7 Wishes We Have For The Backstreet Boys In 2017


It’s a new year and, for a lot of us, the first time we will be seeing the Backstreet Boys together on stage again since the In A World Like This tour. While hitting Las Vegas is prominent on the mind of many, there is so much more we are wishing for in 2017 for the Boys and for ourselves.

1. An Insanely Good Time In Las Vegas.

The news of the Backstreet Boys’ ‘Larger Than Life’ Vegas residency has already made major headlines. Thanks to their recent promotion, people from all over are making plans to infiltrate Planet Hollywood’s Axis Theatre between March and July to see our fab five hit the stage together. We couldn’t be more thrilled for them and we couldn’t be more thrilled for more than just the normal fans to see them.

Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick deserve this. They have worked hard and tirelessly for nearly 24 years. We can only hope that 2017 brings them the love and recognition that they deserve.

We also hope that our own time in Vegas is absolutely one for the books. We’ve made plans with our friends, are booking hotels, flights, nailing down times, buying VIP experiences and more. We can’t wait! If you haven’t gotten your tickets or VIP yet, get it and hit it or quit it, y’all! It’s a new experience for ALL of us involved.

2. A Sweet Little Addition.

Let’s not forget that in just a few months, we’ll also have a new Baby Girl McLean. We have never been quiet about how much we A D O R E AJ and Rochelle as parents and we’re super excited to see them with two. Not only are we excited to see them with a new baby, but isn’t everyone dying to see Ava as a big sister as well? We can already see the matching outfits and sweet instapics. Here’s wishing the McLean family a happy and healthy arrival of their little one!

3. Some Healing.

If you’ve been following What Happens On The Backstreet for any amount of time, you know that we have been rooting for Brian Littrell for a while now. It’s no secret that he has been dealing with vocal struggles for a while now and in recent performances, we’ve all heard and acknowledged his improvements. We will continue to rally around him and hope that 2017 brings even more healing and peace for him. As long as he’s showing up, so will we. We will sing along when he asks and we’ll stand by him when he doesn’t even know it.

4. More Progress On A New Album.

We’re waiting very patiently on this one. We’re absolutely dying for new music, but as the Backstreet Boys do, they’re taking their time to perfect things. We’re cool with that as long as they don’t disappear on us! We’re actually learning to enjoy the anticipation. Backstreet Time will be obviously be alive and well in 2017 as much as it has been the past 24 years. Go ahead, Boys… we’ll wait. Check out all the progress here.

5. Solo Things?

Nick has mentioned more than once that he might work on another solo album between Backstreet projects and we all know that the man NEVER stops. We’re, of course, also hoping that AJ finally releases his solo album as well. We really can’t take the teasing anymore!

Speaking of teasing, we’re looking at you, Kevin Richardson.

6. Shining Moments.

Howie D. is [finally] relaunching his solo site this month! We really hope that in this year, on the new album, in the Vegas run that Howie finally gets the big love he deserves. We appreciate you so, Mr. Dorough. Check out his fresh new site here.

7. More Love, Less Hate.

We’ll post about it until we’re blue in the face, but the peace among fans has to start somewhere. It the battle of fans vs. the group / management, the constant complaining has GOT to stop. If you’re going to complain, be constructive and come with a resolution. Stop complaining for attention and stop the groupthink. Be the voice of reason. Shed light and stop starting fires. The less fires we start, the quicker we can build a bridge to repair all of the things that haven’t been the best in the past. In 2017, let’s all learn how to work together. We deserve it. The Backstreet Boys deserve. Everyone is working toward one goal – let’s get this!

Cheers to 2017, fan-mily!

We’re here for it and we hope you are too.

14 Things That Prove BSB World is Actually Disney World

Do you love Backstreet Boys and Disney just as much as I do? Sometimes I literally cannot decide which one I like more (or which one is Hot, Hot, Hot-er). Upon returning from my recent trip to Disney World, and hopeful for upcoming BSB events, I was inspired to write this post. There are obvious correlations between BSB and Disney, such as when the guys performed at multiple Disney events (including Disney World Christmas Parade 1997 and Disneyland Christmas Parade 2012) and, let’s not forget, how Nick Carter auditioned for the Mickey Mouse club in 1989 (when I was… hmmm zero years old). Luckily, he also auditioned for the Backstreet Boys, and took that life road instead. For those of you who have never been to Disney World/Land, do not worry– because Backstreet World is basically the same thing:

1. Backstreet World and Disney World are both the most magical places on earth.

In a [Disney] World Like This, Backstreet Boys got you. Oh, and did we mention that they are both from Orlando, FL? You know you want to go watch the Homecoming: Live in Orlando VHS right now. While in Backstreet World (AKA attending one of their concerts), you may turn into each of the Seven Dwarfs or the Inside Out characters during the various points of your experience. You are always in a crowd full of people and your body hurts from standing and waiting in lines for hours for a 5 second experience… but you mostly will experience/inhabit “Joy”, and it is always worth it. It really is an emotional “ride”, and both worlds are sure to give you memories that will last a lifetime.


2. Backstreet Boys Go To Disney.

Two of my favorite things together?! Mind. Blown. AJ just loves going to Disneyland with his family, and tells people where he is all the time because he loves the attention, apparently? Tell us something we don’t know.

Screenshot (495)

3. Backstreet Boys are Disney characters.

Have you ever been walking around Disney parks and catch a glimpse of Aladdin, and have to stare at him because you could swear it is Kevin? Or have you gone to a Backstreet Boys event and see Kevin, but picture Aladdin? Either way, the feeling is mutual, and this is just too precious not to relive.


Just look at that stud. You know you’re picturing him belting out “A Whole New World” [DONT YOU DARE CLOSE YOUR EYESSSSS]. For those of you who have not yet seen Kevin and Lalie singing this together on BSB Cruise 2016, here it is.


4. Backstreet Boys orrrrr… Dapper Dans?

The Dapper Dans are an old time acapella group, and apparently the “original boyband”, at least as far as Disney is concerned. You can catch them covering “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” here. Who knew you can listen to Backstreet Boys music on Main Street USA?


5. Magic Kingdom.

In your own Fantasyland, you can only make believe that you are a Disney princess and your favorite Backstreet Boy is your Prince Charming.


