65 Thoughts We Had Watching The Backstreet Boys “Larger Than Life” Music Video

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Thoughts We Had..” post. So, in honor of the Backstreet Boys’ upcoming ‘Larger Than Life’ Las Vegas stint, we thought we’d throw it back to a classic Joseph Kahn-created video. Follow us, won’t you?

1. Be honest – that ticking and counting clock makes other people nervous too, right?

2. Is that a spaceship or a GIANT flying bug? Like, the kind you eat on Survivor…

3. January 1st? So THIS is how the Backstreet Boys spent New Year’s Eve in the 90s.

4. AH! The cockroach spaceship plays old school Backstreet music! Where does one rent this contraption?

5. For anyone counting, this spaceship is 30 seconds long. You know what they say. The bigger the spaceship….
….The more the Backstreet Boys, duh.

6. Oh, now that I see the back of it, it might be a claw. Is this whole video set inside a claw game?

7. WOAH! BACKSTREET BOYS in shiny Millennium letters. In case you forgot.

8. Oh, the year 3000. So we’re only 983 years away from seeing if this is what really happens. And getting our Backstreet Boys-playing claw cockroach spaceship thing.


10. And hooked them up. What do these hooks do?

11. What is this fancy robot who seems to lord over the saran-wrapped boys?

12. Brian’s face waking up is exactly my face watching this.

13. AJ wakes up screaming in song. Of course he does.

14. Waaiiiiittt a minute. Does this fancy bot have Brian’s face?

15. Remember when Brian had hair that could blow back? Now you do.

16. How did he get un-saran wrapped?

17. What…is on Brian’s hands?

18. I’m not even going to ask why he’s…air surfing?

19. Of course Kevin is in a cockpit shooting things and running this show. Typical.

20. Think Nick still has his yellow plastic robot suit? Picture him walking around his house in it.

21. Nick essentially can’t move in this plastic, but the more he can’t move, the more his hair and eyebrows do. Take notice.

22. I’m imagining these digital robots are actually the guys from NSYNC trying to be better.

23. Is Howie under water? Are we?

24. AJ has really nice teeth.

25. Of course AJ is attached to tentacles. I won’t go any further.

26. Kevin has always done the squiggliest things with his neck. I wish I had a neck like Kevin Richardson’s.

27. Howie would be a really pretty mermaid probably.

28. I would seriously pay money to see Nick back in this suit.

29. Is Kevin trying to save the world……or kill a fly?

30. Oh, the fly moved into Brian’s airboard zone.

31. Brian’s outfit really makes me crave condiments.

32. Did his ball just turn into a girl or is that who he’s playing with? Was she saran wrapped too?


34. Or is that just Howie in drag?

35. Or did she eat Howie?

36. AJ-topus.

37. The girl tried to eat Brian.

38. Why has anyone never called Kevin Captain? Kaptain. Let’s start that.

39. Kevin sings and saves the world. Apparently Brian and Howie can not.

40. Brian’s a regular little video game character, guys. Briugi? Broshi?

41. Why did Howie’s underwater room turn into a fully clothed orgy?

42. Ah! The tentacles set AJ free and he’s now The Terminator! Wonder if Kevin knows?

43. Kevin doesn’t know.

44. Wait. This just got REALLY confused. Are they being sucked up? Are they sucking up? Why is AJ back on the tentacles? Is that Howie’s water?

45. Aw snap! Someone took out Nick’s batteries!

46. Whaaaattt happened to Kevin’s face? That fly must have been the devil.

47. When things get super intense, THE BACKSTREET BOYS TAKE A DANCE BREAK!

48. [Pause for dance break because if you didn’t learn this dance already, what are you doing with life?]

49. Well, maybe unpause to talk about AJ’s crop top. Who said, yeah AJ, that looks GREAT? Nick?

50. Am I the only one who is OBSESSED with the moment Kevin walks through the dancers like a straight baller and has a look like he’s about to TEAR. THIS. DANCE. UP?! Or as 2016 Kevin would say, “can we get a dance break up in this bitch?” He owns us.


52. Pause to pee your pants.

53. Peep Nick Ninja there.

54. Classic Brian’s-hot-face.

55. Kevin also looks like a bird. A balla bird. Duck face before it was cool.

56. World’s blowing up, but Backstreet’s gotta DANCE.

57. BACK TO WORK. Get ‘em, Kaptain Kevin Balla Bird!

58. Alright. I’m lost.


60. Ode to Kevin’s neck.


61. Shout out to Howie’s braids!


62. So basically, the BSB went to dance, girls took over, Boys got saran wrapped again and put back in their boxes.

63. Is saran wrap how we keep the Backstreet Boys forever?

64. I’m bringing saran wrap with me to the next VIP. Don’t worry.

65. If this is what came out of Nick’s brain….welll….that explains a lot.

Can we have Joseph Kahn back? Can we start a fund?


5 Things We’d Like The Backstreet Boys To Consider For Future Music Videos

We all know that the Backstreet Boys are working on a new album. We all know that before the release of a new album comes a new single and with a new single comes a new music video. Music videos on MTV may be a dying breed, but thanks to YouTube and Vevo, it’s still possible for a band to make headlines or impress their fans with the right concept.

We, as Backstreet Boys fans, have been in this game a long time. From white suits to robots to werewolves to simple boys in black, we’ve seen it all…..or have we? There are a few things we’d like to see (and not see) in the future.

