4 Things Howie D. Is Doing That You Need To Know About (+ #WOAI Updates)


What? You really thought we weren’t going to open a post about Howie doing stuff without saying that? He would be disappointed if we didn’t, we feel like.

Anyway, Howie is out here in 2019 doing some BIG THINGS and we are here for it. In fact, he’s doing so much that you might be like, “WHAT? LET ME IN ON THAT!”, when you hear about it. So, we’re laying it all out for you (our favorite thing to do) so that you don’t miss a Howie thing.

Wow, we’ve said Howie a lot in this post, huh? Anyway, here’s what you need to know…

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3 Things You Need To Know About AJ McLean’s Solo Vegas Event (+ Videos)

AJ McLean: Backstreet Boy.

AJ McLean: Solo Artist.

AJ McLean: Actor.

AJ McLean: ….Country Artist?

After previewing music on the Backstreet Boys Cruise in May and in Nashville (where he spent a lot of time recording his upcoming album) in June in front of fans and members of the press, AJ played some more music for a small group of lucky fans last night at Top Golf Las Vegas.

Not only did he play his single “Back Yard Bottle Service”, but he also delighted the crowd with his next single (which he shot a music video for a few weeks ago) and a chill-inducing cover of Chris Stapleton’s “Drunkard’s Prayer”.

All we can say is that we can not wait to hear more and we wish AJ had joined the world of country sooner!

1. If the guy playing with AJ looks familiar, it’s because he was a houseguest on two seasons of Big Brother


If the guy who’s been playing guitar for AJ recently looks familiar to you, it’s because his name is Paul Abrahamian and he was a houseguest on season 18 and 19 of CBS’ Big Brother. If you’ve followed AJ for any amount of time, you know that he is a huge BB fan and this is a match made in Heaven!

2. AJ has been adamant in telling his story through country music.

3. There’s merch! 


In case you missed it, you can now purchase merch and rep AJ’s new music everywhere you go! Check it out here.

Our affiliate, The Dark Side, was lucky enough to attend AJ’s Vegas event and has been kind enough to share her videos with us. Watch below!


What You Need To Know About AJ McLean’s Solo Ventures: 2018 Updates

We all know AJ McLean.

We all love AJ McLean.

We’ve all been eager to support any solo work AJ McLean has done, from vape juice to his “Live Together” project.

We’ve been waiting for forever for AJ McLean to release his entire solo album and now, it sounds like we might be a little bit closer…. but it’s not what you thought.

WHOTB kept you updated along the way as AJ was posting updates on his solo album in the last two years — BUT FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNOW because 2018 is all about new beginnings and bigger and better things.

So, once again, we will keep you updated here because we’re so excited for what AJ has in store and we don’t want anyone to miss a thing.

August 2017: AJ mentioned staying in Nashville to work on solo music after the taping of CMT Crossroads with Florida Georgia Line, picking up on some country flavor.

End of 2017: AJ spent time in both Nashville and Branson City, MO, which is also known for their country music vibes.

I know all of you have been so beyond patient with me since basically 2005 when I released my first ever solo album which sadly never touched American soil or anywhere else for that matter yet you still found a way to support me and through the magic that is the internet learned the words and picked your favorites! That in it self speaks volumes to me as an artist and as a person knowing how truly amazing and loyal my fans our. I say my because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt how above and beyond loyal bsb fans are and continue to be for 25 years but I’m speaking to my fans that believed in me than until now and I know will continue to for many years to come! I’ve been promising a solo album since then and believe me when I tell you I have written and recorded enough music since then for three full albums but something was always not right. Be it timing or the music itself or the climate of the industry but I kept working hard and long hours away from my family if needed to make the best body of work anyone has ever heard bsb fan or not! Finally now everything has fallen into place and so organically and not forced or trying to just fit into the moment of where music is right now. Instead I followed my heart and my gut and got back together with the best manager I’ve ever known and have the best team in my corner routing me on and when I say the wait is almost over and I swear to all of you it’ll be worth the wait we finally got it right. This picture is of a guest bedroom at my rental house in Las Vegas that my dear friend and amazing producer flew out two days ago and than made a make shift studio in his bedroom to record one of the many I believe smash hit songs I’ve compiled for my what I’m calling my true debut album to be released all over the world very soon this shows my dedication to me and my project that we made this happen in a bedroom and to top it all off I recorded the song immediately after our show last night here in Vegas. He just left for the airport two hours ago and that’s when I went to bed. Going back to sleep now but wanted to share this and tell you all the album is coming soon and to say and show my deepest most honest appreciation!

