Fans, It’s Time To Celebrate… Our Backstreet Boys and Each Other


Wow, wow, wow! What a year 2017 has been for the Backstreet Boys and it’s not even halfway over.

There’s festivals.

There’s TV appearances.

There’s LAS VEGAS.

There’s the Smooth tour.

There’s a cruise.

There’s an upcoming world tour.

There’s a buzz in the air.

There’s a whole lot of love for the Backstreet Boys.

So why are we not all celebrating it?

We’re so thrilled that Brian, AJ, Nick, Kevin, and Howie are back on the scene in a very big way. We’re so excited for all the things that have happened and all the things that are yet to come. We’re so happy for every fan that can participate in any event and we’re anxious for fans that are waiting for their turn – because we know that good things come to those who wait.

We’re simply asking that you join us in celebrating.

We know it’s easy to get bummed out if you can’t go to something or events are simply too far, too expensive, etc. We also know that happiness is a choice and that looking forward helps immensely. We 1000% believe that the Backstreet Boys are doing what they can to reach everyone worldwide and trying to give everyone more opportunities to connect — we hope you do too.

The Backstreet Boys aren’t going anywhere.

They’ve proven time and time again that they do what they can for us.

After 24 years, they’ve been coming FOR. US.

This year has been H U G E for them and it’s time that we’re there for them. If not physically, supportive. Slow down on asking them what else they can do for us all the time and let them know how excited you are for them and what’s to come.

Give them time. Let them breathe. They’ll make their way back.

Celebrate other fans.

We completely understand feeling left out, but it’s going to be alright – we promise. But please, please try being positive. Be happy for your friends and mean it. Don’t focus on what you can’t do, but what you can (like text your people the whole time they’re at an event and ask for a play by play).

We are making a conscience effort to be inclusive of all fans all over the world – to tweet and post and write to bring everyone together and make everyone feel like they’re at an event. We hear you, we read everything you send in, and we appreciate every one of you. We don’t appreciate knocking of other fans or the Boys themselves.

BOTTOM LINE: We know how powerful Backstreet fans can be when we all work together positively. We know how it feels when we all band together to work toward a common cause.

Let’s celebrate Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick.

Let’s celebrate each other.

Let’s enjoy this time. Let’s think about each other. Let’s be helpful to each other. Let’s be kind. Let’s be creative, positive, and powerful without bringing each other down.

Believe in ourselves and believe in them. Believe that really great things are happening and the best is yet to come.

We do.




14 People Who Surprised Fans With Backstreet Boys Themed Gifts

Because the Backstreet Boys have been together for 20+ years, most of us have been fans for quite a long time. What this means is that more often than not, if the Boys are in town, on TV, in the news, turning around twice in the presence of our friends and family, they’re going to tell us about it.

Sometimes, though, those closest to us have done the kindest Backstreet-themed things for us, even if they’re not fans themselves. We gave you an opportunity a few weeks ago to tell us about the best BSB surprises you’ve ever received and give a shout out to those who have done these things for you.

We must say, we are very impressed (and super jealous)!

“My friend, Ruthie, who I met at the This Is Us tour in 2010, bought me VIP and a flight to see Backstreet Boys and Florida Georgia line in Chicago in August to celebrate my up and coming wedding. It was so sweet of her and I’m super excited to make these new memories with her.” – Brittany Nicole

“I know it’s not the typical friend story. When I was younger I had an older couple that was friends with my family. Anyways they are like another set of parents to me. But long story short. They were nice enough to invite me to their house and watch the “Welcome home New Years concert back in the day. They had bought my tickets to both the Millennium tour and Black & Blue tour. I’m so grateful that have a allowed a teenage girl to live out some of her dreams and see her idols in person!” – Melissa Wiggins

“We knew a couple visiting Florida from Vancouver, whom we’d first met less than a year earlier on the first BSB cruise, so we invited them to stay with us. The wife and I were going to see the NKOTBSB show while our men hung out. When I got out of work the day they arrived, I parked in my garage and saw a piece of paper taped to the door to the house. They had surprised me with a gold VIP for the show! It was a very generous gift, and they said it was to thank us for allowing them to stay at our house. It was an amazing show and experience I’ll never forget!” – Sandra

“In 2014, my brother threw me a BSB themed surprise birthday party. It was truely a surprise! He went through all my BSB stuff and took posters and all. My birthday cake even included the first picture I took with Howie! So much fun. When I walked into my parents house they all yelled surprise and Backstreets back started playing! It was awesome and so funny at the same time. I have some cool pictures to share if you want to see.” – Yadachi Porto

“I meet Andie before the 2014 cruise. Since then we have traveled near and far for many Backstreet events. Last November she sent me a text asking what I was doing the weekend of March 10/11. I said nothing and she surprised me with tickets to both concert dates in Vegas. She was like Merry Christmas and Happy Early Birthday! I was completely shocked. We are always thinking of ways to surprise each other and this was over the top! I’m thankful for our friendship and was completely overwhelmed by her gesture.” – Ashley Robinson

“In 2011, for the NKOTBSB tour, I had planned to do my first real VIP with my friends in Orlando, but my mom had gotten sick and I lost my concert photography job due to cutbacks and wasn’t able to afford it. Thankfully my friend Sarah and several other friends got together and for my birthday (since the concert was 10 days later), got me a Gold VIP. One of the nicest things anybody has done for me!” – Karah-Leigh

“My BSB sister Elin Jakobsen has given me very cool gifts. I’m a Brian girl. The last gift was a T-shirt saying: ‘It’s a Brian thing. You wouldn’t understand.’ And for my 40th Birthday party, she gave me the Show’Em movie and a beautiful heartfelt letter with a picture of shirtless Brian from the Show’em music video.” – Sylvi-Ann Haugen

“My best friend invited me to a “brides day” before I got married. It was just about the the two of us – a walk down on memory Lane. After a whole day of fun girl activities we sat down and watched old concert tapes all day. She always liked the boys but was not a huge fan and at that time my fangirl was pretty much sleeping – but that day? It got me hooked all over again. So much that I made a Journey song to my wedding song (there are these old concert recordings where Nick sings ‘Open Arms’).” – Jessica

“My friends threw me a BSB themed birthday party. There were cups that said BSB, cake had BSB written on it, BSB decorations and I even had a BSB birthday crown. It was awesome.” – Noora

“When I was 13, my friend Elsbeth surprised me with an invitation to go with her to a Backstreet Boys concert. Into the Millennium tour. This was my first concert ever and the boys just stole my heart immediately. So, thank you Elsbeth for taking me. It changed my life.” – Nele

“It’s my Godfather who did something awesome for me. I was in 7th or 8th grade. He told me for every A I got in my report card, he would give me $100. Little did he know, I was a straight A student  When he realized he would owe me like $1000, he called a friend who called a friend who called a friend, and surprised me with 3rd row floor tickets for the next Bsckstreet Boys concert ️It was the first time I got that close at the time.” – Anne

“My best friend Shiran made me for my birthday a book that called ‘Once Upon A Backstreet Time’. Inside the book there are all the experiences that relate to the Backstreet (shows, tweets, meet and greet, cruise, after party etc.).” – Efrat

“One of my really close friends, who’s basically like family, was supposed to go to the IAWLT tour with me in 8/13. We had accidentally purchased tickets on different days. We just ignored it because there were other people coming to both shows anyway, so days/weeks pass, and she calls me to tell me she can’t make it because of an emergency. So she gave me the ticket to my VERY first BSB show EVER! And, I got to see them TWICE that weekend, and at AGT (the two shows were in Jersey.) THANKS YIRIA!” – Deyanira Santana

“My best friend, Jeff, told me he had a surprise for me that would make me love the boys even more. I had no idea what it could be. When I saw him next he handed me a clear container with all the action figures from Burger King in it! I squealed and fangirled and laughed. He said “wait there’s more!” And then his mom came in with something big concealed by a blanket, when she removed the blanket it was a framed poster from the millennium era. Then I noticed the signatures and I legit screamed. Apparently his other best friend was at a garage sale, saw the stuff and told Jeff about it knowing I loved bsb so he bought them and Jeff paid him back. The poster is hanging on my wall as a reminder of how awesome my best friend is.” – Dani

8 Little Lies All Backstreet Boys Fans Tell Themselves

Some of us have been Backstreet Boys fans for 24 years and some of us have been fans for 24 months. No matter how long you’ve been a fan though, you’re bound to tell yourself / your friends some of these little white lies that you’ll actually believe for 30 minutes…or years. You may not even admit it now, but at some point in your life, you’re going to say, “Yeah, WHOTB was right…”

We can bet on it.

Because we’re guilty too, of course.

1. “I’m only going to one show.”


This one is usually accompanied by a group of friends that have all decided (are lying) that they’re only going to do one show too or a group of friends that will ultimately influence you to do more. Whether it’s weeks before you go to your “only show” or in the middle of your “only show”, you’re definitely going to be buying more tickets.

The Backstreet Boys are essentially potato chips and you can’t have just one.

Especially when the potato chips look like Backstreet Boys.

2. “Ok, I’m going to 3 shows, but I’m definitely not doing VIP.”


