To Kevin and Kristin Richardson, Thank You For Sharing


A few months ago, we posted about If I Could Tell Youa short film featuring Kevin Richardson as one of the main characters. We knew it was a story of a couple’s struggle with infertility and how far is too far.

What we knew very little about is the fact that Kevin and Kristin had faced this struggle as well.

A bit of their story had been shared in the Pushing Motherhood documentary, but we learned even more details about their battle and ultimate victory in an interview Kevin did with Entertainment Tonight this past week during the LA premiere event for If I Could Tell You. 

In reading their story, we felt compelled to tell them thank you.

In a world where everyone seems to project a perfect life via social media, no one wants to share the battles they fought to get to their happy. No one wants to talk about the hard times or the times they thought things weren’t going to happen – but the Richardsons have chosen to share theirs.

They’ve chosen to let us in on a very private time in their lives in hopes to open the conversation about infertility. They’ve chosen to share with us that everything isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but every battle is worth fighting. In sharing their story, they’ve inspired us to listen to our bodies, that it’s okay to choose your own path, and that patience is sometimes necessary.

While many of us spend time at Backstreet Boys concerts and events, traveling with our friends, and having a great time, there are plenty of us also being silent about personal struggles. Whether it be infertility or something else, Kevin and Kristin have been shining examples of the fact that you should be in control of your own life, your own story, what’s good for you and what’s not.

Everything they have shared has made a lot of us feel less alone. It has inspired us to be their for our friends who are going through the struggle and to celebrate their victories a little louder.

Thank you, Kevin and Kristin, for using your platform as public figures to open our eyes and help us understand, to help make something such as infertility something that’s okay to talk about, for sharing your story so openly, and for giving those of us dealing with similar situations renewed hope and belief that the most beautiful things are always worth the wait.

The two of you are absolutely beautiful souls, incredible parents, and amazing humans. Your boys are lucky that you were chosen as theirs. We can’t wait to watch your family achieve great things!



6 Reasons We Should Be Thankful For The Backstreet Wives


Many of us have grown up with the Backstreet Boys and we mean that quite literally. We have grown up, some of us have gotten married, some of us have had babies and we have watched the Boys do the same. Some of us seem to forget, however, that these five women fell in love with five men just as we fell in love with our significant others. While their husbands are (obviously) larger than life (no pun intended….ok, kinda), at the end of the day, we should be grateful for them! If nothing else, because females should band together… you know, GIRL POWER (Did you learn nothing from the Spice Girls??), but if you need more reasons, continue reading.

1. They Make Endless Sacrifices For US To Enjoy Their Husbands’ Talents.

Sure, these women knew who they were marrying. They were aware of the tour life, the cruises, the being gone for half of the year, but knowing it and living it are two different things. While living on a tour bus with a Backstreet Boy sounds like a fan’s dream come true, it’s not exactly the dream home situation and definitely not for a growing family. So stay home, some say. Skype, some say… but that’s not really fair, is it? No amount of new invention can replace actually having your husband at home and these five women, while mentioning that they miss their man, never complain about it.

2. They Sometimes Have To Play Two Parents At Once.

Speaking of sacrifices, Leighanne, Rochelle, Leigh, and Kristin all have children who they have to raise essentially on their own during touring years. Sure, they all join up on tour sometimes and Dad is available for chatting, but parenting is a hard job and these moms are superheroes! Not only having to make major decisions alone sometimes, making sure school work is done, keeping up with a schedule and such, but consider trying to make all of that fit for your child to have a normal life PLUS joining Dad on tour! Not to mention traveling alone sometimes with small children, dealing with fans in an airport, and not wanting to throw your luggage into people. Supermoms.

3. They Have The Job Of Telling A Backstreet Boy When He Stinks…Literally.

I mean, none of US want that job. What if Nick, Howie, AJ, Kevin, or Brian showed up to a VIP smelling like garlic from the lunch they ate beforehand?! These ladies tell their men like it is, much like we would tell our own significant others. They tell them about that haircut that was NOT cute and those shorts that NEED to go. Can you imagine the laundry they have to do after hardcore rehearsals?! No thank you.

4. They Believe That Sharing Is Caring.

Let’s be real, from the get go, these 5 women have shared their husbands and their lives with us. Accusations of “selfishness” is laughable because it takes a special kind of girl to share the man they love, the children they created, and the lives they live with millions of people. They are subjected, beyond their control, to unfair judgement, opinions, and sometimes uncalled for hate. None of this has changed that they continue to share with us and we should be appreciative of that fact.

5. They’ve Been So Nice To Us.

Could they hide from fans? ABSOLUTELY. Do they? Not usually. Most every modern Backstreet fan has a pleasant story about one of the wives and that says something. They aren’t celebrities, they didn’t sign up to have “fans”, but they accept it and they stop for photos and talk to us like we aren’t crazy. It needs to be appreciated a little more often.

