7 Feelings We Have About The Backstreet Boys ‘DNA’ Album… One Year Later

We waited for 250 years 6 years for the Backstreet Boys to release their DNA album after they released In A World Like This album in 2013. While it felt like an eternity to wait, the year since it’s release has flown by! Of course, we did have a residency, a Grammy nom, a tour and an epic collab to keep us busy.

So, while we’re here, 365 days later, we wanted to reflect on some thoughts we have about DNA.

1. It was worth the wait!

We may complain about the time it took us to get this album in our hands, but as always, any new music we get from the Backstreet Boys has always been and will always be worth the wait. A year later, our favorite track on DNA has changed a few times, but that’s because there’s a song included for every mood and every season. Not only are we lucky to have the BSB for nearly 27 years, we’re beyond lucky that they do value the quality of the music they produce. We appreciate it.

2. The repetition about hair is still weird?

“Your hair’s a little longer…Am I crazy, is it blonder than it was?”

“You kiss a little different now. You changed your hair, I like it now…”

“I’ll brush that hair back off your face…Girl, let my fingers trace all over you.”

We really don’t think this was intentional (just like having two songs in their catalog named “Breathe”), but like…what is the obsession? Maybe it’s because the songs are so close together. All we know is that any time we change our hair now, our man better care as much as these Boys seem to on this album.

3. Red wine and Chateau will never be the same.

There’s not one of us who went to an afterparty in Las Vegas after this album was released who didn’t make some lame joke about Chateau or talks about red wine without humming something about spilling it. By the way, does that line make anyone else anxious or is it just us? Spilled red wine is a bitch, but somehow Brian singing about it makes it bearable.

4. Nick Carter may never sound better than he does on “The Way It Was”.

C’moooonnn…Nick girl or not, you know that shit sounds FANTASTIC. Even better when it’s played on vinyl. The old school vibe paired with a well aged Backstreet is a perfect combination of everything.

5. “Just Like You Like It” and “OK” are severely underrated…as are all of their vocals on these tracks.

We asked you earlier this year which songs you love in the entire Backstreet Boys catalog of music that you didn’t think got enough credit and “OK” got an overwhelming response. We can’t blame anyone either – that song was made for a sunny day, driving with the windows down. We’d also like to point out that no one should be sleeping on “Just Like You Like It”…. especially Kevin’s vocals. Wow wow wow. That song brings out the best of all of their vocals in our opinion.

6. We’re going to keep begging the Backstreet Boys to hear more of these songs live.

Much to (most of our) disappoint, Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick are only performing a few of the DNA songs on the DNA tour. While they have worked half songs into the set list and we very much appreciate it, we really want to hear more of these songs live! Perhaps on a boat in the middle of the ocean one day? We can dream, right?

7. We’ll always have a special place in our hearts for this one.

DNA is the album that put our Boys back at #1 and proved to the world what we’ve known all along – that Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick are five tremendously talented human beings who can still get it! This is the album with a song that earned them a Grammy nomination and rave reviews upon it’s release. This is yet another album that made us proud to call ourselves Backstreet Boys fans. Bravo, Backstreet.

To The Backstreet Boys On Their ‘DNA’ Album Release…Thank You

The time has come.

DNA is here! And we are speechless.

Before we post any type of review or other post about it, we wanted to first write a thank you letter of sorts to the artists themselves – the Backstreet Boys.

To The Backstreet Boys on the day of your album release…

Thank you. Thank you for sticking around this long. Thank you for working on this album for SIX YEARS to make it the perfection that it is. It is honestly the most perfect sampling of different vibes, showcasing of vocals, and current sound mixed with classic Backstreet.

Thank you for making us wait (even when we kept asking).

We are so proud of the five of you. We are so proud of this album and we will be telling everyone we know about it in coming days (weeks, months, years?). We are endlessly proud to call ourselves Backstreet Boys because albums like this. DNA is an additional soundtrack to our lives and it might be the best chapter yet.

Thank you for continuing to create, continuing to push yourselves and the boundaries of what the world defines as the Backstreet Boys, and always becoming better in every way.

We all appreciate this album more than you all could ever know.

To Kevin…

Your vocals on this album are absolutely flawless. You can hear the soul you put into every lyric you’re singing on DNA and we’re thrilled to hear even more of it this round. Thank you for always telling us to be patient because it certainly paid off. We’re still so happy that you’re back.

