#BSBKindnessCruise Campaign: Let’s Do This

25 years together as a band is cause for celebration.

On a huge ship [for the 6th time].

Headed to Turks and Caicos from Miami in May.

The Backstreet Boys are in and if you are too, continue reading… because 2018 is going to be the BEST. CRUISE. EVER.

Why, you ask? Because this time, we have a dream… and it seems to be shared by most other fans that are cruise regulars (and even those who aren’t). Are we naive to think that our words can change the entire mood of a cruise? Maybe, but as far as we know, no one has ever tried in a well organized way.

No one has said “hey, we’re all on the same page here”. Instead, many of us have spent excessive time recalling stories from past cruises that involve all the things that went wrong, all the fans that acted insane, and everything the Backstreet Boys didn’t do.

Let’s change this.

The name calling, the blaming, the literal pushing and the shoving on the cruise itself – it has to stop.

We are 21+ years old (most of us at least) and we have to, as a group, start putting our best foot forward and acting like it. So, before you step foot on the 2018 BSB Cruise, we’re asking you to…

….Please leave your negative outlooks behind. This is a new year, new cruise.

….Focus on the good time to be had by ALL, including the fans you don’t know. How awesome is it that this is a boat FILLED with people that also love the Backstreet Boys? No judgement, no guilt – fun only!

…. Expect the unexpected. Leave the been there, done that attitude at home. Treat this cruise like it’s your first. Remember the excitement. Remember why you’re there. Breathe in the sea air and smell of Backstreet sweat and remind yourself that 14 year old you would have NEVER dreamed this.

….Don’t cheat yourself — YOU owe this to yourself! You worked hard for the money that you used to pay for this cruise. You waited a year (or a lifetime) to be stepping onto this boat. If absolutely nothing else, this is your time — choose wisely how you spend it. By that, we mean do what makes YOU happy. You control your actions and decisions. Come back with some epic stories, friends.

….Don’t let anyone ruin it for you! Not everyone is going to be chill – this is everyday life. People are people. Our mission is to get enough of us on this side of chill that it spreads (and we ARE asking you to spread this). That being said, there are always going to be people who value selfies above all and hurling themselves over people to reach Nick Carter in a crowd. Don’t let it ruin your time! Be grateful that you aren’t the one making a fool of yourself and please, don’t join them. No one wins that way. You get a blurred selfie and a crappy memory. THESE ARE YOUR MEMORIES!! Treat ’em like cash.

….Don’t go in acting like the Boys owe you something. Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick did not force you to come on this cruise nor did they pay for you to come on the cruise. While they are obviously the main perk of being on the cruise, they are also only human and they are working. While they did not make you come on this ship, we are 1000% positive that it is their hope that we have a good time. It is, however, a give and take situation. Only by us having a good time, can they have and show us a good time. Attacking them gets you nowhere. Acting irrational gets you nowhere. History has proven that it gets them somewhere — back to their cabins.

Let’s Do This.

We truly believe in the Backstreet Army, as much as we do the Backstreet Boys themselves. We are celebrating 25 years as much as they are. We have worked hard from the moments we became fans to show up for them, to get radio airplay, to vote for them on TRL, to watch every moment they are on TV.

WE DESERVE THIS FOR OURSELVES. The only answer is to work together. To listen to each other. To calm down (but be SUPER excited, as well). It starts with us being kind to each other. Moving out of the way once you’ve gotten what you wanted, being aware of people around you, and having a BIG ASS PARTY together!

This won’t be our last post on our BSB Kindness Cruise Campaign, but first, as always, we want to hear from you. Please fill out the form below for a future post. We’re going to dig into all the things, fan-mily.

And we’re going to make 2018 one to remember. We have all the faith.




What Is Your Favorite Video From A Past Backstreet Boys Cruise? Send It To Us!

The 2018 Backstreet Boys cruise is still 10.5ish months away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t relive cruises past!

For cruisers and non-cruisers alike, YouTube has become a hub to upload, share, and relish in our own memories and allow others to see what really happens on a BSB cruise. We thought it would be a fun idea for everyone to share their favorite cruise videos from YouTube and why they’re your favorite. **It does NOT have to be your own video**

So whether you’re a cruiser or a stay-at-homer, we want to hear from you! Fill out the form below and let’s sail away ….in our minds, anyway.


10 (More) Suggestions For Backstreet Boys Cruise Themes

Before the 2016 Backstreet Boys Euro Cruise, we presented new potential cruise themes that we’d love to see in the future. Unfortunately, none of our suggestions were actual chosen themes, but we can always dream!

With the cruise next year already being sold out (WHAT?!) and being the 25th anniversary, there’s no option but for it to be the best yet. We’ve come up with 10 more ideas for themes in hopes that if the Boys are lacking ideas, they’ll stumble upon this little post. Cross your fingers!

1. 90s Night


This really doesn’t need an explanation as 95% of us were there for the 90s. We know the style, we know the music, we know the 90s was the best decade ever and we want the excuse to relive it any chance we get. Grab your scrunchies. your daisy dresses, your Friends dvds and let’s do this!

2. Make Believe Night 


A play on the BSB song of the same name, here’s your chance to play make believe like you did as a child. Princes and princesses, aliens and unicorns – let your imagination run!

We really just wanted an excuse to infuse some aliens into the cruise, honestly.

3. FantaSea Night


Get your minds out of the gutter unless you find pirates sexy – we won’t judge! We propose that FantaSea Night consist of all things sea-related – pirates, wenches, and mermaids, oh my. We’re dying to see the BSB Pirates Of The Carribean style and a mermaids-allowed theme is the perfect excuse to buy the rainbow highlighter we’ve been eyeing!

4. Heroes and Villains


Not all heroes wear capes – but they probably will on the cruise! For those who aren’t into the superhero lifestyle, pick the villain of your choice and play it up. It’ll be even more fun if one of the Boys just happens to be your arch nemesis for the night – we smell an awesome photo op!

This is also a good one for planning with a group of your friends and being creative by making your own superhero!

5. Royal Ball


If a formal night is what you’re looking for, this theme is for you! “We could be kings and queens” ring a bell? Grab your crowns, tiaras, and glass slippers (except don’t) and get on board for this theme. What’s better than Prince Charming? Five of them in the form of Nick, Brian, AJ, Kevin and Howie. No one can resist a suave looking Backstreet Boy (or finding another use for that formal dress you purchased years ago).

Think you can’t get drunk in a ball gown? Whatever. Cinderella was obvious drunk to leave that shoe behind.

6. Hoedown Showdown


C’mon y’all! Everyone loves a good Southern night (or at least love Kevin and Brian) and it’s a pretty simple theme. Grab your jeans, your plaid, your boots, cowboy hats and git it!

Are you REALLY going to turn down a cowboy-themed-Backstreet Boy? Really?

Disclaimer: This is NOT because I’m from Nashville (or I’d call it honky tonk night).

7. Backstreet Festival


Couldn’t make it to a summer music festival and wear all those trendy festival clothes? Into the Woodstock look? Literally just want to wear a bikini top (uhh..with bottoms) and be in theme? This one is for you. Imagine a Coachella vibe where it’s strictly Backstreet. We haven’t decided how the Boys would dress for this one, but we promise it’ll be better than Fyre Fest! (Look it up.)

8. Fiesta En Fuego


It’s not lost on anyone that we will be on the boat on May 5th AKA Cinco De Mayo. To avoid the risk of potentially being offensive yada, yada, yada…we present Fiesta En Fuego! Literally, a party on fire. We’re thinking fiery colors (red, orange, etc.), a little “Hot, Hot, Hot”, and a whole lot of margaritas. Also, can someone come around passing out tacos or…?

9. Gatsby Night


A little party never killed nobody, says a song from the Great Gatsby remake. Anyone that has read or watched Gatsby knows that Jay Gatsby was known for his lavish parties and we can perfectly envision such a party on the cruise. Grab your 1920s garb (flapper dresses, beads, feathers, etc.) and look for the green light across the water!

10. Wonderland


Falling down the rabbit hole will never be as fun as it will be when your friends AND the Backstreet Boys are involved. We love the idea of replicating a wacky Wonderland on the cruise and painting the roses red! There’s plenty of wild characters and costuming to choose from.

Oh, and we’d like to petition to see Kevin as the Queen of Hearts and Nick as Alice, of course.

Or maybe Kevin should be the caterpillar? OK. We really need this theme.

Which theme suggestion is your favorite? Have one of your own? We want to hear it all!

3 Reasons Why The #BSBCruise2016 Acoustic Set Hit Us In The Feels


Many Backstreet Boys fans have always wanted the Boys to do an acoustic album, an acoustic tour, or perhaps a few acoustic shows between albums. No one really expected it on a cruise. Weren’t things supposed to be hype all the time? Wouldn’t an acoustic set mellow everyone out? These things were on the minds of a few fans as they set sail on the first European cruise this past week.

Then it happened.

Fans at home were a little shocked and lot thrilled when, within hours of the Boys boarding the cruise, they periscoped the group rehearsing “Darlin'” acapella. When was the last time we had even heard that song?! Bonus: they sounded even more flawless than usual.

Then came the actual acoustic concert.

And we remembered why we’re Backstreet Boys fans.

It wasn’t just because they were singing live in front of us (or online) for the first time in months. It was so many reasons and so many feelings beyond that.


1. They Brought Back The Classics.

Did we ever think in a million years that we’d be SO ecstatic to hear “Just To Be Close” after hearing it acapella every time the Backstreet Boys turned around in the beginning? Hearing it now took us back. It took us back to basics, stripped our Boys down of everything that happened in 23 years, and reminded us what made us fans in the first place.

Then there’s “Let’s Have A Party” and “Lay Down Beside Me”, a song that instantly reminds us of the Orlando Coming Home concert and A Night Out With The Backstreet Boys, both of which most of us were only lucky to watch repeatedly when we were tweens.

There’s also the fact that Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick also got emotional – like they were going back with us. We were all in the same head space, all back in the beginning, to 98, 99, and 2000s. It was like hearing our journey as fans and their journey as a group come to life. We weren’t ready for those emotions.

And we want to do it again!

2. They Listened To Us!

Months before the cruise set sail, an email was sent out to cruisers to ask for their opinions on what they wanted to hear during the acoustic set on board. We’ve been through this before – we get emails, we respond, and nothing ever happens with them or we’re left wondering if this is what people ACTUALLY replied with, because it didn’t seem like it.

But this setlist… well… it was straight from the fans. These are the songs we’ve wanted to hear again since they’ve disappeared from tour and live performances. These are the songs that are fan-loved, not world-loved. In short, the best.

An “I Want It That Way”-free set list with “Don’t Wanna Lose You Now”? Yep. That’s ours.

3. That Sound.

Of course, every good BSB fan always argues that they sound amazing all the time, best vocals, blah blah blah.

But there isn’t one fan that wasn’t taken aback by how incredible they sounded during the acoustic set. Honestly, most of us, there or simply watching online, shed a few tears, as did the Boys themselves. As if bringing back the songs we originally fell in love with wasn’t enough, they stripped it down to the vocals we’d forgotten we needed.

No flash. No choreography. Just five guys with talent and big dreams who seemed to be really taking in how far they’ve come.

We can’t write this point without talking about the vocals of Brian Littrell. Wow. We couldn’t be more proud of the progression he’s made and the strength he has shown. Hearing him sing “Darlin'” with such a purity, a vocal clarity, a confidence… well, moved doesn’t even seem to cover it. It’s pretty safe to say, by the looks of the faces of the other four guys, that we aren’t the only ones. As the crowd chanted Brian’s name, our hearts were never more full.

Michael Jordan is back.

 If you haven’t seen the acoustic performance, the French Backstreet Team was kind enough to put one of the performances (Group B) into one video. Check it out (and have your tissues ready)!

5 Positives (And Suggestions) About BSB Cruise 2016

So, Kristie’s Korner has been on a slight hiatus, due to me, Kristie, cruising with BSB. I can’t believe it’s been a week since we boarded the boat with BSB, but I’m back, and ready to share with everyone about the cruise! I’m sure you’ve heard the good, the bad, and the ugly. However, I am here to focus on the positives, and to bring you the main pros and suggestions that I’ve come to realize. I mean, we were on VACATION with the Backstreet Boys; how bad could it be?!


1. The concert.

Holy smokes. For those of you who have seen the concert either live or in videos, I bet you cried at least seven times. AT LEAST. For those of you who have not seen it, do yourselves a favor, and search it on YouTube immediately. I really don’t think there was a dry eye in the room; and Brian, just wow. So. Many. Emotions. This concert was probably one of my favorites, ever; and definitely, surprisingly upbeat for an acoustic concert.

Hey BSB: Keep bringing back the “oldies” and classics that do not usually get performed. There is a reason why so many of us voted for them! They definitely brought us back in time, and we thank you for that. It was a special moment felt by all as to why we became fans many moons ago.


2. Free time.

Points for free time to get to explore in the ports (and/or sleep, eat, spa, etc). However, call me old fashioned, but I still missed the beach party. So if that could be brought back next year, I know I would be extremely happy (as I’m sure others will, as well). The 4 nights worked out really well, too. I feel like it was plenty of time to fit everything in, while also getting our Backstreet fill. Whether it is a cruise, or a land event, I am sure we will be there, and ready to party!


3. The preferred event.

This year, the boys wanted to do a little something extra special for those fans who got the higher end cabins. The event was complete with free champagne, and was supposed to be a chill event for these fans to get to hang out with the boys, and for some of the time, it was. Note to boys: this was an amazing idea, and we appreciate the thought SO much. However, this event would be GREAT to do in the future if it was handled slightly differently (e.g. maybe everyone would have to be sitting down at a table in order to get a picture with the boys).


4. Solo events.

YES, yes and more yes. The more personal and intimate they can be while incorporating fans; the better. Kevin’s was my personal favorite; how AMAZING were those duets?! BSB has a lot of talented fans, that’s for sure! And Kevin wasn’t so bad, himself. Again, for those of you who have not seen videos, I strongly urge you to do so.


5. Deck parties.

Well, let’s start with the positives. The way these boys dressed up for theme nights still makes me laugh. Nick was once again the woman of the group– Anyone else starting to get a little concerned…? LOL. The costumes were so creative, and they really went all out this year. The boys really tried to have fun with their time to make it worthwhile for the fans; and we are SO appreciative of that.


To the fans: You have GOT to stop pushing, chasing, “stalking”, etc. In the wise words of BSB, “I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did, as long as you…” just stop being aggressive. I know there were a lot of first timers on this cruise, but let me tell you, on past cruises, the guys hung out around the ship ALL the time. This cruise, they were forced to hide and take back hallways to get back to their room just to avoid getting followed by mass amounts of people. If they see that you are calm, they WILL hang out with you, and you WILL get the attention you want from them; because that’s what they are on the boat for. They are on the cruise for YOU. They WANT to hang out with you, as a calm and civil adult fan; not someone they have to risk their personal safety to be around.

