9 Backstreet Boys Fans Share Stories About Their Dads For Father’s Day

A few months ago, for Mother’s Day, we asked you to share stories about your moms as it relates to your Backstreet Boys experiences and we loved reading them all!

Naturally, with Father’s Day, we wanted to do the sames. We asked for stories about your dads and the dads to your babies and, as always, you sent them in. We laughed, we felt your feels, and we thank you for trusting WHOTB to share your stories!

To all of you celebrating Father’s Day with a loved one today, we hope it’s a good one. To those of you who have suffered loss, an absence, or are celebrating this day in a different way (or just surviving a regular Sunday), we see you and we’re wishing you all the comfort one can stand. ❤

“When I was younger and the Backstreet Boys were just getting started in their career, I was very into their music. One day, I went up to my dad and I asked him for the Millennium CD, which came out May 18th, 1999. I also asked him for The Hits–Chapter One Cd which was released on October 23rd, 2001. He happily purchased both CDs for me knowing how much I liked the Backstreet Boys. Another time, knowing how much I loved this band, he came home one day and surprised me with the For the Fans VHS Tape which was only distributed by Burger King and was from like 2000. Even now as a grown adult knowing how much I still love Backstreet Boys my dad is so excited for me to be able to see them in concert next summer in July 2021. He is the best Dad in the world supporting my Backstreet Boy Habit and knowing how happy they make me! Thank you, Dad, for always supporting my Backstreet Boy Habit. <3” – Andreina Camejo

“I’m from Atlanta so when I was still living there my dad took me to both the Millennium tour and the Black and Blue tour! He may try to take me to the DNA tour next summer if there is any tickets left! Thanks dad, love you!” – Abby Mullilin

“My dad is the possibly the biggest not-so-secret/secret BSB fan. He’s a massive music fan anyway (seriously, he has like thousands of CDs) so he appreciates a well written pop song sang well. Being a BSB fan in my house growing up was inevitable and certainly both parents took a ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’ attitude (my older brother not so much). Dad always maintained Brian was his favourite as he reckoned he’d be the best one to go for a pint with. He chose “Don’t Wanna Lose You Now” as one of his ten songs for Desert Island Discs and even gave them a shout out in his father of the bride speech.

My favourite dad story when it comes to my dad though is when he managed to source Millennium for me 2 days before it actually went on sale. He was really good friends with the guy who owned the local independent record shop and between the two of us, we were in there quite often. The album was due to be released on the Monday and he’d been in on the Saturday going about his usual music buying business. From his recollection the conversation went something like this:

Dad: I imagine I’ll be back in Monday morning
John: How come?
Dad: Little ‘un will be after the new Backstreet Boys album
John: I’ve got it now if you want it?
Dad: But it’s not out until Monday…
John: Yeah but I’ll just ring it through the till on Monday morning
Dad: Serious dad points for me, sold!

I mean, not overly ethical, but this was over 20 years ago and that shop isn’t there anymore so I don’t think we’re in much risk of anyone getting in any trouble! What was even nicer was that I was out at the time so he just left it on the mantelpiece for me to finally notice. And of course, me being me and wouldn’t notice something if it came a snack me in the face, it took me a good hour or so. When i did see it though I think I made a sound only audible to dogs and probably knew all the words to every song by the Sunday morning. It may seem like a little thing, but back then, before stuff got leaked on the internet or you could stream stuff instantly, having an album two days before everyone else felt really, really special. And, without meaning to get too sappy (although it is father’s day after all), I think because music is something we’ve always bonded over so he got what it felt like to be really excited about new music form your absolute favourite band or artist. He knew how happy it would make me so was worth sticking his neck out for me.” – Helen Newman

“I was so lucky to have an amazing dad and many amazing memories with him. My dad was a computer programmer and I never had a lot of interest in it, but one day I asked him to help me learn how to make a website for the Backstreet Boys. The site helped my dad and I become closer and while the site never really went anywhere, it gave us something to really bond over.

