Why We’re So Proud of The Backstreet Boys 2019 Grammy Nomination

We all woke up today with the news that the Backstreet Boys are nominated for a Grammy for Best Pop Duo / Group Performance.


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7 Reasons The Backstreet Boys Deserve A Grammy

They’ve sold millions of albums worldwide. They’ve sold out tours in almost every country. After nearly 22 years together, the Backstreet Boys are still making music, touring, cruising and leaving other bands of their kind in the dust. There’s many things they have yet to do, but the biggest thing? Win a damn Grammy.

If you have wandered onto this page and thought “Uh, why do the Backstreet Boys deserve a Grammy?” – A.) What are you doing here?!, B.) Keep reading.

1. The Millenium Era

During the Millenium Era (1999), the Backstreet Boys were UNSTOPPABLE. They were winning everything – AMAs, Billboard Music Awards, MTV VMAS, Teen Choice, Kids Choice, EVERYONE’S CHOICE…. But the Grammys. While the Boys were nominated SEVEN times from 1999 – 2002, they have yet to win. TELL. ME. WHY.

Ain’t nothin’ but a mistake.

2. 22 Years. (UPDATE 2019: 25 Years)

They may not have always been popular in the U.S., but they made it eventually, and they made it in a way that blew everyone’s minds. When these Boys finally made it, they didn’t stop. 22 years later, they’re still making music that is worthy of any stage and any audience. Tell me again, where is NSYNC?

Why does 22 years together not warrant some kind of Achievement Grammy?!

3. Their Music Is Not/Has Never Been Junk.

These Boys can SING. Any group that can sing acapella at the drop of a hat, that doesn’t require autotune, writes a lot of their own music, has the ability to play instruments, and doesn’t have every other word bleeped out because the FCC approves their lyrics, DESERVES TO BE REWARDED.

4. They’re Doing It On Their Own.

No longer belonging to a record label gives more credit to the Backstreet Boys name. They’re controlling themselves and putting out the music they feel best reflects who they are. However, there was huge controversy last year when Macklemore won a Grammy without being on a record label, simply because a few years ago, this was unheard of.  By not being signed to a record label, the Backstreet Boys are not only more in control of their music, but their connections to fans. By pushing their online presence and growing their fanbase, they may just be able to push a little closer to that Grammy!  (To read more about the music industry and record label changes -> Click Here)

(UPDATE: Since this post was written, the Backstreet Boys have signed with RCA and are nominated. Let it be known that a LOT of their work was done without a record label though)

5. Everyone Loves A Surprise Win.

While we obviously don’t think the Backstreet Boys are an “underdog” by any means, the Recording Academy loves a good surprise win. Everyone also loves a good crying winner, and we can guarantee a 5-Man-Two-Eyed-Cry from these Boys (plus 232433 crying fans).  Plus, everyone watching would be like, “BACKSTREET BOYS?! I LOVED THOSE GUYS!” Then they’ll run to their computers/phones and download everything. It’s a win-win for everyone.

6. These Artists HAVE Won Grammys.

 Baha Men, Milli Vanilli (Before it was returned), Weird Al, Creed, MC Hammer, and Chamillionaire have all won Grammys. Dear 12,000 voting members of the Recording Academy, REDEEM YOURSELVES.

7. At This Point, They Deserve A Lifetime Achievement.

Does this really need an explanation? REALLY?!  Not only have they been nominated 7 times, they’ve performed by themselves and with Sir Elton John on The Grammys IN THE SAME YEAR.

Bonus points if Carlos Santana gives them the award. Does anyone need a reminder of the 2000 Grammy Awards when “Smooth” (featuring Santana, the only reason it won) walked away with almost every award the Backstreet Boys were nominated for?  We’re still bitter.

To read more about how Grammy nominations are decided on – CLICK HERE.

And for those of us that feel the need to REWATCH their Grammy performances this time of year: