5 Things We’ve Learned From Brian Littrell

It’s February 20th again and you know what that means….

Another BSB Vegas night!

Just kidding. Every good fan knows that it’s the day Brian Littrell turns another year older, but you could never tell by his looks or his spirit. He has the aura of the sun and his energy is absolutely endless. We’re blessed to celebrate another year of his existence.

Just like we have with the others, we’re celebrating his birthday by naming a few of the things we’ve learned from having Mr. Littrell in our lives for the past 26 years!

1. Your Life Can Change In An Instant – Roll With It.

No one has taught us that one moment – one phone call – can change your life more than Brian. Everyone knows the story about him receiving a phone call from Kevin to come to Orlando and audition for the Backstreet Boys. The rest is history. So many of us find ourselves overthinking, trying to predict the future, trying to control our own destiny and forget that one chance moment could change everything, but we don’t always think about the good. If Brian’s story isn’t enough inspiration to do the things, what is?

2. Just Keep Swimming.

Speaking of being an inspiration, if there ever was a person to personify perseverance in the face of obstacles, it’s this man. He’s been dealt a few tough cards in life and he continues on in spite of them. He continues and he finds new ways to be even better. He continues and he fights harder. He continues and man, are we ever in awe of all of the things Brian has proven will not take him down. He calls the shots and he makes the best of every. single. thing. We’re in his corner for sure.

3. Go Out Of Your Way To Be Kind To Others.

A quick scan of social media and mention of Brian Littrell will give you quite a collection of a man who reaches out to hug people mid concert, lays down on stages to take selfies with fans nearby, takes phones to record onstage footage that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise, and person after person with stories about how he put them at ease during a meet and greet or how genuinely nice he was during a chance meeting. A little kindness goes a LONG way and says a lot about who you are. Brian is definitely one of those people whose reputation precedes him in the best way and again, we’re inspired by it.

4. Be Loud About What You Believe In.

During Brian’s solo career a few years back, a lot of us found ourselves in places we never thought we’d end up – at Christian music concerts and gospel award shows. What some of us really didn’t expect is to be back in touch with our faith (whatever that may be) because of it. Brian has never shied away from talking about his faith, what he believes and the fact that he draws his strength from God and his Christianity. His openness and willingness to share that part of him has made all of us a little more willing to share our own views and understand that different points of view make the world a better place.

5. Age Is Really Just A Number.

Have you seen a grown man jump from 6 feet in the air down onto a stage? Have you seen one swing from the rafters of a house or do handstands on command? We have. Brian reminds us on the daily that you’re only as old as you feel and act. Stay in shape and have a spirit that moves others, kids! Stay light.

We’re wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Brian!

We’re blessed to have had the opportunity for you to touch so many of our lives.


The One Where We Relate Backstreet Boys’ ‘DNA’ Tracks To Scenes From ‘Friends’

Okay, we know that DNA has been out for two weeks. That’s how long we’ve been working on this post because THINGS. KEEP. HAPPENING.

And we’re certainly not complaining! From Japan to NYC to GOING #1 ON BILLBOARD 100 ARTISTS and BILLBOARD 200 to their return to Vegas, there’s a LOT happening on the Backstreet. Oh yeah, and the Doritos Superbowl commercial AND the Grammy nomination.

Ok. Take a breathe.

Since everyone has already had more than enough time to feel their feelings about the entire new Backstreet Boys’ DNA album, we’re not going to analyze everything. What we ARE going to do… is relate every song on the album to a scene from Friends – our specialty! We have some sort of (new) love for every song on DNA like we do for every episode of the 90s sitcom and we hope you’ll find this post as fun as we do!

1. “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”


This is the single that got the Backstreet Boys nominated for a Grammy (and dare we hope, a Grammy win) and we have no doubt that it would have been a top contender for Ross and Monica to perform The Routine. They probably would have even made it on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve! Seriously, play the chorus of DGBMH and watch this GIF.

