28 Videos Of Kevin Richardson Dancing That Are Sure To Make You Happy

The Backstreet Boys have officially wrapped another leg of the DNA tour (with the promise of more to come). We have showed up, sold out a large number of arenas, posted endlessly about our love for this tour, and are beyond prepared for more.

As with every tour, there are multiple things that we will forever associate with it. We’ve already written about Brian nailing vocals on the Euro leg and Nick’s performances of “The Way It Was” making us weak, but you guys, we are NOT sleeping on Kevin F**king Richardson and THOSE MOVES.

Ever since the Backstreet Boys’ Homecoming concert on television in the 90s, we’ve been obsessed with our very own groove master. The man can GET IT! After realizing that many of you felt the same way, we couldn’t help but ask for your best videos of Kevin getting down on the DNA tour.

As always, you’ve all delivered and this has turned into one of our favorite posts. We think you’ll agree. The eldest Backstreet Boy is likely how even Stella got her groove back, ya feel us?

One thing is for sure – we never want to live in a world where we don’t have the honor to dance with Kevin!

8 Times The Rhythm Got Nick Carter

559715_10200465647633073_939784282_nLike Gloria Estefan warned us, “the rhythm is gonna get you”, and Nick Carter has been a proven example over the years that this is true. Perhaps we have always known the the music inside of him was only going to rock his body (rriiiggght) but we never knew to what extent. To be honest, some of us are a little jealous as we watch the music take over. Some of us wait for the moment in every concert that Nick becomes possessed by the beat of the music. If you don’t know what we mean, where have you been?! take a look!

1. The “Panic” Dance.

Perhaps this is where it all began. We had known Nick to be particularly enthusiastic about his dancing before the Unbreakable tour, but “Panic” brought it to a whole new level. Watch the above video, particularly around the 1:30 mark, to see what we mean. Sure, it started out choreographed, but Nick…Nick had a whole energy that took over his body during this song. Most of us can never listen to this song without flailing our arms about now (Caution: Don’t drive while listening to this song).

2. The “She’s A Dream” Touch.

This song wasn’t much of a crowd pleaser on the This Is Us album, but on tour, it was a totally different story. Why? Because this time, Nick was so moved by the music that he felt the need to sex it up. Everytime. Every show. He was feelin’ it…in every definition of the word. We’ll just leave it at that.

3. The Return of “Get Down”.

The Boys hadn’t performed “Get Down” in a while, but when they started again on tour with NKOTBSB, Nick was no longer the kid he was in the G-rated “Get Down” video of yesteryear. He began to prove that the song was indeed what we all knew it was about all along. Thrust, thrust, thrust. The music had jumped into his hips and forced his bottom half to move in ways we will never forget.

5. “Permanent Stain”

6. “Breathe”

Perhaps you weren’t aware that a slow-ish song could cause you to dance like this. Nick Carter will prove. you. WRONG. This was perhaps the most rhythm-inducing song for Nick on the IAWLT (besides “Love Somebody”) and it surprised us all. We never thought such a sweet song could make us drool so hard. It gets to him so hard that you can see in the above video that he has to take a break to almost sit on a fan’s head (Fanpit has consequences, y’all). We also never knew someone could make it so dramatic! LOOK AT THAT FACE!

7. “Love Somebody”

“Love Somebody” is THE #1 song to exemplify when the rhythm got Nick the hardest. We are not sure what the dance is, where it came from, why it happens but WE. LOVE. IT. You can see it creeping it. You can see the music literally falling upon his ears, sinking into his blood and moving his legs, then arms, then his whole body until he is a dancing machine.

8. Then He Brought It To The Afterparties.

As Kevin says, “This is Nick completely sober.” He’s obviously music-drunk and this time, he’s bringing his friends with him. You keep movin’ it, Nick Carter! Your rhythm is eventually going to get us.

**Thanks to @KaosNevena and @LadyLouveamour for their help with finding videos!**