To Howie…

THOSE SOLOS THOUGH! You have more than delivered on DNA, absolutely nailing every solo verse and harmony from beginning to end. Wow! We always knew you had it in you – we hear you kicking off those songs! This is honestly the best you have ever sounded and we can’t wait to hear you live. Thank you for sharing your beautiful vocals with us.

To Brian…

From the highest of high notes to the gentle vocal vibes that only you could land, your voice has always made our ears feel cozy and DNA is no exception. We have been rooting for you as you have found a new sound and boy, have you found it. Your heart is in everything that you sing and it translates to anyone listening. Thank you for working so hard to be the best that you can be – so passionate.

To AJ…

As always, you bring so much incredible vocal prowess to DNA. Your voice is instantly recognizable and exactly everything a Backstreet song needs to be complete. You are a constant fountain of raw talent that adds a little zest to every song on the album. Thank you for being the AJ we all know and love.

To Nick…

Nick. Carter. Your voice on this album is unlike anything we’ve heard before. From the beginning of Backstreet to DNA, this is the best you have ever sounded. There are so many dynamics and your determination to produce such a great sound has not gone unnoticed. We have chills. Thank you for being the best version of yourself that you can be. We’re all enjoying it more than you could imagine.

Haven’t heard Backstreet’s DNA yet? What are you waiting for?!

Stream, purchase and download it at the link above and stay tuned for our twist on an album review – COMING SOON!

34 Questions We Have Listening To The ‘In A World Like This’ Album


It’s the latest album from the Backstreet Boys that we’ve kept on repeat for the past 3 years. For some of us, this album marked an era of many firsts with the Boys on tour. For others, it marks the significant return of all five BSB back together again. All of us though, whether you admit it or not, have sung along mindlessly only to tune in mid-song…and ask WTF does that mean? Let’s reflect.

“In A World Like This”

The title track isn’t THAT questionable, but still, we have to ask:

1. How does one free fall into someone’s eyes? Ouch.

2. Free falling by your side also sounds not that great.

3. Anyone else hear the similarities between “In a world like this, I’ve got you” and “The world on the outside tries to pull me in, but they can’t stop me, cause I’ve got you”?

4. Does “you’ve got me wide open” not visually appeal to anyone else?

“Permanent Stain”

The song with an extremely questionable title is actually not THAT bad, but it’s definitely not a title we like telling other people.

5. Could there not be a better title for this song?


Love it but…

6. Why does Brian sound like he’s drowning in the beginning? Because he literally can’t breathe?



The song touched all of us, especially if you were lucky enough to see it performed live. We love the sentiment and the feeling behind it but..

8. Why Madeleine? Who is this girl? Just curious.

9. “What’s up with those tears…?” sounds very…Nick.

“Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of”

We really have no questions about this song. Every word is poetic and beautiful. The only question we have is why were their children, who the song was inspired by, not involved in the music video? We did appreciate shirtless Brian though.

“Make Believe”

This is different.

10. Why are we going to burn the sky then say goodbye? Just because it rhymes? (Even though it’s my favorite line)

11. Does anyone else picture a video game music video? Just me? Cool.


There’s really nothing questionable about this song. The simplicity is refreshing. I can’t even TRY to ask questions.

See what I did there?

“Trust Me”


12. This girl must REALLY have moves if we’re going to have “hold him back”.

13. Wait. Hold him back, but then take him to a “disco” (wtf?) and “make [him] dance”? I just…what?

14. How does a queen spin? I’m actually picturing Ru Paul.

15. No one calls back anymore. The Backstreet Boys are liars. They rarely even TWEET back!

16. “Hold me, whenever you’re alone” – if I am alone, how is one going to hold you? Is this some secret code?

17. “Baby, even when you’re crazy…” – I don’t think that’s a way to get loved back, Boys.

18. “Kissing, loving, making sweet sexy babies…” – WHAT ARE SEXY BABIES?!

19. What does a butterfly have to do with blue eyes?

20. Just….what? BUT WE ALL SING ALONG!

“Love Somebody”

This album just gets more question-y.