So what you’re saying issss that you’re going to a Backstreet Boys concert multiple times and going to resist being close enough to smell them after you did so 45 times last tour? No one believes you. You don’t even believe you. “Not doing VIP” really means “I don’t know which level I’m buying” or “I am just saying that so Nick will tweet me telling me that I NEED to come to VIP but I really already bought 5”.

Most of us end up with the reasoning that life is short and VIP experiences are crack.

And if you’re not done lying to yourself by the time VIP sells out, well, everyone better stand back.

3. “Nick totally sang to me for like, 10 minutes.”


I don’t care who your favorite Backstreet Boy is, most of us have been under the Nick Carter spell at one time or another during a concert. You know those portraits in mansions and museums that feel like they’re always looking at you? Somehow, Nick is the live, thrusting version of those paintings.

You will leave the concert exclaiming how ‘OMGZ, Nick TOTALLY sang to me / stared at me / breathed on me for 10 minutes’. You will spend the next 72 hours – 6 months looking for a video of that moment. Some of us never find the moment and some of us do. Usually, those of us that do respond to it with “wait, that was it?” because it was really maybe 5 seconds. It may have been the girl beside you.

Actually, he may have just sneezed / twitched in your general direction. BUT STILL…

4. “[Favorite BSB] and I had a moment.”


Similar to #3, we hardly ever leave a BSB event without claiming our connection with our favorite member onstage. Obviously no one else saw it because they were connecting with THEIR favorite Backstreet Boy.

If all else fails, you’ll for sure claim that Howie wink during “Incomplete”.

5. “I’m never affected when I meet the Backstreet Boys anymore.”


If you’re a chronic VIP-goer or have simply lucked into meeting the Backstreet Boys multiple times, you’ve probably acted totally nonchalant about all of it to your friends at work who are in awe of your photos or your high school friends who are living vicariously. “Oh, Kevin? Yes, yes…we sip champagne and have all the conversation.”

Only you know that your insides get hot at the sight of Kevin, Brian, AJ, Howie or Nick and that you want to cry a little and pee your pants at the same time.

6. “I think I’ll be okay leaving [insert BSB event] this time.”


What-the-hell-ever. PCD (Post Concert Depression) is REAL. I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did, OR HOW GOOD YOUR EXPERIENCE WAS… you’re not going to be okay leaving. You’re going to want to go back. Leaving a city / venue after a BSB event feels like your mom just dropped you off at Kindergarten and all you want to do is go back home.

Nothing is okay.

But it will be once you get your hands on new BSB plans – the only antidote.

7. “I really do believe them that the album will be out at the time Kevin told us.”


We believe words the Backstreet Boys say like we believe in Santa Claus; the magic is real, but the thing… probably isn’t. However, like Santa, they always deliver. So, there’s no harm in believing this lie. It’s really only to protect ourselves and usually to combat the side effects of #6.

8. “Maybe I’m done with being a fan.”


PLEASE. Of course, there’s ups and downs to truly loving anything and being loyal, but at the end of the day…. you’re probably just PMSing. If you stuck it out with the Backstreet Boys this far, you’re in it for life.

I feel like it’s encoded in our DNA at this point, right? KTBSPA 4 Lyfe. Permanent Stain, for sure.

Have You Misheard Backstreet Boys Lyrics? Tell Us!

UPDATE: Read the post here.

So remember that time when you were in elementary school (or somewhere around there) and heard a BSB song for the first time (or 500 times)?

Did it really matter then what they were saying? They were just sooooo dreamy *sigh* …

Well, they still are dreamy, and we know NOW that we’re older we can relate to their lyrics more than ever (and are hopefully singing the correct ones)!

We want to hear from you—what are the most common or funniest misheard lyrics that you thought they were, or are still convinced they are? I know my 9 year old self has quite a lot…

Can’t wait to hear what you all used to (or still do) sing!


12 Vows We’ve All Made To Our Best Backstreet Boys Fan Friends

From the outside, most people would think that our deepest connections as Backstreet Boys fans would be with the Backstreet Boys themselves. They think we travel thousands of miles and spend hundreds of dollars to see Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick alone when the truth is…

Sometimes we do it for our friends.

Being fans of a group for 20+ years means always meeting new people in new places that share your zest for BSB. These people are sometimes in your town, sometimes on the other side of the country, and often on the other side of the world. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to find fans that become our best friends (or our best friends become fans after we drag them to enough shows).

Either way, there are some vows that we take as best-fan-friends, whether spoken or unspoken, because the friendships we’ve made with these people are important. We’re willing to bet that you’ve promised some of the following to each other. If you haven’t, you should probably print and sign now.

1. I Promise To Hold Your Drink When Your Favorite Comes Near.


If a hand is free, the vow includes taking photo of you and your designated fave interacting / near each other.

2. I Promise To Let You Use My Phone For Selfies In The Opportunity Presents Itself.


Between the two (or three of you), there is one person with a better phone for selfies and battery life. The best of friends have a game plan for whose phone will be used for what and at least one of you is there to ensure that something with photo-taking capacity is charged.

3. I Promise To Practice Your Meet And Greet Pose With You. 


New VIP experience? That obviously means new photo with the Backstreet Boys and days/weeks/months of deciding what you’re going to do or say. Who better to rehearse it with than your best fan friend? “Ok, you act like you’re Nick!” is not an uncommon phrase amongst the two of you.

4. I Promise To Tell You The Truth About Your Outfit Options.


Near or far, you’ve seen all of each other’s concert outfit options via text, Skype, descriptive conversations and more. You’d never DREAM of letting your girl (or boy) look like a hot mess. She / he has to keep up with you, after all.

5. I Promise To Speak Up To A Backstreet Boy For You When You Can’t. 


BSB Brain take over? You speak for your BFF better than anyone and she’d do the same for you. She might not know her name to tell Kevin, but you do and by God, he’s going to know it!

6. I Promise To Keep You Fed and Hydrated.


Friends don’t let friends pass out at events. Neither one of you has time for medics.

7. I Promise To Not Let You Embarrass Yourself…Alone.


If you’re going to sing out loud off key, your friend is going to too. If you’re going to scream in Brian’s face…well…he/she might laugh at you, but won’t make you feel bad about it!

8. I Promise To Dance.


You guys definitely did NOT come to a Backstreet Boys concert to sit down! Rhythm or not.

9. I Promise To Hang Out With You In Sickness and In Health.


You traveled long distances to be together and Nick Carter got one of you got sick. You can guarantee your friend is going to nurse you back to health, stay in the room with you until event time, or hold you up and wave your arms around for you.

10. I Promise To Hypothesize and Rehash.


You guys are the only ones that share the memories you share. You’re going to soak them up like sponges and tell the stories (back and forth to each other) for years to come. There’s also the added bonus of future plans (because in the middle of rehashing, it’s inevitable that you’re going to say “Next time…”).

11. I Promise To Never Switch Boys.


You each know your BSB “line up” backwards and forwards. Whether you’re deadset on a “favorite” or not, you definitely have a preference and your BFF knows as you know hers/his. You don’t change willy nilly.

12. I Promise To Be Friends – Backstreet or Not.


After all the memories, all the events, all the dancing, embarrassment, etc., you always have each other. During those times the Backstreet Boys are taking time off, you have your best fan friends who have become simply your best friends. It started with the music and ended up with some of our favorite friendships. Sometimes, that’s all you need to have a good time (but a Backstreet Boy definitely helps).

Hey Backstreet Boys – thanks for the best friends we could ever ask for!








36 Backstreet Boys VIP Addicts Tell All

Once upon a time, meeting the Backstreet Boys was not an easy thing to do.

Then VIP meet and greet packages were created and we’ve been addicted (and a little broke) ever since!

Last week, we asked those of you who have done 5 or more official VIP meet and greets (concerts, cruise and afterparties) to share with us what makes you addicted, your favorite VIP memories and the advice you have for others who may be on the fence about it or may be going for the first time. The response was overwhelming! Thanks to everyone who spent the time to write in.

Enjoy this episode of “True Life: I’m a BSB VIP Addict” 😉

Name: Jenn

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 6

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: When I was wearing my minions bsb shirt and Kevin pointed it out. Had a minor fan moment at that but it really sticks out as my favorite!

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Just to stay calm, also try not to ask the same questions that have been asked a million times. Try to not spend the whole time taking pictures, you’re going to be too distracted on the camera and not fully enjoying the experience.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: I’d love if there was more candid pics from during the soundtrack. That way you don’t feel like it’s as needed to take so many pics of your own.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: Each time is a whole new experience. You never have the same exact thing twice.


