4 Things You Need To Know About’Disaster! On Broadway’ Starring Baylee Littrell


It seems like just yesterday we were watching baby Baylee Littrell join his dad on stage during solo shows, then announcing the Backstreet Boys before shows. It WAS just yesterday (ok, fine, 2 years ago) that he was opening for the Boys on the IAWLT tour.

Now, the first Backstreet (Baby) Boy is making his broadway debut at just 13 years old. Baylee will be playing twins (!!!) as the only non-adult in the Disaster! cast. What’s the show about? When can you catch it? Where can you keep up with everything (besides here, of course)? We have answers.

1. What Is Disaster! On Broadway About?


We’re glad you asked, because it sounds pretty fantastic! The musical parodies the genre of 1970s disaster films. In this musical, a group of New Yorkers attends the opening of a floating casino and discothèque that quickly succumbs to multiple disasters. This play keeps with a 1970s theme by being a Jukebox musical, using popular songs of the decade as musical numbers, such as “Knock On Wood”, “Hot Stuff”, and “Hooked On A Feeling”.

A musical that you can sing along to before it even starts? We’re so in. In fact, we’re not the only ones. New York Daily News called Disaster! one of the must-see musicals of 2013!

2. So, What Character Is Baylee Playing?


Our favorite cast member (but we’re not biased) will, as we mentioned before, be playing twins named Ben and Lisa. Now, follow us here – the “twins” are the children of Jackie, a lounge singer and having a love affair with the deceitful casino owner, Tony. Whew! Scandal!

3. Ok, You’re In – When / Where Can You Buy Tix?


The official “open” date for the show is March 8th, but we’ll let you in on a secret – previews begin February 9th! You can buy tickets here. Not in the NYC area currently? Book your flight, grab your friends, and make it a trip! February and March are great times to enjoy the city, you know.

PROMO CODE ALERT: When you buy tickets, use the code SOC1 for a discount on Orchestra and Mezzanine seats!

4. Great! Who Else Is In The Cast?


Uhhh, a lot of REALLY fantastic people. Take a look here because I can almost guarantee, if you’re a theatre lover, you’re going to know at least one other person in the cast. Take it from me, it’s a really talented group of thespians that are sure to make for great performances.

So what are you waiting for?! Buy your tickets ASAP! To keep up with all things Disaster!, follow their official Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Follow Baylee Littrell’s journey to his Broadway debut on Instagram here.

See you there!