All The Things You Need To See From AJ’s 40th Prom Birthday

Last Tuesday, AJ McLean turned 40, joining 4/5 of the Backstreet Boys in the Forty Club.

Friday, he changed his Instagram handle in preparation for coming solo projects and excitedly told everyone that his wife and best friend have been working hard on a surprise party for him.

Saturday…OUR MINDS WERE BLOWN. Rochelle had put together a 80s prom birthday party to remember for her husband who had never had a prom of his own to go to.

Photo after photo, instagram story and instagram story, and video after video flooded in as the party continued on through late Saturday night. With celebrities (Jeff Timmons, Carrie Keegan, Erik-Michael Estrada, and Lance Bass to name a few) and familiar faces (A LOT of the Backstreet team, Nick, Brian, Lauren, Leighanne, Madonna Mark and Tom, Denise Solis, JoJo Wright, etc.) in attendance, it seemed to be the party of the year… so far.

With that being said, we didn’t want everyone to miss out on anything and we’ve done a sweep on social media for the best photos and videos that you might have missed from AJ’s 40th birthday party (NOTE: Not our photos). That includes the sweet speeches from Brian and Nick and the birthday boy himself!

WARNING: You’re definitely going to want Rochelle McLean to plan your party after you see these photos. I mean, there was Taco Bell AND In N Out Burger…



 The Speeches

We LOVE seeing AJ so happy and so celebrated! We hope that this year is an amazing one for you, Mr. McLean. 


To AJ, Rochelle, Ava, and Baby McLean… – Love, The Fans


On Labor Day 2016, AJ McLean actually DID surprise us with the news that the family would be growing by two feet (and one Jordan shoe). We couldn’t be more thrilled for the couple, as we already declared them #parentgoals months ago! So, to congratulate them, we thought we’d write to them from the fans, much like we did for Nick and Lauren — because we really do love us some McLean fam!

To AJ: 

You can ask any fan and they will admit that seeing you as a dad is our favorite version of AJ McLean. The way you talk about Ava warms all of our hearts. She is so lucky to have a dad that would give her the world if he could and we can not WAIT to see the love you have for being a dad expand further with the new addition. You are a living example to your children what hard work and dedication can get you. Life is really going your way and we couldn’t be more happy for you, proud of you, and excited for the future. The amount of love you have to give is incredible and this baby is going to be so fortunate to call you Dad.

To Rochelle:

Girl, you are killing the mom game. Your love for your daughter has been evident from the very beginning and has only grown throughout the years. The endless sacrifices you make to be the only parent at home sometimes plus making your family work is not lost on us. You (and AJ) have raised Ava to be a free spirited, loving human and exactly what we need more of in this world. Thank you for being the type of parent that we need more of in this world. We know you’re an amazing momma to one and going to be an even more amazing momma to two. Thank you for sharing your life with us! Thank you for raising sweet humans.

To Ava:

You can’t read this yet, but we have no doubt that you’re going to be the best big sister ever! We have watched you grow up before our eyes and it seems like only yesterday, we learned of your arrival. We hope that your little brother or sister is every bit as lively, lovely, and beautiful as you are.

To Baby McLean:

The world has only known about you for a few days, but you are already loved and anticipated by millions. Your family is one that is different, but is full of love, caring, and friends. (And Friends…) We’re sure that you have been chosen carefully to be in this world, within this circle of wonderful people, and we anxiously await your arrival. You will come to find that you really lucked out with your mom and dad. They’re two of the best!


10 Reasons AJ and Rochelle McLean Are Parent Goals


It’s been 3 years since AJ and Rochelle McLean became parents. It’s also been 3 years that we’ve watched them raise the only Backstreet baby girl just as we’d want to raise our own children. The McLeans have literally become Parent Goals for so many of us. Ava McLean has quickly become a favorite with everyone who follows her parents on Instagram and it’s all because of their amazing parenting.