1. Getting Everyone Involved.


There’s nothing more fun to watch than a bunch of people having a good time. Most recently, videos like Sara Barielles’ “Brave”, Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”, and Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop The Feelin'” (yeah, I said it) are encouraging real-life people to get involved for a good time that you can’t help but feel good watching. They could even take it a step further and make it a campaign as Pharell did with “Happy”, filming 24 hours of happy people in the streets of LA and cutting it down to four minutes for the video.

And if they wanted to incorporate fans, well…..we’re here for it!

2. Party Crashing.


A few of the Boys have mentioned Maroon 5’s “Sugar” as a recent hit that they really loved, so we feel like it’s only appropriate to express how much we would love to see them crash our parties ala Adam Levine and friends. Katy Perry also used a form of this concept in her “Birthday” video, disguised as different entertainers at different parties before revealing herself near the end. Can you imagine how much we would all love it? And how many of us would suddenly be throwing parties…

This option also lends itself to the Backstreet Boys releasing the upbeat, catchy song that we’ve been dreaming about for years.

3. A Throwback.


Everybody (no pun intended) loves a throwback (like Nick’s “19 in 99”). We’d love to see the Boys pay homage to their beginnings by creatively recreating or throwing in nods to their old music videos.

While we’re on this, perhaps we’d even love to see a video that incorporates old footage leading up to where they are today. That might hit us right in the feels!

4. An Actual Concept.


How many of you have made a face that look like the one above while watching a Backstreet Boys video? We hear the song, we have the perfect idea of what the video might look like and then….


What does “Helpless When She Smiles” have to do with BSB in a field? And isn’t “In A World Like This” almost the same? What about “Incomplete” and “Inconsolable”? GIVE US A STORY, BOYS!



I mean, can we not anymore? Can there be a petition to #BringTheBackstreetBoysInside?

57 Thoughts You’ll Have Watching The “I Want It That Way” Music Video

It’s one of the most iconic music videos for one of the biggest, most confusing 90s songs (that turned 17 yesterday) and we still don’t know if the Backstreet Boys were ever told why. We also don’t know if they were ever told what this song is really about or what it has to do with an airport. Just like the song, you might love the music video, but what sense does it really make?

  1. This is the cleanest airport tarmac ever.
  2. This is also the best I’ve ever seen five guys look coming off a plane.
  3. Why are they getting back on the plane? TELL ME WHY.
  4. And back off. Is this some weird time jumpy stuff?
  5. 14 seconds in, these are serious business boys…..and Nick Carter giggling to himself. Typical.
  6. Why does Kevin look like he OWNS this airport?
  8. What is this blinding light that keeps coming off of them?
  9. This video really begs more questions than the actual confusing song it’s for. I mean, we’re only 21 seconds in.
  10. Kevin’s in the front. Kevin’s in the back. Kevin isn’t even a real person in this video.
  11. Anyone else want to squeeze Brian’s head off? So cute with his business casual airport attire.
  12. Brian’s dressed normal, Nick is wearing your dad’s work coat, Kevin is wearing a coat like it’s Christmas, Howie is wearing slick pleather from Limited Too, and AJ….is in a whole different season.
  13. How many times did it take to get that kick to the camera just right?
  14. Is Nick Carter wearing Lip Smackers?
  15. We want to go on the Millennium plane! (And off and on and off)
  16. This is so typical Nick. Just look at him. This is the Nick Carter everyone thinks about when you say Nick Carter. At least those that haven’t known him in his thrusty years.
  17. Can’t. Stop. Looking. At. Kevin’s. Cuffed. Jeans.
  18. How long WERE those jeans to be cuffed for Kevin?
  19. How many times did they walk in and out of that door?
  20. AH! Magic Nick just changed clothes in the blink of a scene.
  21. He also REALLY looks like he wants you to tell him why.
  22. Is this airport actually Heaven? Is that why we can’t see other peoples’ faces and the Backstreet Boys are white and sometimes semi-translucent.
  23. How many people does Kevin hit per year with his long arm span dancing?
  24. Pause at 1:07 for two Kevins and an awkward Brian.
  25. What?! I was just looking at Nick and he turned into Howie. Backstreet Boy Airport Heaven is weird.
  26. Then he nods like “Yeah, you were looking at Nick, but you should be looking at the Sweet D. I want it that way.”
  27. Here comes sassy unseasonal AJ…
  28. In Backstreet Airport Heaven, you walk in and out 35 times daily and never really go anywhere. Except outside.
  29. 1:17 – Nick and Kevin are basically back there having a conversation.
  30. AJ looks like a worm.
  31. A hot worm.
  32. AGAIN WITH THE WALKING IN. This is getting really weird, guys.
  33. Anyone who doesn’t love AJ’s worm self and his “It’s t0o0o late” move in this video is lying.
  34. Ghoststreet Boys. Backstreet Ghosts? You’ll never look at these white outfits the same again.
  35. 01:42 – I don’t think AJ is singing the right song.
  36. Why does Howie look so evil everytime you pause this video? He should be dressed in red.
  37. They’re either spread out or clumped together. The Backstreet Boys are mascara.
  38. This wardrobe, ghosts or not, is seriously so 90s.
  39. 1:44 – there’s not enough appreciation for Nick literally stomping toward the camera and acting out “Tell me why”.
  40. Kevin sings and EVERYONE turns to pay attention. Maybe because this was like, the first time we ever heard him sing a solo.
  41. AJ and his worm moves make this video, really.
  42. Who are these fast feet in between the BSB scenes? Do they know who they are? Is it literally on someone’s resume “feet on elevator in IWITW video”? I’d hire them.
  43. Where the HELL did AJ come sliding out of from behind Kevin? That was not human! Worm. Worm on skates.
  44. Kevin is a god.
  45. Kevin also has really tiny teeth and a big tongue.
  46. Oh no! 2:11 – AJ’s is melting!
  47. Howie and his jazz hands…
  48. Man, it’s like someone got happy with Powerpoint style slide transitions and decided to throw them into this video.
  50. Did these fans have to walk in and out of the doors 323 times too??
  51. Stop it. These Boys are so cute. Someone slap them.
  52. Who thinks they should remake this video today exactly as it is? WE WANT TO BE THE FANS!
  53. Oh okay, now these fans go away and come back. So bizarre. Much like the song.
  54. Don’t worry sad fangirls, they’ll be back off that plane in a half second. They’ve been going back and forth for three minutes.
  55. So, in conclusion, when BSB fans die, we go to Backstreet Heaven Airport.
  56. Because we want it that way.
  57. And that all makes about as much sense as the song. The end.