I don’t know… $350? $600? Which VIP package do you want?

6. Epcot.

We’ve been all around, all around the world… Showcase. Epcot World Showcase is where you travel around the world to different countries, just like you do when you travel to see different shows of the tour. Or like when you play the Backstreet Boys “Around the World: game or watching the VHS/DVD. Totes the same thing.


7. Hollywood Studios.

Your life is like a movie: the Backstreet Boys movie, that is.


8. Animal Kingdom

You know what happens to you when the Backstreet Boys come out on stage. The noises that come out of you sound nothing like humans, and we love it.


9. Bring your wallet.

In both Backstreet World and Disney World, you buy expensive tickets and wear expensive merch with the Backstreet Boys/characters’ faces on it, and as much as you try, you just can’t say no to buying all of it. The boys’ names might as well be Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie and Daisy (sorry Nick and Howie).


10. Backstreet Time.

Need we say more?


11. Helpless When We SMILE.

In both worlds, you’re always taking pictures with the boys/characters. Well, this looks oddly similar to VIP.


12. There Is Something For Everyone.

In both Backstreet and Disney Worlds, there is good entertainment and plenty of shows with singing and catchy tunes, including the Country Bear Jamboree.

Nick… Is that you on the banjo?


13. #Stuckinthe90s.

We always live by Peter Pan’s mantra, and we “never grow up”.  We might break down and… spend all of our money on BSB events so that we can fangirl?… just like a child. But it’s okay, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.



14. When You Wish Upon a [Shining] Star

You know you used to, and maybe still do, wish for Backstreet Boys life events to happen (e.g one day maybe you’ll get to meet them or be front row). Anddd then your dreams come true and fireworks burst as you stare into your favorite Backstreet Boys’ eyes as he’s singing to you. Yeah, it’s like that.



**And remember…**

Always let your conscience be your guide.

As in: Do you really need to go to another BSB show?

We know the answer is ALWAYS yes.



45(ish) Epic Fan Photos With The Backstreet Boys

Everytime new Backstreet Boys tours, events and general appearances come about, fans keep their eyes peeled for new photos. We also depend on our fellow fans to share their experiences and of course, their pictures with the Boys. What we especially love is when things get spiced up and fans stray from the norm. With VIP photos, snapchats, and selfies (oh my!) getting better and better, we asked you guys to share some of your silliest, funny, and different photos with Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick.

Here are some things we learned:

  • AJ doesn’t like to take normal pics and tells fans such.
  • There are a lot of Kevin girls that wish Nick was Kevin.
  • @nickytoronto, @sv02, and @FBTeam are REALLY good at this!

Check out the goods below!


Kristie has no story for this photo other than the Backstreet Boys played a Christmas show at her college and she was stoked about it …and so was Kevin. Obviously the mistletoe, Santa hats, and Towson sign were her ideas. What Howie is doing was not nor Kevin holding the mistletoe (Nick handed it to him due to he being the only BSB able to reach over Nick). Or the fact that it looks like her feet disappeared.



“This is, hands down, the best M&G photo I’ve ever been in.” – @alyssajenS


“This is me with Backstreet Boys in Israel. Each one is holding a picture of his that my daughter drew of them with each of their names in Hebrew.” – @yael1983s


“He said ‘let’s make funny faces’.” – @yahtzee27


“I love Nick. Flew from one side of Canada to the other for him. But in Chicago I presented him with this.” – @andieyammine


“Dressed like this to see nick. I did ask him first and he thought it would be funny.” – @nickytoronto


“Nick spent the rest of the time trying to convert me.” – @evilsnugglybuns


“I told them to fight over me. Nick didn’t get the memo or thought he won.” – @swayshay


“I asked for a hug pic, a booty smack, and a funny face (undies optional!).” – @nickytoronto


“Nick sat on me at lunch.” – @nickytoronto


“At NKOTBSB VIP, my cousin and I wanted Kevin and NKOTB in our pic… so we worked it out.” – @nickytoronto

“I got Kevin to sign my arm so I can get a tattoo.” – @nickytoronto


“I was stressing out if I would look like an idiot in this kevin dress and he shows up dressed as a bag.” – @nickytoronto


“Trying to figure out something on my camera…. got this beauty.” – @nickytoronto


“AJ blinked.” – @yahtzee27


“Bowling with Brian. He was excited he bowled a strike.” – @yahtzee27


“BSB Cruise 2013 . I almost died suffocating on this palm tree but it’s a good memory.” – @looloot23


“There’s this one of Nick Carter being a good sport.” – @serialcinz


“After 3 weeks of rehearsing the question I dared to ask at my first golden VIP ever: can I get a crazy pic? Kevin said, are you sure? Yes! Best choice ever…it’s one picture instead of 6 faced who are posing! Still in love with this picture!” – @estherbaas


“So on the 2014 cruise I was extremely lucky to get one on one time with all the guys, I think it was the universe’s 30th birthday present to me. Anyways, I was heading back early from the beach party to the boat and overheard Nick and Brian playing volleyball. I’m so glad I peeked in and found that they were playing with teams of three fans each and the winner of the round got to stay and play against the next rotation of fans. I was going to hand back and just enjoy the view because I didn’t have anyone to play with but, then two girls in front of me started talking a good game. We teamed up and got selected to play next, awesome! Except as we’re running out onto the court I find out they’ve never played volleyball in their lives. Well, I figure, I got this, I’m a decent player and Nick is good, we can at least hold our own. I didn’t have it, it was a total loss. But that didn’t stop me from diving left and right into the sand for the ball. When we switched side of the net it got even worse! The sun in my eyes I got a volleyball to my face and almost broke my glasses. Nick asks if I’m alright and I am just super embarrassed. He asks again and I figure the bravado has been working for me so far, so I rip of my glasses and fling them to the side declaring “I’m good!” And we get back to the game. Taking off the glasses was the smartest and dumbest move ever because my depth perception was screwed from then on but the glasses cost $700 dollars so… With a final desperate dive I completely miss the ball and it’s the end of the game. I decide to just sit there for a sec because this has been unreal and I’m giddy and embarrassed but really couldn’t care less that we lost even knowing how competitive Nick can be (he totally wasn’t). He, ever the gentlemen came over to make sure I was alright and helped me up. I’m so glad someone got this picture and was able to find me on Twitter. It’s been my phone’s background ever since. You’d think the story ended there but there was a bit more to it. After the game I went back to my cabin to take a shower and get ready for a massage. I was one of the lucky girls staying in their hallway and had my door propped open as much as possible. So still completely covered in sand I see Nick passing by my room. He looks in, we laugh and he says the usual sportsmen kudos of “good game”. On cloud nine, I take my shower and head up to the spa where I’m joined by Kevin and Howie in the waiting area and Get to talk to them and AJ swings by as well but just to say hi to them and pop out.” – @waterunleashed


