8 Things Backstreet Boys Fans Can Do This Summer To Keep Their Fan Skills Sharp

Much like Olympic athletes, who also had their games postponed this Summer, Backstreet Boys fans can’t just relax during this time off from tours and events. Any BSB fan could tell you that being a fan is a lifestyle, with immunities that we have built up and hardcore levels that we have achieved (do you know how long a lot of us can hold off going to the bathroom or eating, if need be?).  If we let our finely crafted skills go unused for a year, who knows what might happen!

So, we have carefully crafted a list for all of us to keep our fangirl / fanboy skills in check in this no-tour season and we’re sharing it with you!

(Actually, we just found some activities that we were participating in that brought up some feelings reminiscent of the usual Fangirl Summer and wow, we’re pretty hard up, so we thought you guys might be too.)

1. Throw yourself a party in the backyard and facetime your concert friends.


Hop in your pool (or buy an inflatable one) or settle yourself in the backyard and invest in a Bluetooth speaker because you are grounded this tour season! That doesn’t mean that you can’t simulate some kind of concert feels by paying family members $10 to make you a drink and facetiming your friends while you all sing along to your favorite songs.

Bonus points if you can throw in live concert ad-libs (“Hello!” “I see you!” “GOOD GOD!”) and have your quarantine mates run by to just-almost-grab your hand.

2. Stay up until midnight….to wait for Netflix to release the new season of a good show.


There’s no new album / music releases right now, but we’ve found that finding a good show with a new season coming out on a streaming service is a good way to keep this skill of midnight-ish anticipation. You know, for future releases. For maybe some holiday…releases….

3. Find a business selling something limited edition and use those Ticketmaster ninja skills!


True personal story — I got cutthroat about some limited edition “retired scent” candles this past week and not only did my fangirl TM skills serve me well, but the high was like an old familiar friend… without the $1000 price tag! We’ll be back on our tour game next year, but for now, find something you love to invigorate your home and fight for it! Trust me, it takes the edge off.

4. Wait in (a socially distant) line for something local.


Another personal story – waiting in line for a bakery that just opened (6 feet apart from other guests and wearing a mask) tricked my brain into that VIP feeling. What was I going to say was replaced with what was I going to order and being next in line was some sort of thrill. Times are tough. We have to get it where we can.

5. Make signs for encouragement!


Who says holding up signs is just for concerts?? Regular people need love too. Make signs for your neighborhood jogger, to protest something you believe in, or just to brighten someone’s day. Use this time to brush up on your marker skills! We expect some creativity next event!

6. Get some exercise (that includes some competition).


Get the kids involved and tell them to try to push you over with the force of a fellow fangirl while you stand your ground. Don’t let quarantine make you soft!  You’ve got a spot to hold down and many lines to stand in next year!

7. Deny yourself some basic needs every now and then.


Stand in the heat for hours. Survive off of water and altoids for a day. Break those heels in now. Stay up overnight then sleep for 2 hours then try to keep functioning. Drink for a good time and wander around like you’re at an airport in the early hours of the following morning. Don’t lose your “magic” sustainability powers!

8. Scream.


I mean, if you aren’t already….(but not in public).

Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Stay healthy.

We’ll see you next year for more Fan Olympics, er, tour season!

What 2020 Has Been Like For Backstreet Boys Fans (Using GIFs From Schitt’s Creek)

When the Backstreet Boys sang “I got mixed emotions”, they were ahead of their time. 2020 has been nothing but a rollercoaster of mixed emotions so far for fans around the world.

Some of our favorite WHOTB posts have involved combining our love for some of our favorite TV shows. While we’ve done plenty of Friends and a Golden Girls theme, we’re bringing a new one in to describe our feelings this year — Schitt’s Creek! A family who lived a high life and had it swiped out from underneath them seems appropriate for this year, no?

So this is what how it all went down…

After the DNA tour ended last October, we were all ready for more. Luckily, the Backstreet Boys swiftly announced dates in Australia, New Zealand, South America ANNNDD North America!

We were like…

giphy (16)

giphy (29)

Then we saw the dates and HOLY COW…there were so many and so perfect!

giphy (6)

giphy (14)

giphy (30)

So we immediately renewed our fanclub memberships because…

giphy (36)

Everything was lining up for the perfect concert summer / tour season with friends! We were hitting up Ticketmaster like…

giphy (19)

giphy (20)

giphy (22)

giphy (31)

Then… the COVID-19 pandemic hit and things were being shut down left and right. Including live performances… and DEFINITELY no meet and greets allowed..

giphy (23)

So we waited for any kind of announcement about what would happen to our DNA tour plans and the range of feelings was WILD. We tried to remain positive, but also, realistic.

giphy (3)

giphy (24)

giphy (15)

Then it happened. For the benefit of everyone involved, the Backstreet Boys postponed the remainder of their 2020 dates to 2021.

They were like…

giphy (12)

And we were like…

giphy (38)

We couldn’t help but be a little bit like…

But also, we understand… because it truly is for the safety of everyone.

giphy (5)

But still…

giphy (25)

Then we realized that the only logical thing to do is to look forward to 2021. Those of us in North America (and Sao Paulo) will be like this until we get those dates…

Us, to anyone who asks us to do something in 2021 before we get those dates:

giphy (21)

In fact, we’re going to add MORE dates to our plans (if possible) and no one is going to change our minds!

giphy (8)

giphy (26)

giphy (37)

Us, to anyone who tries to stop us:

giphy (2)

So for the rest of this Summer, we’re going to be something like this:

But next Summer…well…we can only hope that it’s something like this:

giphy (9)

giphy (10)

Until then, we’ll be here to commiserate and lift each other up – together ❤

giphy (4)

To All The Tours I’ve Loved Before…

The year is 2020 and fans all over the world are mourning the loss of Summer tours. With it, we’re collectively mourning a loss of normalcy, a loss of what-could-have-been, a potential loss of other humans in our lives. It’s a season without hugs from our concert-going friends, scream singing along with our favorite band, and so. much. more.

To the arenas and amphitheaters…

I’ll miss the blast of a/c that hits you once the doors open after I’ve waited so long in the summer heat. I’ll miss the coolness of the air and rising excitement that fills my lungs as the day turns to evening, signaling the nearness of the main act about to perform. I’ll miss griping about how much I hate differing safety measures and which venue allows what. I’ll miss figuring out what purse will go with my outfit and still be allowed inside. I’ll miss being told not to run to get a spot in general admission and I’ll miss catching the hired security actually getting into the concert despite trying not to. I’ll miss watching your seats slowly fill up as my heart fills that so many fans share at least one thing in common – a love for a band.

To my fellow concert goers…

I’ll miss strangers who would have sat down beside me and my friends this summer and turned into our friend too. I’ll miss singing along with you. I’ll miss the conversations before the show. I’ll miss moving out of the way so you can see your fave (and vice versa). I’ll miss asking you where you got your dress, your shoes, etc. I’ll miss recognizing you from social media. I’ll miss getting annoyed at you for dropping your drink on my shoes (let’s be real). Most of all, I’ll miss turning around to watch every single one of us singing along to the song we all know by heart and my emotions getting the best of me in those moments. I’ll miss crying with you. I’ll miss people who know exactly what I’m talking about and feel exactly what I’m feeling (except during maybe one or two songs).

To the people that make things happen…

You know who you are. The unsung heroes. The crew. I will miss being in awe of the hustle to make sure fans are happy, to protect the band, to do your job in the best way that you know how, even though tour is grueling and time zones are tough. I’ll miss reading tweets of appreciation for the small things after a concert where you made a fan’s day. I’ll miss the photographs from every venue around the world and the familiar faces when you go to more than one tour stop.

To the bands…

As Dorothy said as she returned to Kansas, I’ll miss you most of all. I’ll miss the way I feel when the lights go down and your faces come on the screen. I’ll miss the overwhelming emotions as you appear in person and the uninhibited screams that follow, as hard as we all try to contain ourselves. I’ll miss screaming about how every song is my favorite song. I’ll miss wondering if you saw all of my friends and I as we screamed your name. I’ll miss every word you sing sounding better live than it ever did on the album. I’ll miss hating that you sang one song over another (everyone reading this just thought of two specific songs, I’m sure…). I’ll miss the unequivocal joy that your music brings and the freedom that exists during the 90 minutes you all exert yourselves to elicit pure happiness from everyone in the room. I’ll miss feeling so grateful for every moment. I’ll miss missing it after it’s all over.