I will leave it at that as to not dwell on the past, because we cannot change it. We can only make positive change for the future. So, as a collective fandom– “I don’t care where you’re from”, but let’s vow to make this change for the better… so that next cruise can be better… because WE, as a whole, made it that way. #BackstreetArmy

10 Reasons to Get Excited for BSB Cruise 2016!

Now that we have received our official itineraries, there are SO many things we are excited about for the upcoming cruise. Here are the top few things that we just can’t stop thinking about… so GET EXCITED!


Have you ever dreamed of sailing the Mediterranean? How about with BSB? Just in case you forgot, this cruise is FOUR nights instead of three! Plus, this is the first year the BSB cruise is on a Royal Caribbean ship! I do enjoy Carnival for their “party” atmosphere, however their ships are not always the nicest. Royal Caribbean has nicer ships and for the most part better food …and as always, UNLIMITED food! BSB, Europe, AND unlimited food? Looks like dreams do come true.2014-03-27 22.39.48


2. Cruise terminal fun.
Who would ever think a cruise port terminal could be so fun? Sure with the long lines, security, and anticipation, one would think that a cruise port terminal is on the list of worst places to ever be. Not on a BSB cruise. Watching the boys enter the terminal and watching the board the ship is when the realization hits that they are walking onto the same ship you are about to walk on—for FIVE days straight!


3. The #BackstreetArmy reunites.
As with all BSB events, hanging out with friends and meeting new fans is half the fun (okay, or maybe more than half)! Some groups of friends may or may not be wandering around in custom matching t-shirts or full outfits (and that may or may not include my group of friends). Have fun with it- that’s the beauty of the BSB cruise.


4. Door decorating contest.
BSB fans go ALL out. This is one of my favorite parts of the cruise. I HIGHLY suggest you take time to go around looking at other’s creative doors, because they really are amazing to see! And if you haven’t yet planned out a door decoration, it’s not too late! Plus, you never know who will stop by and sign it (yes, I’m referring to a Backstreet Boy). Speaking of decorations, the whole ship is decked out in BSB; from banners, to the elevator doors, to the infamous cardboard cutout of the boys in the lobby, just in case you forget you are on a cruise with the Backstreet Boys. Don’t forget to take a picture with it!2014-10-27 02.36.19


5. Cruise-exclusive merch.
…And it’s CUTE! I would especially build one of these bad boys into your BSB cruise budget. It is a very festive addition to your cruise vibe while you’re tanning on the Lido deck or roaming the ship with a drink in hand. Just another reminder that you’re on a BACKSTREET BOYS CRUISE! And there’s more where that came from. A whole merch store! That’s right; a STORE! Make sure you get your merch ASAP, because items WILL sell out!2014-10-24 13.29.05


6. Free time at port.
This year, there will not be a beach party [*Cue collective sigh]. Although I am super sad that there is no beach party, I am excited to have free time to explore the ports. I don’t know about you, but I don’t frequent Europe; so the more time I have to sight see, the better. Plus, it seems as though there will be more than enough other events to fill the time on the ship [see itinerary].


7. Photo ops.
For those of you who may not know, part of the cruise includes a formal M&G with BSB. Just like with any VIP/M&G, you can make it what you wish. Keep in mind, these tend to be slightly more rushed than concert VIP M&Gs. Just a reminder, you must have 4-5 people in your group in order to be let in to take pictures. Don’t get discouraged about the semi-rushed group photo, however, because let’s face it- you are TRAPPED on a boat with the Backstreet Boys. You WILL run into them at some point around the ship (but probably in the casino), and will potentially get a selfie or two. For those of you going on the cruise, please keep in mind, the more pushy you are, the less willing the boys will be to take pictures. Remember to relaxxxxxx; You are on vacation, after all.


8. The acoustic concert.
Well, we know Kevin is really pumped about this one. I personally was OBSESSED with the cruise concert from last year due to its high energy and nostalgia. For those of you who have not seen it, it was very similar to the Homecoming Live in Orlando Tour VHS.. and my little fangirl heart squealed. This year, fans are getting the chance to request songs that will be performed during the Acoustic concert. A lot of fans requested oldies but goodies (that the boys probably don’t even still remember the lyrics to); and I, personally, requested faster songs (such as the crowd favorite “If You Want it to be Good Girl”) so we all can stay awake. Will the boys actually re-learn the less popular songs and perform them? Only time will tell.


9. Living the #suitelife.
This year, for those fans in cabins who have reserved seating, there will be an exclusive “preferred” event. Who knows what that will entail, but it is OFFICIALLY on the itinerary (taking place in the lounge), and I am STOKED!


10. One big PARTY.
From the sail away party, to game shows, to deck parties, to the return of SOLO EVENTS! …the BSB cruise is one constant party. Dressing up for theme nights and seeing what crazy outfits the boys come out in is always a hoot. I know there are many fans wondering what getup the boys will come out in, especially for Leather and Lace night. Guess we will have to wait and see! If Nick actually dresses like a man this time, that would be great. LOL. Although Dorothy, from last year, was quite entertaining, it was just as equally traumatizing. Also, note to boys: PLEASE bring the sailor outfits back. Kthanks.2014-10-24 17.14.34_edited


As always, make sure to eat, drink, have a blast, and DON’T sleep! Can’t wait to set sail in 17 days! Can it please just be here already?

