranges… because they look like they’re dressed like skittles.

2. Ho…Howie? Is that you?? AJ??? Why you look like a cool ant with sunglasses??

3. Ah, boyband hands. Classic. Who knew they’d still be doing those 22 years after this?

4. Zooming out to the big disco ball… there’s no way this wasn’t made in a mall, right?

5. I would LOVE to know some of these people dancing in the cubes. Imagine that being your claim to fame.

6. Who wouldn’t love to see the behind the scenes footage for this video shoot? What are they actually dancing on? Did they KNOW it was going to look like this?

7. To this day, Nick is STILL wear black jeans, black shirts and a jacket. Consistency is key.

8. We can laugh at these moves all we want but we ALL know them.

9. What IS a baby love?

10. Shout out to Nick’s baby teeth!

11. You’re doing yourself a major injustice if you’re paying attention to the person singing in this video. Kevin’s face is the best thing about it the entire time.

12. 50 seconds: How many Backstreet Boys can fit in one screen and pretend to sing the lyrics? The answer is 4.


14. The block people are wearing the epitome of 90s fashion.

15. Why does Brian look so small?

16. Why does Nick look like a dancing palm tree?

17. Is this really the Backstreet Boys or five guys that work at a pizza place who decided to be cool on a Saturday night?

18. Ah, yes. The beginning on the body roll. Thank God.

19. Kevin’s the only one tall enough at 1:24 for a proper body roll. Howie’s grabbing his belt like it’s a hoe down and Brian looks like he’s blowing backwards. THINGS HAVE GOTTEN BETTER, YOU GUYS.

20. At what point did Nick get down on his knees?

21. Howie looks like he’s the brains behind this. I don’t know why.

22. WHOOOOOOOOOO IS THIS FLYING MAN?! Excuse me, Backstreet Boys, someone has escaped from their cube!!

23. Oh nevermind, they’re “with it”.

24. Brian missed them memo that they were supposed to “pump it and move it all around”.

25. Seriously. Kevin’s face.

26. Did Nick realize he had actually danced ON the mirrorball before he did Dancing With The Stars or nah?

27. Here comes baby Brian!

28. At this point, everytime I pause, there’s something new to think about. Imagine if this video came out when memes were a thing.

29. Brian looks so angry. It might just be his hair.

30. You can never unsee Kevin during “And I WANT. IT. RIGHT. NOW”

31. Everyone was so casual singing until Brian.

32. 2:23: What is he even singing? Not this song.

33. Is AJ wearing the Prince symbol on his necklace?

34. This is really the Nick, AJ, and Kevin show. Or as they’re now known — Palm Tree, Cool Ant, and Kevin With The Face.

35. It’s weird how well you can see their mouths without facial hair.

36. Some boybanders use the one-finger point. Kevin uses two fingers with a body roll.

37. Nick is too pure for this video. Or something.

38. All of AJ’s jewelery! I feel like I can hear him clinking.

39. Zoned out for a solid 20 seconds. I think this is the trance they were going for.

40. Oh God! They’re jumping around! GET DOWN!

41. Does it bother anyone else about how unevenly spread out they are when they dance on the mirrorball?

42. At 3:21… they’ve all just lost it. This is a lost cause.


44. Why is Nick convulsing on the floor? The epitome of getting down.

45. Oh DAMN, he just flipped right up. What is happening?

46. Why are these people escaping so slowly?

47. Why are they doing the OPPOSITE of getting down?

48. Brian’s russian dancing across the ball never gets old, honestly.

49. The more Nick jumps, the more we see that his shirt includes what looks to be a name tag. He’s on a break from his job at Chuck E. Cheese apparently?

50. Wow. How do we get the Boys to recreate this iconic video? SOMEONE start a petition!


Thoughts We Had About The Backstreet Boys’ ‘Millennium’ Album: Then and Now

If you ask almost anyone about the Backstreet Boys’ Millennium album, they can most likely name at least one song off of the album and know it as the group’s biggest selling album to date.

If you ask a Backstreet fan about the Millennium album, they’ll most likely give you a monologue about which song they thought should have been a single (“Thanks Nick!”), where they were when they first listened to the album and how their parents fought for tickets to the sold-out-immediately tour – just like your grandparents whose stories you never wanted to hear. But this is your story and you’re going to tell it – dammit! (We’re especially going to tell everyone how Nick wrote a message in the liner notes that we had to decode using a PHONE. The original Taylor Swift.)

However, listening to the album now, listening to the songs as an adult, our thoughts are so much different than we were preteens screaming just because our favorite had a verse. Let’s talk about it!

(Also, looking at this tracklisting – wow, what a range of emotions, am I right?)

Larger Than Life

1999 Thoughts:

  • “Thank me in a different way?! WHAT?!” (This song might have created some of our first fantasies)
  • “AJ’s laugh is so scary and hot!”
  • “OMG IT’S FOR THE FANS. They’re so sweet.”
  • “I’m going to put these lyrics on a poster!!”