He also always made sure we had the ability to go to shows and that my friends could go as well. (This was the early days of eBay) he bought tickets off eBay and paid for the hotels. He fully supported our BSB obsession (as long as he didn’t have to go lol).
I was very very lucky and I miss my dad a lot but I know he would be happy I’m out living my best life! 💖 Happy father’s day in heaven dad.” – Carrie Graham

“There was a store he used to buy lottery tickets from on his way home from work. And whenever he saw there were magazines with BSB on the cover, he would call to say he’s picking me up to take me to that store so I could pick out the magazines I wanted!” – Diana Jeanne

“Everyone knows I am super close to my dad but back in the Black and Blue Era he brought me to my first Backstreet Boys concert for the Black and Blue Tour. He didn’t watch the show with me but he stayed in the parents area the arena had at the time. He used to bring me to all my concerts and stuff. My dad is super supportive of my BSB travels. I love my dad and I have been very glad to have at least one parent that understands what the guys mean to me.” – Tracy

“I don’t have one about my dad but my husband and father of my two girls who LOVE BSB almost as much as I do!

We were in pit in Vegas for the very first time and I asked my husband to lift up our youngest who was 6 at the time of any of the boys came to like touch hands or what not! I kid you not, HE PUSHED HER OUT OF THE WAY to fist bump Kevin! LOL. He later said he got caught up in the moment because he didn’t realize they were that cool or awesome live!

*she also got fist bump* Haha!” – Zaria

“One day my dad was watching MTV and they where playing “Get Down”. He asked me who that band was, and I didn’t know so I investigated with my cousin and she told me they are the Backstreet Boys!! So my dad is the reason that I’m a fan of them and I’m grateful.” – FaBy

“My dad accompanied me to every BSB concert I visited in the 90s and early 00s. My best memory is of the Millennium tour. There was a competition to meet the boys if you had a blue outfit. So my dad matched my smurfette outfit with a Papa smurf outfit. We didn’t win but I love the dedication!” – Janneke

Thank you to all who shared and Happy Father’s Day to these cool dads and beyond!

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The Essentials: Backstreet Boys’ Fans Tips, Tricks and Must Haves For Concerts + Events

Back in one of our first years,  we wrote a post giving you an essentials list for the Backstreet Boys cruise, including not only our own list of essentials, but suggestions from fans as well. Oddly enough, we never did one for land events… until now!

With the DNA tour in full swing and the Backstreet Boys having no end in sight, we inevitably all start asking each other, every tour, every event, etc., for suggestions. Sometimes we don’t ask, but we see other fans mention things we never even thought about that would make our concert lives so much easier.

So, we asked for you. We took to Twitter and Facebook to ask fans for their concert essentials and received an overwhelming response. Thank you to everyone who contributed! We’ve taken all of your top suggestions on products, tips, tricks, and hacks and condensed them below (as well as thrown in a few of our own).

If you think there is anything that should be included in these lists that were not, feel free to contact us! Also, if you have any specifics for these generic suggestions (a favorite concert shoe, bag, etc.) — PLEASE LET US KNOW.

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6 Signs You Probably Live With A Backstreet Boys Fan

There are Backstreet Boys fans and there are the people that live with them. Whether it be a spouse, a friend, an innocent roommate, if you are living with a Backstreet Boys fan, most or all of these are going to ring true. How lucky are you to have your life so enriched!

(If you’re two fans living together..well…how do you get anything done?!)

1. They Have A Savings Account You’re Not Allowed To Touch.

You might have a joint account. You might have separate accounts. But if there is a Backstreet Boys fan in your household, they have an account that you are not allowed to touch or possibly that you do not even know about. These funds will go toward VIP (that you will not know how much they paid for), every concert you tell them they probably shouldn’t go to, and the cruise that they don’t need your opinion about. Where’s the money coming from, you ask? A second job, their full time job, your pockets before laundry, the ground, sold organs, donated plasma, etc. Don’t worry about it, ok?

