14 People Who Surprised Fans With Backstreet Boys Themed Gifts

Because the Backstreet Boys have been together for 20+ years, most of us have been fans for quite a long time. What this means is that more often than not, if the Boys are in town, on TV, in the news, turning around twice in the presence of our friends and family, they’re going to tell us about it.

Sometimes, though, those closest to us have done the kindest Backstreet-themed things for us, even if they’re not fans themselves. We gave you an opportunity a few weeks ago to tell us about the best BSB surprises you’ve ever received and give a shout out to those who have done these things for you.

We must say, we are very impressed (and super jealous)!

“My friend, Ruthie, who I met at the This Is Us tour in 2010, bought me VIP and a flight to see Backstreet Boys and Florida Georgia line in Chicago in August to celebrate my up and coming wedding. It was so sweet of her and I’m super excited to make these new memories with her.” – Brittany Nicole

“I know it’s not the typical friend story. When I was younger I had an older couple that was friends with my family. Anyways they are like another set of parents to me. But long story short. They were nice enough to invite me to their house and watch the “Welcome home New Years concert back in the day. They had bought my tickets to both the Millennium tour and Black & Blue tour. I’m so grateful that have a allowed a teenage girl to live out some of her dreams and see her idols in person!” – Melissa Wiggins

“We knew a couple visiting Florida from Vancouver, whom we’d first met less than a year earlier on the first BSB cruise, so we invited them to stay with us. The wife and I were going to see the NKOTBSB show while our men hung out. When I got out of work the day they arrived, I parked in my garage and saw a piece of paper taped to the door to the house. They had surprised me with a gold VIP for the show! It was a very generous gift, and they said it was to thank us for allowing them to stay at our house. It was an amazing show and experience I’ll never forget!” – Sandra

“In 2014, my brother threw me a BSB themed surprise birthday party. It was truely a surprise! He went through all my BSB stuff and took posters and all. My birthday cake even included the first picture I took with Howie! So much fun. When I walked into my parents house they all yelled surprise and Backstreets back started playing! It was awesome and so funny at the same time. I have some cool pictures to share if you want to see.” – Yadachi Porto

“I meet Andie before the 2014 cruise. Since then we have traveled near and far for many Backstreet events. Last November she sent me a text asking what I was doing the weekend of March 10/11. I said nothing and she surprised me with tickets to both concert dates in Vegas. She was like Merry Christmas and Happy Early Birthday! I was completely shocked. We are always thinking of ways to surprise each other and this was over the top! I’m thankful for our friendship and was completely overwhelmed by her gesture.” – Ashley Robinson

“In 2011, for the NKOTBSB tour, I had planned to do my first real VIP with my friends in Orlando, but my mom had gotten sick and I lost my concert photography job due to cutbacks and wasn’t able to afford it. Thankfully my friend Sarah and several other friends got together and for my birthday (since the concert was 10 days later), got me a Gold VIP. One of the nicest things anybody has done for me!” – Karah-Leigh

“My BSB sister Elin Jakobsen has given me very cool gifts. I’m a Brian girl. The last gift was a T-shirt saying: ‘It’s a Brian thing. You wouldn’t understand.’ And for my 40th Birthday party, she gave me the Show’Em movie and a beautiful heartfelt letter with a picture of shirtless Brian from the Show’em music video.” – Sylvi-Ann Haugen

“My best friend invited me to a “brides day” before I got married. It was just about the the two of us – a walk down on memory Lane. After a whole day of fun girl activities we sat down and watched old concert tapes all day. She always liked the boys but was not a huge fan and at that time my fangirl was pretty much sleeping – but that day? It got me hooked all over again. So much that I made a Journey song to my wedding song (there are these old concert recordings where Nick sings ‘Open Arms’).” – Jessica

“My friends threw me a BSB themed birthday party. There were cups that said BSB, cake had BSB written on it, BSB decorations and I even had a BSB birthday crown. It was awesome.” – Noora