2017 Thoughts:

  • “Still haven’t thanked me in a different way….Heh heh.”
  • “AJ’s laugh has to be bad for his vocal chords.”
  • “How is this for the fans exactly?”
  • *uses any opportunity to make ‘larger than life’ a pun / adjective*
  • “I CAN STILL DO THIS DANCE! *does dance while trying to drive*”

I Want It That Way

1999 Thoughts:

  • “What does this song even MEAN?”
  • “I’ll NEVER say I Want It That Way.”
  • “KEVIN!!!”
  • “I’m going to put these lyrics on a poster!!”

2017 Thoughts:

  • “What DOES this song mean?”
  • “Again?”
  • “I’m so glad Kevin came back to sing his part. WE MISSED YOU KEVIN!”
  • “They’re still my fire though….”

Show Me The Meaning (Of Being Lonely)

1999 Thoughts:

  • “Who made [insert favorite BSB] lonely?!”
  • *crying because it sounds sad even though we don’t really get it*
  • “This is DEFINITELY my favorite since it has all five Boys singing!”
  • “Eyes of stone observe the trends? Kevin is always SO deep.”
  • “I will NOT show them the meaning of being lonely. Gonna put that on my concert poster.”

2017 Thoughts:

  • “Oh, my feels.”
  • “I feel what you’re saying, Backstreet.”
  • “Remember how sad this video was?!”
  • “Damn, this song is so deep.”
  • “This song was the soundtrack to my teenage break ups!”

It’s Gotta Be You

1999 Thoughts:

  • “BABAY! It’s the way you MAKE MEH!”
  • “Tee hee. What is kindagetmego?”
  • “THIS SONG IS SO CATCHY! Let me turn it up!”
  • “Gonna put THIS on a concert poster.”

2017 Thoughts:

  • “Yessss. One of five upbeat sonnnggss.”
  • “This definitely sounds like a song that would be my go-to while I’m drunk.”
  • “It’s the way you…WOO WOO!” (We still didn’t grow out of this one.)

Don’t Want You Back

1999 Thoughts:

  • “Oh my gosh, what if mom hears him say SEXUALITY? Could he say it any slower?”
  • “I love when he says sexuality. Teehee.”
  • “Oh, Backstreet’s back. Clever!”
  • “I’m going to throw this song in my ex’s face one day. When I get an ex.”
  • “Hit me faster than a shark attack – I could use that for a poster.”

2017 Thoughts:

  • “I’m so glad they’re doing this song live. It should have been a single…NICK.”
  • “Why is this song so hot?!”

I Need You Tonight

1999 Thoughts:

  • Every Non-Nick Fan: *skip*
  • “Ok, wait. Heaven in your eyes or I need you tonight?”

2017 Thoughts:

  • Every Non-Nick Fan: *skip*
  • “I really want to hear this with man-Nick singing.”

Don’t Wanna Lose You Now

1999 Thoughts:

  • “I hope my future boyfriend sings this to me. Swoon.”
  • “Hmmm…concert poster?”

2017 Thoughts:

  • *Cfrying while driving down the street*

The One

1999 Thoughts:

  • “Oh Brian co-wrote this! I love it!”
  • “Awww, he needs me like I need him. This is what love feels like.”
  • “I’ll be the one!! That’s going on a concert poster.”

2017 Thoughts:

  • “Why do I love this song?”
  • “What tempo even is this? How would you dance to it? Do you dance to it?”
  • “This song is comfort food for your ears.”

Back To Your Heart

1999 Thoughts:

  • “OK. WHO broke Kevin?”
  • “Why did Kevin write a song that he doesn’t even sing in?”
  • “What ARE they saying when they’re all singing different words? Why isn’t it in the booklet?”
  • “Of course he’d write a song with words we can’t really put on a concert poster. No wonder mom likes him.”

2017 Thoughts:

  • *crying, curled up in a bed*
  • “Why is Kevin so good at everything?”
  • “We need the piano back on tour.”
  • “Thank God we found out what those other words were.”

Spanish Eyes

1999 Thoughts: 

  • “What are Spanish eyes?”
  • “Do brown eyes count?”

2017 Thoughts:

  • “What are Spanish eyes?”
  • “Do brown eyes count?”
  • “Is this about Howie?”

No One Else Comes Close

1999 Thoughts:

  • “I hope I have sexual relations to this song.”
  • “This is so SWEET.”
  • “Where’s my scented markers? Gotta add this to my poster.”

2017 Thoughts:

  • “Is there a sexier BSB song? No.”
  • “AJ’s. VOICE. DAMN.”

The Perfect Fan

1999 Thoughts:

  • “BRIAN WROTE IT FOR HIS MOM? I gotta tell my mom.”
  • “This is TOTALLY gonna lock my mom in.”
  • *incorporates it into Mother’s Day for the next 8 years*
  • “If I put my mom is the perfect fan on a poster….”

2017 Thoughts:

  • “I hope my kids / future kids know about ‘The Perfect Fan’.”
  • “I’m going to have babies so this song applies to me.”
  • “Getting a tattoo for my mom….that says Perfect Fan.”