2. They Disappear For 3-5 Days At A Time.

You might know about it ahead of time and you might not. We can guarantee that the fan you’re living with sometimes doesn’t even know they’ll gone ahead of time – they’re just under their fan friend influence. As long as the kids / pets are taken care of, enjoy your alone time, like the instagram posts, and don’t ask questions. It’ll only make them disappear more often… especially during tour season.

3. They Refer To Summer As “Tour Season”.

Speaking of tour season, this is the length of time that the Backstreet Boys are on tour (usually Summer) and everything else in life is contingent on those dates. Family vacation? Mmmm yeaaahhh, let me check these other important dates. A summer wedding? Yeah, only if it works around the weekend they’ll be out of town for two back to back concerts.

Sometimes, vacation can be incorporated into a tour season weekend and those are the moments that the fan in your life revels in the most. All of the most important things working out? You don’t need a horoscope to tell you that your fan roomie is going to be in the BEST mood when that happens.

4. It’s Not Weird That Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick Are People You Refer To By First Name, Even Though You Haven’t Ever Met Them.

If you live with a Backstreet Boys fan, it’s a habit by now. You probably know more about them than you’d like to admit even…and their spouses…and their children (that No Place video they forced you to watch a million times, you know). Talking about Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick is just like talking about your neighbor you hardly ever talk to — part of your life…due to circumstances.

5. You Understand What You Should Probably Stay Out Of.

If she says she has to call her fan friend in another state to make plans, you better find something else to do because that is at least an hour conversation. And for the love of God, don’t try to be helpful when it comes to tickets, VIP, cruise, etc. unless you are specifically asked.

6. You Know BSB Songs That No One Else Seems To Know.

…But that makes you the best person on earth to the fan you’re living with and if they catch you humming “Bigger”, you’re locked in for life. Did you ever stop to think that the BSB fan you’re living with is now actually yourself?

Funny how that works, huh? (It’s all a part of the master plan.)

5 Symptoms of Post Backstreet Concert Depression

Post Concert Depression (also known as PCD): The undetermined period of time following a Backstreet Boys concert in which a fan experiences deep internal sadness, FOMO, and similar symptoms included but not limited to the ones found in this post.

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10 Things That Happen When You’ve Been A Fan For More Than A Decade

1998. That’s the year that I became a Backstreet Boys fan, along with many of my friends. Some were fans before and some became fans after – the perk of having a band that’s stayed together for 25 years. Most of us could tell you a story about the moment it happened and some can narrow it done to a day and time.

But all of us can tell you that we’ve learned a LOT in our time as Backstreet Boys fans. There’s something about being a fangirl (or fanboy) that translates across generations though, no matter what band you chose to love for 10+ years. While most of our posts are BSB-centric, this is a rare general one to share the love, the bond, and our dirty little fangirl secrets (kind of).

Shout out to the ladies and gentlemen reading this who think, “wait…that’s not normal?”, because being a fan warps you a little… IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE.

1. We Know How To Wait Like A Champ.


Waiting for an album.

Waiting for a meet and greet.

Waiting for the band outside a hotel / buses.

Waiting in the restroom line at a concert.

Let’s face it – most of our fan lives have consisted of waiting minutes, hours, days, months, years. By now, we are expert waiters and while we may not always like it, we are used to it. In fact, as much as we might hate waiting and think we’re terrible at it, we’re often shocked by how good we are in comparison to fresh fans.

2. Lines Are Inevitable.


This falls in line with #1. If you’ve chosen the fangirl / fanboy life, it’s going to come with lines. We come equipped with things to do in line (sometimes blankets and food if it’s going to be a while) and some of our best friends have been made because we had to wait in a line.

3. We Don’t Believe It Until We See It.


Our favorite boyband members get excited and sometimes blurt things out or have big dreams that leave their mouths and reach our ears before it’s actually a real plan. Therefore, we have learned to be wary of anything until it has a date, a time, and a zip code.

4. Storytime Is Our Favorite Time.


NOTHING gets a fangirl going like the opportunity to share her stories of tour life, meet and greets, chance meetings, etc. and hearing others in return. Where else do you think we get our crazy ideas? If one of us did it, obviously we want to too!

5. It’s Never Not Weird If A Band Member Knows Us.


Speaking for Backstreet fans, it does not matter how many times you’ve seen the Boys and how many times they’ve recognized you or know your name, it still rocks the 10 year old girl inside of you to. the. core.

6. No Matter How Old You Are, The Fangirl Monster Lives Inside You.


You can be a wife, a CEO, a mom, or a grandmother and you’re still going to be shocked at the screams that come out of you the minute the lights go down at a concert, the second your favorite song starts playing, or the moment your favorite member is right in front of you onstage.

Sometimes the fangirl monster is more subtle. It’s the catch in your chest when their song plays at the grocery store or the laser focus you have when buying concert tickets. Whatever it may be, the monster never leaves you.

7. You’re Never Going To Be Happier Than You Are At A Concert.


There are very few moments in your life that are going to give you the same high as the concert high. From the anticipation to the very moment is begins, it’s a type of euphoria you can’t explain to the people who have never been lucky enough to love a band like you are.

8. You Never Stop Trying To Force Them On Other People.


Backstreet Boys albums for EVERYONE!! All of us are guilty of keeping track in our heads of how many people we’ve “converted” and secretly (or not) love every moment we catch a convert humming their songs or getting excited with us.

9. You’re Going To Have A Family That Isn’t Even Related To You.


We call it a fan-mily. Our fan-mily members understand everything our regular family members may not, from post-concert depression to VIP addiction to concern over something no one else cares about. Along the way though, some fan-mily became our actually family. We celebrate birthdays together and go on vacations. We have the best of times and the worst of times. We’re there for each other because five men decided to form a band and perhaps that’s one of the greatest perks that no one tells you about.

10. Your Band Is Always Going To Be Your Safe Place.


When someone asks why we’re going to see the same band over and over, it’s hard to explain, but in short, they’re our safe place. There are many reasons that we all became fans and remained fans for years and for a lot of us, it’s because the band never hurt us and the music healed us. The moments we get to share together – with the band and with our fan-mily – are some of our greatest memories, hours, and days of our lives. It doesn’t matter how old we are, if they show up, we’ll show up… because we owe them one (or 50). It’s an appreciation. It’s a peace. It’s our lives and it’s our band. We wouldn’t trade a minute.

To Our Backstreet Fan-mily…

Fan-mily (n.): Fans who have become friends who have become family

When What Happens On The Backstreet began 3 years ago, we jokingly referred to all of us as one big fan-mily. The joke stuck and perhaps that’s because it wasn’t a joke at all.

Every single one of us who has been a Backstreet Boys fan for any length of time has a story about someone you have met because you’re a fan or someone you were already friends with and have grown up being fans together. There’s something special about those relationships, just as there is something special about being a fan of a 25 year old band in itself.

We’re only in the third month of 2018, but we’re already getting the vibe that it’s going to be a special year. And we can’t enjoy that year without each other. Just like the Boys need us, we need each other.

Here’s the thing – no one understands being a fan unless you are a fan. No one understands being part of the Backstreet fan-mily like a Backstreet fan, no matter how long you’ve been a part of it. It’s been years of memories, concerts, events, music, and more. While we wouldn’t have had these things without Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick, but we wouldn’t have had these things without each other either.

Here’s the thing…

There are fans all over the world.

Every one of us looks different.

Every one of us has different backgrounds.

Every one of us has different relationship statuses.

Every one of us has different dreams, goals, jobs, etc.

