What’s Happening – Summer 2020: AJ McLean Edition

At the beginning of this 2020 season of life (late Spring / Summer / Quarantine / What Day Is It Time), we started putting everything the Backstreet Boys were doing in one post, updated regularly and then combing through to keep the monthly highlights.

Because some Boys are doing more than others, we’ve decided that, for the sake of being easy for fans to quickly find what they’re looking for, we’d break it down by individuals!

Since AJ has been churning out the most, it seemed best to start with him. Be sure to check back for more as he keeps it coming!

— Miscellaneous —

  • AJ’s Reddit AMA (April 2020)
  • AJ and Ava kicked off iHeartRadio’s Summer Camp With The Stars by teaching some choreography to viewers — watch here!
  • This timely parody of “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” with Chris Mann

— Music + Print Interviews —

— Visual Interviews —

Entertainment Tonight Interview With Ava

Everything You Need To Know About The Backstreet Boys This Week: February 9, 2020

SURPRISE — It’s HOT. BOY. WINTER! The Backstreet Boys are creeping in to make our Valentine’s week a little sweeter (and remind us who our real valentines are – despite our real life relationship statuses).

While we’ll be updating all things exciting via our Twitter feed, we are aware that some fans are not on Twitter, but follow our blog and other social posts, so this is what we’ve created. In lieu of making several blog posts this week about individual things, we’ll be updating *THIS* post with ALL the things (including media surrounding their TV appearances) — so bookmark and check back!

— TV Appearances —

Good Morning America (2/11)


Check out this clip from Facebook Live!

You can watch the whole GMA episode on Hulu.

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon (NBC)






Watch What Happens Live (Bravo – Late Night – 11pm EST / 10pm CST)


You can watch the whole episode here by logging into your cable provider.

Watch the after show (things you didn’t see ON the show) here!

Strahan, Sara, and Keke (2/14)

— Happenings —

– The Backstreet Boys are back on tour next week in Mexico and South America! In addition to the DNA Tour, Nick is throwing in a few solo pre-concert events and Howie is throwing in pre-concert VIP food events. These tickets are LIMITED.

– NEW DATES HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED! The Backstreet Boys are havejust extended their world tour with October in North America. Here’s what you need to know:

  • FAN CLUB PRESALE begins at 10am VENUE TIME on Tuesday, 2/11/20. You will find a unique password in your account dashboard. Copy and paste that into the ticketing website to unlock tickets. DO NOT SHARE CODES.
  • GENERAL PUBLIC ON SALE begins 10am VENUE TIME on Friday, 2/14/20. Find all cities + dates here.
  • You can sign up for a fan club membership HERE. There are three membership options – all of them will grant you access into the presale. The Fan Club Package listed on Ticketmaster / Live Nation is likely a package that INCLUDES membership with ticket purchase.
  • VIP Meet and Greets will NOT be on sale this week. The on sale date for these upgrades will be announced at a later date.
  • It is currently unknown if the DNA VIP Circle / Side packages will be available for all dates / at all. We’ll update as info becomes available.
  • We currently do not know anything about pricing or the listed Platinum package. From past experience with other artist tours, it is likely an offering from TM / LN that includes a “platinum priced” ticket with some sort of limited edition merch. Again, we’ll update when we know.
  • Have questions? Tweet us, comment on FB, or email us directly at whothebackstreet@gmail.com. Don’t forget to check out our DNA TOUR page for all related posts and general answers there!

What’s Happening On The Backstreet: A January 2020 Backstreet Boys Update

There’s a little less than a month until the Backstreet Boys head back out on their DNA tour, but that doesn’t mean Kevin, Brian, Howie, Nick and AJ aren’t out and about!

Need a cliff notes version of things you might have missed? We got you!

Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell were on hand to induct Gary Baker into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Credit: TimesDaily

Gary Baker had a hand in writing Backstreet Boys’ songs like “Anywhere For You” and “Back To Your Heart” and last week, he was inducted into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. After working with the Boys, he became a friend and part of the family and asked Brian and Kevin if they would be part of his induction.

You can read the kind words that the two Boys shared about Baker here. They also joined Baker to perform “I’m Already There”, another one of his hits made famous by Lonestar. You can watch the performance here (or here, if you’re outside of the U.S.)

Howie D. opens musical in Omaha THIS WEEKEND!


We’ve been talking about it for a while, but the time has finally come! Howie’s musical, Back In The Day, debuts this weekend in Omaha at The Rose Theater. We have everything you need to know RIGHT HERE!

Nick Carter introduced Shania Twain at the Nevada Ballet’s Black & White Ball


Nick is still home in Las Vegas, enjoying time with his family, but he had a brief night out last weekend (with Lauren) when he attended Nevada Ballet’s Black and White Charity Ball.

What was he doing at this event? He had the honor of giving the history of the event plus announcing Woman Of The Year honoree, Shania Twain. You can see him welcoming her in here and Shania’s tweet about the event here.