To All The Tours I’ve Loved Before…

I’m so sorry that I didn’t appreciate you more in the moment. I’m sorry for all the times that I didn’t let myself truly experience every minute to the fullest because I was too worried about my view, the people around me, getting the perfect selfie, needing another drink. I’m sorry for all the moments I was too worried about what others would think if I danced the way I wanted to or cried when a song hit me in the feels. I’m sorry that I ever took any of it for granted. Never again.

To All The Tours I’ve Yet To Love…

My God, I can’t wait to inhale the concert experience again. Every bit of heat from the pyro, every stench from the body odor in general admission, every drop of alcohol spilled on the floor because someone danced too hard. I can’t wait for a moment of eye contact to mean so much and laughing about things that no one else would understand. I can’t wait to take on shoe off mid-show because my feet are killing me or throwing my hair up in a ponytail because who cares what anything looks like anymore when it’s almost over?! I can’t wait to buy more tickets to more shows on the car ride / plane trip home. I can’t wait to return to my normal.

And it will come… because if there is anything that I’ve learned as a fan, it’s that your favorite band and all of the people and places and things that come with it… hardly ever let you down. This is simply a pause. This is a time to be grateful for alllll of the experiences we’ve had and embrace the growing anticipation of things to come. This is a time to make the best of what we have until we can have better. This is a time to connect in new ways and love the old ways a little harder. This is a reminder that nothing is guaranteed in life, but the universe always has a plan. Trust it, believe in it, and know that maybe…the best is yet to come.

This is an intermission and when the time is right and the lights are low…I can’t wait to sing along with a whole arena full of people that get it.

Until then, from venues to fan-mily to band members and beyond, stay safe, spread love, and see you when the time is right.

XOXO — A Fan



8 Things Backstreet Boys Fans Lived For In The 90s

It’s safe to say that most of the diehard Backstreet Boys fans have been loyal since the 90s or the early 2000s. For every one thing that hasn’t changed, there are several things that have. From purchasing cassettes to CDs to digital to vinyl, we have learned to change with the times, but we also love thinking back to the things that used to make our little fangirl hearts vibrate with joy. Like…

1. Monthly Issues of Our Favorite Magazines.


We’ve yet to find something to replace the thrill of a new month of magazines in the racks of the stores our moms were dragging us to or in the mailbox (if you were lucky enough to sucker your parents into subscriptions). In fact, old habits die hard – sometimes we find ourselves still glancing at the magazine racks for our fave five hidden somewhere inside. When we DO get a chance to see them in print again, it’s a golden feeling. At least we never have to make the decisions about which side of a poster to hang up anymore!

2. New Music Videos.


Obviously there’s still music videos being released, but there was something thrilling about a TV premiere. Maybe it was because if you didn’t catch it in that moment that it premiered (and record it on your VCR), you had to wait to catch it again on a countdown (that may or may not be the entire video) or in the middle of the night when there was music videos only. A music video playing on your TV when you least expected it? That was the BEST!

3. Every Single Mention of The Backstreet Boys Anywhere.


We would I N H A L E any single tiny mention of the Backstreet Boys in any form. A poster on the wall of a room during “Boy Meets World” or “Two Of A Kind”? We told all of our friends about it and the glimpse became our favorite episode. Ah, the simple life, right?

4. Any Moment We Deemed “Cute” In An Interview.


As we mentioned, you may remember something called a VCR. Before YouTube and DVR, we pressed record on a machine and made sure to put a physical tape with free space on it (wasn’t it wonderful when you had just enough free space??) to capture all of the Backstreet moments we wanted to watch over and over. And boy, did we! Every BSB fan that lived in the 90s and early 2000s can tell you about the VHS tapes they still have in their basement and exactly which interviews and/or concerts they rewound repeatedly for the 5 minutes that you loved more than anything, knew word for word, and forced on all of your friends.