All of this is OKAY…

But none of that has to do with being a Backstreet Boys fan.

Despite all of our differences, we’ve come together for these five…BECAUSE of these five… and we have come to know just as much about each other as we have the Backstreet Boys themselves. This is a fan-mily.

For some of us, being a fan is a hobby and a pastime. For some of us, being a fan gives us an excuse to go on a girls trip or drag our significant others into something new. For some of us, the music has saved us. For some of us, it’s one Boy that made the difference and the rest is just a perk.

Whatever it is that put you here, remember it and don’t EVER let someone who doesn’t understand it make you feel bad for it. Don’t let anyone shame you for things that are irrelevant to you being a Backstreet Boys supporter. Don’t let someone take away your happy. You weren’t a fan this long to give it up because of something someone else said or something someone else did. You were never a fan because someone told you to be so why would you stop because someone told you you were wrong? Please. You didn’t come this far to start missing out now.

And whenever you feel yourself forgetting these things, re-read this post. Find a fan-mily member to remind you of the good times and all the fun, all the moments, and the love that is left to be shared. We’ll be here and there are thousands more as well, waiting to protect each other, waiting to scream together, waiting to be adults who support some amazingly talented dudes.

The Backstreet Boys may have 25 years under their belt but they’re only getting started….and so are we. Be there for each other. Share these things together.

You’re not going to want to miss this. ❤

REQUEST: What Historical Backstreet Location Have You Been To? Let Other Fans Know!

In the past, we’ve asked you guys to contribute to different posts here and there. Now, we’ve decided to put all current posts that we’re asking for your help with on one section of the site entitled “WHOTB: We Need Your Help”.

Recently, a suggestion was made that we have a post where other fans share places they’ve been that are “historical” Backstreet lesser-known landmarks. These places include:

  • Music Video Locations
  • Photo Shoot Locations From Long Ago
  • The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star
  • Random Places That Might Be of Interest In Visiting

Shoot us an email at whothebackstreet@gmail.com explaining the location you visited and photos if you like. Be sure to include WHERE the place is so that other fans may have a chance to visit as well. 

I’m sure this goes without saying, but don’t get creepy. We will not be posting residential places or anything of the sort.

This will be an ongoing post so there is no deadline. Once we get enough, we’ll start the post! Send away.


10 Things Backstreet Fans Should Probably Stop Doing

Alllllright, everyone! We’re going to get back into the fun stuff soon, but first, some real talk.

Every one of you that reads WHOTB on the regular knows that we love the Boys and we love all of you reading this. Sometimes though, some things need to be said and things need to get real. We’re laying it out here – most of the things that people talk about in private, the things that we wear each other down with, etc. We say it so we can all move on to a positive place. We are opening the discussion. We are not pointing fingers, we are not saying anyone is right or wrong and we’re not telling anyone what to do, but we are suggesting that for us to all work together to make the Boys’ 25th year the best one yet – for them and for us – we need to shift for a better future.

(Also, this is not us being high and mighty – AT ALL. We’re guilty of some of these things too and we’re working really hard to change them.)

1. Stop doubting the Backstreet Boys, their team, and their intentions. 


We’re not saying you have to like their time table or the fact that things are usually delayed, but do you 100% think the Backstreet Boys and their team are “out to get you” with the words they say and things they put out there?

We don’t.

How many times do you go into work feeling super productive, tell someone that you’re going to do something, then get sidetracked or change your mind about the way you want to go about it? A lot, if you’re being honest. The BSB and co. are juggling hundreds of worldwide balls that we’re not even aware of, so cut them some slack. We all miss them when they’re doing other things, but we have all the faith that they ARE working on things for eventual release. Still, everyone is only human.

2. Stop acting like we know everything all the time.


….Which brings us to this point. We, as fans, do not know every single thing all the time. We might know something Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ or Nick has said, but refer to #1 — sometimes that’s not the complete and final truth. It starts rumors, it incites spite, and generally, no one plays well with someone who acts like they have some kind of higher knowledge than everyone else. If it’s something you’re not supposed to say publicly, then don’t.