“Asking nick the All American tour VIP to do a funny pose. Had no idea if he did it because it went by so fast. But after when I saw this picture I was so satisfied that it came out the way it did.” – @Brok_Vanessa21


“AJ told me to do a funny pic cause he doesn’t like to be ‘casual’. So I made the 1st one bride to be cause I was getting married 1 month later this pic. The 2nd one with AJ was leather and lace. I told him “do u trust me?” And he said yes to me. And I put him the handcuff but I didn’t have any keys (haha). And he found the idea of the pic. But the handcuff didn’t need any keys to open 😉 so he really trusted me that day 🙂 and I told him: next pic I need to be pregnant!”

“Calm your titties pic is a joke between my UK friend and French fans. You know, we tried to learn some funny expression and that one was so funny. So we decided to do this pic. And choose Howie to be the one we will be around cause he is the nicest. ‘Boobies For Howie’ – his face was so embarrassed but happy at the same time.” – @FBTeam


“My very first VIP photo during the Unbreakable tour in Belgium! It was way too crowded and I was supposed to have my VIP the day before in Luxemburg, but there was a fire at the venue so the concert got cancelled and all the VIP were put together. Something with nerves again and I blurted out i wanted a crazy picture. Well… I think only nick heard me…. and Q held the rose in the picture because he thought it would look nice on the photo.” – @Utchie_debo


“I flew from SF to NC for just one day to attend AJs vape east coast launch. I ended up playing poker with him for an hour along with the rest of the people in the picture and I ended up kicking his butt and took all of his poker chips haha.So he made everyone point at me in this photo cuz I won.” – @blacknbluerocks


“At Jones Beach during the first IAWLT US leg, the forecast was rain…then proceeded to be all sun. We were melting in the heat during soundcheck; I was overheated in my my silly hot rainbows and was lugging around an umbrella (first world problems, yes!)…last minute I told them that happened and asked if I could use my umbrella in the picture…. and they said sure!!” – @sv02


“Before my most recent pic with Kevin (below) this is my favorite VIP pic, from  IAWLT in Concord, CA. Soundcheck started late, they held the venue off from opening until ~15 min before openers, so pix were super rushed/moved backstage…crazytown chaos trying to get us through while the venue was getting filled up, but mad brownie points Brian & Kev (and AJ kinda?) for actually getting air when I asked if they’d be willing to do a jumping picture! We counted off, but maybe Nick didn’t hear and Howie didn’t think it would work, I can’t tell. Bless Justin for doing a burst photo in case only one would work out 🙂 After we landed, Kevin said “I think that’s the first time we’ve ever done that!” and I was so happy I was speechless!” – @sv02

Nick and Brian signed their snaps! “Nick was like ‘huh? Oh dope!'” – @sv02


“Favorite of all time: I was afraid the filters would suck up time/fail, since the signatures were already stressful…it almost did…but when his tongue didn’t come out the second attempt, Kevin WOOFED. Adorable.” – @sv02


“We somehow figured out / guessed correctly what hotel the boys were staying at before GMA / other show appearances in 2012-2013…. Having been lucky to get normal pictures in the past, we joked about getting silly faces…little did we know that the Boys would be into it! Even Q!! The last hotel shot, I only caught Brian…I had hauled it uptown after a boxing class, so he appropriately posed to match my sweaty getup.” – @sv02


“NKOTBSB Tour, Toronto. This was after the Platinum VIP backstage tour. AJ told us he was sick of taking plain pictures and wanted us to come up with a unique idea for a photo. So I asked him if we could do a classic boyband photoshoot picture and he was totally into it! He was like “you guys have no idea how many photoshoots we had to do like that.” Oh AJ… yes we do lol.” – Stephanie Ives


“I went to Mexico 2015 and took this selfie without realizing that Nick, Brian, & Howie were in the background of my photo!!! (You can see Leigh, Leighanne, Lauren, Drew, Keith, Mike, Aaron there too). And then when I posted it on instagram that day… I basically wrote I didn’t realize BSB were behind me in this selfie I took! AJ had seen this pic (bcuz he follows me on Instagram) And the very next day i had VIP for their IAWLT Mexico show
And at soundcheck…AJ brought it up and talked about my selfie! He said it was awesome that I didn’t know Brian Nick and Howie were in my selfie until later on when I looked back at my pictures.” – @blackandbluerocks

Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Backstreet Boys Album (+ The Updates)


On June 27, 2015, the Backstreet Boys officially ended their 2 year worldwide In A World Like This tour. Fast forward (a very slow forward for all of us anxiously waiting) a year and they’re in the studio on the 4th day of their summer recording session to finish their 10th studio album.

Can’t keep up? Have no fear – What Happens On The Backstreet Is Here! We’ll keep you updated on everything you need to know in regards to the studio situation, release dates and more. We’ll be using the hashtag #BSBStudio2016 on our social media with updates as well.

Potential Release Dates

Spring 2016

Summer 2016

Spring 2017 

Fall 2018

Tour Plans

– As of June 2016, the Boys will kick off a world tour after the new album release, potentially planned for next summer. As most of you know already, the Boys have signed a deal last year (2015) with LiveNation to complete 150 shows in the next three years.

– A possible Backstreet Vegas residency has been discussed, but has not yet officially been announced and the Boys themselves are no longer allowed to speak on the situation. Before they were silenced, we learned that there will possibly be a 9 show “test run” in January / early 2017 to see how it would work out for them. Let’s be clear – these 9 shows are not the ACTUAL residency.

– UPDATE (6/2018): Because of ALL THE THINGS happening, we’ve slacked on this post, but in the interest of people googling the Backstreet Boys upcoming album / tour — here’s what we know.

By now, everyone knows  or has been to a BSB Vegas show. Shows are scheduled for July, August, October, and November and are on sale now. The plan for tour is to start in March(ish) of 2019 overseas and come back to the U.S. for Summer. The rumor is that there will be Vegas shows in February, but this is not confirmed.

The Making Of The Album

December 2015

Kevin, Brian, AJ, and Howie shocked all of us when they convened in LA for what would be a week long recording session for what we would later find out is the first few songs recorded for the album. Nick was in Florida with the family, but also put in separate studio time, as we found out during interviews while he was on the U.S. leg of the All American tour. They was mention of working with a few different producers who have a fantastic history with other artists, but for lack of confirmation at this point, we’re not going to name drop.

We know how testy everyone gets when they work with people that we never hear about again… 😉

June 2016

After lightyears months of waiting, millions of promises of returning to the studio, and lots of tracking which Backstreet Boys were where… it happened. On an unsuspecting Wednesday morning, Brian Littrell posted a photo of his plane leaving the runway to go to work and hours later….


“Day One” began with Frick and Frack. With Nick actually hashtagging #FrickandFrack. How am I even writing this? Because I’m still a little bit dead from this unexpected delight.

Day One (6/22/16):


Nick was intensely singing (so nothing unusual…)

Feeling this new song were recording for the next @backstreetboys album. #backstreetboys #newmusic

A photo posted by Nick Carter (@nickcarter) on Jun 22, 2016 at 5:29pm PDT


Brian was blessing us with selfies.

In the Lab….. This light reminds me of the skating rink, back in the 80’s

A photo posted by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on Jun 22, 2016 at 5:25pm PDT


Kevin was touching himself. Uhh, we want to hear this song, specifically.

Caught Nick taking a photo of Kev in the booth… Kids look away…. Hahaha

A photo posted by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on Jun 22, 2016 at 5:38pm PDT


….And then he listened to the crotch-grab-inducing song.

Mr Richardson listening intently to the first new song were cooking up in the studio. #bsbalbumcomingsoon

A photo posted by Aj mclean (@skulleeroz) on Jun 22, 2016 at 3:43pm PDT



And for everyone worried, Howie WAS there!

Day Two (6/23/16):

Not much happened on “Day Two”, besides Nick posting that he was doing squats in order to get ready for the new album (it’s very physical, guys) and Kevin establishing his #newbsb hashtag. Also, can we get a picture of Nick’s teeth under these black lights?

#Newbsb day 2

A photo posted by Kevin Richardson (@kevinscottrichardson) on Jun 23, 2016 at 5:26pm PDT


Day 3 (6/24/16):

Working….. 👍🏻

A photo posted by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on Jun 24, 2016 at 2:28pm PDT


Day 3 in the studio! This new album will be next level!! #bsbalbumcomingsoon

A photo posted by Aj mclean (@skulleeroz) on Jun 24, 2016 at 2:16pm PDT


Day Four (6/27/16):

And on this day, the BSB announced that they would be participating in a career first – a proper collaboration with another group. It’s no secret that Nick has been friends with the boys of Florida Georgia Line for a while and so this duet didn’t really come as a surprise. With Fall Out Boy, Justin Timberlake, and Pharell all gracing the country music stages in Nashville lately, this move is a fantastic one for our Boys! You may remember Florida Georgia Line also collaborated with rapper Nelly on their hit single “Cruise” a few years ago, turning them into a crossover group and benefiting all artists involved. We can’t wait!

From what was posted, it sounds like the track the Boys will be featured on Florida Georgia Line’s upcoming album Dig Your Roots, which drops August 26th.

UPDATE (6/30): Florida Georgia Line posted this tweet, which reveals that the title of the song they collaborated on is entitled “God, Your Mama, and Me”.



#Newbsb day 4 #BSBSurpriseCollaboration

A photo posted by Kevin Richardson (@kevinscottrichardson) on Jun 27, 2016 at 3:35pm PDT


#Newbsb #BSBSurpriseCollaboration

A photo posted by Kevin Richardson (@kevinscottrichardson) on Jun 27, 2016 at 6:59pm PDT


In the studio again with my boys. Do I hear a Backstreet Boys/Florida Georgia Line duet….

A photo posted by howie dorough (@howie_dorough) on Jun 27, 2016 at 5:47pm PDT



Day Four also revealed that the Boys were working with producer Andrew Cedar. Andrew is a producer from Artist Publishing Group, an independent music publishing company, who was recently nominated for his work with Wiz Khalifa (feat. Charlie Puth) in “See You Again”, the theme from Fast And The Furious. This is especially interesting considering there have been rumors that the Boys could be working with hit artist Charlie Puth.

Awesome week working with these legends! Backstreet’s back!!!

A photo posted by Andrew Cedar (@andrewcedar) on Jun 25, 2016 at 2:40pm PDT


UPDATE (6/30): Florida Georgia Line posted this tweet, which reveals that the title of the song they collaborated on is entitled “God, Your Mama, and Me”.

UPDATE (7/9/16): FGL released the tracklist for their Dig Your Roots album and revealed that they’re thrilled to work with the Backstreet Boys. Read more here.

UPDATE (7/10/16): At Nick’s solo lunch event today, he revealed that the Boys’ will be recording the new album through the end of the year and that the FGL track they collaborated on actually sounds very BSB Millennium-ish. He also said that while they could opt to release unreleased tracks, they feel that the songs they’ve record for the new album so far are really, really good and they’re happy with them. They’ve decided to ditch the big name producers who they didn’t feel were giving them their best work and bring in young, hot producers and such. We can’t wait!

Oh, and he’s definitely still not allowed to talk about Vegas. Blah, blah, blah.

UPDATE (8/11/16): The Backstreet Boys reconvened in Nashville at Big Loud Studio to get pitched a few songs and also do a little recording. They were there (here!) throughout the weekend but not much is known about what was accomplished.



UPDATE (8/14/16): We’re not sure if the Backstreet Boys are in LA or Nashville, but baby Odin came to the studio and we feel like it should be posted!


UPDATE (8/15/16): The Boys started the week off on a completely different coast – the West one! Oh, and the blue light affect has returned.


The cousins were there. Brian with a Tree Vibez hat (Florida Georgia Line’s production company) and Kevin with his face.