If you’re not going on the cruise, we’ll miss you! And I bet BSB will too. Just a friendly reminder, there is still time to book here! But if not, remember, you can still participate in What Happens on the Backstreet’s Couch Cruise. It is definitely a good time; not to be missed!

13 Fan-Favorite Nick Carter Memories On The Backstreet Boys Cruise


Gearing up for the 2016 Backstreet Boys Cruise, there will be a series of posts geared toward the cruise to either let you relive the past or get you pumped and ready for the next cruise! I will be taking to social media (watch for it!) to ask you about some of your favorite moments with each of the Boys. It doesn’t have to be a personal connection, it can be just something you really loved watching!

What Has Been Your Favorite Nick Carter Moment From Past BSB Cruises? You answered.

“I have a video of a great moment of Nick from BSB Cruise 2014! I was in the second row (I splurged on a grand suite with 2 strangers, one of whom is now a close friend!). Nick jumped off the stage and I wondered where he went when suddenly there he was, singing on my seat! I barely had time to start recording when he ran back down the row to the stage.” – @lauramariefu


“Getting shots from Mr. Carter at the ABC Party!” – @Tahbel

“During the beachparty Nick had a lot of fun with a watergun. Soaked everyone including me at the frontrow. It was fun haha!” – @Miry_iam

“​We all know how competitive Nick can get, and I was lucky enough to get to see that up close and personal and be part of his winning team. The only description I was given for beach ball caterpillar was “you will thank me later”. When I saw the slip n slide I thought we would be doing something on that, but nope I could not have imagined what happened next…
Being a new game, not even the Boys knew what we were supposed to do. We finally figured it out, but half the fun was getting ready to play. Nick was quick to lie down in my lap and if I had been thinking straight I wouldn’t have told him to get up and shuffle down, but the whole situation was so surreal​!​
I don’t know what I was thinking at the time, but probably “is Nick Carter’s head actually between my legs?!” Adding to that, Kevin was telling me to lie between Howie’s legs. Not many girls can say they have been head to crotch between two Backstreet Boys!
​Halfway through, Nick​ gets up to figure out why we were losing. First he blamed Howie, but then he realised we had one extra person and started yelling for someone to get off the team.​It came across a little mean, but we know he just wanted to win. Good thing someone was quick to grab

another fan to join the other team to make it even. After our victory there were high 10’s and hugs all around. We went to take a group photo, but Nick pushed​ AJ away and said​ “winners only!” Lucky for the girls on our team that meant we got two photos. Gotta love Nick’s competitive side!” – @Tippitty



“The first one was in 2011, my first cruise.. Nick pick me to go on stage with them at the Sphynkter night. It was awesome. I took a picture with all of them and that night for a long time i was close to nick while he was playing beer pong.

My fav and second memorie was in my 2nd cruise in 2013. For the Backstreets Back Halloween Party I dressed like Chun Li (Street Fighter)…I was in my cabin with my friends and the boys passed in front of us and nick saw my costume and said “and you are Chun Li!” i tried to take a picture but i coulndt so i recorded it. He made my night. Here is the video: https://www.instagram.com/p/gD_srXuGBi/”  – @fabysc

“As usual there were girls waiting by the elevators at the end of the night, waiting for the boys to come by. I just happened to be standing right by the elevator when security was telling girls to clear a path because Nick was coming. Just so happened no one moved for me and Nick got off the elevator. Security threw him right into me because once everyone saw him, everyone wanted a piece and security had to hold all the other girls back. So I ended up being face to face, literally stuck between the wall and Nick with nowhere for the two of us to go, lol. Nick also made sure I was so ok before security grabbed him and ran. It was a pretty awesome moment, and ever since this little up close and personal encounter he has kept an eye on me, in a big bro kind of way, which is so cool and very sweet of him.” – @AmyBChirps

“Let me preface the first memory with that there is no way to make this not sound inappropriate. On the 2013 cruise during the bachelorette party, Nick was going around shooting people with his penis gun. Little did we know there was vodka and not water in it. He squirted me, but I made him come back and get my friend too. She got a nice surprise in her mouth and made a face. Nick just laughed at her for like 5 minutes. On the 2014 cruise when I realized that Nick remembered me during the meet and greet, I nearly lost my damn mind. During the Group B redux concert, he also saw me and sang to me during a section of In A World Like This. Unfortunately, I was not recording it.” – @Sushi_Flower


“This was on the 2011 cruise.