AJ McLean Went On Tour With ATCK


For two(ish) weeks, AJ set out on a mini tour with side project band, ATCK (short for All The Cool Kids). Made up of members AJ McLean, DJ Lux, Ryan Stevenson, Drew Webber, Paul Law and others, the band garnered the attention of Backstreet Boys fans everywhere as well as drawing in others who just happened to be in the same city. ATCK is a good time, performing covers of popular songs, a BSB tune or two, some of AJ’s solo work, and more, they are worth checking out if you see them in your city.

Keep up on their official ATCK Facebook page!

5 Years of What Happens On The Backstreet

5 Years. Half Of A Decade.

11,600 Twitter Followers.

10,680 Facebook Page Likers.

Nearly 1 Million Views.

All because of 5 guys and a whole lot of love.

When I started What Happens On The Backstreet in 2014, like I’ve said in previous anniversary posts, I didn’t think that we would do this for more than a few months…..but HERE. WE. ARE.

The annual anniversary posts are usually the only time I get (intentionally) personal in writing and while I’m well aware that these aren’t the most exciting, the most read, the most shared, they do mean a lot to me. Any one of you reading this mean a lot to me.

While the Backstreet Boys were insanely (incredibly satisfyingly) busy this year, we took on posting more informational updates and less original, simply because we were busier too. As most of you know, Kristie welcomed a Backstreet baby into her family and while I do the majority of the writing, my idea-bouncing partner was a little preoccupied. That, paired with multiple other things, made creating a little more challenging.

But that’s where you guys came in. I tweeted ideas and you gave me your honest opinions. You sent in your best stories and your best pictures and your best memories for the sake of helping other fans or just giving everyone a good laugh (or cry). If you thought I missed something, you’d tweet or send messages. When I seriously considered ending WHOTB a few times this year, some of you (unknowingly) said the kindest things and / or inspired me to go a little further.

I can not express how thankful I have been for all of you this year. The majority of WHOTB posts in the past five years have been written in terms of “we” this or that because I believe that this is a community…a fan-mily…effort. I may be writing the words, but nothing in the land of Backstreet could be accomplished without all of us. P.S. We have LOVED meeting so many of you in Vegas, Nashville, and New Jersey this year!!

This year has been a lot of learning, adjusting, reinventing and figuring out how to be better in many ways, but also learning that you can’t please everyone. We appreciate everyone for sticking us through things you might not agree with and being loud about the things you do.

I don’t know how long What Happens On The Backstreet will stick around, but we’re excited to make the best of the time that we’re here. We are so positive that the Backstreet Boys have nothing but great things coming in 2020 and we can’t wait to post about them, enjoy all the things, and share everything we possibly can with you all! And you know, raise a little hell in between. 😉 That sounds like fun, right?

Thank you for a wonderful five years. Thank you for humoring a girl with a fangirl heart and a lot to say. Thank you for being an absolutely amazing fan-mily. How lucky are we all to have a band who has not only given us nearly 27 years but each other and so much more?

Happy Holidays, friends! Be kind to one another.

XOXO – Sara

What’s Happening On The Backstreet: December 2019

Merry Nickmas! Happy Howie-Days! And uh…an AJ…new year? (We’d try to work your favorite Kentucky cousins in here, but we sadly have no news to report on them.)

With the Backstreet Boys on break from the DNA tour (for now), there hasn’t been too many things to post about that we couldn’t say in a tweet or two. With that being said, we realize that things can be missed and so, like always, we want to keep you informed of ALL the things happening with members of the Backstreet.

Where to start, where to start….

VIP Packages For Howie D.’s Back In The Day – ON SALE NOW!


If you haven’t heard, Howie is opening his very first musical, loosely based on his life growing up, in Omaha, NE on January 31st. The original music for Back In The Day will be performed live by Howie himself, but he has also just released another treat for fans who are coming to enjoy the performance.

VIP upgrades are now available for select dates. They not only include a photo with Howie, but a Q&A and an autographed Playbill. How awesome is that? Click here for details, details and purchase info!

Nick Visits Germany – Drops New Info About Future Solo Work + TV Appearance

DORTMUND, GERMANY - December 7th 2019: Nick Carter at German Comic Con Dortmund

Nick made his last “official” appearance of the year in Germany last weekend at German Comic Con and in a performance with Helene Fischer. For the two days that Nick was at comic con, fans SHOWED UP in HUNDREDS, keeping his line long from open to close, with Nick staying late to try and meet everyone. You never disappoint, Europe!

The biggest news though, started with his Q&A panel, where Nick revealed that he is looking to record another solo album… in Germany and the surrounding area. He spent the rest of the week in Germany, posting some ideas for song titles and letting fans know that inspiration is back!

His performance with Helene Fischer will air on Christmas Day (December 25th). We will post more details as they become available.

AJ McLean Announces Dates With ATCK


If you don’t know, ATCK is a side project from AJ and a few musician friends, who perform with an EDM type feel. The band is going on a small tour in January and if you’re in need of a (singular) Backstreet fix, this is going to be your most immediate remedy.