Brian was getting jiggy with it….


….But also being chill.

And Nick was working super hard!

UPDATE (8/18/16): Nick told fans a few weeks ago that he was getting in shape for an upcoming Backstreet Boys photoshoot. Today, that’s exactly what they did!


Also, Florida Georgia Line released a snippet of “God + Your Momma + Me”, the track featuring the Boys. You can’t really hear them on the small sound byte, but you get the idea. Enjoy!

JUNE 2018:

Geez. Since the last update so much has happened.

“God, Your Mama, and Me” hit #1 on Country radio and earned the Boys their first CMT Music Award.

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” landed the Boys back on American Top 40, where they are currently still hanging out as well as multiple other charts.

The new album is still being recorded and slated for release in Fall 2018 as well another new single.

We promise to start updating this post again!


The Backstreet Boys Are Back In The Studio With Surprise Collaborators (via MTV.com)


5 Positives (And Suggestions) About BSB Cruise 2016

So, Kristie’s Korner has been on a slight hiatus, due to me, Kristie, cruising with BSB. I can’t believe it’s been a week since we boarded the boat with BSB, but I’m back, and ready to share with everyone about the cruise! I’m sure you’ve heard the good, the bad, and the ugly. However, I am here to focus on the positives, and to bring you the main pros and suggestions that I’ve come to realize. I mean, we were on VACATION with the Backstreet Boys; how bad could it be?!


1. The concert.

Holy smokes. For those of you who have seen the concert either live or in videos, I bet you cried at least seven times. AT LEAST. For those of you who have not seen it, do yourselves a favor, and search it on YouTube immediately. I really don’t think there was a dry eye in the room; and Brian, just wow. So. Many. Emotions. This concert was probably one of my favorites, ever; and definitely, surprisingly upbeat for an acoustic concert.

Hey BSB: Keep bringing back the “oldies” and classics that do not usually get performed. There is a reason why so many of us voted for them! They definitely brought us back in time, and we thank you for that. It was a special moment felt by all as to why we became fans many moons ago.


2. Free time.

Points for free time to get to explore in the ports (and/or sleep, eat, spa, etc). However, call me old fashioned, but I still missed the beach party. So if that could be brought back next year, I know I would be extremely happy (as I’m sure others will, as well). The 4 nights worked out really well, too. I feel like it was plenty of time to fit everything in, while also getting our Backstreet fill. Whether it is a cruise, or a land event, I am sure we will be there, and ready to party!


3. The preferred event.

This year, the boys wanted to do a little something extra special for those fans who got the higher end cabins. The event was complete with free champagne, and was supposed to be a chill event for these fans to get to hang out with the boys, and for some of the time, it was. Note to boys: this was an amazing idea, and we appreciate the thought SO much. However, this event would be GREAT to do in the future if it was handled slightly differently (e.g. maybe everyone would have to be sitting down at a table in order to get a picture with the boys).


4. Solo events.

YES, yes and more yes. The more personal and intimate they can be while incorporating fans; the better. Kevin’s was my personal favorite; how AMAZING were those duets?! BSB has a lot of talented fans, that’s for sure! And Kevin wasn’t so bad, himself. Again, for those of you who have not seen videos, I strongly urge you to do so.


5. Deck parties.

Well, let’s start with the positives. The way these boys dressed up for theme nights still makes me laugh. Nick was once again the woman of the group– Anyone else starting to get a little concerned…? LOL. The costumes were so creative, and they really went all out this year. The boys really tried to have fun with their time to make it worthwhile for the fans; and we are SO appreciative of that.


To the fans: You have GOT to stop pushing, chasing, “stalking”, etc. In the wise words of BSB, “I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did, as long as you…” just stop being aggressive. I know there were a lot of first timers on this cruise, but let me tell you, on past cruises, the guys hung out around the ship ALL the time. This cruise, they were forced to hide and take back hallways to get back to their room just to avoid getting followed by mass amounts of people. If they see that you are calm, they WILL hang out with you, and you WILL get the attention you want from them; because that’s what they are on the boat for. They are on the cruise for YOU. They WANT to hang out with you, as a calm and civil adult fan; not someone they have to risk their personal safety to be around.

I will leave it at that as to not dwell on the past, because we cannot change it. We can only make positive change for the future. So, as a collective fandom– “I don’t care where you’re from”, but let’s vow to make this change for the better… so that next cruise can be better… because WE, as a whole, made it that way. #BackstreetArmy

5 Things We Hope To See On The Next BSB Tour

That’s right; Backstreet Boys are back (again)! …Even though we know they never left. It has been confirmed that the boys [guys?] will be performing 9 shows in Las Vegas as a trial for a possible future residency. Word on the [Back] street is that this will be part of their upcoming tour that will run somewhere between the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017. Backstreet fans everywhere are super pumped, and we know we are too! Here are some of the things we would LOVE to see!


1. Extra events.

Let’s all take some tips from Solo Nick- he set that bar reallll high. I mean- who wouldn’t want to have lunch, bowl, or play laser tag with your favorite Backstreet Boy?! Now it’s time for the AJ, Brian, Howie, and Kevin girls to get their chance. Also, BSB, feel free to bring back the after parties, especially in Vegas– we like those (when we’re not getting crushed in a crowd of people?) [*Cue Kevin’s calm down gesture on the bus in Rio]. You know you’re picturing it.


2. Backstreet Bus.

Ever wish you could travel in style on a tour bus like BSB (or WITH BSB)? For those of you and your friends who have already created your own mini-tours, have you ever thought of renting a RV/bus to travel around? Well, how about if BSB provides you with a tour bus? We should do this. Let’s make it happen.


3. More exclusive VIP.

The different levels of VIP are great because it gives many fans a chance to participate to their liking. However, for one of the levels, is having some kind of “Ultimate” VIP asking for too much…? A VIP with less fans and more time spent with BSB? …Because we all know that no one feels very VIP[-y?] when you’re rushed in and out with hundreds of other people. Just in case we forgot how amazing Nick Carter’s All Access/Ultimate was, BSB should find a way to do something similar. And of course, this goes without saying- we want soundcheck.

Another option is NKOTB’s version of the “Ultimate”. As an upgrade to your VIP package, you get an entire SOLO photo shoot with candid and group pictures without having to buy a completely separate VIP.