1. She’s A Fashionista!

Ava Jaymes McLean literally never looks sloppy. Even her pajamas are cute! We want all of her clothes in adult size, really. Are we even surprised though? AJ has always had a love for fashion (although sometimes questionable) and Rochelle has the vintage Hollywood starlet look DOWN (plus her makeup – woah). The genes have been passed down to their tiny human and we always look forward to what she’ll be werking next!

Oh, and don’t think mom and dad won’t go to great lengths to nail that fashion. We were all super impressed when Rochelle blinged out these tiny Converse for a Minnie Mouse costume this year. These are the CUTEST things we’ve seen thus far. Mom love is strong.


Oh, and let’s not forget that hairband/hair bow game. This girl…

2. …And A Free Spirit.

Some parents LOSE their minds worrying about the messes their children create and the clean up after. AJ and Rochelle let Ava do her thing, engage her free spirit, and enjoy every minute. That’s the way to go and we wish we could all be so chill.

3. Rochelle and AJ Encourage Ava To Be Her Own Person.


Not only does she wear her crown backwards, but her dance at her recital last year might have been the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. Playing into her free spirit, the McLeans encourage their only daughter to be herself and love everyone. We need more parents like them in the world.

We wish our own parents would have let us wear kitty slippers to school!


4. They’ve Taught Ava That Love Wins.


The McLean household always looks like the place to hang with all the cool kids! They have the coolest friends (and remember that baby-themed baby shower?!). Perhaps their most notable friends are Tom Adler and Madonna Mark, who they refer to as Ava’s “Guncles”. Raising a child in these times is hard with everyone telling you what to believe and who you can love. AJ and Ro seem to make it a priority to teach Ava to love everyone regardless. Isn’t that the best you can do for your children? Love is love.

5. There’s Always Time For Silliness and Playtime!

While other celebrities are constantly posting pictures that make you think “where are your kids”, these two are constantly making us want children. They make parenting look fun and, while we know it’s hard work, all of us want to be as cool as they are!



6. Disney? Ok, Let’s Go!


Just… what kind of parents wouldn’t want to take their babies to Disneyland all the time?! Encouraging the magic of Disney is ALWAYS a parenting goal.

7. That Dress Up Game Is On Point, Too. 

4 years ago, we never thought we’d see AJ McLean, Backstreet badass, with a tiara or a pink chef’s hat on. Now, it’s the norm. The memories he and Rochelle are making with this girl with the imagination the size of an elephant are going to last a lifetime. We’re all making a phone call to dad right now asking him to have a tea party with us!

8. Fangirl In The Making. 

More than once, Ava’s parents have mentioned that she loves the Backstreet Boys and of course, she’s Daddy’s biggest fan. This year though, baby fangirl was taken to a whole new level when her Mom took her to meet THE Taylor Swift. WHAATTTT?! Parent. Goals.

Oh, and there is also the fact that Ava was totally hanging out with Derek Hough after the Dancing With The Stars finale. What is her life?! Can AJ and Rochelle adopt me?!

9. Mom and Dad Date Nights Are BOMB.


Of course when you’re a parent, you have to make time for yourselves. While it’s usually Friends and popcorn or quaint dinners for the McLeans, it’s also things like Lance Bass’ wedding and Madonna concerts. Parenting goals have now turned into relationship goals. Insert heart eyes here!


10. The Love For Their Daughter Is Incredible (And They Have Their Own Kind Of Normal).

Maybe the thing we love most about watching Ava Jaymes grow up via social media through the eyes of her parents is that you can tell, without even looking at the caption, how in love they are with her. Whether it’s Rochelle posting that she and AJ are “her everything” or AJ posting that “if he had ovaries, they would be exploding” over his little girl riding a bike, watching them raise their daughter restores our faith that the next generation might be okay if there is more parents like them in the world. Love, love, love.

At the end of the day, they’re normies just like us (except TMZ doesn’t stop to talk to our dads / husbands), but they’re totally rocking this parent thing and we feel like they should know. Hey AJ and Rochelle – Ava is super lucky and one day, she’ll thank you for the job well done.