A post shared by AJ McLean (@aj_mclean) on

February 10, 2018: AJ posts an Instagram photo outlining his new solo plan, which included information about why he has not yet released an album. “I’ve been promising a solo album since then and believe me when I tell you I have written and recorded enough music since then for three full albums but something was always not right,” he posted. “Finally, now everything has fallen into place and so organically and not forced or trying to just fit into the moment of where music is right now. Instead, I followed my heart and my gut and got back together with the best manager I’ve ever known and have the best team in my corner rooting me on and when I say the wait is almost over and I swear to all of you it’ll be worth the wait we finally got it right.”

February 16, 2018: AJ reveals that he is coming back to Nashville to work on more solo projects.



February 28, 2018 / March 2. 2018: AJ signed to become a member of the Country Music Association in Nashville, TN. To learn more about the association, click here. [Editor’s Note: As a Nashvillian, this thrills me. Can’t wait for more details.]

In the statement announcing this membership on 3/2, AJ stated that he’s a “chameleon” and hinted at the country vibes in his upcoming solo work.

AJ then thanked everyone involved on his instagram page (see below).

So first off I should be asleep but sadly I either got a hopefully 24 hour bug or possibly food poising so that’s why I’m still awake right now and have to be up in 7 hours! Anyways that being said I have to just say thank you to a few people! First off I have to say thank you to my amazing team behind me and my new journey I’m about to embark on stepping into the world of country music! From my amazing manger mr Johnny Wright to my equally amazing social team slash co managers Cassie and jade and all the ladies at crowd surf. Also I have to thank more than anyone my partner in crime and the man pushing me to my limits me Brandon Mashburn thanks bro for seeing my vision and for never giving up on me. Also my boys and now family and most amazingly talented writers Brett Tyler and Clint Lagerberg for taking a chance on me and making a dream come true. Last and most certainly not least I have to thank the country music association for taking me under your wings and welcoming me to the country world! All I can say is this, I’m a fan of all music and I know my fans are the best most loyal in the world and no matter what kind of music I do they will support my vision. You guys are all in for a treat and I couldn’t be more proud of the music I’m doing and that a little dream is now becoming reality! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I wanna make great music and make people happy and be the first solo country artist to shake things up!

A post shared by AJ McLean (@aj_mclean) on

March 21, 2018: AJ posts on social media that he’s back in the studio working on his “country vibe” with Jordan Omley, AJ’s friend, songwriter, and one half of production company The Jam, who has had a hand in his previous projects as well.

March 29, 2018: Two Instagram posts previewing two new songs were made, seemingly titled “Leave Your Boots On” and “Bottle Service”, while AJ had his daughters in the studio.

April 15, 2018: AJ attended the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas and did a few interviews about his upcoming solo record. Check them out below!


After scoring hit with Florida Georgia Line, The Backstreet Boys’ AJ McLean is going country (WIN 98.5)

Backstreet Boy AJ McLean Teases New Solo Project: ‘I Want to Disrupt Country’ Music (Entertainment Tonight)

A.J. McLean Tells the ACM Awards: ‘I’m Coming In to Disrupt Country Music’ (Billboard)


 Stay tuned to this post for more updates as they come in (and our tweets tagged #AJMcLean2018)!


The Reason Brian Littrell’s ‘Welcome Home’ Was A Game Changer


10 years ago today, Brian Littrell released Welcome Home, his first and only solo album to date.

And he changed the game and broke the boundaries of what a “pop star” could be.

While still successful in the Backstreet Boys’ career, Brian poured his heart out in a predominantly Christian album that had critics talking. They expected bubblegum pop, love songs similar to what he had been singing for the previous 13 years, maybe even country… but who was this “teen idol” singing about his faith? Didn’t that break every rule in Hollywood?

But he did it anyway. And people loved it.