54 Thoughts We All Have Watching “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” Euro Music Video


  1. In a major turn of events, it’s Kevin’s WIFE’S (girlfriend at the time) voice who opens this video. Not Kevin.
  2. Oh there’s Kevin and his sex. I mean, voice.
  3. Kevin legit looks like he’s thinking about what he’s saying.
  4. It took him so long to say it that he had time to switch outfits twice, apparently.
  5. That short haired friend looks annoying.
  6. Every. Backstreet Boy’s. Hair. In. This. VIDEO.
  7. Those sweaters are awfully American for this to be the Euro version, AJ and Brian.
  8. WHY does AJ look like he’s sweet talking Kristin? BACK UP, AJ.
  9. It’s weird to see bareface AJ do the same hand moves that hairy face AJ does.
  10. I feel like Howie might be talking to curly hair girl about hair products.
  11. Brian has “bangs” that you hated your mom for giving you when you were little.
  12. Does anyone else feel like Brian’s arms move more than enough in this video?
  13. OHHH, he’s going to hit on no-boyfriend-girl. I’ll bet short hair girl told him to.
  14. 0:54 – Kevin and Kristin basically just having a date in the background.
  15. So far, Howie looks like he’s just listening to this song and agreeing.
  16. Did Brian just bring a shish-kabob to the table?
  17. I just went back twice trying to find out where that shish kabob even came from? He didn’t have it when he was creeping!
  18. Oh the chorus. Now Howie and Nick are really into it, you guys.
  19. KEVIN AND KRISTIN. Were they ever NOT cute? No.
  20. How come when Kevin points while saying “you”, it’s to the sky? Who the hell is he talking to?
  21. Maybe there’s more than hair products to Howie and curly girl.
  22. Aww, baby Nick on a jet ski. Look at him go!
  23. Kevin’s jet ski riding face is SERIOUS.
  24. Brian looks like it’s the greatest thing ever!
  25. That body roll down on one knee NEVER gets old.
  26. Nick and Howie… during this whole video…just.. what even?
  27. AJ kind of looks like a bug during this whole video. Like Pixar would have created him.
  28. This whole stand-in-one-order and sing thing is really working for me.
  29. Is Brian mad that AJ got to ride with Nick on the lift? Or pouting because no-boyfriend-girl didn’t sit with him?
  30. Brian is SO LITTLE.
  33. The suspense! This is a Lifetime movie!
  34. It’s super-ski-hero Brian Littrell! TO THE RESCUE!
  35. …..And he thinks it’s funny that she fell.
  36. This shot makes the whole video…INBYHSnow
  37. Brian singing hardcore. Kevin still in his Kristin-World.
  38. Pretty sure Kevin borrowed those sunglasses from John Lennon.
  39. Nick’s arms = OUT of CONTROL.
  40. How many people does it take to build one snow man?
  41. AND THEN KICK IT DOWN?! These people are DRUNK.
  42. And throwing snowballs without even making them. Magic snowballs.
  43. Now Kevin’s ON Kristin. Damn.
  44. Brian sang so hard that he’s out of the line and on the ground. He just wants no-boyfriend-girl so bad!
  45. Hey! What’s he doing with that rose? Where did he even get it? Magic snowballs, shish kabobs, and rose.
  46. No one has made a more perfect broken heart in the snow than Brian Littrell.
  47. Uhh, why is no-boyfriend-girl wearing Brian’s coat? Are we not supposed to notice?
  48. That is a LONG stem rose, you guys. Brian doesn’t mess around with his magic roses.
  49. Holy shit! Their coats CHANGED COLORS! Magic coats.
  50. I just….what just happened? Did Brian break her heart? Was he the boyfriend that dumped her? Is the girl deaf and he’s just trying to communicate that he knows she was broken hearted? This all really makes no sense.
  51. Nick totally just Sonic The Hedgehog rolled off that sled!
  52. How come these people don’t know how to sled? 5 inches and BOOM!
  53. ….But with four people, they finally got it.
  54. And just like that, Brian and deaf-no-boyfriend-girl disappeared. Scandal!