Finally, I think I’m speaking for many fans when I say- bring back the backstage tour! The on stage seating for Platinum VIP was fun and all, but the amount of individual face-time with the backstage tours is why fans love it. But… if there was ultimate VIP, you wouldn’t need the backstage tour, because going backstage would already be built into the package– hmmmm… something to think about, Wonderful Union….


4. A Chance to Vote.

Every fan has a dream set list they would love to see BSB perform in concert. Although we LOVE the iconic hits like “I Want It That Way” and “Everybody”, wouldn’t we all love a good “Let’s Have A Party” or “Back To Your Heart” thrown into the mix?! If fans get to vote on [at least a few] songs, then maybe we could switch things up for a bit. Just for fun.


5. A Baby.

Well, ladies and gents, if you have not yet seen it in the news– Nick Carter is a DAD! [WHAT?!] We are SO excited, and now all 5 guys can bring their little ones on tour! Can’t wait to meet the newest little Backstreet Boy, Odin!



**Take notes, boys (and WU); and we can’t wait to see you soon!

23 Backstreet Boys Moments We’ll Never Forget

BSB is 23Can you believe it? Today the Backstreet Boys celebrate 23 years together and it’s just as much a celebration for us as it is for them. They’ve given us music, friends, some of the best moments of our lives, and everything in between. They’ve been our superheroes and we can’t imagine our lives without them.

Take a trip down memory lane as we name some of our top favorite moments with the Backstreet Boys in the last 23 years (in obviously no particular order).

1. The Hollywood Walk Of Fame


Obviously this list would be incomplete without the Hollywood Walk of Fame star our Boys received on their 20th anniversary. Our hearts were thrilled that Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick finally got the public recognition they deserved. We’re never going to forget how happy they all looked in that moment and how proud we were / are of them. Those are OUR boys! Talented, handsome, smart and five of the most hardworking guys you’ll ever meet.

2. The Documentary Release


We waited (and waited and waited) for this documentary to be released… and it was well worth the wait. Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of, aka The BSB Movie, was another one of those moments that we were proud to show the world what we already knew… and some things we didn’t. It was raw, emotional, open, honest and exactly what we wanted from the minute we heard the documentary was being filmed. We’re forever thankful to be fans of a band that can be real and inspire us to push ourselves beyond what we ever dreamed.

3. Kevin’s Return


Sure, we were appreciative that the Backstreet Boys continued as a foursome without Kevin, but there’s something great about having all five of them back together again. It’s something magical. The moment they announced his return at the end of the NKOTBSB tour, we felt whole again.

4. The First BSB Cruise


The first Backstreet Boys cruise in 2010 was a new experience for everyone, the Boys included. It was the first time fans from all over gathered in one place. It was the first time you could almost guarantee running into a Backstreet Boy unexpectedly on a boat (and with only half the boat, it was extremely likely). The buzz about the unknown was crazy and exciting! Six years later, the cruises keep getting crazier and the Backstreet Boys keep stepping up their party game just for us.

5. The Birth of VIP


Remember when you thought nosebleed seats at the Millennium concert were as close as you were going to get to these five? Remember when the Never Gone tour came around and you had to win your way into soundcheck that didn’t even include meet and greet? Your 9 year old self would never believe in a million years that you’ve since then hugged Brian, that Nick kissed you on the cheek, or that Kevin held your hand for what seemed like forever. The VIP experience has meant more to BSB fans that anyone could ever fathom.

6. The Millennium Release


The Backstreet Boys and their fans shut. down. Times. Square.

Long gone are the days of MTV studios in the center of NYC and Tower Record album signings, but the memories of the Millennium release day are still fresh in our minds. If you were lucky enough to be a BSB fan in 1999, you’ll remember where you were when the album dropped, how you felt, the tour selling out in minutes, and of course, Millennium TV.

We’re also not ashamed to admit we’ve kept that feeling with every album release since then.

7. The Backstreet Boys Joining Twitter


Who ever thought the AJ McLean would personally wish you a Happy Birthday? That you’d get an answer about the Backstreet Boys FROM a Backstreet Boy? The moment the BSB joined Twitter actually changed our lives. Who knew 140 characters or less could change our day in an instant? They may not know how much their social media interaction means to us, but every fan remembers when we didn’t have it and we know how incredibly lucky we are to have that connection today.

8. Backstreet Boys Perform With Elton John At The Grammys

They may not have won an actual Grammy that night, but really, isn’t performing with Elton John at the Grammys a huge win?



Love it or hate it, the formation of NKOTBSB was a supergroup move that no one ever saw coming. During this tour, we made new friends, we felt a new kind of electricity, and the press coverage was incredible. It’s safe to say we also recruited a few Blockheads to the Backstreet Army.

10. The First Time We Ever Saw Them


It’s different for everyone, but each of remembers the exact moment we saw the Backstreet Boys. In a magazine, on TV, in concert… we all remember and we likely picture them in our head still looking like they did in that moment (even if they look better now).

11. TRL Moments


Long gone are the days of music video countdowns, waiting outside to get a glimpse of the Backstreet Boys in the window of MTV studios while screaming our eyeballs out, and Carson Daly, but the TRL appearances are some of our fondest Backstreet memories. They didn’t even have to be in studio for us to be excited. Remember the days when Hanson and Britney beating the Backstreet Boys for the #1 video spot was our biggest upset? Take us back!

12. The BSB BBQ at Mixtape Festival


We are still begging for more events like this! To date, this has been the only real land event with the BSB and it involved outdoor games, lunch, and…well..BBQing. It’s time to bring something like this back, Boys!

13. That Time The Boys Were Caught With Their Pants Down…


Remember when this magazine cover came out and you were scared about what your mom would think? Still epic.

14. The Epic Bridge During The Black and Blue Tour


The Black and Blue era may not have been the strongest time for the Backstreet Boys, but that bridge over the audience thrilled us to no end. Few of us had ever come this close to any of the Boys and most of us lucky enough to be under the bridge might have had fantasies that they’d fall off and into our arms. Admit it.