2. “Nobody Else”


“…And I don’t wanna share you with no one else.” Much like the time Chandler and Joey moved into separate apartments and weren’t watching Baywatch together (pretend it’s red wine), this song puts us deep in our feels. The longing in these lyrics, the very real emotion behind being separated from the only person you want to be with, the memories left behind has us hoping whoever this song is about ended up like our favorite roommates – back together!

3. “Breathe”


Listen to “Breathe” and look at this GIF or any scene where one of the Friends was looking longingly out a rainy window (or in Joey’s case, a waterfall) and tell us that this song does not match the feeling. “Breathe” is a beautifully arranged acapella tune that gives us absolute chills as the classic Backstreet harmonies always do. Coupled with a Ross / Rachel break up, well, we’re chilled to the bone. Oh, and can we mention how well Howie carries this song?? Damn, D. We didn’t know you had it in you!

4. “New Love”


This song belongs in Barbados with Monica and her beads. It’s a different setting for the Backstreet Boys but it’s still them. It’s a summery jam that brings the heat but fun enough that we can hear it playing over the clicks on Monica’s hair beads. It’s also appropriate that Ross, Rachel, Joey and Charlie all found NEW LOVE on this episode. See what we did there?

5. “Passionate”


What is there to say about “Passionate” other than all of Chandler’s happy dances – every. single. one – apply to us dancing to this song? In our room, in our offices, in our cars, on the street…. WE’RE SO PASSIONATE. Can every Backstreet song have this much spunk, please?

6. “Is It Just Me?”

If ever a song made us feel bad for something we didn’t even do, it’s this one. “Is It Just Me” kicks off the Ross + Rachel portion of this album because wouldn’t this be so fitting for that whole WE’RE ON A BREAK era? AJ’s soft vocals on this track cut right into our lonely little hearts.

7. “Chances”


WHAT ARE THE CHANCES that Monica and Chandler hooking up in London would have led to this iconic proposal? What are the chances that they would be picked as parents later on? This song really makes you think about life happenstances and, well, taking chances.

8. “No Place”


The music video for “No Place” might have featured the Backstreet Boys and their wives, but really, isn’t it about anywhere you feel like home – even if it’s with your friends? HUG YOUR HOME TODAY…er, your friends or family.

9. “Chateau”


Hands down one of our favorite songs on the album, “Chateau” is all about pleading with someone to come back in the most gentle of ways. This song makes us feel exactly how we felt watching Ross try to catch Rachel before she flew to Paris in the last episode. We like to imagine that the iconic “I got off the plane” moment is how we’d feel if the girl in this song actually did meet him at the chateau.

Mph. This song. This scene. So many feels.

10. “The Way It Was”


IS THERE A MORE LYRICALLY PAINFUL (YET SO GOOD) SONG ON ‘DNA’? No. Not in our opinion anyway. Obviously, we paired it with the most painful had-to-happen episode in Friends history. You know the one. The One With The Morning After. The intense emotion in this episode, much like the song, leave us tearful, hopeful, and eating a tub of ice cream. Also, everyone is talking about it — dayuuuummmm Nick slays in this song! (But so do all of them.)

11. “Just Like You Like It”


It’s different. It’s quirky. It works. And we love it. Just like Phoebe and Mike. Phoebe told Mike that not having a piano wouldn’t stop him from playing if he was a real pianist just like someone told the Backstreet Boys they weren’t country then they were like WATCH US…and recorded this song. Kevin’s line about “brushing the hair back off your face” wins this song for sure.

12. “OK”


What a perfect song to end an album on. It’s sweet, but upbeat. It’s simple and it leave a good taste in your mouth. Our favorite part? Brian with his “ay, ay”. Don’t ask why. We just like it a lot, ok?! OK. (Heh)

Anyway, the end of the album fits perfectly with the end of the Friends series. After all, isn’t “I’ll Be There For You” just another way of saying “As long as I’m with you, I’m ok”? We think so.