5. A Chance To Breathe The Same Air As Any of The Backstreet Boys.


Go allllllll the way back to a world before VIP meet and greets and we fangirls and fanboys were just happen to be in the same room as Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick. We weren’t against nosebleed seats. Hell, we weren’t against just being in an arena where they were the night before because the Backstreet air was still fresh. Next time you head for a selfie with your favorite Boy, remind the 9 year old inside of you that you dreamed of this as you bawled your eyes out in section 302 (or the parking lot) of the Millennium concert.

6. New Merch At Our Favorite Store.


Remember when Spencer’s, now primarily an adult store, carried Backstreet merch? When Target carried Backstreet candles? When, before the internet, you didn’t necessarily know about these items and seeing them in a store aisle was an expected delight? So. Do. We.

7. School Supplies.


In the same vein as #6, was it not the BEST to not only find new BSB merch in stores, but to be able to incorporate it into our daily lives and in front of our friends so caaaasssssually? GOALS.

8. The Euphoria Brought On By New Music.


Some things NEVER change. ❤

The Essentials: Backstreet Boys’ Fans Tips, Tricks and Must Haves For Concerts + Events

Back in one of our first years,  we wrote a post giving you an essentials list for the Backstreet Boys cruise, including not only our own list of essentials, but suggestions from fans as well. Oddly enough, we never did one for land events… until now!

With the DNA tour in full swing and the Backstreet Boys having no end in sight, we inevitably all start asking each other, every tour, every event, etc., for suggestions. Sometimes we don’t ask, but we see other fans mention things we never even thought about that would make our concert lives so much easier.

So, we asked for you. We took to Twitter and Facebook to ask fans for their concert essentials and received an overwhelming response. Thank you to everyone who contributed! We’ve taken all of your top suggestions on products, tips, tricks, and hacks and condensed them below (as well as thrown in a few of our own).

If you think there is anything that should be included in these lists that were not, feel free to contact us! Also, if you have any specifics for these generic suggestions (a favorite concert shoe, bag, etc.) — PLEASE LET US KNOW.

Continue reading “The Essentials: Backstreet Boys’ Fans Tips, Tricks and Must Haves For Concerts + Events”

8 Tips For Having A Backstreet Boys Fan In Your Home For The Holidays

Happy Holidays, friends! We realize that this should have been written a hair earlier, but the truth is that this list applies for all times of the year for anyone with a Backstreet Boys loving guest in their house.

While we normally writing FOR Backstreet fans, this one is for the friends, family, and anyone who doesn’t know what to do with one of us for an extended periods of time. If a fan has shared this with you, take a hint and read it for your own safety…we mean, pleasure.

If you find yourself needing a few guidelines, here’s a few tips…

1. DON’T ask us when we’re seeing the Backstreet Boys next.


If you haven’t seen us post about it on social media, chances are we don’t know. If we don’t know, it’s really a toss up of what reaction you’ll get when you ask. While you are no doubt well-meaning in your question, our response could range anywhere from reasonable (because thank God our bank account is getting a break) to anger (because they’re doing things but NOWHERE near us) to a big mopey mope answer (because IT’S BEEN TWO MONTHS AND TWO MONTHS IS TOO LONG, OKAY?). You’ve been warned. It’s best to let us hint before you ask.

2. DO ask us about the album, the tour, etc.


This is a pretty safe question for the BSB fan in your home. We will talk for days about the events we have been to recently, the album (and all of the stats), and all of the like (while trying not to sound crazy). It’s not that we have nothing else to talk about, we just know a lot and we’re excited about all of it! We appreciate your interest (or at least an interest in talking about what we like before talking about what you like), but be warned – we’ll smell it if you’re only asking to lead into our #3 tip.

3. DON’T be condescending about the amount of money or time you think we’ve spent on the band this year. 


We didn’t ask how much you spent on your knitting material or your ugly shoes you insist on wear everywhere, Susan. This question is the fangirl / fanboy equivalent of “when are you getting married / having children?”

4. DO gift us anything we can use while we’re on tour…er…traveling.


From bags to comfy plane clothes to travel size anything, we will definitely put it to good use! And if you’re really down to make some brownie points, head to the BSB merch store.

5. DON’T make too many jokes about the other boyband. 


We’ve heard it allllll and while we’ll laugh politely for a few jokes and maybe even joke back, please, we beg of you – balance your “jokes” with intelligence and know when to stop. Also, please know the difference between Justin Timberlake and NSYNC because if you want to battle, we will battle and you will lose.