63 Thoughts We All Have Watching The “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” Music Video (U.S Edition)


  1. Kevin talking while showing the other Boys make it looks like he’s talking to them. I’m uncomfortable.
  2. What is this place? A Target from the future? A safe room in a bank? What?
  4. Who knew Kevin was a ventriloquist? His lips aren’t moving, but we still hear his voice.
  5. There’s so much to say about AJ, we need more than one thought.
  6. That shattered mirror on the wall is probably bad luck.
  7. Are those sunglasses or goggles?
  8. Is that REALLY AJ?
  9. Kevin, where did you get that mermaid shirt?! Clearly it is made of mermaid scales.
  10. How damn long were those pants that he had to cuff them? Kevin is a tree. Those pants must be made for giants.
  11. AJ’s hair looks like it belongs on a farm. Or is edible.
  13. Remember that time the Backstreet Boys left Brian in the desert and told him to blend in? This is that time.
  14. Every 90s girl is sad that Nick Carter’s zig zag part looks better than her own.
  15. Why is everything is Brian’s “room” basically one color?
  16. Howie’s like, “I’m just going to wear my pajamas and throw my hair in a ponytail. I’m so basic.”
  17. Anyone else seeing Baylee in Brian right now? Woah.
  18. Obviously it was in the contract that when Brian says “just once”, everyone must hold up one finger. 90s closed captioning.
  19. AJ and Nick’s hair are obviously the stars of this video.
  20. They don’t look like they REALLY mean that they’ll never break our hearts. They look like they’re just saying it to get out of the safe. And to think we believed them!
  21. Howie does that single-tear-finger better than anyone.
  22. Nick looks like he’s straight up lying.
  23. Are Kevin’s eyebrows thicker in this video?
  24. Why does Kevin have his sleeves covering his hands but his pants rolled up? WHERE is he SHOPPING?!
  25. Howie was the first Backstreet Boy with chest muscles – as seen in this video.2
  26. Moment of silence for Nick’s original teeth.
  27. The moment when you realize they’re all in one building! The only building the BSB CIA has not been able to find to this day.
  28. 1:47 – Please note the little sprigs of hair Brian has blowing in the wind there.

INBYHHair29. How many times do you think they ran into each other while wandering around in his safe?


31. Did AJ always wear sunglasses when we were younger because we were of illegal age to succumb to this secret weapon?

32. These. Faces. Swoon.

33. Who told Howie that it looks totally chill to sit behind a computer desk and play a guitar? Does Howie even play guitar?

34. Brian’s so casually killing this song with his hand in his pocket.

35. 2:21 – Love the hand explosion Kevin does with his hands.

36. “Line up behind me guys! Don’t walk into me!” – Brian

37. Just realized AJ is wearing a transparent shirt and sparkles. But the ladies love him.

38. Nick really does think he’s a boss.

39. Guys, watch Kevin in the background during the “safe” scenes. The man is so passionate about this song.

40. The more I look at him, the more Nick looks like a motorcycle-riding human-dragon.

41. If anyone had a bathtub in a sitting room, it’d be Kevin.

42. And Howie would have an office. Backstreet Business.

43. And AJ would have a place full of flat surfaces. You know what I mean.


45. HEY! He also found a woman. I think we know her…..


46. Nick…well, Nick found a bubble gun. And a girl with worse hair than him.


47. There’s a perfectly good chair and bed, but Brian decides to sit on the desert floor. Even the dog thinks that’s stupid.

48. To be in Howie’s space, you have to close your eyes and look tranquil.

49. What the hell is going on in Kevin’s room? First a tub in the middle of the room, now a big Islandish looking statue, and woman out of nowhere. Also, he seems to have found his hands.

50. That’s EXACTLY how you play a guitar Howie. Pat it.

51. Brian seems pretty pissed you’d even think he’d break your heart.


52. Not only does Howie do the single-tear-finger, he does the no-no-finger as well.

53. 3:33 – Who can resist Howie jumping up and down in a circle like a child?

54. I really love how they’re all in separate rooms but still singing together. It’s like they’re a group or something!

55. Kevin is legit tortured.


56. Howie is not only good with his fingers, he seems like a great cuddler. Uhh, wait…

57. Dude, Nick is really upset that braid girl took his bubble gun. Forget breaking hearts!



59. “Come take a bath in my random tub, my princess.” – Kevin The Sensual


61. Hey! That woman we know again! She taught Brian how to sit on the bed and not the floor!

62. Why does Kevin’s “story” feel darker than everyone else’s? He’s literally crawling on an empty tub that was full 10 seconds ago.

63. Are Kevin and Nick bouncers at the “safe” club? You better believe we’ll never break your heart, girl!





35 Thoughts You’ll Have Watching The “It’s Christmas Time Again” Music Video



While we were (still are) excited about a legitimate Backstreet Boys Christmas song, anyone that’s seen the video will know what I mean when I say….woah. Just when you think you know what’s happening, you’ll be back to “ummm, yeah, that doesn’t make sense.” Try and follow my thought process here:

1. Woah, did I click on the right video? This IS the Backstreet Boys, right?

2. The music starts on this video without even giving you a half second to take it in. Is this because they know we can’t cut off a Backstreet Boy?

3. Are we moving? I feel like I’m moving.

4. STOP AT 9 SECONDS! Why is Kevin so creepy? Assuming that’s Kevin….I wasn’t sure if he’s creeping in a window or someone has creepy Kevin hanging on their wall. Kreep.