“When I was 13, my friend Elsbeth surprised me with an invitation to go with her to a Backstreet Boys concert. Into the Millennium tour. This was my first concert ever and the boys just stole my heart immediately. So, thank you Elsbeth for taking me. It changed my life.” – Nele

“It’s my Godfather who did something awesome for me. I was in 7th or 8th grade. He told me for every A I got in my report card, he would give me $100. Little did he know, I was a straight A student  When he realized he would owe me like $1000, he called a friend who called a friend who called a friend, and surprised me with 3rd row floor tickets for the next Bsckstreet Boys concert ️It was the first time I got that close at the time.” – Anne

“My best friend Shiran made me for my birthday a book that called ‘Once Upon A Backstreet Time’. Inside the book there are all the experiences that relate to the Backstreet (shows, tweets, meet and greet, cruise, after party etc.).” – Efrat

“One of my really close friends, who’s basically like family, was supposed to go to the IAWLT tour with me in 8/13. We had accidentally purchased tickets on different days. We just ignored it because there were other people coming to both shows anyway, so days/weeks pass, and she calls me to tell me she can’t make it because of an emergency. So she gave me the ticket to my VERY first BSB show EVER! And, I got to see them TWICE that weekend, and at AGT (the two shows were in Jersey.) THANKS YIRIA!” – Deyanira Santana

“My best friend, Jeff, told me he had a surprise for me that would make me love the boys even more. I had no idea what it could be. When I saw him next he handed me a clear container with all the action figures from Burger King in it! I squealed and fangirled and laughed. He said “wait there’s more!” And then his mom came in with something big concealed by a blanket, when she removed the blanket it was a framed poster from the millennium era. Then I noticed the signatures and I legit screamed. Apparently his other best friend was at a garage sale, saw the stuff and told Jeff about it knowing I loved bsb so he bought them and Jeff paid him back. The poster is hanging on my wall as a reminder of how awesome my best friend is.” – Dani


12 Vows We’ve All Made To Our Best Backstreet Boys Fan Friends

From the outside, most people would think that our deepest connections as Backstreet Boys fans would be with the Backstreet Boys themselves. They think we travel thousands of miles and spend hundreds of dollars to see Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick alone when the truth is…

Sometimes we do it for our friends.

Being fans of a group for 20+ years means always meeting new people in new places that share your zest for BSB. These people are sometimes in your town, sometimes on the other side of the country, and often on the other side of the world. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to find fans that become our best friends (or our best friends become fans after we drag them to enough shows).

Either way, there are some vows that we take as best-fan-friends, whether spoken or unspoken, because the friendships we’ve made with these people are important. We’re willing to bet that you’ve promised some of the following to each other. If you haven’t, you should probably print and sign now.

1. I Promise To Hold Your Drink When Your Favorite Comes Near.


If a hand is free, the vow includes taking photo of you and your designated fave interacting / near each other.

2. I Promise To Let You Use My Phone For Selfies In The Opportunity Presents Itself.


Between the two (or three of you), there is one person with a better phone for selfies and battery life. The best of friends have a game plan for whose phone will be used for what and at least one of you is there to ensure that something with photo-taking capacity is charged.

3. I Promise To Practice Your Meet And Greet Pose With You. 


New VIP experience? That obviously means new photo with the Backstreet Boys and days/weeks/months of deciding what you’re going to do or say. Who better to rehearse it with than your best fan friend? “Ok, you act like you’re Nick!” is not an uncommon phrase amongst the two of you.

4. I Promise To Tell You The Truth About Your Outfit Options.


Near or far, you’ve seen all of each other’s concert outfit options via text, Skype, descriptive conversations and more. You’d never DREAM of letting your girl (or boy) look like a hot mess. She / he has to keep up with you, after all.

5. I Promise To Speak Up To A Backstreet Boy For You When You Can’t. 


BSB Brain take over? You speak for your BFF better than anyone and she’d do the same for you. She might not know her name to tell Kevin, but you do and by God, he’s going to know it!