How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 7

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: My favorite VIP memory was IAWLT Tour Jones Beach, NY on June 22, 2014. I did the VIP M&G before the show and then did it again before the AP started. The AP M&G was the best because when it was my turn with the Boys, I whispered to A.J. “If you have time later, would you please sign my arm?” He responded “Definitely, I promise”. Later during the AP, I was standing in the back of the crowd (which was wildly dancing), when all of a sudden, A.J. (who skipped many APs and we all know why) jumped from the stage into the middle of the crowd (OMG so dangerous). Of course the crowd swarmed him. He started spinning around and searching the crowd. After a minute of searching he spotted me in the back and locked eyes with me. Thats when I pushed my way through the sea of crazed females and reached him. As all the girls starred, he said “Hey I’m keeping my promise” and he pulled out a sharpie marker, took my arm and signed it next to my “KTBSPA” tattoo. He then gave me a hug and I thanked him. I stayed the rest of the party and caught up with a few friends. When the party was over, my friends and I went to see if we could catch the buses but it was too late. Drove home that night and showered but didn’t let my one arm touch any soap or water. I made sure to sleep with my arm protected with plastic wrap. The next morning I went straight to my tattoo artist. He tattooed right over the sharpie signature. It looks exactly how A.J. signed it; every stroke. My tattoo was also featured on JoJo’s Behind The Scenes of A.J.’s Live Together Music Video Shoot. I am the bright red head in the music video behind A.J.. Thanks for letting me share my story.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: VIP is the only way to go. You get more time with the boys, closer to the boys during the concert and they seem to really remember you more. Sound checks are fun and intimate. The photo shoots are more personal. Not doing VIP is like going through World War 3. Battling all the girls just to get closer to the boys is like a blood bath.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Backstage time with the boys in their green room. VIP exclusive merchandise. Use of props during the VIP photo shoots. Autograped VIP Laminates.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: The fact that I know I can make myself more known to the boys. Feels like they pay more attention to VIPs.

Name: Kristen

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: Too many to count

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: My favorite memory is when Nick and Kevin rubbed my pregnant belly 🙂

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Try not to rush and just enjoy the experience. Don’t fret about the photo- just enjoy meeting each backstreet boy- be present in the moment.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Sound check
Mix and mingle event where they come around and chat
One VIP should be chosen to go on stage at the show

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: Time with the boys, the entire experience

Name: Ashley Darpino

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 6

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: It’s hard to pick just one favorite, there have been so many memorable moments. Funny enough one of my favorites I didn’t even see. It was during BSB Takes NYC during sound check. The boys I believe started Larger Then Life and they came into the audience. I saw AJ run past and I turned to watch where he was going not realizing someone was behind him. Suddenly I’m being shaken and my girls are going ashhhhh ashhhhh. I whip around and go what?!?! And there’s Brian staring in my face. He just serenaded the back of my head! I will never ever live that down!!

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: 1. Don’t have food on you, Nick will sniff it out. That goes for coconut scented body spray too lol

2. Kevin and Howie may need you to get their attention, they tend to not pay attention..

3. Speaking of Kevin, he like to hug, as they all do but he’ll just grab you, Brian tends to do that too.

4. Don’t look in Kevin’s eyes, you have been warned

5. Nick and Howie like their asses grabbed

6. Howie may say something to you in Spanish, and may tickle you.

7. Nick loves attention

8. If there’s a Q&A, ask good questions and not the same “boxers or briefs”

9. You may or may not end up on IG

10. Have fun!!!!

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: I’d love for the backstage tour to come back and I really loved the champagne toast from nick and knight.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: The boys!!! Every time you meet them you fall more more and more in love with them. And it’s a lot of fun!

Name: Aimee Bishop

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 3

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: The boys remembering me and my horror pregnancy.. then AJ asking how it went, everyone stopped and gathered round me. We all chatted for ages about babies ect.. then Nick asked what my sons name was.. erm Nicholas… he went Omg lil Nick lil Nick and came and grabbed me all excitidly.. was soo awesome and I def had more time with them than I should..

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Just be yourself, remember they are just people.. be coool ladies, be cool!!!!

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Erm….. maybe way more time! It goes too quick. Something less formal so maybe just sitting around together and chatting..

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: My love for them and knowing theres a hug in it!!!

Name: Sonya

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 7

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: I can’t pin point one in particular. But if I had to pick one it would be the one for the first let of In A World Like This. Mainly because I won and didn’t know until the last minute. The only reason why I signed up was because a friend and I had seats together at the Detroit show two days before and she said if she won she’d take me to Ohio. So to increase our chances I entered too. So, I had to hurry up and find tickets to the show. The friend ended up not being about to go so I had to ask someone else. We left Michigan around 7 and got to Ohio around 11ish.

We hung out in the parking lot and got pictures with Howie and Nick and another friend and her husband ended up coming as well and we all went to the after party.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Be clam. Their just people like you and I so there’s no reason to be nervous.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: A little longer time. I know that’s hard but it would be nice.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: Seeing the boys. The money makes it hard but it’s always fun to make new friends and chat with old ones.

Name: Jaime

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 10

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: Hard to choose just one but my fave picture is where I’m standing by aj and he has his arm out saying she’s mine boys lol!

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Take a deep breath, everything is going to fine! They are just 5 regular guys who happen to be pop stars! Try to remain calm, don’t be afraid to talk to them!

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: More fan interactions, perhaps more than just a meet and greet like bowling with BSB!

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: I’m not sure I just really love these guys!

Name: Stephanie Mayse

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 10

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: Probably the 20 anniversary fan event. Brian greeted with a smile and hug and when I got to Kevin and I told him I was from his home town he went crazy! Grabbed me and said sit on my knee, he also grabbed my friend and wouldn’t let her go either . After the greet me and her looked at one another and was what just happened . It’s a memory we can share for a life time

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Just breathe. If there’s something you wanna tell the boys do it!. And if u have a favorite boy make sure u go to them first.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: That it isn’t so rushed that we can take a minute to breathe and talk to the guys for A few minutes

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: The love the boys have for their fans . I always leave feeing like they care reguardless of how rushed it was.

Name: Stefie

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 17 vip + 2 after parties + 3 cruises

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: I have so many!! So many!! But I think that my vip in Cleveland for IAWLT is to this date probably the best … It was not to crowd and the boys were in a great mood ! I also have a great memorie there because of Q who always make sure to make us laugh! I had a platinu with my 2 friends which one of them was her first vip we decide to share our pictures… 1 hugs . 1 funny and 1 normal! AJ told me how he think it was so original * which it was really not lol* when we got to take the funny one Justin trip on the chair and end up on the floor … I don’t remember who but one of the guys said ” he took funny the heart” it was just a great day and i love vip not just for the boys but for the whole crew and the fact I can share it with my friends !

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Just breathe , the guys are so nice with us and always make sure we are comfortable 🙂 be prepared if you go in a group pictures talk before of who go with who.. If the guys open their arms … Even if Mike or any bodyguard said no hugs no kissing… If the guys invite you go for it !!!! Just…. Don’t JUMP on them :)… Respect them and please remember they are 5 guys in this group 😉

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: More time with the guys…. We pay alot of money it would be nice to not be pushed because they oversale it and have to be quick…. If I pay 539$ please make it worth it … Give us time to say hi and chat even if it’s for only 2 minutes….. 2 minutes is better then 15 secondes

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: The vibe …. The great experience with my friends its a girls night out really and how the boys always make me feel appreciate ! They care about our experience. ! And the bodyguard too they are the best crew!!!

Name: Manon

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 18 with bsb 6 with nick

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: My favourite VIP will always be my first one. I was amazed to see them live in front of me and my brain was wondering where was the subtitles (I’m from a French speaking place so we usually always see them on TV with subtitles and the bottom of the screen!)

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Enjoy every second of the M&G! It may seems pricey but it definitely worth every penny. We are fortunate to be able to meet our idols just enjoy and have fun.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Smaller crowds (more intimate experience). More interaction between the fans and the boys. I get that they are busy but the pictures are often rushed and there not really any possibility to talk with the boys. So if the VIP in smaller it will gave more time to interact with the boys.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: Those VIP are my drugs! I don’t really drink I don’t smoke, my money goes to my numerous travels to see concert and VIP. I can’t put in words the feeling of taking picture with the person that once where all over my bedroom walls. I may pay a lot of money for those VIP but to me it’s a way to prove myself that when you want something hard enough and that you are willing to put the efforts required to reach your dreams …. well then dreams can come true.

Name: Kimberley Kirkpatrick

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 10 official ones i believe

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: The very first one… i walked into the venue … everyone run straight towards the stage while i went completely pale white and AJ shouted to me … hi welcome to the meet n greet come closer and i was mortified…..

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Remain calm and breathe breathe breathe

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: More one on one time and no backstreet time as they name it ! No rush … more family involved as we fans have grown with them

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: Hello Duh! Its the Backstreet boys!! Addicteddddddd

Name: Priscilla Consolo

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 5

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: During the first US Leg of the In A World Like This Tour, in August 2013, I was chosen to ask the boys a question during the Q&A session. I asked the boys how they decide who is going to sing different parts of songs when they’re recording.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Be patient. Often, VIP will last a few hours. Prepare to be tired but it will be an amazing experience. Also, think about what you’re going to say to each boy ahead of time and where you want to stand in the photo.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: I hope that we get to spend more time with the boys and not be so rushed. Living in New York City, there’s always a big VIP group and I feel the bigger groups get rushed too quickly. Also I would love for the boys to have events where we can interact with them, like the BSB BBQ back in 2012 at Mixtape or Nick’s solo events (lunch, bowling, laser tag).

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: The boys are so kind and generous to their fans. They’re always happy and smiling to meet and talk to us. And they give the best hugs. I always leave my VIP experience feeling like I’m on cloud nine.