Actually people more than loved it. We felt it in our souls. There’s not one of us that didn’t (still doesn’t) cry listening to “Gone Without Goodbye” and most of us had someone in mind upon hearing “Angels and Heroes”. Most of all, we felt Brian’s soul. His passion is so evident in his voice, enough to make all of us feel something…. and isn’t that what music is supposed to do? Brian Littrell, with a single album, succeeded in inspiring us, in moving us, and in giving us music that, 10 years later, still resonates deep inside all of us. There is something for everyone on Welcome Home and if he never recorded another solo album in his life (although we’d love for him to), we have all been blessed to be able to hear his heart through music at least once in our lifetime.

10 years later, there are still fans talking about this album, listening to it daily, searching for something they might have lost. Personally speaking, this album was something I didn’t even know I needed when it came out. It brought me out of a dark time and I know that I’m not alone.

Thank you, Brian Littrell, for always being real, staying true to yourself, and making music that will last until the end of time.

Happy 10th Birthday, Welcome Home – you’re a beauty!



10 Reasons Nick Carter’s Ultimate VIP Was EVERYTHING

  1. Getting to hang out with your friend, Nick Carter. 

Forget everything you thought you knew about “VIP”. As many BSB fans know, regular VIP includes a meet and greet, picture, and usually less than a minute of trying to gather all of your thoughts and form words. Not in All Access. Imagine getting to sit for hours talking to your favorite Backstreet Boy about literally anything you want- no limitations. Kind of like a Q&A on steroids, but an actual meaningful conversation. Plus, you have the added bonus of hearing insider information for the first time and plans for the future that Nick only wants you, his Ultimate VIPs, to know.

Speaking of Nick being our friend, a few lucky ladies decided to play Never Have I Ever The Name Game with him. Let’s face it, the Backstreet Boys, especially Nick, meet so many fans on a daily basis, of course remembering names is difficult. But not in All Access. Imagine you and Nick being on a mutual first name basis, and let’s just say, he has a really funny way of remembering names (a strategy taught to him by our other favorite Backstreet Boy New Kid, Jordan Knight).

2016-03-12 19.29.16_edited


  1. Being exclusive.

One of the perks of ALL Access is that you get ALL of it; including participating in exclusive activities with Nick that only a few people in the world have ever gotten to do. Every single Ultimate differed from the last due to the venue and space limitations, but each one was special in its own way. For example, in New Jersey, Nick took his fans to the candy shop *Cue The Dan Band “Candy Shop” rendition*. In NYC, Nick (along with special guest, Hal, from Rose Tours) invited all of the current non-cruisers to join the party (at their own expense, of course). He even played roommate matchmaker for a couple of girls. Who can ever say that they shared candy with Nick, or got a personal invitation to come on the BSB cruise from a Backstreet Boy? The fans who did the Ultimate VIP; that’s who.

2016-03-11 18.16.49_edited


  1. The bus. 

Only every fangirl’s dream ever… Okay, or maybe just mine? Ever wondered what Nick’s bus looks like? Well now the fans who did Ultimate VIP know. Except the ones who did All Access in NYC, because Nick didn’t know where the driver parked his bus. LOL! SMH, Carter.

2016-03-11 18.34.22


  1. Attending the unofficial Dead 7 pre-premiere/screening. 

If all of the above wasn’t enough, the Ultimates got to continue doing things that no other fans have ever gotten to do. These fans got a first look at his movie, Dead 7, and all of the boyband-filled gore and comedy that ensued. Being one of the first people ever to see the movie that Nick worked so hard to create was truly a shared special moment for both Nick and fans.


  1. The opportunity to be nicks security for the day. 

Yeah, we roll with Nick. Or should we say he rolls with us…?

2016-03-12 01.35.08-10_edited


  1. Nick Carter pops champagne. 

And you drink it. After he serves it to you and toasts to you in the eyes, of course (or else it’s 7 years of bad sex) – according to Carter. So when Nick Carter wants to look you in the eyes, you make sure you look him in the eyes.

Screenshot (966)_edited


  1. Making cameos on Nick’s social media.

Ever wanted to make featured picture and video appearances on nicks Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and/or Snapchat? Now, these lucky Ultimate fangirls (and boys) get to show their friends and family their one picture/video of fame, and Nick has the pleasure of reliving the fun memories of his Ultimate VIPs every time he opens his social media / camera roll on his iPhone! #Sorrynotsorry Nick.