6. Sometimes They Give Us More Info Than The Boys Themselves.

Rochelle, Leighanne, Kristin, Lauren, and Leigh are ON. OUR. SIDE. They want their husbands to be successful and happy, we want them to be successful and happy. They want us to be excited about what’s coming next just as much as we want to know what’s going on. How many times has it been one of them who has given us info about recording? About cruise events? About film projects? A lot. How many times have they passed something along for us? A lot. We NEED them. They’re our insiders!


Dear Lauren, Rochelle, Leighanne, Kristin and Leigh,

We are thankful for all of you and thankful that you have made what was “our” boys, your boys. Thank you for putting up with so incredibly much – we know it isn’t easy. Please know that you ARE appreciated and that for every one nasty person saying nasty things, there are 100 more that support you 100%. Thank you for being strong women who handle everything with such class. You’re all fantastic. 

10 Reasons Why We Love Kevin And Kristin Richardson

It’s been 15 years since Kevin and Kristin were married, but you really wouldn’t know it. Why, you ask? Because this couple still looks like newlyweds! The Richardsons are setting an example for all couples and we’re obsessed. Here are just a FEW of the reasons why:

1. They’re Literally A Fairytale Come True.


These two met at Disney World then she became a Rockette and he became a Backstreet Boy. Their story is a magical one and even more magical? They were dating before the celebrity and are still together 20+ years later. That is such a rarity in today’s world, much less in the life of fame. They may have had their ups and downs, but they’ve taught us that sticking it out is key and there is truly such a thing as soulmates.

2. We’ve Never Seen Two People So Happy Together.

images (21)

images (25)

images (26)

Kevin and Kristin tend to glow when they’re together. It’s not a fake kind of happy either. From the first time we saw them together, they both have looked a perfect kind of happy. That’s the happiness that only comes from being in love and we see it everytime. (P.S. They don’t age either.)

3. They Inspire The Rest Of Us.

26676 images (22) images (23)


There’s not a lot of couples in today’s time that make us believe that true love exists, but the Richardsons are one of those couples that make us believe in happy endings. We’re sure they have their flaws just like every other couple, but the important thing is, that we see that everything can be fixed when you truly love one another. Marriage can work out and love can be kept alive after being committed to it for 15 years.

4. Have You SEEN Their Babies?

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images (27)

As we mentioned in the last post, fans rejoiced when an announcement was made that Kevin would be a father. We were just as excited to see the couple be parents together and what their children would look like because, let’s be real, Kevin and Kristin are GORGEOUS. Then we melted again when they announced their second pregnancy. The joy radiating from both of them was contagious and beautiful. Also, we were right, their sons, Mason and Maxwell, are ADORABLE. Now, the Richardsons aren’t only the couple we want to be, but the parents we want to be as well. Everything from dressing up for Halloween to being normal cool parents, they make it look like the best thing ever. We can almost guarantee they’re going to be the cool parents to Mason and Maxwell’s friends growing up.

5. They Support Each Other.

images (24)

We love a couple that supports each other and lets each other do their own thing. Kristin has her own ventures in acting and photography while Kevin, obviously, has been recording and on tour since his return in 2012. They’ve always been so outwardly supportive of each other’s projects, whether it be environmental projects, film endeavors, or touring. Our hearts are warmed everytime we see them together on tour. Despite a long time on the road or Kevin’s being away from home, we also love that she enjoys the show just like a fan and hangs out at afterparties to, indeed, party. We dig it.

6. Tweets Like This.


Enough said. This may be the cutest thing EVER.

7. They Vacation Like The Normies.

images (14)

When not on tour, there’s usually a few vacation photos that pop up from the favored couple and we always love that they look just like our vacations with friends. Fun and fuss free, no private beaches. And might we add, Kristin has had two children fairly recently and looks like THAT! She’s a goddess. Which makes sense since Kevin is pretty close to perfection.

They’re perfect, okay?!

8. This Is What Perfection Looks Like.

download (5)

Like we just said, they’re perfect. Okay, maybe not perfect, because who is? But we are certainly in love with them. You’d think they were just married yesterday.Nope, 15 years ago, folks. And they still look like this. What. Is. Their. Secret.

9. The Nicest People You’ll Ever Meet.

To our knowledge, we have never heard anyone have a bad experience with Kevin and Kristin. They are genuinely the sweetest people you could ever meet, together or separate. Kevin is notorious for how good he is to fans, but SURPRISE! So is his better half. Recently, at Kevin’s induction to the Kentucky Music Hall Of Fame, fans returned with nothing but kind words about the two.

10. Everyone Is Rooting For Them.

Kevin and Kristin are full of the love and light that we need more of in the world. They’re the couple that we love to love. The peace, trust, and happiness that their relationship is built upon is pretty apparent and the beauty of it shines through everytime you see them. Plus, they are two of the coolest people you will ever meet!

Happy 15th Anniversary, Kevin and Kristin – We love seeing your Happily Ever After! ❤