Name: Alexis Kraft

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 20+

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: I have so many that I don’t even know where to begin. Each VIP is special in its own way. Every VIP is different. You never know what to expect. From having a convo with Brian, to standing there waiting for the boys to notice it’s your turn because they’re laughing about something, to Nick holding you for a pic. I have countless memories from every VIP that I’ll always cherish. I’ve even had an embarrassing one where I almost fell right in front of them but AJ caught me and kept me from falling. But I have to say, the BEST part, is the look of recognition on their faces when they see me. That NEVER gets old. BSB went from just pics on my walls and only seeing them on tv to them “knowing” me. Never in my teenage wildest dreams did I ever think that would be possible.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Just relax and breathe. The guys are so nice and sooooo easy to talk to. Just soak it all in and enjoy it.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: I would like more interaction with the boys and not oversold VIPs. I would like them to be more intimate. The best event was the BSB BBQ. And for us to have just a few mins to hug and talk with each boy during our pics. That’s why I like Nick’s solo VIPs because we can actually talk to him.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: Being able to be close and hug the boys and have that brief momeny of them focusing only on you. And like I mentioned before, the look of recognition on their faces when they see me.

Name: Nessa Collins

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 39

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: During one of our Meet and Greet photos, my mom and I asked the boys to strike their best superhero pose. The end result was absolutely hilarious.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: If you have a specific photo theme in mind, tell the boys quickly! Nine times out of ten, they’ll do it.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: I’d like a bit more time during the M&G portion, but that’s unlikely – especially in larger areas like L.A. and N.Y.C. – I think it’d be cool to have props that the boys can dress you in, just for a super special memory.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: I love the boys so much. Each time is unique and the boys are truly so thankful for your time and love. They always know when it’s our first stop on the tour!

Name: Melissa Duncan

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 6

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: My favorite vip had to be the bsb cruise 2013. Was with great people and the guys decided you could have who you wanted in the picture. It didn’t need to be a set # or with people you didn’t know. I was with girls from Canada all pumped to see the guys in their captain suits. We have em all a hug and me being risky gave em a kiss on the cheeks. Nick has the softness skin btw and Kevin’s hugs are compassionate. They have good hearts too, joking and having a conversation with you cuz we’ve met them many times. Our group enjoy the security so we talk ask about their day and we all have Q a hug. It is one we will never forget.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Don’t jump on bsb or yell. Act normal cuz they are normal. If you bring a present, make sure to give it to the bsb you got the gift for and don’t spend too much on them either. Dress comfortable for the pic…3 of 5 guys are short…be adventurous in the pic…plan it out. Do a funny pose or stance.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Longer than a hello snap a pic and that’s it with a few songs sang. We pay a lot od money for less than 10 min. Should be a sit down talk etc…

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: Updated pictures and to say hello again.

Name: Bastienne

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 9

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: Nick changing lyrics in (i thinkBerlin but could have been Rotterdam to PDA and Masquerade

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Stay calm and cool. All is well

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Less people

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: Always front row. (Its mostly GA here in Europe )

Name: Brittany

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 10+

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: I will share 2 and you can pick:

1) During NKOTBSB, my sister and I did a Platinum VIP when backstage tours were still a thing. AJ gave that one, and it was incredible because I am a lifelong AJ girl. Our group was kind of big, so as we were waitibg on everyone to get within earshot, AJ told those of us in the front that he would answer any questions we wanted to ask. So my sister blurted out, “What do we have to do for an old fashioned floor hump?” He looked at the floor, back at her, back at the floor, and before anyone could whip out a cell phone, he did it. My sister leaned over and said, “That was for you.” And my 12 year old heart exploded.

2) In Vegas during In A World Like This, that was my one Platinum of the tour so we were front row for soundcheck. Kathy Griffin crashed the party and it was one of my favorite soundchecks ever. She even planted a kiss on Nick’s mouth (total surprise to him) which I’ve got an incredibly well-timed photo of. And in that Meet and Greet, Brian sang part of Try to me, which is captured in the photo. I’m not even mad.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Enjoy everything about the moment. Don’t get caught up in what is going wrong, what you might want to say, who is standing where… Things happen fast. If you are in your head, you’ll miss the experience and won’t have the stories to tell. They are fabulous people AS LONG AS YOU ACT RIGHT. Be kind to the Boys. To the security guards. To the staff at the venue. To other fans. It makes the experience better for everyone involved.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: I LOVED the backstage tours. If those came back, Id join the Platinum club multiple times a tour (whereas that onstage thing was a one and done experience). Anything that allows for more time in a relaxed atmosphere adds value. The BSBBBQ had some nice components. Everything has become a selfie fest. My preference would be something with chill time with them and then designated photo time. And those two things don’t overlap.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: I love the Boys and since my first M&G on This is Us, they have incredible to my mom, my sister, and me every time we make a trip and spend the money. As long as they keep appreciating their fans and showing us love, we will keep showing up.
The level of VIP and the number we but let tour is determined by what is offered. (See Platinum comments above.) Soundchecks on 2nd US leg of In a World Like This were not good (lazy, oversold, unorganized and hours behind schedule) and a bit of a turn off. If those had been my first, I probably wouldn’t have come back.

Name: Miranda Moe

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 5

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: Bsb’s music has helped me thorough life’s ups and downs and I was able to tell Nick (who’s my fav) that their music helped me through my miscarriage. He was very empathetic and smiled sweetly then leaned in and gave me the biggest hug!

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Practice what you want to say a million times! You only get a couple min if you’re lucky and once it’s your turn it’s hard to not be speechless.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Longer fan interaction 🙂 I also really liked it when they did ten Platinum VIP where one of tr boys gave a backstage tour and a one-on-one photo in addition to the group photo (they should do this again!)

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: It’s just unbelievably amazing to have a brief interaction with the people who make the music who keeps me going. I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to meet them when I was a young teen! It’s just a dream come true every time. I’m also amazed at how sweet and down to earth the guys are.

Name: Melissa Truitt

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 15
What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: It was a close race with NYE 2012 but the VIP for the Grand Prarie stop of the IAWLT tour was the best. My friends and I had Platinum & were in front row. I had brought Nick a Bucs tank top & red hat with troll hair. My best friend got his attention & we got him to wear the hat for most of the VIP. 🙂 He also wore the Bucs shirt for the After Party. This VIP also was one of my fave encounters with our beloved Q. He saw the shirt I was carrying & knew immediately who I was going to stand next to, LOL. The Boys were all awesome & Nick calling you sweetheart is never a bad thing. 😉 Best night ever!!!

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Be yourself & you’ll have an amazing experience. The meet & greet goes by fast so be prepared. The Boys give great hugs so get one if you can. 😉

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Just hope they keep things fresh by changing it up. Maybe limit Platinum to a smaller amount to give fans more 1 on 1 time.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: It’s always great to spend time, however brief, with our Boys. It’s even better when you can share the experience with your best friends.

Name: Shannon T.

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 10+

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: AJ’s backstage tour & dancing on stage with the Boys during a show!

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Be prepared to wait. #BackstreetTime Also, your time with them it goes pretty quickly.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Fans choosing sound check songs.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: It’s always a different experience. Also, NJ shows are usually GA, so VIP gets first dibs on spots.

Name: Vanessa Court-Payen

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 23

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: I have so many. But one that sticks out in my mind is the NKOTBSB tour VIP that happened the first night in London (April 28th 2012), when AJ asked me what it was about 10,000 promises that made me cry, because he noticed (I’d been to two shows previously). I told him that it wasn’t Promises, but Show Me The Meaning that made me cry (I cried so much that I was still crying when Promises started)… then Q gently pulled me away cause I was taking too long. I still can’t believe that AJ noticed my crying, and remembered it a week later. I don’t know whether to be happy or embarrassed about that, to be honest!

Another favorite memory is also from the NKOTBSB tour, this one on April 20th 2012 in Belfast. Brian was about to take us backstage when I spontaneously thanked him for 19 years of BSB. I said a bunch of other stuff, and Brian was so touched (or he could have been horrified, it’s hard to tell) that he asked me to repeat everything (!!) for Eddie to record. Needless to say I stumbled over my words the second time around, but I was lucky that Eddie didn’t record it, he just took pictures. To have Brian staring at me for about 10 minutes straight… I still have no words for that.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Stay calm. I mean it. Stay calm. Meeting BSB is beyond exciting, and your body will pretty much implode on itself when faced with BSB (at least mine usually does). You can freak out afterwards. And you will. And that’s okay.

Rehearse what you’re going to say. You want to ask them questions and you want to talk to them. Rehearse it beforehand. VIP meet and greets go fast: about 10 seconds on a normal basis, or a little longer if you’re lucky. That’s not a lot of time, so if you’re able to speak (and I can promise you that it wasn’t always the case for me), you have to make it fast and coherent.

Ask for permission. You’re going to want to hug them, and sometimes, they spontaneously hug you, but if you see that it’s not a thing during your VIP, ask for permission before you go in for a hug. I know you’re a huge fan, but essentially, the Boys are hugging complete strangers, so asking for permission is the most polite thing to do. And in my experience, it’s always resulted in hugs. Don’t ask me who gives the best hugs, I have no idea…… it’s a three-way tie between Brian, AJ, and Kevin.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Honestly, I’d love for them to bring the backstage tour back. I found it to be an intimate experience with one of the Boys, and I loved it. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy it when I went onstage with them as a Platinum VIP during the IAWLT tour, but I loved the backstage tour.