5. AJ? Is that cartoon you? You look more colorful in real life.

6. Why is cartoon-Howie so suspicious? WHO can raise their eyebrow that high?

7. Wait. What? How are all the cartoon BSBs inside a building? 2/5 of them were literally just outside with snowballs.

8. WHY IS NICK SO GIANT?! Giant head Nick.

9. Why do these little people go from being happy together to the little guy being shocked by kissing?

10. Uh, what are these panda horse things? Man versions of unicorns?

11. These reindeer look sassy.

12. Why is Santa wearing goggles? Steampunk Santa.

13. All these years and we didn’t know Brian was sneaking down our chimney with Santa every Christmas. You better believe I’m staying up this year.

14. Oh ok, now cartoon-AJ has a suspicious eyebrow too. And Nick has the lips of RuPaul.

15. Of course Nick is in a spaceship. That’s the ONLY thing that has made sense in 50 seconds.


17. And now AJ is a skiing ballerina.

18. Howie and Kevin skiing. Phew, finally something normal.

19. UPDATE: Brian is now suspicious as well. And has a spacesuit on. But was COMPLETELY okay flying with Santa without a helmet.

20. I’ve given up making sense of this and we’re not even halfway through.

21. Anyone notice how long and dangly Kevin’s stocking is? You know what they say about the size of your stocking……….

22. So wait again. These little cartoon people live with the Backstreet Boys? Whose baby is that?! The mistletoe guy or one of the Boys? Is she really just a crazy fangirl who uses baby daddy to support her BSB habit? Did I go to far?

23. That baby looks like Kevin. You know, Kevin with the biggest stocking…

24. Who/what is that angry thing at the top of the tree? Looks like the happy “dad”.

25. Seriously. I’m about to cry. I’m so confused.

26. Uhh, Kevin’s a pirate boat captain? With presents? Is he, like, Santa’s competition? Because I’ll gladly take Kevin’s booty over Santa’s lame presents!

27. So now they’re carolers? I think cartoon-Nick got a scary story on accident.

28. Suspicious Kevin.



30. Pretty sure Nick’s raised hand is drawn on backwards.

31. Normal AJ. Normal(ish) Brian. Normal (but weird eye) Howie. Normal Kevin. Space Cadet Nick…..that’s totally normal.


32. So wait. Trains. Old people. Gates of Heaven? That escalated quickly.

33. SANTA LIVES IN HEAVEN?! We get to live in gingerbread houses when we die?!

34. Wait for the 435th time – was this whole thing in Heaven?

35. Ok. Well. Next time maybe get some “special brownies” before watching this.

De-stress yourself by watching the less suspicious, real life Backstreet Boys sing the same song below!


92 Thoughts You’ll Have Watching The Backstreet Boys “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” Video

Just in time for the Halloween season, another one of the “Thoughts You’ll Have…” post and this time, it’s for “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”. The only reason this song is associated with Halloween is because of the music video and is still perhaps one the most iconic to come out of the 90s. Here we go:

1. Did lightning just shoot out of Nick’s hands?
2. Why is Brian beating his head? Lice?
3. What IS this place? How do I live there?!
4. Whatever is on Brian, he’s trying really hard to get it off.
5. Please note Howie’s big cellular phone – with an antenna. And he’s wearing overalls. Howie is walking 1990s right now.
6. Everyone is yelling at this bus driver except Kevin. Kevin looks like this is actually where he wants to stay…. Or he doesn’t understand what’s happening. It’s a toss-up, really.

7. Howie really doesn’t understand how to work that oversized cell phone.
8. Seriously – what did they tell Kevin to do that was so different from everyone else? He is in a totally different world.
9. Brian definitely has lice.
10. Does Kevin even know this bus driver? By the looks of it, I would guess no.
11. In what world does “I’ll be back” mean “Go ahead and go find a creepy room and lay in a creepy bed?”
12. Who makes the face Brian just made then sleeps in the bed anyway? Men.
13. That moon outside of Brian’s window looks so real…….
14. Why is it lightning in the house?
15. Dear Brian, how do you not feel a dead rabbit between your legs? Seriously.

16. Pretty sure oblivious Kevin would have just pulled out that dead rabbit and rolled over peacefully. Actually, Kevin might have put it there.
17. Wow, this “house” is on a mountain? Apparently the Backstreet Boys are mountain climbers, not even phased by lightning strikes.
18. Suddenly, it’s a full house!
19. BACKSTREET MONSTERS!! What did that dead rabbit do?!
20. Oh, hello 90s graphic informing us of a ballroom dance tonight. Now I’m positive Kevin is behind this.
21. AJ?! Is that you?! Where are your tattoos?!
22. Oh hey chesty Kevin…

23. Uhh, that floor didn’t have a swirly design on it less than a minute ago.
24. WHAT is UP with Kevin in this video?! Now the BACK of his shirt is ripped open. He is so shady.
25. Brian is hot. That is all.
26. The origin of brushing your shoulders off.

27. Why is Howie dressed like Latino Prince? What happened to his hair?
28. Who are these dancers? This has to be at the top of their resumes.
29. This. Dance. Is. So. Iconic.
31. How many dead rabbits did Brian have to find to make that coat?
32. Do you think sometimes he sits on a bed and howls? Just for fun..
33. What kind of werewolf wears a suit under a fur coat? A pimp wolf. That’s Brian Littrell.

34. ….And gold chains. So pimp.
35. Who is this renegade girl who wasn’t even at the dance party? Why is it so windy?
36. I totally swing off of my canopy bed too, Brian.
37. Um, Vampire Howie makes girls touch his coffin and lick their hands, apparently.
38. Why is the girl on the right going to pass out?
39. Phantom AJ left one earring in, just so we know it’s AJ.