I had only met this girl a few hours prior. We were hanging out side stage on 80s night when we got pulled onstage by Howie. We hung out right by Nick cheering him on during beer pong and having a few laugh about how badly he was playing. Little did we know that night we would go on to become best friends and have many more Nick adventures together (Emily Hubbard).” – Cynthia Arey


“Taking a butterfinger straight from nicks mouth on the 20th anniversary cruise!” – Nichole Griffith

“Nick dressed as Dorothy in the past Cruise. Totally priceless!!” – Veronica Martinez

“On the 2014 cruise walking up to do the group photo and seeing Nick and AJ having a heated discussion about the meaning of the word “dork”. Nick got super passionate about it and goes “Define dork AJ. Define dork!” – Tracy Parr

“During the question and answer session on the 2013 cruise getting pelted by licked M&Ms lmao. During the bachelorette party digging in his pants for his banana..” – Ashley Darpino

“The first happened the last cruise.  I was out in the ocean and somehow lost the group of friends I was with, they took my camera and headed off for pics with Kevin.  Nick found his way to the area I was in so I was standing in a circle with the rest of the fans.  All of sudden, Nick turns to this girl and asks her if she has a camera or a phone on her.  I was like “what a weird question”.  She says no and next thing we know, he wraps his arms around her and jumps up, plunging them both in and then under the water.  I think we all just kinda stood there…STUNNED..lol  All of a sudden, he resurfaces from it..RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!  All my brain could think to say is “I don’t have my phone” and he says “OK”…then he grabs me around my waist and does the same thing to me as he did the previous girl.  It all happened so fast but DAMN what a memory that made!  For like 10 seconds I was PLASTERED against a wet Nick Carter.  Yeah, that memory tends to stick with you…


The second happened on the first cruise.  We were re-boarding the ship in Key West when we saw Nick walk by us and get on at the same time only at a different entrance.  Ours was MUCH slower than his.  Of course, our line took much longer to get us aboard.  But as we got through security, he was standing there with Lauren.  I had gotten Nick a shirt I wanted to give him before the cruise and had a friend carrying it with her in case we ran into him randomly.  Well, here was my chance.  She handed me the shirt and I walked up to him and asked him if I could give him a shirt.  He was like “sure”.  I handed it to him and just expected him to walk away.  He proceeded to unfold it and look at it.  It said “I’m on a boat, I’m on a boat, take a good, hard look at the mother fucking boat” on the front of it.  He was looked at it and said “I love it!”. Lauren said it was cool.  Yep, I walked away happy.  The next day was the beach party in Cozumel.  We were sitting around the stage waiting for the Boys to arrive and I was watching Howie play with James with a beach ball when my friend Luz cried “JEN!!! HE’S WEARING YOUR SHIRT!!!”.  I about shat myself.  He came out wearing the shirt I had given him to the beach party!  It literally made my whole cruise!  I found out later he had worn it the whole day while he was roaming around Cozumel.  It made me so happy!


A third memory I have is when my friend/cabinmate Kim both dressed up as pregnant nuns with signs around our necks saying “It’s Nick’s Fault” and “Nick’s been naughty” for the cruise.  We actually did it for the last cruise and the cruise before it.  The first cruise we did it, 2013, Kim and I found the hall where Nick was staying so we waited for him to come back..along with several other fans.  We had seen Mike earlier that evening and he got such a kick out of our costumes!  We asked him if there was any way we could get a pic with Nick and he just said he didn’t know.  Well, Nick came back to his room and Mike saw us.  I think he told Nick we were there and wanted a pic so Mike came back, told us to come on and then tried to keep all the fans back screaming “JUST THE NUNS!! JUST THE NUNS!!!”  I was DYING , it was so funny!  But Nick loved our costumes and was gracious enough to snap a couple pics with us even tho he was dead tired.  He’s such a sweet guy.  It is a nice memory cuz we were the only fans to get a pic with him at that moment.” – @jennayheartnick


7 Fan-Favorite AJ McLean Moments On The Backstreet Boys Cruise

Gearing up for the 2016 Backstreet Boys Cruise, there will be a series of posts geared toward the cruise to either let you relive the past or get you pumped and ready for the next cruise! I will be taking to social media (watch for it!) to ask you about some of your favorite moments with each of the Boys. It doesn’t have to be a personal connection, it can be just something you really loved watching!

What Has Been Your Favorite AJ McLean Moment From Past BSB Cruises? You answered.

My best memories with AJ is from last cruise. Right after our picture with the guys, me and the girls decide to go enjoy the spa at the back of the ship! We were all laying down on our chair when we heard “Hello ladies”. I open my eyes and AJ was there smiling. No one scream or jump on him! Everyone just respected him. He just sat on the stair and smoke his cigarette!  – @girlygirlstefie


Sitting down to coffee with AJ and my cruise roommate for about 30 min.  He told us some crazy stories and about all his projects. Never gonna get that kind of experience again. He gives good hugs – Cory

AJ went to swim a little among the fans, but when he got off the water, I called him and he looked at me, but then he realized his shorts were going down! Then he looked at the shorts and I took this amazing pic.

