2017: Upcoming Backstreet Boys Appearances

Backstreet is coming at 2017 at full speed and we can hardly keep up!

Recently, we updated you on everything they’ve been doing, but the BSB train is. not. stopping…TOOT TOOT! We had posted a graphic on WHOTB social media channels for everyone to stay updated on what was happening when, but at this rate, updating a post might be easier.

So here it is – a post with every CONFIRMED concert / appearance that the Boys are scheduled for as we get it. If you have questions about an upcoming event, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on TwitterFacebook or the Contact Us page!

For any event where a ticket link is not provided, ticket details can be found at backstreetboys.com/events.

December 16, 2017 – All Star Christmas – Hartford, CT


Tickets – ON SALE Friday, October 27th at 10am EST

December 29-30, 2017 – New Years Weekend – Cancun, Mexico


December 29th – VIP SOLD OUT

December 30th

December 31st – FOX’s New Year’s Eve with Steve Harvey (Pre-recorded performance)


The show begins at 8pm EST.


To Anyone Who Has Ever Made You Feel Guilty About Loving A Band…

It happens with every new tour, event, or appearance.

“You’re going to see them again?”

“Didn’t you just see them a few months ago?”

“Don’t you get tired of wasting your money on those things?”

Time and time again, we feel like we have to defend ourselves. We think twice about posting cruise countdowns and concert photos because there are always those people that will ask us, judge us, and think we have some “growing up” to do.

Those are also the same people that spend their time regretting what they didn’t do before it was too late.

With the recent passing of music legends like Prince and David Bowie, social media is full of people saying things like “man, I wish I had seen him live” or “I saw him when I was a teenager and always wanted to go back”. Most of these are coming from the same people who seem to question our multiple trips to see the bands we love, our money spent (that isn’t their business), and the promoting we do.

To those people, I say that you have to seize the moments you have.

Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed – for us or, in this case, the Backstreet Boys. We’re aware that Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ, and Nick have been working together for 23 years, that it’s an unprecedented time period for a vocal group from the 90s, and that every concert could be their last. We’re aware that we’re growing older and our responsibilities are growing as well.

We also understand that these events are not only a chance to see our idols one more time, but a chance to see our friends, to create priceless memories, and to live life in the way we want… while we still can.

Some people don’t realize what they have (or could have had) until it’s gone, but some people work hard to enjoy what they can while it’s still happening. Don’t steal the sunshine.

Live life the way you want, but be aware of what you might regret – whether that means skipping an event because you would regret not being able to afford something else or going to every event you can because you’ll regret not doing it while you can.

But please, respect that everyone is simply trying to get their fill of happiness. Everyone is giving back what they feel these artists have given to them …and sometimes, that’s more than we can ever repay. So we show up, we support, and we love them until the end. Without regrets.

5 Reasons We Need A Backstreet Boys Land Event


Since 2010, the Backstreet Boys have set sail with their fans every year on what can only be described as the greatest cruise of a BSB fan’s life. There’s the Backstreet Boys, a giant boat, thousands of your closest friends, parties all weekend, drinks abound and absolutely no sleep. Many friendships and memories have been made….

….But maybe it’s time for something new.

A few months ago, we posted about four events we’d love to see the Backstreet Boys do and one of them, the one we got the most response about, was the suggest Vegas (or wherever, but preferably) cruise-like land event. We tentatively titled it Backstreet Boys: Shipwrecked… just for kicks, but it seems to have caught on. With the Euro cruise in 2016 and a tour not until later in the year (supposedly), a one off event around an album release might be the perfect time to try it out. Here’s why:

1. We’ll Be Thirsty For Some Backstreet Boys.


By the middle of 2016, those of us not venturing to go on the BSB Euro Cruise will be in the middle of a year-without-BSB withdrawal. Unless you’re going to see Nick’s All American tour, there is currently nothing concrete for the Backstreet Boys as a group next year. This means, if they were to do some kind of one-off event, we would literally empty our bank accounts because they’re the Jacks to our Roses and our hearts can’t go on! Ok, you get the point….

Shut up and take our money, Boys! We only want to breathe in the same air again. Perhaps it should coincide with the album release? We’ll be much less rabid fans if we have a pre-tour appetizer. It’s a win win.

2. No Seasickness? No Sea Legs? No Problem.


Following the days after BSB cruises are always the mass amounts of tweets about the room spinning, the floor moving, staying in bed, etc. Other fans have stayed away from cruises simply because they are too sensitive to motion sickness and as much as they want to go, it would be a fairly miserable time. With a land event, the only side effects might be the (normal) hangover and maybe a little air sickness! You wouldn’t have to worry about a thing unless you’re allergic to fun….or Nick Carter is sick.

3. Anything NKOTB Does, BSB Can Do Better…


The New Kids On The Block did a weekend event in Vegas in 2014 that garnered rave reviews. I actually happened to be there for the Backstreet Boys concert a month before and the promotion for the event was CRAZY. We know that the Backstreet Boys could pull in just as much love and throw a better party…’cause Backstreet parties don’t stop! Man, that never gets old.

In fact, if we must, Backstreet Boys, we DARE you to top NKOTB: After Dark. Double dog dare, actually.

4. Don’t Feel Like Attending A Certain Event? There’s Plenty More To Do!


The Backstreet events are sure to be fun, but everyone needs a break. While your options may be limited on board, your options are certainly NOT limited in a city like Vegas. Shopping, swimming, naptime? You can do it all. Trying to avoid someone? Way more room to do so. Also, just like the boat, there’s also lots of chances to run into your Boys!

5. It’s A Good Time For Everyone!


Fans have been begging for years for more Backstreet Boys events outside of a full blown tour. We love love love tours, but we understand how much of a toll it takes on the band and honestly, a one time event means slightly easier post-event depression for us. Plus, we can extend our vacations to hang with our friends to soften the blow. Two or three nights with our Boys and our girls in an amazing city with new events? We’re so down.