2016-03-13 00.08.39_edited


  1. #ThePerfectFans

Okay, so, the Backstreet Boys are fun and all, but sharing experiences with friends and other fans is truly one of a kind. Having good times with existing friends and making new friends while hanging out with your favorite Backstreet Boy is always where it’s at.


  1. A VIP ran by… You. 

Remember that time you got to run your own VIP? No? Then you haven’t been one of Nick Carter’s Ultimates. Nick really cares about what his fans want, and he is always looking for fans’ honest feedback in order to better himself and the experiences he shares with them. We asked… Nick delivered. Want to go on his bus? Want to go backstage? How about watching the show from side stage or being front row? (all while drinking complimentary champagne, sitting down if you prefer, or being able to leave your spot to use the restroom) – Just in case you don’t know, these luxuries are RARE at a GA concert. Speaking of front row… we all know what happens when you’re in the “Swet” zone at a Nick concert. You get all of *that* […picture it…] automatically just for being an Ultimate VIP. You even get a laminate that says “BACKSTAGE”. If you thought flashing your “regular ol’ VIP” laminate was cool, think again.

2016-03-12 16.58.26


  1. “Free” extras…

So you know those $100 selfies that Nick was selling to concert goers? Ultimate VIPs got those and an added post-show hangout included as part of their package. Sure they paid more already, but who’s counting? Plus, all of the Ultimate VIPs got longer photo sessions; pictures, pictures and more pictures; Selfies/videos/autographs, you name it; they got it all. Hence, ALL Access. Some lucky Ultimates even got to take pictures with Nick’s lens-free nerd glasses, basking in all of their Spencer’s store glory.



**We had a great time in All Access, Nick; we should definitely do it again. But ladies and gents- keep in mind, this does come with a price– getting sick for an indefinite amount of time if you catch the Nick superbug; and I can almost guarantee you will. But hey, at least you can say that Nick Carter got you sick…? #Contagion

7 Reasons You Need To See Nick Carter On The ‘All American’ Tour


Since January 2015, we’ve been waiting (kind of) patiently for new solo music from Nick Carter. More importantly, we’ve been waiting for a new solo tour. Now that we have the album, All American, we’re even more excited for a tour! If you haven’t bought the album yet, check out all the reasons you need it. After you buy the album, you NEED to find the closest All American tour date and buy those as well. Solo Nick concerts are totally different from Backstreet Nick…and we’re going to tell you why.

1. The Tour Is Intimate. 


Low on theatrics and wardrobe pizzazz, Nick’s past tours have always been what we wish the Backstreet Boys would do at least once. The tour is limited on dates and the venues are smaller, but it provides an up close and personal experience for every fan whether you’re in front or in the back. You can literally feel the music flowing into your ears and taking over your body. If that isn’t something you want to feel, you’re lying.

2. VIP Is Everything You’ve Ever Wanted.


I know, I know… VIP is expensive and it’s just one guy, but DAMN, Nick genuinely wants it to be worth it. Speaking from experience, I was skeptical. What are you going to do with one guy when you’re used to five? Ummm, have an awesome time is the answer! People that aren’t even necessarily solo-BSB fans totally dig the Nick VIP experience. Why? Because he’s completely present, incredibly appreciative, and so nice you’ll want to take him home (but don’t, because that’s frowned upon. Although his security said we could if we had him back in 24 hours, but I digress…). If you didn’t love him before, you will after VIP – trust me. You’ll actually want to squeeze his face off.

3. This Album Is Bomb…So The Tour Won’t Let You Down!


All American is exactly what we’ve always wanted from Nick. An album that sounds like him. Tropical and chill. Crazy and gentle at once. It’s been less than a month since the tracks have been ours and we’re already dying to hear them live. It’s a new era for Nick Carter and you definitely won’t want to miss it. Plus, he always does the best songs from previous albums and maybe a few covers of other artists’ songs. The point is, the show is his to do what he wants and what Nick Carter wants is always a good ride for the audience.

4. There’s Always A Backstreet Song or Two.


Because we want it that way. He wants it that way. Everyone wants it that way. And we’re in a severe Backstreet drought. Do it for the Backstreet songs! (If you do it for the BSB songs, you’re going to leave looking for more dates you can go to though…because you’re going to LOVE the whole thing.)