5 Things We’ve Learned From Nick Carter

For the past 25 years, Backstreet Boys fans worldwide have ended January by celebrating Nick Carter’s latest trip around the sun.

This year, the youngest Backstreet Boy turns 39 and what a life it has been thus far! We have seen Nick literally grow up before our eyes (as we have alongside him) and through the highs and the lows, we have learned so much from him.

As we have with every other Backstreet Boy on their birthdays, we’re celebrating by laying out some of the best things we’ve learned from Mr. Carter.

1. Hard Work Pays Off. 

When we say that Nick is (and has always been) one of the hardest working people we know, we mean it professionally and personally. There’s very few times in his career that Nick has only had one task at hand, always working to create something new and do something better than he has done before – group and solo.

Then there’s the fact that, after fearing a decline in health from years of bad choices, he turned everything around – hitting the gym and taking care of himself on a regular basis. This hard work has turned into Nick living his best life and looking the best he ever has, but also in the best health he ever has been, inspiring many to do the same.

2. The Power Of Positivity. 

Nick has spoken before about a book that meant a lot to him, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power Of Positive Thinking, a gift from bandmate Kevin Richardson, and how positive thinking has affected his life and overall outlook on things. This disposition has translated through in many things in Nick’s work, the way he speaks, and has inspired us to think twice about the way we think as well.

3. A Lot of RANDOM Things. 

From aliens to football to video games to high tech computer developments to all the science to the process behind the scenes, Nick has inadvertently taught us so many things we didn’t know before. We guarantee you if you spend five minutes with him, you’re going to learn SOMETHING… whether you wanted to know it or not.

4. Family Isn’t Always Blood Related.

If you’ve followed Nick Carter for any length of time, you’d know that so many of the people he calls his family are people he has chosen – people that have come into his life by chance, fans included. Even now that he is married with a son and has a sweet little family of his own, you’ll find him still referring to the other BSB as his brothers. He has made it clear to so many that family is what you make it and in that, many have been able to come to terms with things in their own life and find their own families.

Because of Nick, a lot of fans have found their families in each other.

5. How To Go Hard For Things We Believe In.

Remember that time we found ways for everyone to watch Dancing With The Stars worldwide and vote an obscene amount of times and forced our friends to do the same? Remember when we voted for “The One” to be a single because of Nick? Remember every moment we’ve rallied for him through in the past 26 years? Remember every football season when Nick himself believes the Bucs will finally make it to the Super Bowl?

He’s taught us to be passionate about what we want, to throw our support full force behind the people we believe in, and inspired us to go hard for those things. No one does it better than Nick Carter.

Happy Birthday, Nick!

We hope that your day (and this year) is nothing short of amazing for you.

To The Backstreet Boys On Their ‘DNA’ Album Release…Thank You

The time has come.

DNA is here! And we are speechless.

Before we post any type of review or other post about it, we wanted to first write a thank you letter of sorts to the artists themselves – the Backstreet Boys.

To The Backstreet Boys on the day of your album release…

Thank you. Thank you for sticking around this long. Thank you for working on this album for SIX YEARS to make it the perfection that it is. It is honestly the most perfect sampling of different vibes, showcasing of vocals, and current sound mixed with classic Backstreet.

Thank you for making us wait (even when we kept asking).

We are so proud of the five of you. We are so proud of this album and we will be telling everyone we know about it in coming days (weeks, months, years?). We are endlessly proud to call ourselves Backstreet Boys because albums like this. DNA is an additional soundtrack to our lives and it might be the best chapter yet.

Thank you for continuing to create, continuing to push yourselves and the boundaries of what the world defines as the Backstreet Boys, and always becoming better in every way.

We all appreciate this album more than you all could ever know.

To Kevin…

Your vocals on this album are absolutely flawless. You can hear the soul you put into every lyric you’re singing on DNA and we’re thrilled to hear even more of it this round. Thank you for always telling us to be patient because it certainly paid off. We’re still so happy that you’re back.