6. I Promise To Keep You Fed and Hydrated.


Friends don’t let friends pass out at events. Neither one of you has time for medics.

7. I Promise To Not Let You Embarrass Yourself…Alone.


If you’re going to sing out loud off key, your friend is going to too. If you’re going to scream in Brian’s face…well…he/she might laugh at you, but won’t make you feel bad about it!

8. I Promise To Dance.


You guys definitely did NOT come to a Backstreet Boys concert to sit down! Rhythm or not.

9. I Promise To Hang Out With You In Sickness and In Health.


You traveled long distances to be together and Nick Carter got one of you got sick. You can guarantee your friend is going to nurse you back to health, stay in the room with you until event time, or hold you up and wave your arms around for you.

10. I Promise To Hypothesize and Rehash.


You guys are the only ones that share the memories you share. You’re going to soak them up like sponges and tell the stories (back and forth to each other) for years to come. There’s also the added bonus of future plans (because in the middle of rehashing, it’s inevitable that you’re going to say “Next time…”).

11. I Promise To Never Switch Boys.


You each know your BSB “line up” backwards and forwards. Whether you’re deadset on a “favorite” or not, you definitely have a preference and your BFF knows as you know hers/his. You don’t change willy nilly.

12. I Promise To Be Friends – Backstreet or Not.


After all the memories, all the events, all the dancing, embarrassment, etc., you always have each other. During those times the Backstreet Boys are taking time off, you have your best fan friends who have become simply your best friends. It started with the music and ended up with some of our favorite friendships. Sometimes, that’s all you need to have a good time (but a Backstreet Boy definitely helps).

Hey Backstreet Boys – thanks for the best friends we could ever ask for!








27 Reactions Backstreet Boys Fans Have (As Portrayed By The Cast of “Friends”)

In the same year that the Backstreet Boys came together, a show named Friends also hit the airwaves. Let’s face it, many of us would have never made it through the 90s without Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Kevin, AJ, Howie, Brian and Nick. Some of us totally relate to the cast of Friends in our own lives and our fangirl lives are no exception. Check out these gifs (all courtesy of giphy.com) for every Backstreet fan reaction as relayed by the Gellars, Bings, Buffay, Tribbiani and Green. *clap, clap, clap, clap*

1.When Someone Asks You If The Backstreet Boys Are Still Together

2. When A Backstreet Boy Tweets And Ignores The You’re/Your Spelling

3. When They Don’t Tweet You….AND YOU CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHY.

4. ….But When One of Them FINALLY Does Tweet You….

5. That Day Your Favorite Backstreet Boy Got Married

6. You Still Don’t Understand All That Hate Our Boys / Wives Get

7. When You’re All Up In That Backstreet Afterparty! 

8. “Aren’t You Too OLD To Be Fangirling?”

9. EVERYTIME You See Nick / Kevin / Brian / Howie / AJ In Person

10. When You Have To Leave Your Fan-Friends After An Event

11. EVERY Backstreet Boys Cruise You’ve Ever Been On


13. “…Former Backstreet Boy…”

14. When You’re Planning Tour Trips With Your Friends

15. When You Scored Those Fan Pit Tix 

16. When The Backstreet Boys Throw Shade Online / In An Interview

17. When You Go Into VIP and CAN NOT Control Yourself. I Mean, Really… What Did You Just Do?!

18. When The Backstreet Boys Say They’ll Have An Announcement “Tomorrow” (Backstreet Time FOREVER!)

19. When You Can’t Get Off Work For An Event…

20. At The Beginning. Of. Every. Concert.

21. “Ew! The Backstreet Boys Are NOT Hot!”

22. When That Post-Concert Depression Kicks In

23. Every New Backstreet Project

24. A Week After You Got Too Close To Nick AKA Nick Plague

25. New Album?! NEW TOUR?! CRUISE!?!?

26. One Of Those Backstreet “Special Announcements”

27. When You’re Just SO Eternally Grateful For All The Awesome People You’ve Met Because Of The Boys