21. You’re the reason why cavemen drew on the walls? Umm, to tell his cave buddies about you? That’s…sweet.

22. The reason why after ever Summer we fall? A play on words that makes no sense, I guess.

23. WHO HAS PURPLE JEANS?! Are they universally sexy?

24. Is everyone in agreement that this song wasn’t a favorite until we saw it live?

“One Phone Call”

Almost done now and we’re starting to make a *little* more sense…

25. Does anyone else automatically picture them singing this from jail?

26. In 10 years, are people going to know that that tone noise is?

27. So what WAS the message he left because….?

“Feels Like Home”

28. Aren’t girls homegrown everywhere?

29. Bangkok. Haaaa! (I know this isn’t a question, but you’re ALL thinking it.)

30. Do people really dance in the street like freaks there?


Thanks to the BSB Movie, we all feel touchy about this song. Should we even question it? Yes, for Brian’s sake!

31. You wanna save my life, but all you wanna do is hold me? I don’t think that’s going to do much.

32. Someone shot you down, but all he wants to do is hold you!

33. Soldiers fix scars? Thought that was a nurse, but okay.

34. Who knew soldiers could do so much?! Thanks for the info, Backstreet Boys!


We can’t wait for the new album!




Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Backstreet Boys Album (+ The Updates)


On June 27, 2015, the Backstreet Boys officially ended their 2 year worldwide In A World Like This tour. Fast forward (a very slow forward for all of us anxiously waiting) a year and they’re in the studio on the 4th day of their summer recording session to finish their 10th studio album.

Can’t keep up? Have no fear – What Happens On The Backstreet Is Here! We’ll keep you updated on everything you need to know in regards to the studio situation, release dates and more. We’ll be using the hashtag #BSBStudio2016 on our social media with updates as well.

Potential Release Dates

Spring 2016

Summer 2016

Spring 2017 

Fall 2018

Tour Plans

– As of June 2016, the Boys will kick off a world tour after the new album release, potentially planned for next summer. As most of you know already, the Boys have signed a deal last year (2015) with LiveNation to complete 150 shows in the next three years.

– A possible Backstreet Vegas residency has been discussed, but has not yet officially been announced and the Boys themselves are no longer allowed to speak on the situation. Before they were silenced, we learned that there will possibly be a 9 show “test run” in January / early 2017 to see how it would work out for them. Let’s be clear – these 9 shows are not the ACTUAL residency.

– UPDATE (6/2018): Because of ALL THE THINGS happening, we’ve slacked on this post, but in the interest of people googling the Backstreet Boys upcoming album / tour — here’s what we know.

By now, everyone knows  or has been to a BSB Vegas show. Shows are scheduled for July, August, October, and November and are on sale now. The plan for tour is to start in March(ish) of 2019 overseas and come back to the U.S. for Summer. The rumor is that there will be Vegas shows in February, but this is not confirmed.

The Making Of The Album

December 2015

Kevin, Brian, AJ, and Howie shocked all of us when they convened in LA for what would be a week long recording session for what we would later find out is the first few songs recorded for the album. Nick was in Florida with the family, but also put in separate studio time, as we found out during interviews while he was on the U.S. leg of the All American tour. They was mention of working with a few different producers who have a fantastic history with other artists, but for lack of confirmation at this point, we’re not going to name drop.

We know how testy everyone gets when they work with people that we never hear about again… 😉

June 2016

After lightyears months of waiting, millions of promises of returning to the studio, and lots of tracking which Backstreet Boys were where… it happened. On an unsuspecting Wednesday morning, Brian Littrell posted a photo of his plane leaving the runway to go to work and hours later….


“Day One” began with Frick and Frack. With Nick actually hashtagging #FrickandFrack. How am I even writing this? Because I’m still a little bit dead from this unexpected delight.

Day One (6/22/16):


Nick was intensely singing (so nothing unusual…)

Feeling this new song were recording for the next @backstreetboys album. #backstreetboys #newmusic

A photo posted by Nick Carter (@nickcarter) on Jun 22, 2016 at 5:29pm PDT


Brian was blessing us with selfies.

In the Lab….. This light reminds me of the skating rink, back in the 80’s

A photo posted by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on Jun 22, 2016 at 5:25pm PDT


Kevin was touching himself. Uhh, we want to hear this song, specifically.

Caught Nick taking a photo of Kev in the booth… Kids look away…. Hahaha

A photo posted by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on Jun 22, 2016 at 5:38pm PDT


….And then he listened to the crotch-grab-inducing song.