To Howie…

THOSE SOLOS THOUGH! You have more than delivered on DNA, absolutely nailing every solo verse and harmony from beginning to end. Wow! We always knew you had it in you – we hear you kicking off those songs! This is honestly the best you have ever sounded and we can’t wait to hear you live. Thank you for sharing your beautiful vocals with us.

To Brian…

From the highest of high notes to the gentle vocal vibes that only you could land, your voice has always made our ears feel cozy and DNA is no exception. We have been rooting for you as you have found a new sound and boy, have you found it. Your heart is in everything that you sing and it translates to anyone listening. Thank you for working so hard to be the best that you can be – so passionate.

To AJ…

As always, you bring so much incredible vocal prowess to DNA. Your voice is instantly recognizable and exactly everything a Backstreet song needs to be complete. You are a constant fountain of raw talent that adds a little zest to every song on the album. Thank you for being the AJ we all know and love.

To Nick…

Nick. Carter. Your voice on this album is unlike anything we’ve heard before. From the beginning of Backstreet to DNA, this is the best you have ever sounded. There are so many dynamics and your determination to produce such a great sound has not gone unnoticed. We have chills. Thank you for being the best version of yourself that you can be. We’re all enjoying it more than you could imagine.

Haven’t heard Backstreet’s DNA yet? What are you waiting for?!

Stream, purchase and download it at the link above and stay tuned for our twist on an album review – COMING SOON!

8 Things We’re All Feeling As We Wait For The Backstreet Boys ‘DNA’ Album

It’s finally here! We’re days away from the Backstreet Boys DNA release (unless you’re reading this from Japan, you lucky ducks!) and we’re feeling it in full force. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING, PEOPLE. We are finally getting brand new music from Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick and boooyyyy, is it going to be GREAT!


As always, we’re having some major feelings and we’re sharing them with millions of fans worldwide. Let’s talk about it?

1. Impatience.


Backstreet Boys are most patiently impatient people. We’ve waited for six years for a new album…but waiting 2 more days? Well, it’s TOO. DAMN. HARD. We need the album in our hands and we need to know every place the Backstreet Boys are going to be for the foreseeable future IMMEDIATELY.

2. The Old Familiar Feeling of A Wild Craze.


That stir inside isn’t caused by the Chinese you ate last night. It’s what we like to call “The BSBlectricity”. It’s the indescribable feeling of anticipation mixed with excitement and everything else mentioned in this post. You can feel your heart beating out of your chest and your emotions…well.. they’re not under your control.

3. Pure Satisfaction.


Knowing that the Backstreet Boys are beginning a new era, that they’ve completed the album, that they’re out there doing the damn thing and being just as successful as they’ve always been… well, that is super satisfying for us. Especially when we share their success on Facebook for all of the people in high school who told us that being a fan was stupid.

4. Absolute Elation.


I mean, does this NEED an explanation? DOES IT?!

5. A Chill.


Amidst all of our greatest feelings, there’s a sort of chill as well. The work has been done, the album is coming, the concerts are upon us and all is right in the world.

6. Pride! So Much Pride.


Refer back to #3. We are so incredibly proud of these five guys. Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick are five of the hardest working men in the music industry. Every accolade and bit of attention they’re receiving right now is so well deserved and we could not be happier for them.

7. Fear?


OH MY GOD, THERE IS SO MUCH TO KEEP UP WITH. What if we have conflicts? What if we don’t like the album? (L O L, right?) What if we have a new favorite album? What about tour?! WHAT IF THERE ARE NEW THINGS ON TOUR WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT THAT WE’RE GOING TO LOVE? So much unknown.

P.S. If you’re worried about keeping up, we’ll do it for you.


To (kind of) quote Spongebob, WE’RE READY, WE’RE READY! Duh.