But if we’re talking something completely new, I’d like for the Q&A to be rehearsed and for BSB to ask us questions. We’re always the ones asking them things. Then again, the last time that happened, I embarrassed the heck out of myself…

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: The Backstreet Boys. I have no other answer for you. Meeting them is a high that’s unequalled by anything else. Sure, it’s preceeded by high amounts of anxiety (“What do I do?” “What do I say??” “What do I wear?!”), but they always make it worth it, and in the small amount of time you have, they make you feel at ease. It’s a Backstreet thing.

Name: Emily

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 6

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: My favorite VIP memory is Platinum VIP for NKOTBSB Tour at Fenway Park. First, I’m a Red Sox fan, so it was so special to see the Boys in Red Sox outfits. I prepared customized BSB M&M’s for them as gifts, and Nick opened the bag right away and start eating. My favorite part is the backstage tour with Howie. We visited backstage of Fenway Park and listened to Howie sharing some inside stories. I got to ask a Howie question about his solo album. It was a huge dream come true moment to me.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Practice makes perfect. Try to stay calm, and be prepared for what you want to say to the Boys.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: I like the backstage tour during This Is Us & NKOTBSB tour, because we got to spend some quality time with BSB. I think it would be good to bring it back.

No barricade. The photos and interaction are so much better without the barricade. And I hope the photoshoot is not so rush.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: VIP Meet & Greets are addictive! First and foremost, the Boys are really nice, I love them more and more each time I got to talk to them or even have a hug. I can say “thank you” in person, and tell them how much they mean to me. When they’re in the city I live, I would try to find special local gifts, and hope to make them feel special about the city. Every meet & greet is one special dream-come-true moment that I’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Name: Cindy Hensinger (Arey)

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 17 as a group (including cruises)

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: One of my favorite memories is getting to go onstage with the guys for the New Years 2013 shows. It was cool seeing the audience from their perspective, dancing and even getting to sing with them during If I Knew Then. This was before everyone had to sit for IAWLT and I wish it could be something they bring back in the future!

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Relax. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you and take it all in. They’re human too and really easy to talk to. Have fun with it and you’ll get the best experience.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: I would love to see a group hangout like the BSBBQ at Mixtape, or something interactive like Nick did during All American with the bowling and laser tag. It’s something refreshing and really mixes it up from the norm. Not to mention it’s a lot of fun!

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: For me it’s like seeing old friends. Every encounter with the guys is different and exciting. I walk away with new memories; and it makes me appreciate them even more.

Name: Karina Calderon

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 16 (21 if you count solo events and 26 if you count cruises)

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: In Vegas, 2013 IAWLT, I asked someone to jump on my back piggy-back style. Howie volunteered AJ and AJ agreed. AJ hopped on my back. The look on Brian and Kevin’s face could only be described as sheer terror and panic. It’s my facebook profile pic 🙂

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Calm down. They’re human. Breathe. Take in every moment because it passes by so quickly. Also, when the Q&A portion of the VIP starts, just throw you arm up in the air, even if you don’t have a question. Justin will give you the mic and you can talk to the boys!

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: I hope they don’t change it. I like the Q&A, soundcheck, photo op. I hope they don’t raise prices and reduce perks. Please please please stay away from the New Kids model where they force you do to a VIP photo op with 9 other people. I feel like a dollar sign to NKOTB. I’m really happy with what BSB is doing now. Oh, and I could do without the signed poster. I hate having to babysit it during the concert. I usually end up just giving it away to some fan nearby who didn’t buy a VIP. I enjoyed the previous perk (2008-2010ish) where we could take 1 item to get signed. That was cool.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: The boys and their approachable, kind, genuine, down-to-earth selves. They make me feel like for those 30-sec photo ops literally nothing else in the world matters to them but me.

Name: Arielle Olson

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 6

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: The boys each gave me a kiss as they hugged and greeted me because I had mistletoe as a prop for our group pic.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Expect to have only 15 seconds to communicate with all the boys before your pic. Don’t be crazy, you ruin it for the rest of us and then stuff gets taken away.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: -Backstage tour by a bsb member
-Solo pic with the bsb member giving it
-Solo pic with the boys
-Onstage during a song
-autographed pic of them
-1 min when meeting the boys

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: -The boys. They appreciate every fan who comes through and they make you feel special. You can’t pass that up (one on one time with them). It’s what you dream of as a fan.

Name: Elia Esther Jaimes

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 15

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: Was on May 25, 2015, that he could take the stage in the acoustic.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Relax and enjoy the moment, it is unforgettable

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Selfies

Name: Fabysc

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 10 or more

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: June 28th 2015, Monterrey, Mexico.
I was waiting in line for my vip photo, the boys were having a good time, Mike dancing, so when it was my turn Howie approched to me, then AJ and i didnt know what to do, so I open my arms to hold them and then Howie exclaim “group hug!” Nick turns around and join us for the group hug, I feel like I was about to faint, I was so happy! I couldnt stop smiling. Ive never thought I would experience something like this, something unexpected. After that beautiful moment somebody screams “photo”, I was kissing and hugging Howie and AJ separetly and I said that I wanted to say hi to everyone and they said I can do it later, well then I didnt think about how I want my picture, so I just came out with all of them hugging me, I called/yell to Brian to be next to me, Nick was changing positions with Aj, I stopped him XD.
I felt everyone holding me, when you look at the camera all that you see is black, but then I saw Justin saying to me that “its ok”, Nick was really holding me tight, when he let me go he asked me “do you like that, dont you?” and I was like what?? I was blushing and answered “of course!” hahaha I kissed him and hugged him, then I went to kevin and told him that I love him and that I want to thank him for coming to Mexico. When I went to Brian he asked me “how are you” but in spanish and I told him “great, I love you” and he responses “I love you too” :’) he hold me and I kissed him.
When I left the room I was in shock! I started to cry when I saw my friend Ery, she was worry, she hugged me, I never cry after meet them, this was the first time.
This is my picture

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Hold your breath, smile, If you want something special for you photo, asked them quitely, dont scream to them, they will listen.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: More time with them to talk, to have a real meet and greet!

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: To thank them for all that they mean to me, to see them again while I can, kiss and hug them.

Name: Camilla Marangoni

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 6

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: From my first M&G I have a moment that I love to tell everyone lol. I was between Nick and Brian and when I was going to hug Brian I stepped on Nick’s foot. I was already so nervous and I got desperate! I was like “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” and he was the cutest trying to calm me down, he said “That’s ok, that’s ok, honey” while caring my face, playing with my hair and hugging me. So Brian began to do the same. Then, they both gave me a big hug, like a sandwich hug. I could not move any part of my body and I really didn’t want to. I love this story so much! They made my first M&G so funny and lovely. Plus I had my own Frick and Frack moment! 😉

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Don’t be afraid, just remember you are going to be face to face to those guys you have known all your life, but they are even more amazing than you thought. Look them in the eyes and say thank you, say what you want, if you are not able to say anything, don’t mind…they know! Everything is going to be okay and you are going to live one of the most beautiful moments of your life. No matter what the others have told you about that moment, because it’s unique to each one of us. So forget what I just said and remember to breath and be nice to them lol! 😉

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: I would like to have more time them. It would be nice if we had that backstage pass, as we had before, but with all the boys and not too crowded lol. I really would enjoy that! Something for the die hard fans!!

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: I love meeting them, I feel such an amazing energy. It is so good giving them a hug and saying thank you…having real memories with them. And everytime is like the first one! It is addicting indeed! I guess we have them in our lives for such a long time that we need to be with them in person for a few moments, they are like family for us. Even though we need this time with them to realize they are truly real!

Name: Sarah

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 13

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: Pulling off a jumping picture with the Boys.

I had wanted to give them a gift that got mixed up in the mail, so didn’t have it, and was brainstorming with friends in line what else to do, not just a stand and smile. I was paranoid because I had a dress on… The actual photo looks like Nick missed the memo, he’s just squatting the whole time! And Howie semi gave an effort, got up on his toes. But AJ got some air, and Kevin and Brian definitely jumped! Justin was a saint and took a burst, so I got 4 photos, different heights. Afterwards, Kevin said that was the first time they had done that!

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: I have edited this a million times and posted on event pages for fans who are new and since WU never put up FAQ :

TL;DR most important thing: BE NICE!!!!! Everyone paid to be here and experience the Boys. Just because you paid more doesn’t mean you love them more; you had the means! There’s no need to be catty, judgy, pushy, selfish (hogging time/excess questions/answers we know like fave song!!) etc…. DO UNTO OTHERS as you would have them do unto you!……for afterparties, if you’ve already had a photo, let others have a chance!…HAVE FUN. ….remember the Boys are human. They’re super down to earth, humble, thankful, and chill. ;o)

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Less people, to make the time with them more intimate.

Maybe even enough time, then to allow everyone to ask a question. More of a Q&A vs a crowd waiting to get their picture taken.

It would be great, if still somewhat soundcheck related, they take requests more often, and don’t do the songs we’ll also be seeing in the show. But old stuff we’d otherwise never hear again from an old tour… For example, the random NYE event they did in PA a few years ago (w/ Kevin), they had to Google lyrics on their phones and were foggy on old choreo, but that was GOLD to watch!!