Mr Richardson listening intently to the first new song were cooking up in the studio. #bsbalbumcomingsoon

A photo posted by Aj mclean (@skulleeroz) on Jun 22, 2016 at 3:43pm PDT



And for everyone worried, Howie WAS there!

Day Two (6/23/16):

Not much happened on “Day Two”, besides Nick posting that he was doing squats in order to get ready for the new album (it’s very physical, guys) and Kevin establishing his #newbsb hashtag. Also, can we get a picture of Nick’s teeth under these black lights?

#Newbsb day 2

A photo posted by Kevin Richardson (@kevinscottrichardson) on Jun 23, 2016 at 5:26pm PDT


Day 3 (6/24/16):

Working….. 👍🏻

A photo posted by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on Jun 24, 2016 at 2:28pm PDT


Day 3 in the studio! This new album will be next level!! #bsbalbumcomingsoon

A photo posted by Aj mclean (@skulleeroz) on Jun 24, 2016 at 2:16pm PDT


Day Four (6/27/16):

And on this day, the BSB announced that they would be participating in a career first – a proper collaboration with another group. It’s no secret that Nick has been friends with the boys of Florida Georgia Line for a while and so this duet didn’t really come as a surprise. With Fall Out Boy, Justin Timberlake, and Pharell all gracing the country music stages in Nashville lately, this move is a fantastic one for our Boys! You may remember Florida Georgia Line also collaborated with rapper Nelly on their hit single “Cruise” a few years ago, turning them into a crossover group and benefiting all artists involved. We can’t wait!

From what was posted, it sounds like the track the Boys will be featured on Florida Georgia Line’s upcoming album Dig Your Roots, which drops August 26th.

UPDATE (6/30): Florida Georgia Line posted this tweet, which reveals that the title of the song they collaborated on is entitled “God, Your Mama, and Me”.



#Newbsb day 4 #BSBSurpriseCollaboration

A photo posted by Kevin Richardson (@kevinscottrichardson) on Jun 27, 2016 at 3:35pm PDT


#Newbsb #BSBSurpriseCollaboration

A photo posted by Kevin Richardson (@kevinscottrichardson) on Jun 27, 2016 at 6:59pm PDT


In the studio again with my boys. Do I hear a Backstreet Boys/Florida Georgia Line duet….

A photo posted by howie dorough (@howie_dorough) on Jun 27, 2016 at 5:47pm PDT



Day Four also revealed that the Boys were working with producer Andrew Cedar. Andrew is a producer from Artist Publishing Group, an independent music publishing company, who was recently nominated for his work with Wiz Khalifa (feat. Charlie Puth) in “See You Again”, the theme from Fast And The Furious. This is especially interesting considering there have been rumors that the Boys could be working with hit artist Charlie Puth.

Awesome week working with these legends! Backstreet’s back!!!

A photo posted by Andrew Cedar (@andrewcedar) on Jun 25, 2016 at 2:40pm PDT


UPDATE (6/30): Florida Georgia Line posted this tweet, which reveals that the title of the song they collaborated on is entitled “God, Your Mama, and Me”.

UPDATE (7/9/16): FGL released the tracklist for their Dig Your Roots album and revealed that they’re thrilled to work with the Backstreet Boys. Read more here.

UPDATE (7/10/16): At Nick’s solo lunch event today, he revealed that the Boys’ will be recording the new album through the end of the year and that the FGL track they collaborated on actually sounds very BSB Millennium-ish. He also said that while they could opt to release unreleased tracks, they feel that the songs they’ve record for the new album so far are really, really good and they’re happy with them. They’ve decided to ditch the big name producers who they didn’t feel were giving them their best work and bring in young, hot producers and such. We can’t wait!

Oh, and he’s definitely still not allowed to talk about Vegas. Blah, blah, blah.

UPDATE (8/11/16): The Backstreet Boys reconvened in Nashville at Big Loud Studio to get pitched a few songs and also do a little recording. They were there (here!) throughout the weekend but not much is known about what was accomplished.



UPDATE (8/14/16): We’re not sure if the Backstreet Boys are in LA or Nashville, but baby Odin came to the studio and we feel like it should be posted!


UPDATE (8/15/16): The Boys started the week off on a completely different coast – the West one! Oh, and the blue light affect has returned.


The cousins were there. Brian with a Tree Vibez hat (Florida Georgia Line’s production company) and Kevin with his face.