‘DNA’ Japan: Highlights From The Backstreet Boys 2019 Japanese Promo

The Backstreet Boys headed out overseas last week to promote DNA in Japan before it’s release on 1/23 (and 1/25 for everyone else). Their trip has been riddled with radio interviews, television appearances, and a fan event and it all kicked off by being greeted at the airport by media and hundreds of fans who couldn’t wait to welcome the Boys to their country.

While we have been retweeting the highlights all week, we realize that some people might have missed it or not been on Twitter at all. For that reason, we’re putting what we can (the most important parts) into this post. We obviously do not speak Japanese so translations for articles are rough, but we wanted to post what we could! Enjoy.

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What’s Happening On The Backstreet: All of Backstreet Boys ‘DNA’ NYC Promo You Might Have Missed

For the past three years, we’ve been begging the Backstreet Boys for new music, new appearances, new new NEW NEW NEW! (UPDATED with interviews, promo and more)


In 2018, the Backstreet Boys were like, “ok, we hear you! We’ll release something new…”


They announced the end of their Vegas residency.

They announced a world tour.

And most importantly, they announced A NEW ALBUM!

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5 Things We’ve Learned From AJ McLean

It seems like just yesterday AJ was celebrating was turning 40 with an epic prom-themed surprise party thrown by his wife! In reality though, it was almost 365 days ago and here we are, celebrating the most eccentric of the Backstreet Boys once again (not that we mind).

As we did with Kevin and Howie, we’re celebrating by talking about the more valuable things that we’ve learned from AJ… without him even knowing it.

1. You can have tattoos and still have one of the biggest hearts on the planet.

Branded as “the bad boy” in the early days of Backstreet, AJ McLean is anything but. He may have more tattoos than you can count and wear chains on occasion, but AJ is one of the most warm hearted people you could meet. He can strike up a conversation with anyone, he does what he can to make everyone in his presence feel special, and his heart is in everything he does. On almost every Backstreet cruise, you can find him forming a selfie line that lasts until the early hours of the morning. When he’s home, he can be found with his girls, being the sweetest dad he can be. What a softie!

2. Honesty over everything.

Everyone knows that if you want to know something, AJ is the one to ask. He will give you an honest (albeit sometimes a little stretched to hype us) answer about almost anything.

AJ has also been very open about his life, his highs and his lows, his life as a single child, his life before Backstreet and his life in almost every stage in order to inspire others and make them feel a little less alone in the world. His honesty is honestly one of our favorite, most wonderful things about him.

3. We learned the tips and tricks of being a charmer.

From his perfectly performed monologue that he used to impress the ladies to the way he slowly removes his sunglasses for a sweet serenade, Mr. McLean easily wraps us around his finger. From him, we learned some smooth moves (but we never execute quite as well). It also helps that he has THAT. VOICE.

4. A whole lot of things we probably weren’t supposed to know.

Refer to #2. AJ gets so excited and has let things slip on more than one occasion. We appreciate all of those things!

5. Your past doesn’t define your future and to take one day at a time.

Like we said, AJ has been open and honest about his struggles and about his successes. He’s made it clear that everyone is human, no matter what your status is, and that we’re all the same inside. We all fight battles and we all have addictions. We have good days and bad days and we’re all capable of making life changes and rising up to the top. AJ has been a huge inspiration to so many of us – more than he could ever imagine.

Happy Birthday, AJ. You’re one of a kind and we are so lucky to know you.

Fans React To The Backstreet Boys Latest (Surprise) Song “No Place”

It’s only been 4 days since the year began but, as promised, the Backstreet Boys are already dominating 2019… and they began by renaming the month.

DNAuary, the name the BSB social media accounts has given to January in honor of the album release on the 25th, has begun with a bang. On New Years Day, it was announced that a new interview capturing the thoughts behind DNA from the Boys themselves would be released every Wednesday. If you missed the first one, watch it here.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all is that THE BACKSTREET BOYS DROPPED A NEW SONG just 3 weeks ahead of the album release…and it will kick you RIGHT in your feels.