For the actual meeting (both sound check and afterparty, and cruise, so far), it feels very rushed. It’s so nice of them that they will take the time to do a silly pose / put on some sort of easy costume if you ask them, but it still feels like you’re pushing it if you try that, it’s still a rush to not waste everyone’s time…. This makes sense when there are 100+ people and limited time before the show. If there are less people, maybe actually get a few minutes instead of getting rushed out in 30 seconds of “illegal” hugs and Justin making you smile. Especially for first timers, it may give them some time to calm down, vs 30 seconds of adrenaline that they’ll regret forgetting.

The attempt on the last cruise of them coming around to us for chill chats was a GREAT idea — it failed in execution, as waiting for them wasn’t enforced and then they split before most of us saw them — but that could also be an option in the Vegas lounge. Wait, hang out with drinks, get tagged on a wriste band once you’ve chatted with them, then back off when you’ve had your turn so others can enjoy their glowing presence =)

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: The Q&A always makes me laugh. Always. And if they squeeze in an old song, them trying to remember it and making fun of each other is amazing. It always brightens my day.

Being able to give them a hug and thank them for the 100th time for being them and continuing to do what they do is icing on the cake.

Name: Judit Bencsik

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 10

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: I have so many beautiful memories! On the first one I couldn’t even say a word, a few years later Brian held me in his arms. On the last one Kevin said that my dress really fits (it was on the cruise). Overall it goes so fast that it’s really hard to remember every moment from every occasion. But I love all of them and they are always adorable!

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Let it go and don’t overstress it. Most of the cases I planned in advance what I would like to say or do, but it goes really fast and nothing happens as planned. Just enjoy it!

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: The same love from the boys. It would be really nice to have a bit longer meet and greets, only with a minute or two.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: It’s like drug addiction, if you experienced it once, you can’t stop it! You want to have it again and again…

Name: Dena

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 9

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: This is a hard one to answer, but if I had to pick two memories that really stand out the most would be the very first VIP I attended which was during the Never Gone tour. Back then you had to win your way in through the fc. My friend and I were bummed that we didn’t win, but decided to go down to the venue early to see if we could catch the boys arriving. Unfortunately we missed them by a few minutes, but we decided to wait around a bit. After awhile AJ and Nick came back out for a smoke break and there wasn’t a lot of fans around. Nick asked us if we were doing sound check and when we said no, he told us he got us. Sure enough awhile later someone came out to escort us into the building and we got to watch our very first VIP soundcheck, it was beyond special and amazing.

Second favorite VIP would be The Unbreakable tour. First time being able to actually buy VIP m&gs. My friends and I drove to Ohio all the way from NY and we arrived a bit late to sc which had already started. As we were walking to some empty seats a couple of the Boys took it upon themselves to start calling us out, saying NY is in the house etc. it’s always a good time when the boys you adore recognize you and show you love like that.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: My advice I would give is STAY CALM. Don’t freak out, don’t scream and again stay calm lol. I’d also tell them to remember that the m&g portion of VIP goes by quickly so try and know what you want to say to the guys in advance.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Personally I would love for them to give us a bit longer with the guys during the m&g portion. Cut out the q&a portion and sell less vips if it means we could have a bit more time with the boys. Also candid photos. It would be nice if Justin could click some as you’re greeting the guys.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: What keeps me coming back, that’s a question I ask myself every time a new tour is announced. Quite simply, my love. For those 5 guys who captured my heart almost 20 years ago

You can purchase your BSB Vegas VIP experience here or enter to win in contests listed here.

14 Things That Prove BSB World is Actually Disney World

Do you love Backstreet Boys and Disney just as much as I do? Sometimes I literally cannot decide which one I like more (or which one is Hot, Hot, Hot-er). Upon returning from my recent trip to Disney World, and hopeful for upcoming BSB events, I was inspired to write this post. There are obvious correlations between BSB and Disney, such as when the guys performed at multiple Disney events (including Disney World Christmas Parade 1997 and Disneyland Christmas Parade 2012) and, let’s not forget, how Nick Carter auditioned for the Mickey Mouse club in 1989 (when I was… hmmm zero years old). Luckily, he also auditioned for the Backstreet Boys, and took that life road instead. For those of you who have never been to Disney World/Land, do not worry– because Backstreet World is basically the same thing:

1. Backstreet World and Disney World are both the most magical places on earth.

In a [Disney] World Like This, Backstreet Boys got you. Oh, and did we mention that they are both from Orlando, FL? You know you want to go watch the Homecoming: Live in Orlando VHS right now. While in Backstreet World (AKA attending one of their concerts), you may turn into each of the Seven Dwarfs or the Inside Out characters during the various points of your experience. You are always in a crowd full of people and your body hurts from standing and waiting in lines for hours for a 5 second experience… but you mostly will experience/inhabit “Joy”, and it is always worth it. It really is an emotional “ride”, and both worlds are sure to give you memories that will last a lifetime.


2. Backstreet Boys Go To Disney.

Two of my favorite things together?! Mind. Blown. AJ just loves going to Disneyland with his family, and tells people where he is all the time because he loves the attention, apparently? Tell us something we don’t know.

Screenshot (495)

3. Backstreet Boys are Disney characters.

Have you ever been walking around Disney parks and catch a glimpse of Aladdin, and have to stare at him because you could swear it is Kevin? Or have you gone to a Backstreet Boys event and see Kevin, but picture Aladdin? Either way, the feeling is mutual, and this is just too precious not to relive.


Just look at that stud. You know you’re picturing him belting out “A Whole New World” [DONT YOU DARE CLOSE YOUR EYESSSSS]. For those of you who have not yet seen Kevin and Lalie singing this together on BSB Cruise 2016, here it is.


4. Backstreet Boys orrrrr… Dapper Dans?

The Dapper Dans are an old time acapella group, and apparently the “original boyband”, at least as far as Disney is concerned. You can catch them covering “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” here. Who knew you can listen to Backstreet Boys music on Main Street USA?


5. Magic Kingdom.

In your own Fantasyland, you can only make believe that you are a Disney princess and your favorite Backstreet Boy is your Prince Charming.


I don’t know… $350? $600? Which VIP package do you want?

6. Epcot.

We’ve been all around, all around the world… Showcase. Epcot World Showcase is where you travel around the world to different countries, just like you do when you travel to see different shows of the tour. Or like when you play the Backstreet Boys “Around the World: game or watching the VHS/DVD. Totes the same thing.


7. Hollywood Studios.

Your life is like a movie: the Backstreet Boys movie, that is.


8. Animal Kingdom

You know what happens to you when the Backstreet Boys come out on stage. The noises that come out of you sound nothing like humans, and we love it.


9. Bring your wallet.

In both Backstreet World and Disney World, you buy expensive tickets and wear expensive merch with the Backstreet Boys/characters’ faces on it, and as much as you try, you just can’t say no to buying all of it. The boys’ names might as well be Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie and Daisy (sorry Nick and Howie).


10. Backstreet Time.

Need we say more?


11. Helpless When We SMILE.

In both worlds, you’re always taking pictures with the boys/characters. Well, this looks oddly similar to VIP.

12. There Is Something For Everyone.

In both Backstreet and Disney Worlds, there is good entertainment and plenty of shows with singing and catchy tunes, including the Country Bear Jamboree.

Nick… Is that you on the banjo?


13. #Stuckinthe90s.

We always live by Peter Pan’s mantra, and we “never grow up”.  We might break down and… spend all of our money on BSB events so that we can fangirl?… just like a child. But it’s okay, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.



14. When You Wish Upon a [Shining] Star

You know you used to, and maybe still do, wish for Backstreet Boys life events to happen (e.g one day maybe you’ll get to meet them or be front row). Anddd then your dreams come true and fireworks burst as you stare into your favorite Backstreet Boys’ eyes as he’s singing to you. Yeah, it’s like that.



**And remember…**

Always let your conscience be your guide.

As in: Do you really need to go to another BSB show?

We know the answer is ALWAYS yes.



45(ish) Epic Fan Photos With The Backstreet Boys

Everytime new Backstreet Boys tours, events and general appearances come about, fans keep their eyes peeled for new photos. We also depend on our fellow fans to share their experiences and of course, their pictures with the Boys. What we especially love is when things get spiced up and fans stray from the norm. With VIP photos, snapchats, and selfies (oh my!) getting better and better, we asked you guys to share some of your silliest, funny, and different photos with Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick.

Here are some things we learned:

  • AJ doesn’t like to take normal pics and tells fans such.
  • There are a lot of Kevin girls that wish Nick was Kevin.
  • @nickytoronto, @sv02, and @FBTeam are REALLY good at this!

Check out the goods below!


Kristie has no story for this photo other than the Backstreet Boys played a Christmas show at her college and she was stoked about it …and so was Kevin. Obviously the mistletoe, Santa hats, and Towson sign were her ideas. What Howie is doing was not nor Kevin holding the mistletoe (Nick handed it to him due to he being the only BSB able to reach over Nick). Or the fact that it looks like her feet disappeared.