5. Nick Performs For The Fans.


You might be thinking, ummm, doesn’t every artist? Well, kind of. It’s clear though that in putting together his tour, from the set to the venues to the VIP, Nick has listened to what the fans want. He takes critiques of the first few shows and changes it up in the next few. It’s why we love him and why you’ll love the show.

6. This Is His First Tour As A Near-DILF.


This isn’t a really real reason to go see Nick on the All American tour other than if you’re in the gift giving mood, baby things are totally appropriate. Plus, who doesn’t love a dad glow?! Dad glows are hot. This tour is basically a Dad Baby Shower (that’s how you can sell it to your significant other who is jealous of your Nick affections…we got you covered.)

7. Because WHY NOT?!


What are you doing that is sooooo important that you’d miss this tour? Just listen to the album. Listen to all the albums. Can you admit that you wouldn’t want to see them sung live? Can you admit that you don’t want to sing along with 3 or 4 of your best friends? It’s guaranteed fun or your money back.

Ok, not really money back. But you can comment on here and tell me how wrong I was.

But you won’t.


Check out all of Nick’s upcoming tour dates HERE and keep checking @WHOTheBckstreet on Twitter for added dates, updates from nickcarter.net, and more!

10 Things You Need To Know About Nick Carter’s ‘All American’


It’s been a few days since our brain has experienced the eargasm-inducing new music from Nick Carter from his album All American. We waited so long for it and now we can not “Get Over” it (pun intended). If you’re iffy about buying the album, here’s a few things you should know.

1. “19 In 99” WILL Be Your Jam No Matter What Age You Were In 1999.

Sure, you hear the title “19 in 99” and think “Oh man! I was only 10!” or “I was 28 in 1999, I’m not going to like this song!”.

Well, you’re wrong.

Whether you’ve never listened to Tupac or don’t know anyone named Lana (but everyone really should – I’ve never met a Lana I didn’t like), you’ll pretend you have for the sake of listening to this Bowling-For-Soup-esque song. Let’s face it, everyone likes a little nostalgia and everyone loves a good song. This is it.

2. Despite Avril Lavigne Collaborating on “Get Over Me” – It’s NOT What You Think.

Of course when you hear that a male and female pop star are collaborating on a song together, you automatically think emo ballad. To top it off, “Get Over Me”? Duh. This is going to be so sappy love song with a sassy title to trick you.


Perhaps the biggest fan favorite across the board on the new album, Nick and Avril go back and forth about which one of them is really “the stage five clinger, trying to put a ring on my finger” (if you’ve heard it, that part is stuck in your head RIGHT now). This song is SO good and you should really force everyone you know to listen – including your own stage five clinger.

3. “California” Is The Chill Answer To Katy Perry’s “California Girls”

A few years ago, Katy Perry topped the charts with her bouncy tune “California Girls” and this year, Nick Carter has released a “California” of his own. The cool surfer tune is blatantly honest about it’s sex, sin, and chihuahuas, but then admits “that’s California” and people like it. Visit anytime! By the way, does anyone feel like they should be on a carousel in the beginning? Is that just me?

4. “Second Wind” Will Make You Feel Better About Life Instantly

Oh my God, first world problems are SO real and now even Nick Carter himself is admitting to them. Double parking and hangovers? Crazy significant other’s moms?! YESSSS. We’ve all been there. If you can get past the naked Nick that’s implied in the first half second of the song, this song is everything you tweet about. We feel like a hypothetical music video would include Sugar Ray, Jimmy Buffet, and Nick all sitting on a beach with margaritas. You can literally hear the tiki bar.

5. “Swet” Will Make You…..Well….Just Listen

You have to hear the song to understand why “Swet” is spelled without an A.

So wet.

You be the judge. Nick just went there. So did we.

6. “Cherry Pie” And “Man On The Moon” Are Retro Sounding… But One Will Make Your Grandma Blush.

The light, sweet retro sound in both of these songs will draw you in if you’re a lover of the times when sockhops, diners, and cardigan sweaters were all “in” things. Take a closer listen to “Cherry Pie” though, and you’ll realize the lyrics would make Elvis blush. You’re recovering from “Swet” and BAM! Nick is singing about unwrapping your candy….

….Why are you not buying this album RIGHT now?!

7. “Tijuana” May Explain Why He Woke Up Naked In “Second Wind”

Like “19 in 99” and “Get Over Me”, you’ll be singing this song whether you like it or not. Like “Second Wind”, we think Jimmy Buffett would be all over it. This is something totally new for Nick and it’s what everyone is talking about… because we’ve all totally had Tijuana nights somewhere.