From the beginning of the Backstreet Boys, it has always been clear that family came first – it’s one of the things that we love about them. “No Place” is a song dedicated to just that – family and home. It’s more romanticized than “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of”, written for their children, and more grown up than “Perfect Fan”, which Brian wrote for his mom in 1999.

In short, it’s a beautiful ode to the feeling of home, whether it be a person or a place. And that’s a feeling everyone knows.

…Which is why everyone is feeling SOME. SORT. OF. WAY about it.










Tweet us with your thoughts about the song!

If you haven’t yet, stream, purchase, download and watch the video NOW.  Oh, and share that link with EVERYONE you know.

15 of Our Favorite 2018 Backstreet Boys Moments

It’s safe to say that the Backstreet Boys had one hell of a 25th year! From new singles to a cruise to more wins and a continuation of a damn good Vegas run, Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick have done everything in 2018 to set up for an even more phenomenal 2019 (that will begin with an album release).

While it’s impossible to list EVERY wonderful moment in one post, we did our best to narrow it down to 15 of our favorite moments and we think you might agree that all of them are noteworthy.

1. The (Sold Out) Backstreet Boys Cruise.

Not only did the Backstreet Boys sell out this year’s cruise well in advance, but many cruisers agreed that it was their best one yet. From performing their entire Millennium album to jumping in the pool with fans to giving fans a sneak peek of what may or may not be (thanks Kevin) on the new album to the now infamous Spice Boys, the entire 4 day vacation was perfection (despite being rerouted in a storm). Check out our post about the best moments you might have missed and our vlog above!

2. The Grammy Nomination.

Grammy BSB

It was perhaps the most unexpected moment of the year. On November 28th, the Backstreet Boys were nominated for their first Grammy in 16 years for their single, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”. To even be nominated is an incredible feat for a band celebrating 25 years together and win or lose, we are beyond proud  and we’ll all be tuning in in February to watch it go down!

3. The TWO Singles With TWO Music Videos That Were INDOORS.


HELL. YES. It’s all we could have asked for. It’s all we HAVE asked for. The Boys stayed inside for their “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” and “Chances” music videos, even throwing in choreography, a train station and a semi-storyline. Never say they don’t listen to our (loud) requests!

giphy (7)

4. The Life of Kevin’s Hair.

Kevin’s hair united and divided fans since early last year but one thing is for sure – we were all in awe of it. It’s shine. It’s texture. The way he wore it down without sweating. The way it blew back better than Beyonce’s. The eventual ponytail. The Fabio look. Whether you liked it or not, Kevin’s hair was some kind of 8th wonder.

When pirating around during the Sail Away party on the cruise, he made the announcement that he would be cutting it when it was long enough to donate. Always making good on his word, Kevin did just that months later, revealing his new look in a tweet and bringing awareness to Children With Hair Loss organization. Whether you loved his long hair or rejoiced when he cut it, both couldn’t be counted out of this list.

5. The Announcement of An Impending Album + Tour.


THIS is the moment we waited all 4 years year for! After waiting very, very patiently and trusting that the Backstreet Boys would come through, we finally got the announcement for the release of ‘DNA’  and tickets for their 2019 word tour went on sale. While we’re still waiting for VIP Upgrade details, we’re more than looking forward to all of the things we know about and the things that have yet to be revealed.

We’re thrilled for the new era and to celebrate it with all of you!

6. Nick’s Charity Work.


Ya boy is all over the place with making the world a better place this year! From charity cycle events to benefit galas to packing backpacks and spending Thanksgiving feeding the homeless in Las Vegas, Nick Carter (and his family) have been spreading the love, help and awareness all over their community. Check out the charities he’s worked with this year here.

7. The CMT Award Win.


Did you ever think the Backstreet Boys would have a #1 song on Country radio? We didn’t! But as always, they put in the work with Florida Georgia Line on “God, Your Mama, and Me” and not only did they make their CMA Fest debut in 2018, but WON a CMT Award! The shock on their faces and the genuine gratitude on their faces will not soon be forgotten.