40. Think Howie’s pocket watch is on Backstreet time?
41. Hey AJ – you have a mouse on the table…
42. AJ would have a table of ladies.
43. Nick peeking out of his mummy tomb makes me think he’s really bad at Hide and Go Seek.
44. Kevin looks like a librarian.
45. Brian and Nick need to brush their teeth.
46. Hey! Howie found the same wind that other girl had!
47. The ironic thing is that Nick Carter has never been more unsexual.

48. If Kevin ever wanted to be a woman, his hands look nice with long nails.
49. Nick’s mummy hand dance…

50. Did Howie just make this vampire dance up or is it choreographed?
51. Why is that man just standing there waiting to serve Howie?

52. Since when do werewolves backflip?
53. It’s really rude of AJ to keep singing while his ladies are trying to eat.
54. Why does Kevin have no ladies?
55. Yeah, you swing that pocket watch, Howie. Werk.
56. What happened to the dinner table?!
57. What is this ripple face thing on my screen? SPIRITS! (Ghosts of NSync wishing they had made this iconic video)
58. Dude – Why is Kevin so angry?! Because they locked him up alone?
59. Hey girl! There’s a Howie behind you!
60. Suddenly Nick is in a graveyard? Is that where he was sleeping?
61. Mummies are never sexual, Nick. Stop.
62. Don’t poke your vamp stick at me, Howie!
63. Flippin’ Brian. Not much has changed there.
64. Great job teaching those mummy girls how to dance…
65. Vampire Howie…about to bite down…BUT FIRST, “Yeaaahhhh.” Priorities.
66. Kevin is really working it by himself. He’s definitely behind all of this madness.
67. Howie’s nails are disgusting. No one likes a dirty vampire.

69. You straighten your pimp coat, Brian!
70. Brian is climbing the walls… see what I did there?
71. Kevin also sucks at Hide and Seek. You’re bigger than that briefcase, Mr. Richardson.
72. Oh no, Nick got his mummy wrappings tangled. Typical.
74. How come no one ever talks about this “I don’t know what I’m doing” mummy dance Nick is doing.
75. Brian was the inspiration for Redbull.
76. Classic Kevin lips. Originator of the duckface.
78. Clearly, Brian can’t just walk back to his bedroom.
79. Brian flipping behind Kevin might be the best part of this entire video.

80. Here come Howie’s crotch bats!

81. Oh ok, release of crotch bats = more dancing and normal Backstreet Boys.
82. Brian’s angry face is hot hot hot. But why so angry, Brian? Miss your pimp coat?
83. Pause at 5:27. Kevin’s shirt might as well not be on, Brian is waiting for something to fall on him, AJ’s leg looks slightly broken, and Howie is hiding. Way to take direction, guys!

84. AH! Brian slaps himself back to reality. Does he have a dead rabbit disease? Is it still the lice? Seriously, he touches himself a lot during this video.
85. Pause at 5:32. Just for Brian’s arms.
86. “…And I had hair all over my body…” It’s called puberty, Brian. Not so scary. By the way, his accent is precious.
87. There’s something to be loved about Howie saying “I had a dream also!” Too, Howie. You had a dream, too. Please note his manbun.
88. Here comes Kevin, late to the game. At least he knows where he is.
89. You KNOW Kevin wanted to smack AJ for interrupting him. Why doesn’t AJ have a bag? We all know he primps the most.
90. How did Nick know they had dreams? No one told him. This is all very shady.
91. Those screaming Backstreet Boys faces will never get old. Ever.
92. Anyone else want to know how this all ends? Me too.

60 Thoughts You’ll Have While Watching The “Anywhere For You” Music Video

1. In the first 3 seconds, we see the Boys on the beach and we’re excited. In the next second, we realize they have clothes on.

2. What are these seagulls?? Do they know whose shot they are blocking?

3. If this video was in 2015, Kevin would have that collar POPPED like a boss. Not tucked into his sweater.

4. Why are they a) wearing long sleeves on a beach, b) wearing so many layers of long sleeves on the beach? Did they have chicken pox? Run out of sunscreen?

5. Brian’s “jacket/sweater/robe” is straight from the Bible.

6. Brian REALLY stands out with the blue. Did he not get the black and white on the beach memo? Thank GOD he got the 30 layers of clothes memo….

7. In this video, Howie and Brian have joined the dramatic arms game.

8. They are standing all on separate rocks so that their drama arms don’t hit.

9. The Backstreet Beach Birds just keep multiplying throughout this video. Did they pay these seagulls?

10. At 0:32, why is Nick’s mouth moving for words/noise he doesn’t even sing?

11. At 0:37, why is Nick running into Howie? It all started so early.

12. Can Kevin really see anything with his hair hitting his eyeballs?

13. Oh, look at Brian! Still the only one with a colorful sweater.

14. Is anyone else SERIOUSLY confused about where we are right now? Beach, rocks…. Bonfire?

15. OH YEAH! Shirts are off! Well, except for Nick and his mushroom hair…

16. Ummm, is that Lou Pearlman selling Howie a balloon? Or is he giving Howie a balloon to entice him? Awkward.

17. Are Brian and Nick looking on jealously? They want balloons.

18. Oh wait, Howie flirts with girls by buying them balloons? Niceeee..

19. Is anyone else weirded out that AJ just showed up out of nowhere once the girl started walking toward him? AJ and those ladies, y’all.