And “Que loca mi vida” may be our new favorite lyric!

8. “All American” Isn’t About Baseball or A Hamburger

Like most things American and celebrated on the 4th of July, you might expect this song to be about hot dogs, hamburgers, flip flops, and the red, white and blue. Nope. It’s all about that ass, ladies, and it has us all doing squats to get that booty poppin’.

9. While The Chill Vibe Is EVERYTHING, “Horoscope” and “I Will Wait” ARE The Ballads You Need In Your Life

There are only two real ballad-ish songs on this album and they are ABSOLUTELY worth it. Finishing out the album, they WILL make you feel things. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

10. If You Have Never Bought A Solo Nick Carter Album, THIS IS THE ONE TO BUY.

All American is the album you need to gift for Christmas to force your friends into a Spring Break roadtrip. It’s the PERFECT soundtrack for roadtrips, for girls night out, for a good day, and for your life. I wouldn’t write it if I didn’t believe it, guys.

Buy it in all of these places:



And the only place you can get a physical copy of the album at nickcarter.net!

And thank me later. 😉



6 Reasons You Need To Order Nick Carter’s #AllAmerican ASAP!


After nearly a year of knowing an album was in the works, fans were delighted to hear that All American would finally be ours in less than a week! The album, now available for pre-order on nickcarter.net, promises to bring new things to the table. WHOTB has been keeping you updated on all the latest but why should you get in on this new Nick music immediately? Keep reading.

1. “I Will Wait”, the first single off the album, is evidence of how phenomenal this album will be.

Nick released “I Will Wait” soon after his Dancing With The Stars debut (the man does not QUIT) and immediately, we were struck by the acoustic sound and a more mature version of Carter than we had seen before. As if the song weren’t enough, he then released the beautiful video that brought a lot of emotion out of a good number of people from all over the globe. If not for anything else, you’ll want to buy the All American album to have this song on repeat. Who needs Adele to make them ugly cry? We have Nick Carter.

2. Natasha Bedingfield and Avril Lavigne were involved in the making of this album!


Months ago, Nick posted the above photo to his instagram and revealed that he was working behind the scenes with British pop songstress Natasha Bedingfield. While we are not yet sure which song that was, you won’t ever find out unless you buy the album!

More recently, during a Twitter takeover with I Heart Radio, Nick also revealed that a song with Avril Lavigne would be on the album. “Get Over Me”, a song focused a crazy stalker bad romance, is the first collaboration on an album with solo Nick and we can’t wait to hear it!

3. All American is the album that Nick “has been wanting to do for years”. 


He’s previewed a few songs via instagram and fanclub chats, but one thing has been consistent when Nick has spoken about All American – that it’s the rock, surf, beachy type music that he’s wanted to do for years. One thing we know for sure, when Mr. Carter does the things he loves, they’re pretty fantastic.

5. You can’t judge songs by their titles, but the tracklisting is PRETTY enticing! 

1. 19 in 99
2. Get Over Me
3. California
4. Second Wind
5. Swet
6. Cherry Pie
7. Tijuana
8. All American
9. Man on the Moon
10. Horoscope
11. I Will Wait

Tell me honestly you don’t want to hear a song about “Tijuana” or “Man On The Moon”!

6. Nick’s website will be the ONLY place you can get a PHYSICAL copy of All American. 

If you pre-order All American before November 25th (the release date), you’ll not only get a physical copy of the album in the mail, but a digital copy as well at midnight on the day of release. There’s even an option for an exclusive poster and 500 people will get a signed poster – how awesome is that?! Again, this is the ONLY place you can get a physical copy of the album (and the only place you can get it at all as of right now).

DON’T SUFFER FROM FOMO (fear of missing out)! Get yours NOW!

Also, don’t miss THE Nick Carter, live and in person, on tour next year. Check out the dates here!

For all the latest on Nick’s projects, keep your eyes on What Happens On The Backstreet AND nickcarter.net, where I will be updating the news section with everything you need to know.