“This is, hands down, the best M&G photo I’ve ever been in.” – @alyssajenS


“This is me with Backstreet Boys in Israel. Each one is holding a picture of his that my daughter drew of them with each of their names in Hebrew.” – @yael1983s


“He said ‘let’s make funny faces’.” – @yahtzee27


“I love Nick. Flew from one side of Canada to the other for him. But in Chicago I presented him with this.” – @andieyammine


“Dressed like this to see nick. I did ask him first and he thought it would be funny.” – @nickytoronto


“Nick spent the rest of the time trying to convert me.” – @evilsnugglybuns


“I told them to fight over me. Nick didn’t get the memo or thought he won.” – @swayshay


“I asked for a hug pic, a booty smack, and a funny face (undies optional!).” – @nickytoronto


“Nick sat on me at lunch.” – @nickytoronto


“At NKOTBSB VIP, my cousin and I wanted Kevin and NKOTB in our pic… so we worked it out.” – @nickytoronto

“I got Kevin to sign my arm so I can get a tattoo.” – @nickytoronto


“I was stressing out if I would look like an idiot in this kevin dress and he shows up dressed as a bag.” – @nickytoronto


“Trying to figure out something on my camera…. got this beauty.” – @nickytoronto


“AJ blinked.” – @yahtzee27


“Bowling with Brian. He was excited he bowled a strike.” – @yahtzee27


“BSB Cruise 2013 . I almost died suffocating on this palm tree but it’s a good memory.” – @looloot23


“There’s this one of Nick Carter being a good sport.” – @serialcinz


“After 3 weeks of rehearsing the question I dared to ask at my first golden VIP ever: can I get a crazy pic? Kevin said, are you sure? Yes! Best choice ever…it’s one picture instead of 6 faced who are posing! Still in love with this picture!” – @estherbaas


“So on the 2014 cruise I was extremely lucky to get one on one time with all the guys, I think it was the universe’s 30th birthday present to me. Anyways, I was heading back early from the beach party to the boat and overheard Nick and Brian playing volleyball. I’m so glad I peeked in and found that they were playing with teams of three fans each and the winner of the round got to stay and play against the next rotation of fans. I was going to hand back and just enjoy the view because I didn’t have anyone to play with but, then two girls in front of me started talking a good game. We teamed up and got selected to play next, awesome! Except as we’re running out onto the court I find out they’ve never played volleyball in their lives. Well, I figure, I got this, I’m a decent player and Nick is good, we can at least hold our own. I didn’t have it, it was a total loss. But that didn’t stop me from diving left and right into the sand for the ball. When we switched side of the net it got even worse! The sun in my eyes I got a volleyball to my face and almost broke my glasses. Nick asks if I’m alright and I am just super embarrassed. He asks again and I figure the bravado has been working for me so far, so I rip of my glasses and fling them to the side declaring “I’m good!” And we get back to the game. Taking off the glasses was the smartest and dumbest move ever because my depth perception was screwed from then on but the glasses cost $700 dollars so… With a final desperate dive I completely miss the ball and it’s the end of the game. I decide to just sit there for a sec because this has been unreal and I’m giddy and embarrassed but really couldn’t care less that we lost even knowing how competitive Nick can be (he totally wasn’t). He, ever the gentlemen came over to make sure I was alright and helped me up. I’m so glad someone got this picture and was able to find me on Twitter. It’s been my phone’s background ever since. You’d think the story ended there but there was a bit more to it. After the game I went back to my cabin to take a shower and get ready for a massage. I was one of the lucky girls staying in their hallway and had my door propped open as much as possible. So still completely covered in sand I see Nick passing by my room. He looks in, we laugh and he says the usual sportsmen kudos of “good game”. On cloud nine, I take my shower and head up to the spa where I’m joined by Kevin and Howie in the waiting area and Get to talk to them and AJ swings by as well but just to say hi to them and pop out.” – @waterunleashed


“Asking nick the All American tour VIP to do a funny pose. Had no idea if he did it because it went by so fast. But after when I saw this picture I was so satisfied that it came out the way it did.” – @Brok_Vanessa21


“AJ told me to do a funny pic cause he doesn’t like to be ‘casual’. So I made the 1st one bride to be cause I was getting married 1 month later this pic. The 2nd one with AJ was leather and lace. I told him “do u trust me?” And he said yes to me. And I put him the handcuff but I didn’t have any keys (haha). And he found the idea of the pic. But the handcuff didn’t need any keys to open 😉 so he really trusted me that day 🙂 and I told him: next pic I need to be pregnant!”

“Calm your titties pic is a joke between my UK friend and French fans. You know, we tried to learn some funny expression and that one was so funny. So we decided to do this pic. And choose Howie to be the one we will be around cause he is the nicest. ‘Boobies For Howie’ – his face was so embarrassed but happy at the same time.” – @FBTeam


“My very first VIP photo during the Unbreakable tour in Belgium! It was way too crowded and I was supposed to have my VIP the day before in Luxemburg, but there was a fire at the venue so the concert got cancelled and all the VIP were put together. Something with nerves again and I blurted out i wanted a crazy picture. Well… I think only nick heard me…. and Q held the rose in the picture because he thought it would look nice on the photo.” – @Utchie_debo


“I flew from SF to NC for just one day to attend AJs vape east coast launch. I ended up playing poker with him for an hour along with the rest of the people in the picture and I ended up kicking his butt and took all of his poker chips haha.So he made everyone point at me in this photo cuz I won.” – @blacknbluerocks


“At Jones Beach during the first IAWLT US leg, the forecast was rain…then proceeded to be all sun. We were melting in the heat during soundcheck; I was overheated in my my silly hot rainbows and was lugging around an umbrella (first world problems, yes!)…last minute I told them that happened and asked if I could use my umbrella in the picture…. and they said sure!!” – @sv02


“Before my most recent pic with Kevin (below) this is my favorite VIP pic, from  IAWLT in Concord, CA. Soundcheck started late, they held the venue off from opening until ~15 min before openers, so pix were super rushed/moved backstage…crazytown chaos trying to get us through while the venue was getting filled up, but mad brownie points Brian & Kev (and AJ kinda?) for actually getting air when I asked if they’d be willing to do a jumping picture! We counted off, but maybe Nick didn’t hear and Howie didn’t think it would work, I can’t tell. Bless Justin for doing a burst photo in case only one would work out 🙂 After we landed, Kevin said “I think that’s the first time we’ve ever done that!” and I was so happy I was speechless!” – @sv02

Nick and Brian signed their snaps! “Nick was like ‘huh? Oh dope!'” – @sv02


“Favorite of all time: I was afraid the filters would suck up time/fail, since the signatures were already stressful…it almost did…but when his tongue didn’t come out the second attempt, Kevin WOOFED. Adorable.” – @sv02


“We somehow figured out / guessed correctly what hotel the boys were staying at before GMA / other show appearances in 2012-2013…. Having been lucky to get normal pictures in the past, we joked about getting silly faces…little did we know that the Boys would be into it! Even Q!! The last hotel shot, I only caught Brian…I had hauled it uptown after a boxing class, so he appropriately posed to match my sweaty getup.” – @sv02


“NKOTBSB Tour, Toronto. This was after the Platinum VIP backstage tour. AJ told us he was sick of taking plain pictures and wanted us to come up with a unique idea for a photo. So I asked him if we could do a classic boyband photoshoot picture and he was totally into it! He was like “you guys have no idea how many photoshoots we had to do like that.” Oh AJ… yes we do lol.” – Stephanie Ives


“I went to Mexico 2015 and took this selfie without realizing that Nick, Brian, & Howie were in the background of my photo!!! (You can see Leigh, Leighanne, Lauren, Drew, Keith, Mike, Aaron there too). And then when I posted it on instagram that day… I basically wrote I didn’t realize BSB were behind me in this selfie I took! AJ had seen this pic (bcuz he follows me on Instagram) And the very next day i had VIP for their IAWLT Mexico show
And at soundcheck…AJ brought it up and talked about my selfie! He said it was awesome that I didn’t know Brian Nick and Howie were in my selfie until later on when I looked back at my pictures.” – @blackandbluerocks

5 Things We Hope To See On The Next BSB Tour

That’s right; Backstreet Boys are back (again)! …Even though we know they never left. It has been confirmed that the boys [guys?] will be performing 9 shows in Las Vegas as a trial for a possible future residency. Word on the [Back] street is that this will be part of their upcoming tour that will run somewhere between the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017. Backstreet fans everywhere are super pumped, and we know we are too! Here are some of the things we would LOVE to see!


1. Extra events.

Let’s all take some tips from Solo Nick- he set that bar reallll high. I mean- who wouldn’t want to have lunch, bowl, or play laser tag with your favorite Backstreet Boy?! Now it’s time for the AJ, Brian, Howie, and Kevin girls to get their chance. Also, BSB, feel free to bring back the after parties, especially in Vegas– we like those (when we’re not getting crushed in a crowd of people?) [*Cue Kevin’s calm down gesture on the bus in Rio]. You know you’re picturing it.


2. Backstreet Bus.

Ever wish you could travel in style on a tour bus like BSB (or WITH BSB)? For those of you and your friends who have already created your own mini-tours, have you ever thought of renting a RV/bus to travel around? Well, how about if BSB provides you with a tour bus? We should do this. Let’s make it happen.


3. More exclusive VIP.

The different levels of VIP are great because it gives many fans a chance to participate to their liking. However, for one of the levels, is having some kind of “Ultimate” VIP asking for too much…? A VIP with less fans and more time spent with BSB? …Because we all know that no one feels very VIP[-y?] when you’re rushed in and out with hundreds of other people. Just in case we forgot how amazing Nick Carter’s All Access/Ultimate was, BSB should find a way to do something similar. And of course, this goes without saying- we want soundcheck.