Brian was getting jiggy with it….


….But also being chill.

And Nick was working super hard!

UPDATE (8/18/16): Nick told fans a few weeks ago that he was getting in shape for an upcoming Backstreet Boys photoshoot. Today, that’s exactly what they did!


Also, Florida Georgia Line released a snippet of “God + Your Momma + Me”, the track featuring the Boys. You can’t really hear them on the small sound byte, but you get the idea. Enjoy!

JUNE 2018:

Geez. Since the last update so much has happened.

“God, Your Mama, and Me” hit #1 on Country radio and earned the Boys their first CMT Music Award.

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” landed the Boys back on American Top 40, where they are currently still hanging out as well as multiple other charts.

The new album is still being recorded and slated for release in Fall 2018 as well another new single.

We promise to start updating this post again!


The Backstreet Boys Are Back In The Studio With Surprise Collaborators (via MTV.com)


10 Things Seeing The Backstreet Boys Back In The Studio Feels Like


On Wednesday, June 22nd, it happened again. For the first time since December, there was a blue moon  pigs were flying  the BACKSTREET BOYS WERE BACK IN THE STUDIO.

We were all milling about the internet, looking for something to argue about discuss passionately in the absence of Backstreet Boy activity when BOOM…


Nick Carter dropped this hot bomb like it was NO BIG DEAL. We ran off the road, dinner fell out of our faces, eyeballs exploded and they were acting like it was NO BIG DEAL. “Of course we’re recording the album like we said we are,” they seemed to say. Meanwhile, the fans continue to lose one of their 9 lives because it didn’t stop!

The Bluestreet Boys kept ’em coming, punching us in the face with pleasure.

So. many. feelings.

What does it feel like to see the Boys back in the studio? Let me tell you.

1. Like finally pulling up your socks that have been sliding down in your shoes all day.

2. Like drinking an entire Redbull in 30 seconds.

3. Like seeing fireworks for the first time.

4. Like being tucked into bed under your favorite blanket.

5. Like rainbows are coming out of your eyes.

6. Like an unsuspecting Wednesday afternoon.

7. Like you can feel your soul in your ears.

8. Like the world set on fire.

9. Like you couldn’t love anything more.

10. Like finally coming home.

If you understood all of that, you might be a Backstreet Boys lover. Because, at this point, fan isn’t a strong enough word.

Keep it comin’, Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick… we can’t wait to see what’s next!


10 Things You Need To Know About Nick Carter’s ‘All American’


It’s been a few days since our brain has experienced the eargasm-inducing new music from Nick Carter from his album All American. We waited so long for it and now we can not “Get Over” it (pun intended). If you’re iffy about buying the album, here’s a few things you should know.

1. “19 In 99” WILL Be Your Jam No Matter What Age You Were In 1999.

Sure, you hear the title “19 in 99” and think “Oh man! I was only 10!” or “I was 28 in 1999, I’m not going to like this song!”.

Well, you’re wrong.

Whether you’ve never listened to Tupac or don’t know anyone named Lana (but everyone really should – I’ve never met a Lana I didn’t like), you’ll pretend you have for the sake of listening to this Bowling-For-Soup-esque song. Let’s face it, everyone likes a little nostalgia and everyone loves a good song. This is it.

2. Despite Avril Lavigne Collaborating on “Get Over Me” – It’s NOT What You Think.

Of course when you hear that a male and female pop star are collaborating on a song together, you automatically think emo ballad. To top it off, “Get Over Me”? Duh. This is going to be so sappy love song with a sassy title to trick you.


Perhaps the biggest fan favorite across the board on the new album, Nick and Avril go back and forth about which one of them is really “the stage five clinger, trying to put a ring on my finger” (if you’ve heard it, that part is stuck in your head RIGHT now). This song is SO good and you should really force everyone you know to listen – including your own stage five clinger.

3. “California” Is The Chill Answer To Katy Perry’s “California Girls”

A few years ago, Katy Perry topped the charts with her bouncy tune “California Girls” and this year, Nick Carter has released a “California” of his own. The cool surfer tune is blatantly honest about it’s sex, sin, and chihuahuas, but then admits “that’s California” and people like it. Visit anytime! By the way, does anyone feel like they should be on a carousel in the beginning? Is that just me?