1 Powerful Message and 7 Fan Reactions to AJ McLean’s #LiveTogether Music Video


It’s a problem we deal with everyday. Society has taught us to discriminate against others, judge others, “hate” others, but every once in a while, an artist comes along with a global platform and a mission to try and change the world one music note at a time. AJ McLean is doing just that with his new single “Live Together”, the first song off of his new solo album, The Anthem, which will drop early next year (Details HERE).

We heard the song back in May and it instantly struck a chord with many of us. With a heart as big as his talent, AJ has taken his vocal ability, his creativity, and his passion and put it all in “Live Together”. When the video dropped on RollingStone.com on Tuesday, the song affected us a little bit more. The visual of an innocent child with peace and kindness in her heart being the one to change things, and ultimately, the one that we need to change the world for, will shake you. It will make you sad about the world we live in, but at the same time, it will instill a hope for the future. It will inspire you to make changes, big and small. In one video, AJ is inspiring the whole world to be kinder, to try and understand others, and to make peace. We couldn’t be more proud as fans and as humans.

To purchase the single and find out more about AJ’s Live Together Foundation, click here for an article I posted on backstreetboys.com last month.

Here is what other fans are saying about the “Live Together” video:

“I think people that say that they don’t like the Backstreet Boys need to listen to and watch this video. People that think all BSB sing about is love and all that jazz have no idea that there’s more to them than fluff music. AJ has shown that he can sing about something that he is passionate about. I hope he can get his wish and this song will bring change to our world that we live in. If not for us, but for children!” – Melissa Wiggins

“Wow. Just wow. I can’t even form the words necessary to describe how I’m feeling while watching the video. It’s spot on with everything. Amazing.  Very powerful message out there. Everyone should listen.” – Vanessa Court-Payen

“That man continues to amaze me. I absolutely love the song and we need more songs like this!”– Kay Brown

“This song is all we actually need! More social conscience! AJ shines!” – Angela Sanchez Vincente

“I really love the video! I like the message he try to get out here! That society need to be better! Better for the next generation. We are all equal.. White, black , woman, man, straight or gay.” – @girlygirlstefie

“When I saw the Live Together video today I cried. The message of the song and the video were so powerful. Especially these days. The violence, the hate, the ridicule people face these days is like nothing I have ever seen. I hope everyone watches this video and does exactly as he says, live together or die alone.” – @Toni4Kaos

“I love ‘Live Together’ by A.J. because it shows the reality! It is a simple video but very fascinating! It is easy to understand what he means. Only can say… Love it, Love it, Love it!” – @FmarionMarion

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Be Kind. Love More. Live Together. ❤

10 Emotional Fan Reactions To Nick Carter’s #IWillWait Music Video


Since it had been hinted that Nick Carter had a new music video wrapped last month, fans have been on the edge of their seats waiting for it to drop. Slowly, details trickled out and “I Will Wait” was, in fact, what we were all having a hard time waiting for. What we weren’t ready for is the extremely stripped down version of Nick that the music video for the song captured or the story that it told.

Minutes after the video was released, the internet was buzzing with emotional responses. Many weren’t prepared for the feelings that were elicited by watching the video (and this time, it wasn’t just because of Nick). The video added layers of meaning to the song itself, introducing us to an elderly couple with an enduring love story that we can only imagine.

Reading through the responses to the video, I realized that many fans had different reasons for their reactions. The stories were feel-inducing and I asked fans to share how the video for “I Will Wait” affected them personally. The following are things that fans shared with me and I thank them for it immensely. I’m sure that Nick never imagined so many people would feel so many things, but hopefully, he might now.


” ‘I Will Wait’ was beyond beautiful. It made me tear up because of how deep the love story was. I should be so lucky to find a love like that one day.” – @Sushi_Flower

“I lost count of how many times I have listened to Nick’s new single ” Will Wait”. It’s a very beautiful song and each time I listen I can picture another scenario. When I saw your post on Twitter, I had to reply. I picture a pregnant woman first. Me. I’m pregnant with my third and final child. The mother is singing to her unborn baby. She might have not done everything “perfect” but she’s waiting for her baby. Scenario 2) A military wife. She’s singing it to him and hes singing it to her from across the seas. He is the end part, he left her to go to war, but she will wait for him. And she wont leave him behind. And then of course Nick’s vision, two old people who love each other too much to be apart.” – @Sstutler12

“Nick’s video made me think of my grandparents. My grandfather recently passed away from Alzheimer’s but my grandmother is still alive. They were married for over 70 years and had 5 kids,12 grandkids, and 17 great-grandchildren. Seeing the couple in the video made me think of them because of how they looked lovingly at each other,how they danced together and the pain my grandmother felt when my grandfather passed away. I’m tearing up now just typing this message to you. I know this isn’t much of a story,but seeing this video really hit home for me.” – @LilMamaOlson

” ‘I Will Wait’ music video reminded me of my GrandParents. Their relationship growing up and the way they show their affection to one another. And now that they are together again in the ever after, I guess in a way, they both waited for each other to be together forever.” – @Jhie0730

“Nick’s new song “I Will Wait” hit home for me! I just lost my Dad 2 months ago to cancer. He was only 66. My Mom is now left without her soulmate for the rest of her life, my sister and I are without a father and my 2 boys are without a grandpa. My Mom, sister and I were with Dad in the hospital when he passed away. A very difficult and emotional thing to have to go through. Watching this video and hearing the words was very moving and I cried throughout. Especially still being so new to the fact of losing dad.” – @alliebsb

“Nick’s new video literally made me cry…reminded me of when I lost my mom. Specifically in the part where the old couple is together and the old woman is on her deathbed holding her husband’s hand…and when she passed her hand let go. That exact same thing happened to me when I lost my mom to Pancreatic Cancer. I refused to leave her hospital room…just sat by her and held her hand until after she finally let go and was in God’s hands. She was my rock…my everything…and life has not been the same without her. I miss her so much and don’t think I would ever be able to get through her loss without the Backstreet Boys and their music. I can’t thank them enough for their existence!” – @AngeleenaMarie

“I lost both my parents a year ago. My Mom, very unexpectedly, went first, and eighteen days later my Dad followed her. While it was incredibly sad I knew he couldn’t bear to live without her so he left us to go to her. Nick’s ‘I Will Wait’ video was so poignant and it really touched a chord in my heart. I’d love to thank him for that”. – Lynne Macaulay

“About #IWillWait video… I’m falling love with song already when I listened only 15 seconds, his sweet voice made me shiver. The Music Video has totally different mean for me, I couldn’t stop to crying when I watched it first…It reminded me about my hubby’s cancers surgeries, I hold his wedding ring almost imprinting on my hands while I waited for the end, how scared I was, how do I wanted to believe he will be fine. I just saw and hold his ring like it’s only hope to me at that time. Beautiful song and video, it means huge for me to realize that how thankful my hubby is still beside me” – @jun_pure_bsb

“So I’ve never cried at a music video before. Let me just say that first. So when I saw this and realized I was outright bawling, I was a bit shocked at myself for being affected so deeply. But that’s the beauty of the “I Will Wait” music video, it’s a deep and lovely story told in a simple but not cheesy manner.

At the end of October in 2012, I lost my mother to a sudden brain aneurysm. She’d slipped, fallen but said she was okay when she got up. When she went to sleep, she never woke up again. So watching that video…and seeing the husband by his wife’s side as she passes. It was so poignant to what my father went through in losing my mother. And he’s waiting for the day when he’ll someday join her again. Seeing that told, in that music video touched my heart. It hurt but almost therapeutically. Thank you Nick, for making this video. Thank you for writing such a beautiful song. I don’t know if you’ll read this blog post of Sara’s or know what you did. But I hope you do. I hope you know the ways you’ve helped your fans. The way you reach us, without even realizing it.” – @ForeverRebel

“I will tell my story about how the song “I will wait” changed my view on things. This is a very personal story I never shared with someone. A lot of people probably don’t understand this, but I’m ready to share this now. As a twelve year old girl I had nightmares about cemeteries. Since this age I’ve always been afraid to die. Every single day being afraid to go to sleep. I thought what if I don’t wake up again. When I walk outside a lot of times I’m thinking have to go home to my kids maybe I won’t be there tomorrow. I’m now 34 years old so it’s a long time that it controls my life. It’s a fact someday I’ll die but to accept that fact is from a whole different level. When finally the video was released of “I Will Wait” it made me cry for so long. The emotions of all the years of being afraid to die. I realized something while watching the video “What if I’ll die like this why would I be afraid”. Still afraid to die but the thought behind the song makes it more bearable. So I’m watching it over and over again some kind of therapy for me” – @belovesmatt