7 Things We Think Each Backstreet Boy Has Inside Their Suitcases

If you’re Friends fans like we are, you’ll remember the episode where Chandler and Joey guess what’s in Rachel’s grocery bag. Honestly, that is what inspired this post (along with a conversation with friends about wondering about packing habits of the Boys from the Backstreet).

So, what else do we really have to do right now? These are things we came up with!

**Obviously, we do not know for sure, but welcome to the land of imagination**

Kevin’s Luggage


  • His Famous Jean Jacket
    • If you’ve seen Kevin at all since his return to Backstreet in 2014, you know that this sweet denim jacket has been all around the world and is a Richardson staple.
  • Books on Positivity
  • Team Gear
    • If you follow Kevin on Twitter (or in life), you know that he’s an avid football fan and we can’t imagine that he travels without something to show off his team spirit for the Kentucky Wildcats or the Kansas City Chiefs! There’s not one tour where something doesn’t make an appearance.
  • Small Plants
    • Ok…maybe not plants. But something made of plants? We just feel like he needs little pieces of nature.
  • A Map
    • The man is always on an adventure and we like to think he keeps it old school. Maybe with a compass and licking his finger to see which way the wind is blowing? All we know is that we want him to have his own show on the Travel Network ASAP.
  • Possibly A Bong

Howie’s Luggage


  • Dom Rebel Tees
    • If you’ve seen Howie in recent years, you’ve likely seen him in a Dom Rebel t-shirt. The shirts usually have well-known characters in different types of scenarios and the designer is actually a friend of his!
  • Cologne
    • Doesn’t he just look like he smells like a department store at all times? Or like, expensive wrapping paper? Something really wonderful and clean.
  • Money
    • For making it rain in da club!! Just kidding. He just seems like he’s always prepared for anything with cash on hand.
  • Hair Products
    • There’s never a hair out of place. Let’s be real. This is a given.
  • Ear Plugs
    • …to drown out Nick, Brian, and AJ.
  • Swag From Different Countries
    • Howie Dorough, king of swag! We definitely feel like his bags are full of things from around the world.

Brian’s Luggage


  • Family Photos
    • Anyone who knows Brian Littrell knows that family is of utmost importance to him and while they’re usually on the road with him, sometimes they’re not. For those times, we definitely think he keeps some photos on hand.
  • A Whole Bag Just For Shoes
    • Oh come on, you didn’t see this coming?! The man has a shoe for every outfit and we’re always waiting to see what graces his feet next (usually as they are flying 6 feet in the air).
  • The Hat of The Moment
    • One day, we’ll compose an ode to Brian’s hats as every one of them has really defined an era of Backstreet, more or less. What we do know is that whichever hat is The Chosen One, he ain’t leaving home without it.
  • Some Bling Bling
    • An admitted diamond lover, Brian’s wedding ring seems to shine bigger and brighter everytime we see it.
  • Weights
    • LOOK. AT. HIS. ARMS. There’s no way he’s not weighing down his bags with some kind of gym equipment. Maybe he should start marketing “Brian’s Get Buff In A Bag”.
  • A Bible
    • Aside from family, Brian’s faith is most important and this seems like a good addition.

AJ’s Luggage


  • Sunglasses
    • Do we need to explain? AJ has been wearing sunglasses here, there, and everywhere since he slid into our lives in ’93. He’s not going to stop now.
  • Nail Polish
    • While he’s been open about that manicure life, any nail connoisseur knows that you don’t travel without a bottle for touch ups.
  • Recording Equipment
    • Mr. McLean is always working on an album so…
  • Shoes
    • Just like Brian, he’s a self-proclaimed “sneaker head” and we can’t imagine that he travels lightly when it comes to sneakers. FASHION, ya know?
  • Hats
    • What makes AJ, AJ? Sunglasses and HATS! At least it’s no longer butterfly clips circa 1999.
  • Plans For Other Projects
    • We feel like AJ always has at least 3 projects on the table at all times and is always dreaming up new ones to work on. We like to imagine a notebook full of plans!

Nick’s Luggage


  • Camo Pants
    • CAMO PANTS. CAMO SHORTS. CAMO HATS. CAMO CAMO. It’s a wonder we can even see Nick with all the camouflage he owns. (Get it? Heh.)
  • A Hat
    • If you’ve been a BSB fan for a while, you know that around the halfway mark in tour, Nick gets tired of his hair…and puts on a hat. There it stays until his hair is to his satisfaction again. Honestly, it suits him.
  • Photos of The Fam
    • After his son was born, Nick posted that they take polaroids before he leaves the house – a set to keep at home and one to take with him. Isn’t that the sweeeetest?
  • A Guitar
    • Sometimes those acoustic jams just hit him, you know? And sometimes he decides that there should be events so obviously, he NEEDS his guitar.
  • A Laptop
    • Whether it be for DJing at afterparties, family skype sessions, or just to do some thangs, we feel like Nick has a computing device on him at all times.
  • Nintendo Switch
    • Because Nick is Nick. The latest and greatest in video games seems necessary.