6 Reasons We Should Be Thankful For The Backstreet Wives


Many of us have grown up with the Backstreet Boys and we mean that quite literally. We have grown up, some of us have gotten married, some of us have had babies and we have watched the Boys do the same. Some of us seem to forget, however, that these five women fell in love with five men just as we fell in love with our significant others. While their husbands are (obviously) larger than life (no pun intended….ok, kinda), at the end of the day, we should be grateful for them! If nothing else, because females should band together… you know, GIRL POWER (Did you learn nothing from the Spice Girls??), but if you need more reasons, continue reading.

1. They Make Endless Sacrifices For US To Enjoy Their Husbands’ Talents.

Sure, these women knew who they were marrying. They were aware of the tour life, the cruises, the being gone for half of the year, but knowing it and living it are two different things. While living on a tour bus with a Backstreet Boy sounds like a fan’s dream come true, it’s not exactly the dream home situation and definitely not for a growing family. So stay home, some say. Skype, some say… but that’s not really fair, is it? No amount of new invention can replace actually having your husband at home and these five women, while mentioning that they miss their man, never complain about it.

2. They Sometimes Have To Play Two Parents At Once.

Speaking of sacrifices, Leighanne, Rochelle, Leigh, and Kristin all have children who they have to raise essentially on their own during touring years. Sure, they all join up on tour sometimes and Dad is available for chatting, but parenting is a hard job and these moms are superheroes! Not only having to make major decisions alone sometimes, making sure school work is done, keeping up with a schedule and such, but consider trying to make all of that fit for your child to have a normal life PLUS joining Dad on tour! Not to mention traveling alone sometimes with small children, dealing with fans in an airport, and not wanting to throw your luggage into people. Supermoms.

3. They Have The Job Of Telling A Backstreet Boy When He Stinks…Literally.

I mean, none of US want that job. What if Nick, Howie, AJ, Kevin, or Brian showed up to a VIP smelling like garlic from the lunch they ate beforehand?! These ladies tell their men like it is, much like we would tell our own significant others. They tell them about that haircut that was NOT cute and those shorts that NEED to go. Can you imagine the laundry they have to do after hardcore rehearsals?! No thank you.

4. They Believe That Sharing Is Caring.

Let’s be real, from the get go, these 5 women have shared their husbands and their lives with us. Accusations of “selfishness” is laughable because it takes a special kind of girl to share the man they love, the children they created, and the lives they live with millions of people. They are subjected, beyond their control, to unfair judgement, opinions, and sometimes uncalled for hate. None of this has changed that they continue to share with us and we should be appreciative of that fact.

5. They’ve Been So Nice To Us.

Could they hide from fans? ABSOLUTELY. Do they? Not usually. Most every modern Backstreet fan has a pleasant story about one of the wives and that says something. They aren’t celebrities, they didn’t sign up to have “fans”, but they accept it and they stop for photos and talk to us like we aren’t crazy. It needs to be appreciated a little more often.

6. Sometimes They Give Us More Info Than The Boys Themselves.

Rochelle, Leighanne, Kristin, Lauren, and Leigh are ON. OUR. SIDE. They want their husbands to be successful and happy, we want them to be successful and happy. They want us to be excited about what’s coming next just as much as we want to know what’s going on. How many times has it been one of them who has given us info about recording? About cruise events? About film projects? A lot. How many times have they passed something along for us? A lot. We NEED them. They’re our insiders!


Dear Lauren, Rochelle, Leighanne, Kristin and Leigh,

We are thankful for all of you and thankful that you have made what was “our” boys, your boys. Thank you for putting up with so incredibly much – we know it isn’t easy. Please know that you ARE appreciated and that for every one nasty person saying nasty things, there are 100 more that support you 100%. Thank you for being strong women who handle everything with such class. You’re all fantastic.