Dead 7 (A Zombie Western By Nick Carter) : By The Numbers


The media is buzzing with news of Nick Carter, the youngest member of the Backstreet Boys, coming into his own with another “solo” project and this time, it’s completely different. While Dead 7 is new to the film world, fans have been following the progression for the past two years. Here is a “by the numbers” look at how far Nick has come to put this film into motion.

2013: The year Nick Carter started an IndieGoGo Campaign to crowdfund a horror film that he co-wrote and would ultimately star in himself.

$85,000: The IndieGoGo campaign goal to make the film come to life (or dead?)

$156,214: How much money the campaign actually raised by Nick Carter / Backstreet Boys / Horror fans all over the world.

1,349: How many individuals contributed to the campaign.

3: How many name changes the film gone through. From Evil Blessings to Dead West to Dead 7.

2014: The year Nick announced the changes to the name and the movie plot. Evil Blessings would turn into Dead West and would now be a zombie western – “the story of a ragtag band of gunslingers who must rid a small town of a zombie plague in a post-apocalyptic West”, according to a press release regarding the movie.

118: The number of films The Asylum has produced, including the cult classic Sharknado trilogy. Nick signed on with the production company in January to produce his own film.

167: The number of shows Nick performed on tour with the Backstreet Boys in the midst of planning Dead West / Dead 7 and fulfilling the “perks” purchased from the IndieGoGo campaign. (Not including the Nick and Knight tour)

130,000: The number of people in attendance to the 2015 San Diego Comic where Nick (along with The Asylum, Lauren Kitt-Carter, Joey Fatone, and AJ McLean) released more details regarding Dead 7 (along with the title change) in a panel.

7: The number of “bandits” who must save the small town, including Lauren, Nick’s wife.

1: The number of NSync members in Dead 7 …so far. During the Comic Con panel, Joey Fatone, who will be in the movie, joked that they could probably also ask Lance Bass to be in the film too…as a can-can girl.

2 (?): The number of Backstreet Boys confirmed to be in Dead 7. While AJ McLean and Howie Dorough are all in, the jury is still out on Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson. When asked by a fan, Nick tweeted that the cousins were “very interested”.

4: Number of other superstars Nick has tweeted to ask if they’re interested in cameos. These stars include: Paul McCartney, Sisqo, Niall Horan, and Mel B. A boyband and 90s icons palooza, for sure!

2016: Year that Dead 7 is slated to be finished and aired on the Syfy network.

Millions: Number of supporters Nick has had for this film since the beginning. We can’t wait!

For all of the up-to-date details regarding Dead 7, visit here and as I will be updating there every week!


Everything You Need To Know About #Dead7 – The Zombie Western From Nick Carter


That’s right, friends. Nick Carter has changed the name of his new zombie western again and now it’s Evil Blessings Dead West DEAD SEVEN! I just posted a news post on his official site with everything you need to know from his San Diego Comic Con panel tonight. Here are a few of the highlights you’re going to want to know more about:

– Joey Fatone is officially joining the cast of Dead 7! Will he be the only boyband member?

– Lauren Kitt-Carter will be playing a “strong female character” (HELL YES, she will be), but who will she be exactly?

– There is a reason for the title Dead 7 and it’s pretty simple.

For all of the answers and MORE, click here for EVERYTHING you need to know.

5 Things You Need To Know About Nick Carter and #DeadWest


For the past month, I have been updating with all the latest developments on Nick Carter’s movie project, Dead West. Keep an eye out on his official site for all of the exclusives and newest of news as I will be posting it there first, but I’m all about promoting the Boys’ projects wherever I can! If you haven’t been keeping up with all of the updates on Nick and his film progressions, here it goes…

1. Dead West Was Born From Evil Blessings.

images (20)

In 2013, Nick launched an Indiegogo  crowdfunding campaign to create a new film entitled Evil Blessings. The campaign allowed fans to have a hand in the movie coming into fruition as well as receiving perks for their donation. Since then, Nick has worked like crazy to fulfill all of the promised perks which we admire him for!

In mid 2014, tragedy struck when Evil Blessings’ director passed away unexpectedly, bringing production to a halt. Last year was also a busy one for Nick with a wedding, the Nick & Knight tour, I Heart Nick Carter, and the second leg of the In A World Like This tour with the Backstreet Boys.

When fans became unsure of the movie’s fate, Nick took to the web in October to post an update and revealed that the Evil Blessingsproject would now be going forward as a film entitled Dead West. The movie is described in subsequent interviews as, “a gang of bandits from the wild west, who try to rob a bank and soon find themselves in the fight of their lives against a town full of zombies.”

2. The Asylum Has Signed On To Produce The Movie.


Nick has revealed that he will be teaming up with the mockbuster movie company, The Asylum. If you aren’t familiar with the name, you most certainly have heard of their latest hit cult classic, Sharknado.
In an interview in January, Nick had this to say about the pairing:
“Actor, director, writer. I’m getting ready to do a deal with a movie company called Asylum, so I’m getting ready to do cool stuff on my own. It’s called Dead West.  It’s a zombie horror western movie. It’s a hybrid movie. I created the story, co-wrote the story with a writer, and just did our meeting last week with Asylum. They’re the same people that did Sharknado, so it’s definitely a B-movie, but with this movie it’s something I wrote from my creative brain. Now they’re coming in, and we’re going to partner together, and we’re going to shoot the movie in March. I’m acting in it and possibly bringing in some friends of mine. It’s pretty insane, I’ll tell you, and we’re really, really excited. I’m passionate about this, and I enjoy being artistic in a sort of quirky way that’s unusual. That’s why I’m putting together the cast; there’s some names floating around like Joey Fatone from N*SYNC or an old buddy of mine Shaquille O’Neal. Just an out of the box thing.”

3. Filming Will Begin In August.

Dead West, the much anticipated horror flick that Nick Carter has co-written and will appear in, is set to start filming in August as confirmed by Nick himself via Instagram. (He also confirmed that Lauren is going to be looking HOT!)

4. Lauren, AJ, and Howie Are All Confirmed To Be In Dead West.

Nick mentioned months ago that Lauren would be a leading female in the zombie western but he also recently confirmed that Howie and AJ would be acting it in alongside him! This just keeps getting better and better. Now if we can get zombie-shooting cowboy Kevin….

5. The First Promotion For The Film Will Be At San Diego Comic Con on July 9th!

The above Instagram post was also a confirmation that Nick would be attending a panel regarding Dead West with Asylum, Howie, and AJ which is a HUGE promotional opportunity. After a week of cancelling the appearance and then reconfirming and losing Howie, Nick WILL be there! The event is the mecca for all things new in the horror, sci fi, and comic industry. With more than 130,000 people in attendance last year and being the hottest ticket in town (it’s been sold out since forever!), this is going to be a big deal for Nick’s film and we can’t wait to hear about it.

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