20. There’s not enough time to even talk about everything Nick is wearing throughout this video.

21. Anyone else feel like this video is basically Nick, Brian, and Howie? A little Beatle Kevin.

22. Ok, no, seriously…WHAT is this sweater vest thing Nick is wearing? Does he even know?

23. Count the times the Boys use their hands to gesture to “you” in this video and make it a drinking game. You’ll be drunk in less than a minute.

24. Everyone pause at 1:11, WHAT is going on with Brian and that balloon?! The string is wrapped around his head and his looks like a cat stuck in a bag..

25. ….No one cares. Howie is checking out another girl, wondering if she’ll settle for a football instead of a balloon.

26. Brian’s had enough with the walking. He’s take a seat on the beach…as are the Backstreet Beach Birds.

27. Oh hey! There’s AJ. Grand total of 4 times!

28. 1:20 – why is Brian turning away from the girl so quick? Did she steal his ice cream? Did he try to steal hers? Why is everyone else watching like creeps?

29. Kevin and Nick are both checking out ice cream girl. BUSTED.

30. 1:25, Kevin is so poetic looking.

31. Oh ok, tired of walking. Going to ride bicycles now. Cool.

32. Side note: These bicycle outfits are the most weather appropriate things they’ve worn in one minute and 27 seconds of video.

33. Kevin’s so cool. LOOK MOM, NO HANDS.

4-AnywhereForYou (2)

34. Oh hey Brian…you’ve got a girl on your back.

35. What group of girls SKATE among five bicycles?!

36. The boys are literally biking away from them…this is a chase!

37. How does Kevin keep switching sides? Nick or Brian, Kevin! PICK ONE! We all had to!


38. Oh no, Brian got the girl back on him. Hey! Isn’t that Howie’s balloon girl??

39. WHO skates on the back of someone’s bike? WHOSE idea was this??

40. 1:38 – Why are Kevin and Howie both flailing for no reason? Was there a large bee?

41. Oh, now we’re sitting on the beach like normals. No sweaters, no problem. Also, no Backstreet Birds!

42. Who are these girls?! Why were the Boys trying to pick them up and now they can’t be left alone?

43. Pretty sure the balloon girl, you know Brian’s skate chaser, is the one in Howie’s face with a camera. This isn’t awkward.

44. We were sure they were dressed normally now…..then Brian showed up with his wetsuit.

45. Nick almost took Brian’s head off with his drama hands.

46. Balloon skating girl has moved onto Nick. Playa gonna play.

47. Bunch of hot guys playing volleyball behind these guys that just decided to sit in a circle and sing to no one specific about going anywhere for them.

48. 2:15 – Don’t be distracted by shirtless Brian, pretty sure a bird just fell from the sky at the end of the shot. Suicidal Backstreet Bird.

49. Shirtless. Brian.

50. Hey! There’s AJ again!

51. Nick and Kevin with the head bobbing in this video…

52. 2:33 – Are they about to form a conga line?

53. Brian standing on his toes to sing “See, yeah!” is so cute and I’m not sure why.

54. If you pause on AJ’s face at any time, he looks like you’ve offended him.

55. Is Nick even old enough to be seeing a girl in a bikini like that?

56. The amount of times Kevin tries to steal the video by biking with no hands is unbelievable really.

57. Who plays volleyball with a beachball? Backstreet Boys.

58. Seriously, how long is this beach that they are STILL walking?

59. Was their supposed to be a random speedboat in the background? Did they just show up at the beach one day to shoot this?

60. Conclusion: The Backstreet Boys will go anywhere for you….if by anywhere, you mean this really long beach, some beach rocks, bicycling, sitting on another part of a beach, or joining them around a “bonfire” (We never actually saw it.)

3 Iconic Backstreet Boys Dances: Then and Now

There are not many bands that have lasted the test of time, much less their dances. As we all know, the Backstreet Boys have been an exception to most every rule in the standard music world and there are pieces of their choreography that have withstood the test of time.

1. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

….Yeeaaaah. (Admit it, you already said that in your head as soon as you read Everybody. Either that, or ALRIGHT, if you have Brian syndrome) The iconic “Everybody” dance has been in existence since 1997 when the Thriller-esque video first dropped. Since then, the dance, while sometimes punched up and a little different, has been a part of every Backstreet Boys tour and there is not ONE girl from the ’90s that doesn’t know at least part of the dance. To be honest, there’s not many guys that don’t know part of the dance either. Let us take you back…and forth. Rock your body right, you know?

The Video

1998 Performance

2014 Performance

The dance is actually such a part of pop culture that it was featured in the “heaven” scene of This Is The End.

2. As Long As You Love Me

While the song is instantly recognizable, the choreography is something that fans are affectionate about. The movement for this dance is nowhere near the level of “Everybody”, but we can’t help but love the little dances behind the microphones. What we’d REALLY love though…is to BRING BACK THAT CHAIR DANCE, BOYS!

The Video

1999 Performance (With The Chairs!!!)

2014 Performance

3. All I Have To Give

Again, definitely not an “Everybody” dance, but our weakness for the hats. We’ll admit we love watching it live to see who drops his hat first… but we’re all so hypnotized by it. Everytime.