15. The Fanclub Chats


Before Twitter, there was the Backstreet Boys fanclub chats where you’d spend half of your life waiting for Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian or Nick to pop in. In the mean time, you’d make friends and talk about the dumbest stuff that only a BSB fan would care about. Then, if you were lucky enough to be there when a BSB snuck in, you had to be a speed reader to read all of the messages being sent. Ah, simple times.

16. Nick’s Corner / Harlem Shake Videos


Courtesy of the brain of Nick Carter, we got videos like Backstreet’s Harlem Shake and Nick’s Corner that featured the Backstreet Boys doing weird things, like sticking their heads in buckets of ice or singing the “Stuck in Traffic” song. If you were a fan during that era, those two things just made you smile. If you’ve never seen them, get on it!

17. Around The World In 100 Hours


Featured on MTV’s Diary and a VHS (!), the Backstreet Boys traveled around the world in 100 hours as a promotional tour for the Black and Blue album. How crazy is it to think we weren’t able to keep up with every move they made around the world now? We had to wait for MTV to show it.

It was also the first glimpse that anyone outside of Brazil got to see how crazy it is there for the BSB. Everyone remembers panicking about how they were going to get out of that bus…. and the girl from Canada hanging off the back.


18. The Solo Tours

We love the Backstreet Boys together, but we’re also so proud that they’re a tight enough group to also have successful solo careers between group work. We support it! And we’re glad they never Timberlaked their group…

19. The Backstreet Babies


When Brian announced that he and Leighanne were expecting a baby boy, we didn’t know how to feel – it was new territory. 13 years later, we’re cheering him on in his Broadway debut and awaiting the arrival of Nick’s son. What?! We’ve loved seeing each of these men become the best dads we knew they’d be and raise the cutest kids on the planet.

20. All of The Memorabilia We Could Get Our Hands On


Remember the struggle it was to collect all of the toys at Burger King, even though most of us were too old for kids meals? Remember changing out your posters with every new issue of J-14? I’ll bet you’re aching to get that box of memorabilia out from under your bed right now. If you’re not, it’s because it’s still on your walls or proudly displayed in a semi-adult way in your house. Backstreet 4 lyfe.

21. Frick and Frack


This may not be a “moment”, but whether Nick and Brian were ever your “favorite” or not, we all have a soft spot in our hearts for Frick and Frack. Maybe because we see ourselves in them with our own best friends. Everyone wanted to be BFFs like they were. Original #BestFriendGoals.

22. The Boys Supporting Each Other


We all get a tingle when these five show up for each other during individual projects. Whether it be Dancing With The Stars, the Dead 7 red carpet, flying in to see Baylee in Disaster, showing up at weddings, baby showers, etc., the love they have for each other is real. They’re a family and we love seeing it to this day.

23. The Music


Isn’t this obvious? This is what we showed up for in the first place. We all have the first song we heard the Backstreet Boys sing. We all sing along in concerts. We all have that one song that takes us to another place and we all get excited for a new album like it’s the first one they’ve ever released. Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick have given us the gift of music over and over for the past 23 years and we couldn’t be more grateful for the way they’ve reached in and touched our hearts.

Happy 23rd Anniversary, Backstreet Boys!

Thank you for everything.

6 Signs You Have Chronic Howie D. Syndrome

The stealthiest member of the Backstreet Boys, Howie D. is a man after your heart — and you’ll never see it coming. Always suave and debonair, for nearly 23 years, multiple fans have been catching CHDS, or Chronic Howie D. Syndrome. As sneaky as he is, you won’t even realize you’ve been affected until it’s full force. One day, you think you have CNCS (Chronic Nick Carter Syndrome), but then you realize it’s really the Howie you’ve been hooked on. Need to diagnose yourself? Let us help you.

1. A Wink Sends You Into A Frenzy.

That grocery store guy that winked at you after telling you a joke last week was probably innocent and didn’t even think about his actions, but that wink had you in your car with the AC on full blast for 3 minutes because you have Chronic Howie D. Syndrome. Those with CHDS are conditioned to melt anytime a man winks at you, involuntary twitch or not. Sweet D and his affectionate eye message have gotten to you since DAY ONE and now you’ll never recover. Wink, wink….and you’re instantly thinking about marriage.

2. A Man That Isn’t Sharply Dressed? Forget About It.

Sweats and holey t-shirts? Not for you. Every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man and those inflicted with CHDS settle for no less than a man looking like he came straight from a catalog ala Howie D. Show me a moment where Howie looked less than put together and I’ll show you a picture of bald Kevin (it doesn’t exist – that’s my point).

3. You Learned How To Party From Howie.

While most people have “that one friend” who they learned to party with to all hours of the night, chronic Howie D. patients know that their partying ways came straight from the object of their affections. Master of ceremonies, afterparties, late night cruise parties and anything involving party, you’ve stayed up till the wee hours of the morning with Howie at some point in your fan life. And you have no regrets. And you’ll do it again.

4. You Crave Some Subtle Salsa.

Don’t act like you don’t know. The pelvic thrusts by the other four Backstreet Boys are great and all, you LIVE for the moments in the concerts when Howie gets into his rhythm. By his rhythm, we mean freely moving about with those hips and that ass. In fact, if you truly have CHDS, you’re probably not even reading this – you’re staring at the above gif. So I’ll just stop here.

5. You Like Stealthy Ninjas.

Dates with boys who are obviously going to steal your heart just don’t do it for you. You like men who creep in and steal you away, just as Howie has done. Most with CHDS didn’t choose this life, it chose them. Whether it was the long hair, the short hair, the secret sense of humor, the Yoda-like wisdom, or the fact that he kept bromancing your other favorite Boy until you switched lanes, Mr. Dorough crept in your heart to live and gave you the syndrome before you could stop it. It’s smooth and it’s incurable.

6. You’ve Grown The Biggest Soft Spot For The Sweethearts.

We all know Howie has the biggest, sweetest heart and as someone with CHDS, you only accept the most kind-hearted of people. You’re addicted to him because he’s everyone’s best friend, he’s fun, and he’s hot as fire. Eventually CHDS will affect everyone in the world and really, who are we to stop it?

10 Things The Backstreet Boys Are Doing Right Now

Since the end of the In A World Like This tour, the Backstreet Boys have been pretty quiet about things they’re working on together. Of course, we have the bonus footage from the BSB movie released by WeAreColony to hold us over, plus the fact that our Boys have signed a deal with LiveNation to do 150 shows in next three years. Also, there’s that weird Backstreet Boys Project thing that popped up last year with Brian, Kevin, AJ, and Howie in NYC – What WAS that?!