Another option is NKOTB’s version of the “Ultimate”. As an upgrade to your VIP package, you get an entire SOLO photo shoot with candid and group pictures without having to buy a completely separate VIP.

Finally, I think I’m speaking for many fans when I say- bring back the backstage tour! The on stage seating for Platinum VIP was fun and all, but the amount of individual face-time with the backstage tours is why fans love it. But… if there was ultimate VIP, you wouldn’t need the backstage tour, because going backstage would already be built into the package– hmmmm… something to think about, Wonderful Union….


4. A Chance to Vote.

Every fan has a dream set list they would love to see BSB perform in concert. Although we LOVE the iconic hits like “I Want It That Way” and “Everybody”, wouldn’t we all love a good “Let’s Have A Party” or “Back To Your Heart” thrown into the mix?! If fans get to vote on [at least a few] songs, then maybe we could switch things up for a bit. Just for fun.


5. A Baby.

Well, ladies and gents, if you have not yet seen it in the news– Nick Carter is a DAD! [WHAT?!] We are SO excited, and now all 5 guys can bring their little ones on tour! Can’t wait to meet the newest little Backstreet Boy, Odin!



**Take notes, boys (and WU); and we can’t wait to see you soon!

15 Fans Who Have Done Crazy Things To See The Backstreet Boys

As Backstreet Boys fans, nearly all of us have a story. These stories are different levels of extreme for each of us and usually, we look back on them, questioning our sanity…..before we do it again next tour. I asked you to share your craziest stories of what you’ve done to see the Backstreet Boys, to catch a glimpse of them, or even just a chance that you might get lucky. No surprise here – none of us are alone in our crazy!

“The craziest thing I’ve done to see BSB was pay the gas, hotel and ticket money when I was 12 so my parents would drive me across the state of Oregon to go see BSB in 1998. I raised pigs in 4H (which made Kevin’s last Tweet really make me laugh) and used the money so we could make it. My parents wouldn’t drive me unless I paid for it, and it was a 6 hour drive across the state.” – @SweetT422

“I wouldn’t call it crazy now, but at the time I felt like I was the smartest person in town. The first time they came to Brazil, I was like 16 years old and I was the one in charge to buy mine and my friends’ tickets. Ticketmaster would start to sell it at 9am and I was supposed to be in class at that time. So I waited for my mom to leave to work and called my building receptionist asking him to let my school bus driver know that I wasn’t feeling well so I wouldn’t go to school that day. Yep, I totally skipped school to buy my tickets. And I did!” – @DannynhaMansani

“In 2014, I drove from Memphis, TN to Houston just so I could finally see them in concert after years of dreaming and being broke…one of the nights and road trips ever!” – @Neek243

“lt was not really for me since I had already my tickets, but my friends couldn’t afford tickets to the second NKOTBSB show in Montreal and one website here in Montreal was giving away tickets. We were asked to do the craziest thing to win them, so we made signs, shirts and we stood at a really busy corner in my hometown. We put ‘Don’t Turn Off The Lights’ on and we dance on there on the corner of the street ….And yup we won the tickets for my friends.” – @girlygirlstefie

“I spent a day in front of some studios when I was 12 and then, when they told us they got in, I climbed the fence and my father was so scared for me that he got me in his shoulders… I have a picture of that day! I didn’t get the chance to see them but it was a great day of bonding with my fellow fans!!!” – @AlexSeiya_

“The craziest thing I’ve done to see the boys… Let me see… Does stalking count?  Fellow Backstreet fans and I (complete strangers at the time this happened) followed the boys everywhere on the first day of their visit to Israel. When they were in a restaurant or at some activity, we waited patiently for hours in a place across the street, looking out and awaiting the Boys’ move. And when they were outdoors, we bombed them with requests for selfies and declarations of love. And when they got into their cars and got ready to leave for the hotel, we burst into singing I Want It That Way. Just like that, in the middle of a crowded street, a bunch of girls giving a free performance… People were laughing at us but we didn’t care, we just kept shouting the lyrics until the Boys’ vans left. It was hilarious! Needless to say the Boys were all very nice and patient to everyone who waited for them, throughout their visit. We just wanted to show them our love and make them want to come back! Hope we haven’t done the exact opposite…” – @ImanAg

“I called and won tickets on the same radio station each day (because they would give away row 9 then row 8 etc) and I had to give a different name each time. I was giving names of coworkers at the end and we all had to go to the radio station together at the end to get the tickets.” – @killerhighlight

“Where do I start?! Sleeping on the streets of NYC ALL night on benches / the ground in central park for GMA summer concert – rats were running out of the trees and past my feet. We also camped out on the streets of NYC for Good Morning America and other early morning talk shows as well as on sidewalks all day for GA concerts

I also flew from NJ to LA for Nick’s movie premiere Friday and back home Saturday.

When I was 11, my mom wouldn’t drive me to the Black and Blue tour (that was 2 hours away from my house without traffic) in a blizzard. I was so upset and cried so much that my mom finally took me and we drove to see the show- in a blizzard. Risking my life to see BSB.
I drove from NJ into NYC to see BSB on TRL in a random blizzard in October.
I pretended I was Celine Dion’s biggest fan to get into the Wendy Williams show and hopefully meet BSB. Long story…..perfectly legal though.” – @kristie_sacch (That’s right — our very own VIP Guru from Kristie’s Korner)

“You know, being a French fan is really frustrating. To be honest, the Backstreet Boys don’t come a lot to our country since 1999. So, I used to travel all around Europe to see their show and meet them, since 2005. First, Europe. Then, I tried to go to the USA for the cruise in 2011. Then, in my craziest, I went another time on the 2014 cruise + the N&K show. At this moment, no one could stop me to travel for them. So for the All American Tour, I flew 11 hours to LA with my mum to see him for 3 shows. We met him at VIP, shows, selfies party.

But the craziest thing? When I couldn’t have enough. Only 10 days after LA, I made the decision really quick to go to NY. Not to sightsee, but to see (once again) Nick. I booked my flight in like 1 day and the day after I was on the plane straight after my work on Friday night. I did all the events – VIP ultimate / backstage / show / selfie, only for him! I only stay in the US for… 2 days!!!! Then, flying back on Sunday night and going work straight to the airport! Did I tell you I was crazy about BSB? (And crazy all by myself haha!)” – Emma, from the French Backstreet Team @FBTeam

“I paid 400€ just for going to Dublin from Spain and see Howie and Nick for 40 minutes at an afterparty because I didn’t have a time for going to the concert because I was working so..I was in Dublin for 15 hours.

On the anniversary, I been there in the line since the day before and I was waiting a lots of hours with my best friend. I was the first person in to the Fonda Theatre and I pay 800€ for my flight from Spain. That year I went to 5 American concerts LA, Las Vegas, Concord, Irvine, Phoenix from Spain and I was on the cruise. 3 different times in the same year and I pay expensive 3 flights from Spain.” – @sweety_dorough

“Soooooo many things! But one of the funniest things was when we wanted to meet them and it didn’t happen .With a promo, we heard in the evening that there was a big change that the boys will fly from an airport in Germany back home. I was with my best friend at the movies, so I went back home, did research almost all night slept for 2 hours. Met my best friend in the morning, we drove from Amsterdam to Roosendaal to meet with friends. Got in the car together, drove to Limburg to pick up another friend and drove to Germany. We waited at the airport for 4 hours and heard than that the flight was cancelled and the boys decided to go to another airport. So we all got in the car back, drove from Germany to Limburg to Roosendaal. When we got there the car of my best friend broke down and we had to drive home for 2 hours with a broken car. A crazy day with no result but it was such a fun day. Everybody thought we were crazy but that is always with the Backstreet Boys!” – Danique Leysner

“I’ve spent days camped out for events in the city, always the first in line for any NYC event. I can’t afford things like the cruise or to go to multiple concerts, so I do free things. But, it’s worked in my favor, case in point: when they were on Kelly and Michael a few years ago for the IAWLT promotions, I was in like a full day before hand, the producer took me inside even though I didn’t have tickets and took me backstage to meet them. It was awesome. I’ve earned the nick name of Wednesday Girl since that seems to be the most common day I get there. I’m very patient. I sit. I wait. I make friends. And some of the wives and some of the boys now recognize me and I get big hellos.” – Victoria Senni

“I’ve never done something reeeeeeally crazy. But I didn’t go on holiday for three years to go to this BSB Cruise, in 2016. And I’m proud of myself.” – Gaia Ugoletti

“A friend and I found out where their buses were located. Happen to be correct, kept seeing the Boys go back and forth from the center to their buses. 3 of the Boys finally came over to meet us. This was before the show even started and I had no intention of meeting them, so I had nothing with me for them to autograph.

About a year earlier I got a tattoo of a butterfly using the letters “BSB” a backward B for wings. The S for body and forward B for the other wing. I decided at that point, what could be better than have them autograph around the BSB tattoo.” – Kym Ann Seabolt
“I sprained a rib while being crushed by 1000 screaming fans outside trl when bsb appeared all while randomly getting my period but couldn’t get out of the crowd all for just a glimpse of them through the window.” – Jamie Zamparelli
“In 2008 I came to Seattle just for a weekend all the way from Poland!” – Joanna Lis