FAN EXCLUSIVE: 5 Minutes On Stage With Brian and Baylee Littrell


Following the Disaster! performance on Tuesday night at Nederlander Theater, Brian Littrell took the stage with 13 year old son, Baylee, who is currently playing twins in the Broadway musical. By Wednesday morning, videos of the performance had hit the internet and we were all obsessed with the father-son duo (as if we weren’t before). You may have noticed two (super lucky) girls sitting on the stage at their feet and if you were wondering who they were and how they got so lucky – wonder no more! The girls, Sarah (@sv02) and Jaime (@fanofbsb4ever), are actually What Happens On The Backstreet readers and were kind enough to share their experience with us. Check it out!

“We weren’t sure if it was going to happen. It was a lot of luck….or stars aligning… We had seen the announcements about Brian doing *something* on 4/12, but we didn’t have a clue what that would be.

Both of us have seen the show already. Sarah saw it opening night of previews back in February, and Jaime saw it as soon as she landed in NYC, just 3 nights before Tuesday’s show. That was the key — that night, Jaime saw a sneak peek of what could happen: an auction, to raise money for Broadway Cares …. The winner that night got to go up on stage.

We immediately tried to figure out if we could be there the night Brian was going to be involved, and hoped it might be the same thing. Jaime secretly hoped that Baylee would share the stage with Brian. We’ve already been fortunate enough to have met them multiple times at get photos, so matter what happened, we HAD to be there to support Brian! We tried to rationalize our price range — it’s just like a BSB concert gold/platinum VIP, right?! But…BETTER !

Day of, neither of us had time during the day (yay work hours!) to see if there were rush tickets since we’d seen the show & didn’t need good seats… but did need to save every single cent for the auction! Luckily, there were still rush tickets available that night. At intermission, Sarah was able to confirm with the staff where to run down to participate in the bidding, and that a combined bid was allowed!

Bidding started high — they doubled it …and Leighanne tried to outbid us! Brian jumped in too…..but…. We won!!!!

We went up on stage and were ready to stand by on the side. But Brian, in his Brian-ly way, suggested we sit down in front and evenly jokingly showed us how he expected us to sit.  He & Baylee ended up singing an adorable father/son duet where Brian kept interrupting Baylee with BSB songs when the lyrics overlapped. Baylee even called out Brian for interrupting him, it was endearing, funny, and moving moment, and we had the best seat in the house!

Jaime knew she had to record this, and knew no one was a prouder dad than Brian at that very moment, so she took out her phone during the performance to record it.  To her surprise, Brian sang to it…and even flipped it around to capture our moment on Broadway with him.  Brian even asked Jaime during the performance whether she was recording, and not hearing Jaime’s answer, he flipped the phone to check that it was and flipped it back and said “so you are recording!” It was such an unexpected and unforgettable moment for us, thank you Brian!

During the performance, Baylee sang Nat King Cole – “L-O-V-E” and Jackson 5 – “I Want You Back” while Brian interrupted with “All I Have To Give”, “Quit Playing Games”, and “I Want It That Way”.  Brian even passed the mic to Baylee during a part of “I Want It That Way” and Baylee pretended not to know the lyrics.  Max Crumm, one of the cast members, live streamed a video of the performance from the side of the stage.

In the end, one of the stage folks offered to take our pictures — group photo & individual photos. In a blur, Sarah was able to mention that she worked at Backstage and had bugged her social media team to get Baylee the instagram takeover ; he laughed and said “Thanks! It was fun!!”

When we went to sign the donation paperwork & charge our cards, the lady exclaimed how amazing it must have been to get photos. Little did she know we have been fortunate to already have photos and be up close with Brian…but this was definitely incomparable to any other experience we’ve ever had!!  We were blown away by the performance and felt very lucky to have been able to capture a picture of our 5 minutes on Broadway with Baylee and Brian Littrell.

The next day, they put out the official video pretty fast — you may have already watched the different videos already linked… but this one is worth it too!”

Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Sarah and Jaime!



5 Facts About Nick Carter… As Told By ‘Dead 7’ Premiere Day

It’s been a very long two weeks since Nick’s premiere. Let’s relive what we found out/already knew as supported by the events of lunch and premiere.

  1. Nick should [not] have been a waiter.

Nick served food to everyone at his lunch; what a gem. Our favorite moment, however, was watching him plop full over-sized meatballs into fans’ plates. Or should we say #balls ? [In the words of Nick Carter (on a fan’s instagram picture comments)]

  1. Nick is now a… vegetarian?

But he still eats fish. And meatballs? He also likes cannolis. Maybe he is just an all around foodie with vegetarian-like tendencies…?

  1. Nick is actually, somewhat of a fashionista.

I think we may have past a milestone here people; Nick did NOT wear sweatpants to his premiere.

  1. Nick is friends with a lot of boybanders. …And it makes the 90’s fangirl in us happy.

If you saw the movie, you know that the list of boybanders that starred in Dead 7 were: AJ McLean and Howie Dorough from BSB, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick from NSYNC, Erik Estrada and Dan Miller from O-Town, and Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees. AJ, Joey, and Jeff attended the premiere, along with other fellow Backstreet Boy, Kevin! The lucky fans who were in attendance got the chance to mingle with these celebs and other cast members there. Along with our personal fave, Olivia Newton John! #Sandy

  1. Nick LOVES his movie.

As he should, because we love it too! Watching his face light up when he talked about it and watched it was priceless. Some of the fans in the audience were featured/extra zombies in the movie, so having them watch it in the theater with Nick, their friends, and other cast members, was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

If you would like to see the article/other pics/ info from lunch, check out the full Just Jared article here or  Nick’s website. And if you haven’t yet gotten to watch Dead 7, make sure you check it out!