We Need Your Help For Kevin’s Birthday!

Another year of Backstreet birthdays.

For some reason, we always start with Kevin. We don’t know how that happened, but that’s how it is.

SO, another year and here we are, with another idea for spreading love, birthday wishes and appreciation for our five. We’ve done words of appreciation from everyone, favorite moments with each of the boys, and simply writing about them.

This year, we want to relive our favorite moments by watching them. Send us your favorite Kevin moment in a video or GIF. 

This can be anything from a music video, behind the scenes moment, tour, cruise, interview, etc. We only ask that it be a YouTube link. If your favorite Kevin moment can be summed up in a GIF, send it our way! (If it’s a GIF and you don’t have the link, send via email to whothebackstreet@gmail.com)

Oh, and tell us why.

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Fans Want It That Way: What Songs We Want To Hear (Or Not) On The Next Backstreet Boys Tour


Every new Backstreet Boys tour brings new surprises and the one everyone always wants to know (but tries to avoid for fear of ruining their show) is the setlist. Typically, the Boys are promoting a new album on every new tour but, of course, can’t leave out their classics. Tour after tour, they have added new songs, brought back the insanely old, and have kept certain ones on the list, but we were curious as to what the general fan opinion is on what we love to hear, what we REALLY miss, and what we could do without. Here are the results…

What We Want Added / Kept

The songs fans requested to hear once more (or for the first time live) might surprise you. Topping the list were:

  • “By My Side”
  • “Siberia”
  • “Just To Be Close”
  • “Back To Your Heart”
  • “Drowning”
  • “That’s The Way I Like It”

I’d LOVE to hear “Just To Be Close” a cappella because it’s just simply amazing.  I’d also like to hear “Not For Me” because it’s one of my faves from Black & Blue.  – @Noora_S 

I wish they would sing Siberia unplugged. For me, that song is everything. Such a perfect breakup song. –@yael1983s 

“Feels Like Home” could be fun! – @Lethe85 

The best B-Side “By My Side” – @LivGitahy 

I would love to hear ‘Just To Be Close’ and ‘What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)’ And they CAN NOT get rid of ‘Larger Than Life’, of course, and ‘Permanent Stain’! – @LilliumD 

I’d add “It’s Gotta Be You”, the energy it’d add would be amazeballs. Especially since 10,000 Promises is already back – @TheDarkSideBSB 

Siberia, Shattered, Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon, Unmistakable, Something I Already Know. – @_SouffleGirl_ 

“Like A Child”, one of my fave songs when I was 13. I still regularly listen to it. Volume has to be way up though! – @Starshine_00 

Bringing back Unbreakable songs would be awesome, maybe “You Can Let Go”. – @Deise_r 

“Inconsolable” or my favorite -“Climbing the Walls”. Or anything with Brian doing the leads. “Like  A Child” would be perfect! – @ImanAg 

“Just To Be Close To You” and “I Still” – @Jhie0730 

“I Still” and “Get Another Boyfriend” because both are amazing songs and should just always be sung live – @AmyBChirps 

Love “Straight Through My Heart”….  good sound… Nice to dance to – @MigSelv8 

“Get Another Boyfriend” and something from NG like “Crawling Back To You” or “Climbing The Walls” – @teenie36214 

I would LOVE to hear “Crawling Back To You”. – @Toni4Kaos 

GIVE ME “I STILL” BACK DAMMIT! And “That’s The Way I Like It”. And “Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon”. And “Panic”. And “Any Other Way”. – @dubnoxious 

Drowning, Missing You, Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon, Helpless When She Smiles, Bigger, By My Side. Songs that they CANNOT get rid of: More Than That, Shape of My Heart, As Long As You Love Me, All I Have To Give. –  ‏@Sushi_Flower 

If You Stay – @Shortybubbelz 

Back to your Heart – @LoveinLeighBri 

Siberia, Back to your heart, Don’t Wanna Lose You Now, Undone, That’s The Way I Like It.  – @Yahtzee27 

“Let’s Have A Party” and “If I Don’t Have You” – @AJChicaBitches 

“Hey Mr DJ” and “Try”!!! I absolutely love both of these songs!!! – @beautifulblck86 

“I still”… I’m so in love with that song! I always wonder why they don’t include it on tours – @BackstweetNews 

I wish they’d add “Back To Your Heart” and “Drowning”. Some “Lose It All” would be great as well – @BSBroxtheworld 


So many amazing songs but for me it would be “Drowning” love that song – @mayanderson64 

One Phone Call!!!!!! – @NickCarterVEVO 

“If you knew what I knew”, I’ll never find “Someone Like You” & “If You Stay”. Great tracks! Miss all of it. – @bsbfcp_uae 

“Everyone” Is one of The best!!! It’s for us! – @anaizinhaaa 

Bigger, Undone, More Than That – @SAntonette14 

I’d love to hear “Siberia” live and they’re not allowed to get rid of “In A World Like This”! –@Kalayra18 

What To Throw Out

Sorry, Boys. We know that there are some songs performed that are “mainstays” but, forgive us, we may go to the bathroom during “Incomplete” and “I Want It That Way”.

Incomplete. I know we gotta keep it since it’s the only consistent post 2005 song but eh – @ForeverRebel 

Incomplete. – @jennifercw015 

Incomplete. – @Yahtzee27 

I Want It That Way. – @KatieOK_ 

Quit Playing Games – @MauraSull 

“The One” … it’s nice…but boring – @smeagols_twin 

For me, it’s “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” – @BSBroxtheworld 

I’d want to hear a song from IAWLT that they haven’t performed live to replace “Madeleine” (sorry!) – @teenie36214 

I’d have to say “I want it that way”. – @Lethe85 

I loved “Incomplete” when it was released but it’s too depressing and kinda boring now. – @Kalayra18