4. “Second Wind” Will Make You Feel Better About Life Instantly

Oh my God, first world problems are SO real and now even Nick Carter himself is admitting to them. Double parking and hangovers? Crazy significant other’s moms?! YESSSS. We’ve all been there. If you can get past the naked Nick that’s implied in the first half second of the song, this song is everything you tweet about. We feel like a hypothetical music video would include Sugar Ray, Jimmy Buffet, and Nick all sitting on a beach with margaritas. You can literally hear the tiki bar.

5. “Swet” Will Make You…..Well….Just Listen

You have to hear the song to understand why “Swet” is spelled without an A.

So wet.

You be the judge. Nick just went there. So did we.

6. “Cherry Pie” And “Man On The Moon” Are Retro Sounding… But One Will Make Your Grandma Blush.

The light, sweet retro sound in both of these songs will draw you in if you’re a lover of the times when sockhops, diners, and cardigan sweaters were all “in” things. Take a closer listen to “Cherry Pie” though, and you’ll realize the lyrics would make Elvis blush. You’re recovering from “Swet” and BAM! Nick is singing about unwrapping your candy….

….Why are you not buying this album RIGHT now?!

7. “Tijuana” May Explain Why He Woke Up Naked In “Second Wind”

Like “19 in 99” and “Get Over Me”, you’ll be singing this song whether you like it or not. Like “Second Wind”, we think Jimmy Buffett would be all over it. This is something totally new for Nick and it’s what everyone is talking about… because we’ve all totally had Tijuana nights somewhere.

And “Que loca mi vida” may be our new favorite lyric!

8. “All American” Isn’t About Baseball or A Hamburger

Like most things American and celebrated on the 4th of July, you might expect this song to be about hot dogs, hamburgers, flip flops, and the red, white and blue. Nope. It’s all about that ass, ladies, and it has us all doing squats to get that booty poppin’.

9. While The Chill Vibe Is EVERYTHING, “Horoscope” and “I Will Wait” ARE The Ballads You Need In Your Life

There are only two real ballad-ish songs on this album and they are ABSOLUTELY worth it. Finishing out the album, they WILL make you feel things. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

10. If You Have Never Bought A Solo Nick Carter Album, THIS IS THE ONE TO BUY.

All American is the album you need to gift for Christmas to force your friends into a Spring Break roadtrip. It’s the PERFECT soundtrack for roadtrips, for girls night out, for a good day, and for your life. I wouldn’t write it if I didn’t believe it, guys.

Buy it in all of these places:



And the only place you can get a physical copy of the album at nickcarter.net!

And thank me later. 😉



6 Reasons You Need To Order Nick Carter’s #AllAmerican ASAP!


After nearly a year of knowing an album was in the works, fans were delighted to hear that All American would finally be ours in less than a week! The album, now available for pre-order on nickcarter.net, promises to bring new things to the table. WHOTB has been keeping you updated on all the latest but why should you get in on this new Nick music immediately? Keep reading.

1. “I Will Wait”, the first single off the album, is evidence of how phenomenal this album will be.

Nick released “I Will Wait” soon after his Dancing With The Stars debut (the man does not QUIT) and immediately, we were struck by the acoustic sound and a more mature version of Carter than we had seen before. As if the song weren’t enough, he then released the beautiful video that brought a lot of emotion out of a good number of people from all over the globe. If not for anything else, you’ll want to buy the All American album to have this song on repeat. Who needs Adele to make them ugly cry? We have Nick Carter.

2. Natasha Bedingfield and Avril Lavigne were involved in the making of this album!


Months ago, Nick posted the above photo to his instagram and revealed that he was working behind the scenes with British pop songstress Natasha Bedingfield. While we are not yet sure which song that was, you won’t ever find out unless you buy the album!

More recently, during a Twitter takeover with I Heart Radio, Nick also revealed that a song with Avril Lavigne would be on the album. “Get Over Me”, a song focused a crazy stalker bad romance, is the first collaboration on an album with solo Nick and we can’t wait to hear it!

3. All American is the album that Nick “has been wanting to do for years”. 


He’s previewed a few songs via instagram and fanclub chats, but one thing has been consistent when Nick has spoken about All American – that it’s the rock, surf, beachy type music that he’s wanted to do for years. One thing we know for sure, when Mr. Carter does the things he loves, they’re pretty fantastic.