Tickets are being sold through individual venues. Find all info on the Events page of their Facebook page.

Howie Announces New Fan Experience In South America


Howie is coming in HOT with those 2020 VIP experiences! If you’re seeing the Backstreet Boys in South America, this is for you. Sweet D. will be sharing some sweet eats (and a really good time with selfies, shots, etc.) with you in Mexico City, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and Rio. This experience is a new one and it sounds like a good time, so get your tickets before they’re sold out.

2020: Upcoming Backstreet Boys Performances, Appearances and Events

It’s no secret that the Backstreet Boys aren’t going anywhere…. because they’re going EVERYWHERE. With so much going on, it’s hard to lose track or miss a date but have no fear – we are here!

This post will include every CONFIRMED concert / appearance that the Boys or individual Boy are scheduled for as we get word of it. We do not post it here unless it is certain. If you have questions about an upcoming event, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on TwitterFacebook or the Contact Us page. If you’re looking for information about the basics of certain events, check out our posts here.

For any event where a ticket link is not provided, ticket details can be found at backstreetboys.com/events.

Continue reading “2020: Upcoming Backstreet Boys Performances, Appearances and Events”

What’s Happening On The Backstreet: September 2019

It’s been a minute since we had a catch up post and between the end of tour, iHeart Festival and everything in between, there’s been a lot of great things going on in BSB land! As always, we’re here to make sure you see it all.

Where to start, where to start….?

– There are many wonderful things that came out of the North American leg of the Backstreet Boys’ DNA tour, but among the hospital and foundation visits, one of our most favorite things happened in Louisville. After the wonderfully talented kids at Down Syndrome of Louisville made their own “I Want It That Way” video, Nick, Kevin, AJ, Howie and Brian made the meet and greet happen! Watch it all go down here.

The Backstreet Boys sat down with CBS Sunday Morning and confirmed once again that not only would they “never turn their backs on each other”, that they are also not exactly who their “boyband” personas claimed them to be.

60 Minutes Australia also sat down with the Boys during their Philadelphia stop to talk about history, ups and downs, and more. We definitely recommend watching!

– The Boys performed a set at iHeart Music Festival before returning to the stage to perform “Let It Be Me” with Steve Aoki for the first time live. If you missed it, the show will air on television on The CW on October 2nd and 3rd at 8pm EST. Need to see backstage interviews? Click here  or here!

– AJ is spending time in Nashville to do more solo work and he stopped by to chat with Bobby Bones on his podcast, The Bobbycast – Listen here!

– Steve Aoki and BSB weren’t alone on the iHeart stage! They brought along the stars of their “Let It Be Me” music video – the couples who faced hardships and proved what true love really is. The big love didn’t stop there though as the “BackSteve Boys” released a new version of their music video, giving more backstory to these lovely humans. Watch it now!

– You can get a “Let It Be Me” tee or hoodie here.

– The Backstreet Boys have added tour dates in New Zealand, Australia, and Latin America in addition to their upcoming dates in Asia and Hawaii at the end of this year. Find all current and confirmed DNA World Tour dates here.

We think that’s all for now! We leave you with this sweet video from Brian and Nick’s visit to Dallas Childrens Hospital last month. It’s sure to warm you ❤


What’s Happening On The Backstreet: August 2019

As you all know, the DNA World Tour era is in FULL FORCE!! While we’ve been working to keep our tour posts updated, there are a few other things, appearances, interviews, etc. that haven’t ended up in a post and SO…here we are. How can we be What Happens On The Backstreet if we’re not telling you what’s happening?!

Here are a few links to things you might have missed. Keep checking back to this post for the month of August for everything non-DNA tour related. As always, we’ll keep up so you don’t have to.

  • AJ has made a few appearances at radio stations this week:
  • We know a lot of you have had questions about whether or not the BSB Funko Pops would be a no or go lately, but check this out! As soon as we’re sure about a release date, we’ll post about it.
  • AJ is also making an appearance at The Vanguard in Tulsa, OK on August 29th with his EDM side project – All The Cool Kids. You can find info on tickets and VIP here. 106.9 K-Hits is giving away tickets — find out details!
  • All The Cool Kids aka AJ and friends are also doing an event on Sept. 6th in St. Louis, MO — Find out more!
  • The Backstreet Boys Grammy Museum exhibit closes on September 2nd – don’t miss out!
  • Howie’s musical, Back In The Day, opens January 31st and runs through February 16th at Rose Theater in Omaha, NE. Tickets are ON SALE NOW!
  • Howie has announced few more listening parties before the Backstreet Boys concerts: Chicago and Boston
  • The Backstreet Boys have donated their Winnipeg Jets Jerseys, worn during the concert, to charity and YOU can bid on them here!
  • Watch a new Howie interview here and / or here
  • Brian performed during a tribute concert for Michael W. Smith a few months back and it aired on television last week. Watch below!