Unless, of course, you’re using info to make the BSB look better to your naysayer friends – then, by all means, KNOW EVERYTHING AND USE IT AS A POWER. They won’t know the difference.

3. Stop talking about things so negatively, so publicly.


You know how you get mad at your family but if anyone else talks shit, you defend them? Same goes for the Backstreet Boys. 99% of us are going to defend them if anyone else talks badly about them, but about 45% of us are putting those things out there to begin with.

Why do you want to talk so badly about a group that you spend hard earned money to take a vacation to see? A group that works hard to keep making music because fans have asked for it? A group that tries to listen to what fans want and tries their best to meet those demands? Of course everyone gets the occasional frustration, but running them into the ground at low points, only to relish in their success and expect everyone else to love them at high points seems a little counterproductive, right?

4. Stop targeting other fans without reason.


We’re not saying you have to like everyone because we totally get personalities that don’t jive. We’re saying if you don’t like someone, move along. No need to spread your distaste for other fans, without reason. If they’re not impeding your opportunities, hurting your or someone else, spreading rumors, etc. …leave people alone! Don’t be a Regina George.

If you have a legit reason and other fans need to know, stay lowkey and factual.

5. Stop making other fans feel guilty about what you can’t do. 


On the flip side of #4, please be mindful of how much you talk about what you can’t do and being mad because other fans “have it so easy”. We totally understand that it sucks to not be able to see the Backstreet Boys for days, weeks, months or years.

We get that it’s easier for us in the U.S. to see them more often.

We get that some of us don’t have husbands, children, houses, etc. and can afford more. We get that some of us have those things and CAN afford it. It’s situational.

But there are also people that work multiple full time jobs to be able to afford what they do. There are people that travel across the country / world to see concerts because that’s what they want to do. There are people that choose to spend their time and money going to see the Boys because that is what makes them happy.

LET PEOPLE LIVE. It’s okay to be sad or jealous or irritated, but don’t take it out on others.

6. Stop making demands everytime one of the Boys breathe. 


They know we want them in our individual countries, in our towns, in our homes, in our backyards, in our beds, etc.

They know we’re waiting for new music.

They know we want tour when they’re promoting Vegas, that we want Vegas when they’re talking about a cruise, that we want whatever they’re not doing at the very second.

If AJ is tweeting about his fried chicken, stop replying with something irrelevant about where you want to see him next. Tell him how good his fried chicken looks and tweet about what you want another time. If Nick tweets about his pumpkins, don’t respond with a tweet tagging your 87 friends who all have birthdays today.

Who can blame the Boys for shying away from interactions on socials when all fans are doing is telling them what we want ALL. THE. TIME. We have to start acting like humans communicating with other humans to get back to a good place. Have a conversation!

…Then we can make gentle demands again. Heh.


7. Stop complaining.


About everything. If you don’t like the way something is run, don’t go. If you think it could be done better, lay out your constructive criticism with a productive plan to go along with it and get it in from of the right people.

Don’t be a firestarter. Don’t complain for the sake of hearing other people complaining and then not do anything about it.

8. Stop second guessing whether you should go to events or not.


YOLO. Seriously.

9. Stop feeling bad when you can’t go. 


IT IS OKAY! We know that FOMO is the WORST, but so is PCD, so you’ll deal with the feels one way or another. Everyone has different priorities and that’s okay. The Backstreet Boys aren’t going anywhere. So you miss a few things – when you DO get to go to something, it’s going to be even better. Because you earned it. You worked for it. Trust us.

10. Stop right now…. and think what a great time it is to be a fan! 




Collaborations with other genres.

Appearances on TV shows.

An upcoming album.

An upcoming world tour.

A cruise.

25 years together.