Neither will their television debut performance of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”, which aired during the same awards show.

8. Brian’s Proud Dad Moments.


In case you missed it, Baylee Littrell, the first Backstreet baby, simultaneously turned 16 and released his first song as a country solo artist in November. The song, “Don’t Knock It”, is super catchy and has been steadily doing well.

Our favorite part about it? How proud Brian is of him and his success. In multiple interviews since the release (and even leading up to), he has been gushing and beaming when speaking about Baylee and his up and coming career. We can’t wait to hear more in April when his album drops!

9. AJ’s Solo Situation.


Speaking of country music, AJ also dipped his own toe into country music this year with his singles “Back Porch Bottle Service” and “Night Visions”. We love them both (especially the music video for “Night Visions”)!

Not only did he release the singles, but he previewed more songs on the cruise and did several fan / radio events to give people a bit more taste of what’s to come (plus a bomb cover of Chris Stapleton’s “Drunkard’s Prayer”). While the jury is still out on when exactly he’ll be dropping a full album (2019 is a pretty busy Backstreet year!), we’ll be ready for it.

10. The Con Appearances.


While con appearances weren’t new this year, they were still a highlight for a lot of fans who made it to hang out with Nick, AJ and Howie in a totally different way. Selfies, autographs, and a few moments to just say hey made up some of our best 2018 moments.

We have to say that Howie joining in on the fun this year was a DEFINITE highlight. How fun is that guy!?

11. Vegas! Vegas! Vegas! 


With the end of the Backstreet Boy’s award-winning Las Vegas residency drawing near, we would be remiss if we didn’t include it on our list. While it’s been almost two years since it kicked off, we’ll never forget all of the moments it’s given us – whether in person or through the magic of the internet.

Who knew a few roses was going to be such a point of contention… yet here we are!

12. All Of The TV Performances, Appearances, etc.

Strictly Come Dancing! The Voice! Good Morning America! TRL! VMAs! Ellen! Jimmy Fallon! GOOGLE THEM ALL.

Those are just a few of the televised moments that made us squeal like the fangirls we are this year. Seriously – what a time to be alive, right? I mean, THE BACKSTREET BOYS PERFORMED ON THE ROOF OF RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL! We can’t wait to see them back on the VMA stage next year……..

13. #BSB25Project


We’ve never been more proud to be a part of the Backstreet fan-mily than we ALL came together to take out a full page color ad in Billboard Magazine to celebrate the Backstreet Boys’ 25th anniversary. Not only did we raise enough money to do so, we exceeded the goal and were able to donate $700+ to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the Backstreet Boys name. To read all of the details, click here.

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone that made this happen! It’s still amazing. Several of us have mentioned it / shown it to the Boys, who have thought the same. ❤



It’s been so long since we’ve hyped the Backstreet Boys and the world has hyped them with us. In 2018, it all came back around. The world is so thrilled to see them back in the forefront of the pop world – as demonstrated by their several-dates-already-sold-out tour as well as the social media buzz they garner with every announcement and appearance.

Even the Backstreet Boys can’t believe the Backstreet Boys have a song on the radio! If you’ve followed us on Twitter at all this year, you would see that both of their singles have steadily climbed the Hot AC charts, marking the first time in more than a decade.

The world has been waiting for you, BSB….show ’em what you’re made of.

(NOTE: We know they’ve been here – don’t get crazy.)

15. Our Fan-mily.


We’ve enjoyed meeting so many of you this year – online and in person! Without each other, what a boring place the Backstreet world would be. Some fan-mily have become friends and some friends have become family… all because of Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick. That part might always be our favorite – every year until the end of time.

We are so excited for everything to come in 2019! Can’t wait to share more exhilarating moments with you all in the new year and the new era. We hope you’ll join us!

It’s been a good year to be a Backstreet Boys fan. Next year will be even better.

To happy, healthy new beginnings…