4 #Dead7 Updates From The First Weekend Of Shooting

This weekend (8.14.15) marked the beginning of filming for Dead 7, the long awaited horror-turned-zombie western film from Nick Carter. Produced by The Asylum, the people behind the Sharknado trilogy, we have been excited for filming to begin since San Diego Comic Con back in July. In a weekly marathon of tweets, Nick has asked a number of celebs to join his cast, from Niall Horan to Paul McCartney, from Kathy Griffin to Mel B., and this weekend, we got our first glimpse of who has joined the cast, what they’ll look like in the film, and what we have to look forward to!

1. You Can Add Three More Boybanders To The “Team”.

While we already knew that Joey Fatone, AJ McLean, and Howie D had signed on to be in Dead 7, we have been in the dark about who else may be involved. Then, on Friday, with a picture and a Periscope video, more cast members were revealed.


The newest cast members include Jacob Underwood and Trevor Penick (both from O-Town) along with Jeff Timmons (of 98 Degrees).

2. Nick Makes A Damn Good Looking Cowboy.

Really, who expected Nick Carter to look SO good as a cowboy? So glad you picked up something in Nashville, Mr.Carter.


3. Other Characters Include….Gunslingers And A Creepy Looking Villain.


We’re seeing these men in a whole night light, guys. AJ, whose character is named Johnny, is going to give you nightmares, but he is apparently the only boybander that isn’t a cowboy. While we have yet to see Jeff, Trevor, or Lauren in character, we can’t wait for more details!

4. We Owe Jacob Underwood.


The O-Town member gave us the first peek at Cowboy Carter and kept the goods coming from Montana set all weekend long!

For all of the latest updates of Dead 7, check right here and nickcarter.net!


Dead 7 (A Zombie Western By Nick Carter) : By The Numbers


The media is buzzing with news of Nick Carter, the youngest member of the Backstreet Boys, coming into his own with another “solo” project and this time, it’s completely different. While Dead 7 is new to the film world, fans have been following the progression for the past two years. Here is a “by the numbers” look at how far Nick has come to put this film into motion.

2013: The year Nick Carter started an IndieGoGo Campaign to crowdfund a horror film that he co-wrote and would ultimately star in himself.

$85,000: The IndieGoGo campaign goal to make the film come to life (or dead?)

$156,214: How much money the campaign actually raised by Nick Carter / Backstreet Boys / Horror fans all over the world.

1,349: How many individuals contributed to the campaign.

3: How many name changes the film gone through. From Evil Blessings to Dead West to Dead 7.

2014: The year Nick announced the changes to the name and the movie plot. Evil Blessings would turn into Dead West and would now be a zombie western – “the story of a ragtag band of gunslingers who must rid a small town of a zombie plague in a post-apocalyptic West”, according to a press release regarding the movie.

118: The number of films The Asylum has produced, including the cult classic Sharknado trilogy. Nick signed on with the production company in January to produce his own film.

167: The number of shows Nick performed on tour with the Backstreet Boys in the midst of planning Dead West / Dead 7 and fulfilling the “perks” purchased from the IndieGoGo campaign. (Not including the Nick and Knight tour)

130,000: The number of people in attendance to the 2015 San Diego Comic where Nick (along with The Asylum, Lauren Kitt-Carter, Joey Fatone, and AJ McLean) released more details regarding Dead 7 (along with the title change) in a panel.

7: The number of “bandits” who must save the small town, including Lauren, Nick’s wife.

1: The number of NSync members in Dead 7 …so far. During the Comic Con panel, Joey Fatone, who will be in the movie, joked that they could probably also ask Lance Bass to be in the film too…as a can-can girl.

2 (?): The number of Backstreet Boys confirmed to be in Dead 7. While AJ McLean and Howie Dorough are all in, the jury is still out on Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson. When asked by a fan, Nick tweeted that the cousins were “very interested”.

4: Number of other superstars Nick has tweeted to ask if they’re interested in cameos. These stars include: Paul McCartney, Sisqo, Niall Horan, and Mel B. A boyband and 90s icons palooza, for sure!

2016: Year that Dead 7 is slated to be finished and aired on the Syfy network.

Millions: Number of supporters Nick has had for this film since the beginning. We can’t wait!

For all of the up-to-date details regarding Dead 7, visit here and nickcarter.net as I will be updating there every week!

Everything You Need To Know About #Dead7 – The Zombie Western From Nick Carter


That’s right, friends. Nick Carter has changed the name of his new zombie western again and now it’s Evil Blessings Dead West DEAD SEVEN! I just posted a news post on his official site with everything you need to know from his San Diego Comic Con panel tonight. Here are a few of the highlights you’re going to want to know more about:

– Joey Fatone is officially joining the cast of Dead 7! Will he be the only boyband member?

– Lauren Kitt-Carter will be playing a “strong female character” (HELL YES, she will be), but who will she be exactly?

– There is a reason for the title Dead 7 and it’s pretty simple.

For all of the answers and MORE, click here for EVERYTHING you need to know.