While the Boys may not be doing anything together at the moment (although our KoolKiwis tell us they’re going back into the studio in TWO WEEKS!!), they do all have individual projects going on and we’re here to catch you up, once and for all!

AJ McLean

AJ Collage

1. His Solo Album, The Anthem.

We told you about all of The Anthem details we know so far in a post earlier this year, but we have a feeling this album is going to really blow us away. Mr. McLean has been working long and hard on this album, even utilizing fans in the video he shot for “Live Together” back in May! He currently has a countdown going on social media and, while we’re not POSITIVE what it’s for (it might be a AJ-style rendition of “Let It Go”), we’ll venture to say it has something to do with The Anthem. Whether it be video, album release date, or tour, we’re excited for ANY of it! Oh, and if you haven’t purchased his new single yet, what are you waiting for? DO IT! 

2. He Filmed As The Villain in Dead 7.

We’ve known for a while that AJ would play the villain in Nick Carter’s Dead 7 zombie western creation, but we didn’t know that Johnny V. would haunt our dreams. Looking like a killer clown-human with crazy eyes, we still haven’t decided if we really want to see our sweet AJ like that…..Ok, yes we do.

Brian Littrell


3. Being Top Secret, Hangin’ With The Fam….. But There IS A Wylee Party on Saturday!!

While Brian may not be working on anything (that we know about) at the moment, we LOVE all of his instagram posts about what he IS doing. So what IS he doing? Loving life, of course. When Brian’s not on tour, he’s usually spending time with the family and this break has been no different. From UK games to helping his parents move to playing with light sabers with Baylee, Brian is still just a good ‘ol boy from Kentucky and that is EXACTLY why we love him.

His wife, Leighanne, however is having a Wylee party this weekend in Alpharetta, GA and you can get all the details right here — You never know who might show up!

Kevin Richardson

4. Cover Story – To Be Released Whenever He Feels Like It.

Again, we told you everything we know about the first solo album from Kevin Richardson, Cover Story. While in a soundcheck toward the end of tour he had nothing more to say about it than “we’ll know” when he releases it, we feel like Kevin may Beyonce the whole thing. What does that mean? He’ll creep onto to Twitter and drop it like it’s hot at like 3AM. TURN ON YOUR MOBILE NOTIFICATIONS, MY FRIENDS! Kevin is sneaky.

5. He’s Filming St. Mary’s Secret. 

While Kevin doesn’t broadcast his acting ventures usually, according to IMDB, he is set to play Norman in a psychological thriller entitled St. Mary’s SecretWe can’t WAIT for details. In the meantime, you can now purchase his film Bloody IndulgentYou know, the movie that will make you look differently at Kevin forever….as a filthy mouthed vampire. Yeah, check it out.

Howie D.

6. Recording A Children’s Album?

While we’ve only heard about this project once, it WAS from Howie’s mouth. We haven’t heard much about it and we’re not sure if he made it up or what, but we’ll bite, Mr. D. We want to hear it!

7. He Filmed In Dead 7, too! 

While not too much was shared about Howie’s character in Dead 7, we did learn that he was “The Vaquero” and incredibly less scary than his bandmate, AJ McLean. We have enjoyed Howie’s acting gigs in the past, so we’re excited to see him again, even if it is on the small screen.

Nick Carter

Nick Collage

8. Dead 7 is COMPLETE!

After a few years, a few name changes, a few plot changes, etc., DEAD 7 HAS FINALLY BEEN FILMED! With a plethora of boybanders, 90s icons, comedians, and a Backstreet wife, the cast was filled with quite an assortment of people and we have no doubt that it will be a Sharknado-esque good time! If you missed any of our updates, check them out on the Dead7 page. Oh yeah, it will air on the SyFy network in April!

9. #TeamSharNick Is Burning Up The Dancefloor.

It’s the hottest thing in the Backstreet world right now and we do mean that literally and figuratively. 98% of the Backstreet Army are tuning into Dancing With The Stars every week this season to see Nick dancing with Sharna Burgess and showing a whole new side of himself. We’re obsessed with his button-popping, his shoe-throwing, his glass-breaking and his smooth moves. Oh, and let’s not forget, his GORGEOUS, talented, patient partner Sharna Burgess. If you’ve missed a second of it or you’re still confused about what’s going on, catch up here and on nickcarter.net for weekly recaps!

10. All American, the new solo album, will finally be released!

We’ve known about the album for less than a year, but we’ve been excited ever since we found out. Recently, Nick revealed that All American would be dropping in Japan in November, but has since changed his tune and said that it would “probably” drop worldwide at the same time. Probably because if it doesn’t, we’ll figure out a way to get it anyway. He also added that there’s consideration of a tour in January / February. Get your piggy banks ready!

Don’t wait for the album though! “I Will Wait”, the first single from All American, can be pre-ordered now on iTunes and Google Play. Also, you must see the video. If you haven’t already, lie and say you did because WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! Get all the order info and video here!

So there you have it – the Backstreet Boys are all over the place and busy as ever, but of course, we can’t wait to have them back all together in studio and on tour! Soon. Backstreet Soon. 😉

The 10 Commandments For Backstreet Boys Fans

Backstreet-Boys Commandments

  1. Thou shalt tell off any media that claims the Backstreet Boys ever broke up.
  2. Thou shalt rage when any Backstreet Boy is referred to as “former”.
  3. Thou shall not put any other boyband before your Backstreet Boys and refrain from comparing them to others – no one will ever be the BSB.
  4. Thou shall not understand “I Want It That Way”, but sing along everytime anyway.
  5. Thou shall ALWAYS answer “Yeah” to the following: “Am I original?”, “Am I the only one?”, “Am I sexual?”
  6. Thou shall always blame Nick Carter.
  7. Thou shall sing when Brian tells you to sing.
  8. Thou shall call out sick if work interferes with a Backstreet event.
  9. Thou shall not covet your fan-friend’s favorite Boy (unless it’s an understood agreement).
  10. Thou shall always love and support your Backstreet Boys because “as long as there’ll be music” they’ll be coming back again.