50 Thoughts We Had Watching The Backstreet Boys “Get Down” Music Video

Back by popular demand, we’re bringing  you more “Thoughts We Had…” posts! Since the beginning, we’ve had multiple people to ask us to do one for “Get Down” and honestly, it just seems like the mecca of Backstreet Boys music videos in terms of having thoughts. Why? Because there’s SO many thoughts to be had about it and none at all.

I thought about making this post “one thought we had” and capitalizing a BIG WTF… but I rewatched and well, here you go! Enjoy!

1. The minute the Backstreet Boys appear on screen, I can only smell lemons and oranges… because they look like they’re dressed like skittles.

2. Ho…Howie? Is that you?? AJ??? Why you look like a cool ant with sunglasses??

3. Ah, boyband hands. Classic. Who knew they’d still be doing those 22 years after this?

4. Zooming out to the big disco ball… there’s no way this wasn’t made in a mall, right?

5. I would LOVE to know some of these people dancing in the cubes. Imagine that being your claim to fame.

6. Who wouldn’t love to see the behind the scenes footage for this video shoot? What are they actually dancing on? Did they KNOW it was going to look like this?

7. To this day, Nick is STILL wear black jeans, black shirts and a jacket. Consistency is key.

8. We can laugh at these moves all we want but we ALL know them.

9. What IS a baby love?

10. Shout out to Nick’s baby teeth!

11. You’re doing yourself a major injustice if you’re paying attention to the person singing in this video. Kevin’s face is the best thing about it the entire time.

12. 50 seconds: How many Backstreet Boys can fit in one screen and pretend to sing the lyrics? The answer is 4.


14. The block people are wearing the epitome of 90s fashion.

15. Why does Brian look so small?

16. Why does Nick look like a dancing palm tree?

17. Is this really the Backstreet Boys or five guys that work at a pizza place who decided to be cool on a Saturday night?

18. Ah, yes. The beginning on the body roll. Thank God.

19. Kevin’s the only one tall enough at 1:24 for a proper body roll. Howie’s grabbing his belt like it’s a hoe down and Brian looks like he’s blowing backwards. THINGS HAVE GOTTEN BETTER, YOU GUYS.

20. At what point did Nick get down on his knees?

21. Howie looks like he’s the brains behind this. I don’t know why.

22. WHOOOOOOOOOO IS THIS FLYING MAN?! Excuse me, Backstreet Boys, someone has escaped from their cube!!

23. Oh nevermind, they’re “with it”.

24. Brian missed them memo that they were supposed to “pump it and move it all around”.

25. Seriously. Kevin’s face.

26. Did Nick realize he had actually danced ON the mirrorball before he did Dancing With The Stars or nah?

27. Here comes baby Brian!

28. At this point, everytime I pause, there’s something new to think about. Imagine if this video came out when memes were a thing.

29. Brian looks so angry. It might just be his hair.

30. You can never unsee Kevin during “And I WANT. IT. RIGHT. NOW”

31. Everyone was so casual singing until Brian.

32. 2:23: What is he even singing? Not this song.

33. Is AJ wearing the Prince symbol on his necklace?

34. This is really the Nick, AJ, and Kevin show. Or as they’re now known — Palm Tree, Cool Ant, and Kevin With The Face.

35. It’s weird how well you can see their mouths without facial hair.

36. Some boybanders use the one-finger point. Kevin uses two fingers with a body roll.

37. Nick is too pure for this video. Or something.

38. All of AJ’s jewelery! I feel like I can hear him clinking.

39. Zoned out for a solid 20 seconds. I think this is the trance they were going for.

40. Oh God! They’re jumping around! GET DOWN!

41. Does it bother anyone else about how unevenly spread out they are when they dance on the mirrorball?

42. At 3:21… they’ve all just lost it. This is a lost cause.


44. Why is Nick convulsing on the floor? The epitome of getting down.

45. Oh DAMN, he just flipped right up. What is happening?

46. Why are these people escaping so slowly?

47. Why are they doing the OPPOSITE of getting down?

48. Brian’s russian dancing across the ball never gets old, honestly.

49. The more Nick jumps, the more we see that his shirt includes what looks to be a name tag. He’s on a break from his job at Chuck E. Cheese apparently?

50. Wow. How do we get the Boys to recreate this iconic video? SOMEONE start a petition!


10 Emotional Fan Reactions To Nick Carter’s #IWillWait Music Video


Since it had been hinted that Nick Carter had a new music video wrapped last month, fans have been on the edge of their seats waiting for it to drop. Slowly, details trickled out and “I Will Wait” was, in fact, what we were all having a hard time waiting for. What we weren’t ready for is the extremely stripped down version of Nick that the music video for the song captured or the story that it told.

Minutes after the video was released, the internet was buzzing with emotional responses. Many weren’t prepared for the feelings that were elicited by watching the video (and this time, it wasn’t just because of Nick). The video added layers of meaning to the song itself, introducing us to an elderly couple with an enduring love story that we can only imagine.

Reading through the responses to the video, I realized that many fans had different reasons for their reactions. The stories were feel-inducing and I asked fans to share how the video for “I Will Wait” affected them personally. The following are things that fans shared with me and I thank them for it immensely. I’m sure that Nick never imagined so many people would feel so many things, but hopefully, he might now.