5. You can’t judge songs by their titles, but the tracklisting is PRETTY enticing! 

1. 19 in 99
2. Get Over Me
3. California
4. Second Wind
5. Swet
6. Cherry Pie
7. Tijuana
8. All American
9. Man on the Moon
10. Horoscope
11. I Will Wait

Tell me honestly you don’t want to hear a song about “Tijuana” or “Man On The Moon”!

6. Nick’s website will be the ONLY place you can get a PHYSICAL copy of All American. 

If you pre-order All American before November 25th (the release date), you’ll not only get a physical copy of the album in the mail, but a digital copy as well at midnight on the day of release. There’s even an option for an exclusive poster and 500 people will get a signed poster – how awesome is that?! Again, this is the ONLY place you can get a physical copy of the album (and the only place you can get it at all as of right now).

DON’T SUFFER FROM FOMO (fear of missing out)! Get yours NOW!

Also, don’t miss THE Nick Carter, live and in person, on tour next year. Check out the dates here!

For all the latest on Nick’s projects, keep your eyes on What Happens On The Backstreet AND nickcarter.net, where I will be updating the news section with everything you need to know.

10 Things That Happen When The Backstreet Boys Say They’re Going Back Into The Studio

It’s that time again. Tour has ended. Kevin, Brian, Nick, AJ and Howie have all been working on solo projects, making / raising their babies, vacationing with their families and now…the time has come. What time are we talking about? The time for Backstreet to be back in the studio, of course! We have cycled through the same feelings for quite a few years – you know, since we were old enough to have feelings about the Backstreet Boys. And it goes a little something like this (ahem, we know you heard that in the “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” voice) …

1. The Backstreet Boys End Tour …And Say They’re Going Right Back Into The Studio.

The end of every tour, no matter how long, the Backstreet Boys always talk about going back into the studio. We hold onto it because BSB PCD (Post Concert Depression) is the WORST, but let’s be real, everything in Backstreet world runs on Backstreet Time (Seriously – how are their children even born in 9 months?). We don’t expect the Boys back in the studio as soon as they say but we cheer anyway because at this point, we are SO grateful to even have a band that wants to come back.

2. Months Later, One Of The Backstreet Boys (usually AJ or Nick) Confirms That The Boys Are Going Back In The Studio During -Insert Month Here-.

We go about our lives, hanging onto to every tweet, watching all of the solo projects, living in the past via YouTube and friends that feed our addiction then out it comes — the truth. Hanging out in the middle of an interview is “Blah blah blah BACK INTO THE STUDIO WITH THE BOYS IN _______ blah blah”. We LIVE for this moment and we will hold them to it, regardless of what actually happens.

3. We Scour The Internet For Any Sign Of The Boys Together In The Studio.

Nick favorited Howie’s tweet? Does that mean they were together? Was that AJ in the background of Kevin’s last picture? That was DEFINITELY Brian’s shadow in AJ’s selfie. What are they doing in NYC? WE NEED LOCATIONS ON EVERY BOY STAT!

4. We Ask The Boys Everytime We See One of Them… Even Though We Know What They’ll Say.

It doesn’t matter how many times we ask and how many times they change the answer just slightly, we get re-excited like it’s new information. Producers?! YES! Writers?! YES! Some guy we haven’t even heard of?! ALRIGHT!

5. The Month They’re Supposed To Be In The Studio Comes…

We think it’s so far away….

Then suddenly…

It’s the the month that the Boys SPECIFICALLY said they were going into the studio. For some reason in our fangirling minds, we believe that they must step into into the studio at the stroke of midnight on the 1st day of the month and they must document it. Honestly, sometimes we should probably be committed.

6. …And We Bring Up Every Unreleased Song We Ever Loved.

Well, Boys, while you’re in the studio…what about that one song? You know the one we found and downloaded illegally that you get mad that we have but we’re going to bring it up anyway? You could slap that on this album and save some time! What about that song you said you never finished recording (“Spotlight”) that we were teased with in the movie…since you’re going to in the studio anyway….maybe you could finish it? We’re only trying to help!

When you really think about how annoying we can be, we realize how lucky we are.

But, seriously, those unreleased songs….

7. Then We Just Want All The Information Immediately.

At some point, without even knowing it, we spin out of control.

What’s the EXACT date you’re going into the studio?

Are you working with other artists?

Where are you recording?

Can you periscope to prove it?