This was the first pic I took onboard! I was running with a plate on my hands to get something to eat… Then He was there, in front of me and I was in shock! He smiled and said: “Welcome onboard!” I could barely breathe and then he said: “Do you want a pic?” I just smiled and he got closer. I took the pic and he said: “Enjoy the trip, sweetheart! I promise this is only the beginning” – @ferpatucci

Personal AJ (and Q) 2013 cruise moment: During meet & greet Q told me while I walked up to AJ: no hugs, no kisses! I looked at Q, turned around with a smile and a wink and said ‘I don’t understand English’ and hugged and kissed AJ. Both AJ and Q laughed really loud and said: oh your English is fine girl, you just don’t wanna listen! … I will always remember this special moment. – @Miry_iam

My AJ Cruise memory was on last year’s cruise (my 1st) when I was able to give him the McLean of Duart tartan bow tie that I specifically had made at my work for him.  When going on the cruise I thought for sure there was no way I’d get a chance to give it to him but on the last night at ABC Party as we were queing for our pic with him my sister said this is your chance. I quickly explained that because I am Scottish & work for a tartan manufacturer I wanted to give him a gift that would remind him of his Scottish roots. He smiled & said thank you sweety & asked his bodyguard to make sure he hung on to the gift & kept it safe for him. Life made.  – @Sexykelz86

I have to say my favorite AJ cruise memory happened during bachelorette night in 2013. He shot vodka into my mouth from a penis shaped squirt gun, while maintaining pretty awkward eye contact the whole time. Runners up are him laughing at me after he caught me screaming/singing ‘Fancy’ from the crowd during ‘Don’t Forget the Lyrics’ in 2014, him complimenting my Halloween costume in 2014, how sweet he is in every interaction I’ve had with him, and how much time he spends with the fans. For example, he spent about 20 minutes talking to a small group of us in the hallway in 2013, and he waited in the cold until everyone got a picture during the ABC party in 2014. You can see in this pic how windy it was that night. – @alleyycat


It would have to be when I was asked by AJ if I would like some popcorn – Alisha Kelly

6 Backstreet Boys Cruise Themes We Hope To See In The Future


For as long as the BSB cruises have existed, fans going on the cruise LIVE for the day that themes are announced. Every night on the cruise, there is a Backstreet Boys-included party with different themes for everyone to participate in. It’s a chance for fans to get creative and the Boys to get, well, a little crazy. Before Backstreet Cruises, we never saw Brian dressed as a cop, Nick dressed as Dorothy Gale, or Kevin with dollar bills down his pants. Thank God for theme nights, right?!

It’s always hard to change things up year after year, but we do have a few ideas for any future cruises!

1. 1950s Theme Night

We’ve had 70s, we’ve had 80s, but don’t you want your Boys in something classic? Kevin and Howie looking like he came straight from Mad Men? Maybe you prefer Nick, Brian and AJ as greasers ala the T-Birds from Grease. Whatever you like, the era hasn’t been done yet and it’s making a huge comeback. How easy would it be to get your act together for this theme? Plus, who doesn’t love the ladies of this era?! Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, Judy Garland, Audrey Hepburn… the list goes on and on of classic styles you can copy! Don’t think you have to dress up either. High waisted swimsuits are TOTALLY in. We’re pretty obsessed with this retro theme.

2. Holidaze Night

Maybe you love Christmas. Maybe you love Hanukkah. Maybe you REALLY love Valentine’s Day…or maybe you’re obsessed with Christopher Columbus. This theme would simply ask you to pick your favorite holiday and dress up to represent said day. Whether you’re the great pumpkin or you’re a turkey, you’re sure to be a hit! This is also a great opportunity to learn about holidays in other countries. Of course, you’re not on the BSB cruise to LEARN exactly (unless you’re learning how much hours you can go without sleep), but it’s a fun unexpected perk. And hey – If you want to dress up as a grilled cheese because you consider National Grilled Cheese a real holiday, YOU rock that cheese!

3. Disney Dreams Night

Who doesn’t want to see the Backstreet Boys dressed as five different Disney princes?! You can bet that Kevin would totally be down for this as well as down for critiquing the other four on their Disney abilities (Don’t let them tell you you have to be a princess, Nick). On the flip side, which one of us would turn down the opportunity to be ANY Disney character? None. You don’t even have to be a princess; everyone knows villains have all the fun. We’d actually really love to see AJ as Jafaar! Imagine how your insides will feel if one of the Boys is dressed as the counterpart to your character – even more reasons to seek a selfie, right?

4. Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of Night

This one may be a little different, but could be really fun. Similar to ABC night on last year’s cruise, you “show ’em what you’re made of” and make a costume piecing together things you love (Backstreet Boys excluded). You love cupcakes? You better get your cupcake dress on! Love your kids? Paste pictures of them all over your shirt. Love Justin Timberlake?! Uhhh, maybe you better pick something else you love. Also, don’t feel like you have to confine yourself to one thing! If you love mermaids and cats, get creative.

5. TRL/MTV Night

We’ve watched every Backstreet Boys music video on repeat and, for those of us that were fans before youtube, we saw them on MTV. Simply pick your favorite Backstreet video and dress the part. This is even more fun if you can get your whole group of friends to commit to one video. Here’s hoping the Boys would pick “Quit Playin’ Games” …don’t act like you don’t know why!