” ‘I Will Wait’ was beyond beautiful. It made me tear up because of how deep the love story was. I should be so lucky to find a love like that one day.” – @Sushi_Flower

“I lost count of how many times I have listened to Nick’s new single ” Will Wait”. It’s a very beautiful song and each time I listen I can picture another scenario. When I saw your post on Twitter, I had to reply. I picture a pregnant woman first. Me. I’m pregnant with my third and final child. The mother is singing to her unborn baby. She might have not done everything “perfect” but she’s waiting for her baby. Scenario 2) A military wife. She’s singing it to him and hes singing it to her from across the seas. He is the end part, he left her to go to war, but she will wait for him. And she wont leave him behind. And then of course Nick’s vision, two old people who love each other too much to be apart.” – @Sstutler12

“Nick’s video made me think of my grandparents. My grandfather recently passed away from Alzheimer’s but my grandmother is still alive. They were married for over 70 years and had 5 kids,12 grandkids, and 17 great-grandchildren. Seeing the couple in the video made me think of them because of how they looked lovingly at each other,how they danced together and the pain my grandmother felt when my grandfather passed away. I’m tearing up now just typing this message to you. I know this isn’t much of a story,but seeing this video really hit home for me.” – @LilMamaOlson

” ‘I Will Wait’ music video reminded me of my GrandParents. Their relationship growing up and the way they show their affection to one another. And now that they are together again in the ever after, I guess in a way, they both waited for each other to be together forever.” – @Jhie0730

“Nick’s new song “I Will Wait” hit home for me! I just lost my Dad 2 months ago to cancer. He was only 66. My Mom is now left without her soulmate for the rest of her life, my sister and I are without a father and my 2 boys are without a grandpa. My Mom, sister and I were with Dad in the hospital when he passed away. A very difficult and emotional thing to have to go through. Watching this video and hearing the words was very moving and I cried throughout. Especially still being so new to the fact of losing dad.” – @alliebsb

“Nick’s new video literally made me cry…reminded me of when I lost my mom. Specifically in the part where the old couple is together and the old woman is on her deathbed holding her husband’s hand…and when she passed her hand let go. That exact same thing happened to me when I lost my mom to Pancreatic Cancer. I refused to leave her hospital room…just sat by her and held her hand until after she finally let go and was in God’s hands. She was my rock…my everything…and life has not been the same without her. I miss her so much and don’t think I would ever be able to get through her loss without the Backstreet Boys and their music. I can’t thank them enough for their existence!” – @AngeleenaMarie

“I lost both my parents a year ago. My Mom, very unexpectedly, went first, and eighteen days later my Dad followed her. While it was incredibly sad I knew he couldn’t bear to live without her so he left us to go to her. Nick’s ‘I Will Wait’ video was so poignant and it really touched a chord in my heart. I’d love to thank him for that”. – Lynne Macaulay

“About #IWillWait video… I’m falling love with song already when I listened only 15 seconds, his sweet voice made me shiver. The Music Video has totally different mean for me, I couldn’t stop to crying when I watched it first…It reminded me about my hubby’s cancers surgeries, I hold his wedding ring almost imprinting on my hands while I waited for the end, how scared I was, how do I wanted to believe he will be fine. I just saw and hold his ring like it’s only hope to me at that time. Beautiful song and video, it means huge for me to realize that how thankful my hubby is still beside me” – @jun_pure_bsb

“So I’ve never cried at a music video before. Let me just say that first. So when I saw this and realized I was outright bawling, I was a bit shocked at myself for being affected so deeply. But that’s the beauty of the “I Will Wait” music video, it’s a deep and lovely story told in a simple but not cheesy manner.

At the end of October in 2012, I lost my mother to a sudden brain aneurysm. She’d slipped, fallen but said she was okay when she got up. When she went to sleep, she never woke up again. So watching that video…and seeing the husband by his wife’s side as she passes. It was so poignant to what my father went through in losing my mother. And he’s waiting for the day when he’ll someday join her again. Seeing that told, in that music video touched my heart. It hurt but almost therapeutically. Thank you Nick, for making this video. Thank you for writing such a beautiful song. I don’t know if you’ll read this blog post of Sara’s or know what you did. But I hope you do. I hope you know the ways you’ve helped your fans. The way you reach us, without even realizing it.” – @ForeverRebel

“I will tell my story about how the song “I will wait” changed my view on things. This is a very personal story I never shared with someone. A lot of people probably don’t understand this, but I’m ready to share this now. As a twelve year old girl I had nightmares about cemeteries. Since this age I’ve always been afraid to die. Every single day being afraid to go to sleep. I thought what if I don’t wake up again. When I walk outside a lot of times I’m thinking have to go home to my kids maybe I won’t be there tomorrow. I’m now 34 years old so it’s a long time that it controls my life. It’s a fact someday I’ll die but to accept that fact is from a whole different level. When finally the video was released of “I Will Wait” it made me cry for so long. The emotions of all the years of being afraid to die. I realized something while watching the video “What if I’ll die like this why would I be afraid”. Still afraid to die but the thought behind the song makes it more bearable. So I’m watching it over and over again some kind of therapy for me” – @belovesmatt