They know some of our names. They know some of our faces.

We’re in this for the long haul guys and we only want it to get better. Join us in committing to make 2018 the BEST year for all of Backstreetdom. We’re super hyped!

In the words of Taylor Swift, are you ready for it?


22 Backstreet Facts That Will Make You Feel Old

It’s 2017 and we are, as the universe would have it, older than we were when we first because BSB fans. We know this. There are some things though that, when we really think about it, make us make this face…



…. Because 1999 was only like yesterday…RIGHT?

  • The Backstreet Boys will have been together a quarter of a century next year.
  • Baylee Littrell, Brian’s son, is now older than Nick Carter when he joined the group (and will be able to get his driver’s permit this year).
  • It’s been 17 years since the Backstreet Boys flew around the world in 100 hours to promote Black And Blue (and Kevin called AJ a dildo).
  • There hasn’t been a new episode of Nick’s Corner in 6 years.
  • Joseph Kahn, director of the “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” video, was 25 and unknown before the video came out in 1997. Now 45, he’s worked with all of the big names in pop music, including Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and Katy Perry.
  • If you had a baby the same year Backstreet fans shut down Times Square and stood outside the window of MTV studios to catch a glimpse of the Boys for the Millennium release, the baby is now a legal adult. (This was just the first time)
  • ….And it’s been 16 years since crazy fan Tiffany lost in the battle of BSB vs. NSYNC and threatened to kill Carson Daly.
  • Nick’s first solo album, Now Or Never, is 15 years old. Brian’s solo album, Welcome Home, is 11 years old. Howie’s Back To Me is 6 years old  and AJ’s Have It All is 7.
  • We’ve been waiting for AJ’s latest solo album for 3 years. (That doesn’t make us feel old. We’re just saying.)
  • None of the contestants on ABC’s Boy Band, on which Nick served as architect, were alive when the Backstreet Boys were at their peak.
  • It’s been over a decade since Kevin left the Backstreet Boys.
  • Except for Nick and AJ, every member of the Backstreet Boys hasn’t been single in 10+ years.
  • The Rolling Stones article in which Brian proclaimed he only uses curse words in the Bible, there was a masturbation discussion and our squeaky clean views of the Boys were shattered is now 17 years old — and we are now closer to them than ever.
  • VIP Meet and Greets weren’t a thing until 9 years ago – during the Unbreakable tour.
  • People under 18 don’t recognize individual Backstreet Boys right off the bat (or know their songs as a group).
  • We have to take Aleve before we go to Backstreet events
  • We ask if it’s appropriate to take kids to VIP (and we talk to the Boys about our kids)
  • We go to concerts and get impatient about what time they’re actually going to start because we’re getting sleepy
  • We leave concerts wondering why our bones are cracking
  • We’ve gone from throwing bras onstage to Bengay (Help yo boys out!)
  • We’ve started stories with “I remember when the Backstreet Boys did that when I was your age…”
  • The #1 thing that makes us feel old? We’ve gone from having our moms drop us off at concerts in our hometown to not having to ask permission to go to any Backstreet Boys event and paying for it ourselves. With the same band.

We may be older, but we’ve been beyond lucky to grow older with a band who has grown with us.


How Do You Display Your Backstreet Tix, VIP Laminates, etc.? Share With Us!

For years, Backstreet Boys fans have had posters plastered all over their bedroom walls. Now that we are grown, WE want to see how YOU display or store your VIP laminates, concert tickets, autographed items, or any special BSB memorabilia.

Do you still have those BSB posters plastered all over your bedroom like when we were teenagers, or do you have a BSB shrine for all of your guests to see when they come into your house…

…or do you simply wear your BSB merch to the grocery store?

Do you have any funny stories surrounding your BSB memorabilia? We want to hear and see it all! Send your pictures and/or stories to us using the form below!

Send your photos and explanations to whothebackstreet@gmail.com to be featured in an upcoming post.