6. Backstreet Party Night

Ain’t no party like a Backstreet party, ’cause a Backstreet party don’t stop! You may be thinking “isn’t every night on the BACKSTREET BOYS cruise a BACKSTREET PARTY??”. My answer is that, yes, it is…BUT…it’s not every night that you get to dress like the Backstreet Boy of your choice! Make it a real BSB party where everybody on the boat is dressed as a Backstreet Boy. If you need help on how to do so, please click here. Now, should the Boys dress like each other…or EVEN BETTER… dress like fans?? We would LOVE to find out.

7 Fan-Favorite Brian Moments On The Backstreet Boys Cruises

Gearing up for the 2016 Backstreet Boys Cruise, there will be a series of posts geared toward the cruise to either let you relive the past or get you pumped and ready for the next cruise! I will be taking to social media (watch for it!) to ask you about some of your favorite moments with each of the Boys. Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be a personal connection, it can be just something you really loved watching!

What Has Been Your Favorite Brian Moment From Past BSB Cruises? You answered.

1.“My fave Brian moment hmm so many …the family feud game and him joking around and being funny. That man shows his sense of humor!” – @ilovebrian4life

2. “During the 2013 cruise beach party, Brian took pictures with everyone in the first couple of rows. I think it took him hours and I was one of the lucky ones.” – @Miry_iam


3. “On the 2013 cruise, which was my first cruise, was the first time I “officially” met BSB and I was awkward and nervous. I went to hug Brian and he didn’t notice (because I’m awkward like that?) Lol but then he turned around and gave me 2 hugs because he missed the first one. 🙂 Then on the 2014 cruise, I waited up on the upper deck to get my selfie with Brian and when he finally made it to me, I took the first pic and it sucked so I asked him to take it. He didn’t like that one so he accidentally pushed the wrong button on my phone and scrolled through my apps to find the camera to take a better selfie! He was such a sweet heart.” – @AshlovesBrian


4. “I was on the 2013 cruise, and right after we boarded, it was time to eat. My friends and I grabbed some food at the buffet, sat down at a table, and ate. After, we decided to get up so we could get a spot on the deck for the Sail Away party. All of a sudden, we heard a commotion back by where our table had been. We turned to look, and realized that Brian was going through the buffet line to eat. Shortly thereafter, he walked by the area we had been sitting, and swiped a plate full of food from an unsuspecting fan who hadn’t seen him coming! She turned quickly, clearly prepared to let whoever it was have a piece of her mind, but her jaw dropped open when she saw who it was! It was the funniest thing. Even though it isn’t a personal interaction of mine, and I have no idea who the girl was, it still remains one of my favorite memories of the cruise, because it was just such a classically Brian move – and it made EVERYBODY laugh!” – @BSBStreetups


5. “So on my 1st cruise (the 20th anniversary one) my goal was to get my 1st solo pic with my fav boy, which just happens to be Brian! Anyways, while we were about to go through security to get on the boat we were told to stop cause the boys were about to go through. So I waited impatiently for the boys and eventually Brian walks by. Fortunately, I was able to find my voice and he came over to take a pic with me. Needless to say I was ecstatic since I was able to get the one thing I wanted before even stepping on the ship! Brian was so sweet in that moment, he made sure he took the best picture before handing my camera back over!

On concert night of the 2013 cruise, we managed to get front row. Brian was on the other side of the stage for the majority of the show, and towards the end he made a point to come say Hi because these are his words “I saw that you wanted me to come over, so I had too” …this may be one of my fav Brok moments from the cruise! Both of those were just small/quick moments but it was those moments that I will never forget! Memories to last a lifetime!! Not many people get to meet there idols, and I am so thankful to have had the chance to meet Brian and say thank you! He truly is one of the most caring, sweetest and funniest people I’ve ever met! Basically Brian is Awesome!!!” – @AmyBChirps

6. “My favorite memory with Brian is from the 2013 cruise. Brian was autographing things for people during Bachelorette night. I was right near the back of the stage when this was happening and luckily I was close enough. I handed him my drink receipt which was literally the only thing I had. He looked at it with confusion. I gestured that it was mine. He read the receipt which was for the “Kiss on The Lips” drink, so I started blowing him kisses. He kissed my receipt and signed it. I kept looking for videos of this interaction, but I haven’t found one yet. It was just so adorable.” – @Sushi_Flower

unnamed (6)

7. “One of my favorite Brian cruise moment was when he gave me custom Air force ones on the 2013 cruise during the sail away party.

I have to back up a bit before the cruise I jokingle tweeted Brian asking him if I could borrow a pair of his bright kicks for neon night. He replied and asked me what size I needed because he might make me some. I decided to humor him and tell him. Fast forward to the day before the cruise he tweeted me saying he didn’t have my favorite color (orange) but asked if his favorite color would be okay. I told him any color would do. (At this point I still didn’t believe him.) So the next day the cruise starts….fast forward to the sail away party and Brian comes over with Blue and white Nike Air Force Ones. He was serious about it. So crazy but awesome. I mean how many fans can say their favorite musical artist made them sneakers? Not many right? Just another reason Brian Thomas Littrell is such an incredible human being. :)” – @Yahtzee27

What was YOUR favorite Brian moment?!