The Video

1999 Performance

2013 Performance

55 Thoughts You’ll Have While Watching The “We’ve Got It Goin’ On” Video

As Backstreet Boys fans, music videos have been the essence of every single that they have ever released. Some videos were iconic, some videos were hot, and some videos made us think we were losing our minds. Our music video series will feature the thoughts we have all had while watching Backstreet Boys’ videos – the good, the bad, and the… WTF.

1. Who is Hildi, the midday mistress?! Is she real? (Actually, she is. She’s Google-able and is an “iconic” Orlando radio personality)

2. Brian looks like a baby bear with his “fist pumps”

3. Did anyone ACTUALLY call him “the brokster”?

4. Why does Howie sound SO Spanish? Is that something he does when he’s nervous? Did the wink become a replacement for his sudden Spanish?

5. “Hi, this is NICK.” No nickname or last initial needed, but some HEAVY pronunciation. Get that everyone? NICK.

6. Nick Carter has always spoken with his eyebrows.

7. Who told them to talk like this? “A-JAY!”

8. Kevin actually sounds like he sounds now.

9. We’re pretty sure “Woohoo” isn’t a response to “tell us about your video”. Neither is all talking over at once and then just singing the song. Glad they figured that out.

10. Wait. How did they go from sharing ONE mic in a tiny room to having three?

11. Were they separated by height? Or is Kevin with Nick to keep him from breaking things?

12. Woah! Now we’re on a stage.

13. Three AJs could fit in one of his sweaters.

14. Were leather and jean vests ever REALLY a thing? Or just a Backstreet thing?

15. Pretty sure that drop to the floor and thrust was the earliest recorded inspiration for Magic Mike.

16. And suddenly Brian is singing in a gym….then washing his car with Nick and a girl. While dressed like they are going to play basketball.

17. Brian looks a little pissed the whole time. I don’t blame him. He’s in three places at once and he obviously just wants to play basketball.

18. Meanwhile, AJ gets to sing in music-appropriate places.

19. YAY! Brian gets to go play with Nick! (Which is clearly what he was dressed for in the first place.)


21. Back to the gym. Back to outside (not in the woods). Back to basketball. Seriously. Whiplash.

22. Oh no! Carwash girl (Fun fact: Brian’s girlfriend at the time) JUST realized he’s not helping her wash the car anymore. Tsk, tsk, Brian. Is that why you’re in the woods?

23. At 1:44, why is Kevin WAY down in the left corner? The tallest member is suddenly peeking out like he’s 4 foot.

24. Why is Nick wearing a shirt under his jersey like that’s the thing to do?

25. Uh oh. Brian is caught. CUT TO AJ, CUT TO AJ.

26. There is literally so many arm flailing dance moves throughout this whole video.

27. 1:59, Brian knows he’s in trouble. Nick stares at carwash girl like he wishes he was in trouble. Or like he’s Pinky from Pinky and The Brain.

28. “Ruthless when I get wet” is actually about Brian getting sprayed in the face because he didn’t wash the car…DUH. It all makes sense.

29. The main reason for Nick and Kevin in this video? To have attitude faces in the background. Duck face. WERK. (Also, if you screen cap Nick or Kevin at any point in this video, their faces are something to behold. See above.)

30. We’re not sure why AJ is now playing pool. “My verse is done…going to play now…”

31. Why is every girl in this video wearing a tied white shirt?

32. 2:21, WHAT SONG IS KEVIN SINGING?! It is NOT the one he’s supposed to be singing.

33. Brian and Howie aren’t singing the right one either.

34. Oh hey Howie in leather vest, welcome to the video.

35. 2:29. Kevin weight lifting. Fans rejoice.

36. 2:35. Kevin does his sassy arms and head nod. We want to go back to the weight lifting ASAP.

37. AWWWWW, YEAH. The water on Kevin’s head…The only reason that anyone watches this video anymore, really.

38. Hey! There’s that Howie guy again. Dancing with the ladies!

39. Now Kevin is riding a motorcycle. “We aren’t telling you what to sing or even letting you sing, but you get to be a TOTAL beefcake macho man, ok?”

40. Again with the arms…

41. Now suddenly there’s NO mics in the studio and LOU PEARLMAN is there?

42. Oh, excuse Kevin while he checks his BEEPER and uses a LANDLINE phone. Must be that girl on his motorcycle 15 seconds ago.

43. While Kevin makes a call, Howie decides to play video games. No big deal.

44. While Howie plays video games, Brian also makes a phone call. On a cellular device. That he apparently wouldn’t let Kevin use.

45. LOOK AT THE ANTENNA ON BRIAN’S PHONE. We will literally show this video to our children while they laugh at us.

46. “Ok, guys, we’ve already done this dance throughout the video, but we spent all day in the woods so we may have forgotten…”

47. The first Backstreet collective thrust. We live for it.

48. HOLD UP. AJ is STILL playing pool.

49. They really do look like predators in the woods. They start moving forward…and I instinctively wanted to run. They’re like a wolfpack.

50. Apparently the signal for “everybody groove to the music” is to wiggle two fingers in the air. At least in Littrell land….followed by his baby bear fist pumps.

51. AJ got his bra money back…completely unaffected. Is he even old enough to gamble in this video?

52. Nick looks like a baby wannabe mobster.

53. Oh, here’s sassy arm-flailing Nick and Kevin once again.

54. 3:54. Weird mini thrusting by AJ, Kevin, Howie and Nick.

55. Conclusion: If the Backstreet Boys had no arms, this video would be nothing.