What about tour?

Are we going to hear the album on the cruise? Nick said we’d hear it on the cruise!


Are you going to be on Good Morning America when you release the album?

When are you going to release it?

Is that real time or Backstreet time?

Should I ask off work?

8. Speculate, Speculate, Speculate!

It’s the middle of the month and we haven’t seen proof of the Boys in the studio. WHAT HAPPENED?! Are they not recording because of a solo project? Are they putting it off because of “creative differences”? Is this a Black & Blue type situation? Hold us, we’re scared!

9. THEN… One or more of the Backstreet Boys post a photo of them together. In the studio. 

Collective sigh….followed by uncontrollable screaming. BACKSTREET’S BACK! BACKSTREET’S BACK! (Note to media: Only fans can say that because we know what we mean.)

10. We Fall In Love All Over.

Everything after the initial studio / recording confirmation melts us. Constant streams of tweets, posts, pics flood in and we fangirl over every aspect. We prepare for the album and count down the days. We beg to hear snippets and when we do, it immediately becomes our ringtones. We tell everyone we know that new music is coming and start our crusade (once again) against the media who insists the BSB fell off the map at some point.

Bottom line: We love the Backstreet Boys and every minute of the crazy. We wouldn’t do it for anyone else. ❤

5 Female Artists We Want The Backstreet Boys To Collaborate With

At the beginning of every new album cycle, Backstreet Boys fans love to throw ideas around about what might come with the new music. One of the most commonly talked about subjects recently are collaborations, specifically with female artists. The Backstreet Boys are already a harmonizing powerhouse and while they don’t need to collaborate with anyone, bringing a lady into the game would not be a bad idea. From P!nk and Nate Ruess to Kelly Clarkson and John Legend, male and female duets are blowing up the charts! Here are the 5 talented women we’d like to see the Boys pair up with in the future:

1. Kelly Clarkson.

There is NO denying that Kelly Clarkson is an incredible artist with amazing vocals who loves what she does. She’s grounded and she’s not afraid to do what she wants with her music. All of the above makes her a perfect match for the Backstreet Boys. Her recent duet with Jon Legend (“Run”) is chill inducing and we could only imagine what she would sound like with our five. We feel as though this pairing would be a match made in Heaven – especially on a ballad. It would rock our worlds.

2. Meghan Trainor.

Not only do we (and millions of other people) love Meghan Trainor’s tunes, collaborating with her could draw in a new fanbase for the Backstreet Boys. Meghan has an established retro sound and we would love to hear the Boys join in. It’s a win-win situation as the new songstress-meets-90s boyband would certainly drum up some press for both sides.

3. Shania Twain.

This one really seems like a no brainer as Shania is a fan of the Backstreet Boys as well as being an accredited vocalist that has held her own on the Country and Pop charts for years. The Boys performed her hit “From This Moment On” with her on her televised concert special in 1999, but never actually recorded a track with her. The fact that Shania showed up to visit the Boys after one of their shows in Vegas last year proves that the relationship is still a good one and we already know that they sound phenomenal together! With Shania on her farewell tour this Summer, there is no word on what she will be doing next, but we think collaborating with the Backstreet Boys isn’t a bad idea!

4. P!nk.

There is NO denying that Pink has one of the most unique voices in the business today and an attitude to go with it. Hearing her live is even better. We would DIE to hear her with the Backstreet Boys, specifically AJ. Or Brian. Or Nick. Or Kevin or Howie. Really, we just want think that there is no way that this could go wrong. Even if they aren’t singing together, a songwriting collaboration between Pink and the Boys could be gold. We also wouldn’t mind if she had one or two of them suspended in the air doing aerial tricks by the end. We know Brian would be down.

5. The Spice Girls.

Sigh. Since the beginning of time (aka the 90s), the universe has been begging these two bands to pair up. While we wouldn’t normally suggest a GROUP of girls with the Boys, this is just one that needs to happen for our lives to be complete. We have been teased since the beginning of the IAWLT tour (BRIAN!) that the Backstreet Boys had a secret with the Spice Girls that only they knew about and we’re still holding on to hope. This collaboration doesn’t even have to be a song. We’ll take a tour. Ha! Actually, we’ll even take just a photo of them all together….which we will then turn into 2343 rumors about why they are together. For the sake of every 10 year old inside of us, we need Spice Boys to happen.