6. DO know that we do have a sense of humor though.


While we might not find the unoriginal “Bye, Bye, Bye” jokes funny, we can definitely find the humor in some / most things and we have some pretty ridiculous stories – trust.

7. DON’T worry — we know love for a band is hard to understand for some.


It’s a Backstreet thing – you wouldn’t understand. Just kidding! In all seriousness, the love someone has for a band is something that we would love everyone to understand, but sometimes it’s personal and sometimes it’s just something that we don’t expect anyone else to “get”. It’s tough out here! When in doubt, just pass us the mashed potatoes and alcohol!

8. DO feel free to join in! 


We’d love for you to want the new album (we all have 14 extra copies thanks to concerts) or come with us to the next concert — just ask! We’re always looking to recruit….if you can handle it.

16 Times Snooki Was All Of Us As Backstreet Boys Fans

The Backstreet Boys have a lot of celebrity fans. From Billie Lourd to James Corden to the Property Brothers, there is no shortage on love for these Boys among some big names.

Perhaps one of their biggest fans though is our favorite meatball from the shore — Jersey Shore to be exact.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has made her love for Nick, Brian, AJ, Howie and Kevin very clear via social media on several occasions. From running into them while they did press for their documentary to nearly peeing herself when she was brought onstage in Vegas to posting her whole limo-ride, fangirling journey with friends to the DNA concert this summer, she’s basically all of us.


“Life is made. My teenage self is screaming.” – Snooki, January 2015


And finally, the comment that pushed us to this post…

When we really thought about, even when she’s not with the Boys, we can relate to some very Snooki moments. Of course, we have examples for you!

1. Us, Everytime The Backstreet Boys Release A New Ballad That Would Have Been PERFECT For Our Wedding:


Oh well, there’s always the next one, right?

2. Us, Everytime Security Tries To Come Between Us and The Backstreet Boys:


We weren’t touching the stage on purpose, alright!? We’re just too short to reach Nick and he was CLEARLY reaching for US!

3. Us, Waking Up Out Of A Dead Sleep Because There’s A Backstreet Boy In Our Hallway On The Cruise:


We spend a whole day getting ready to see them any other time, but on the cruise, all bets are off. Drool on your shirt? WHO CARES?!

4. Us, Walking Into Any Event:


Ain’t no party like a Backstreet party and it ain’t a Backstreet party without us, duh!

5. Us, Anytime We Drink Too Much At An Event And Start Referring To Our Fave As…Well…: 


Someone just take us home at this point.

6. Us, Anytime A Backstreet Boy Doesn’t Tweet Us On Our Birthdays:


Our 345 friends that did wish us happy birthday DO NOT MATTER anymore.

7. Us, On Our 7th Show Of The Same Tour, 3rd Cruise, Etc.:


8. Us, Anytime Our Favorite Backstreet Boy Gets A Solo:



9. Us, Everytime Another Fan Goes Too Far:


Admit it — you read that with someone specific in mind.

10. Us, Everytime The Backstreet Boys Suggest Something New:


We will buy it. We will sell it out. We will show up. We will do all the things!

11. Us, Everytime An NSYNC Fan Tries Us:


Bless your hearts.

12. Us, Everytime The Backstreet Boys Talk About Releasing Something New, But We Know The Truth:


We know two months means two years. It’s fine. We still cry about it sometimes though.

13. Us, After We Finally Get Something New After Two Years:


14. Us, Telling Other People About Our VIP M&G Experience:


15. Us, Everytime We Go To The Last Show Of A Tour:


Of course we’re having fun! We can’t control the waterworks!

16. Us, Everyday All Day….Because We’re Backstreet Boys Fans:


27 years of Backstreet Boys may cause extreme, unexpected excitement all the time! If you walk by and we look like this, just mind your business.

3 Things Backstreet Boys Fans Really Care About

We have been incredibly lucky. As we’ve said time and time again, in terms of being Backstreet Boys fans, we are blessed. In the nearly 27 years that they’ve been together, no matter when you became a fan, we’ve all had our ups and downs, band members included. We’ve grown up, we’ve gotten careers, we’ve added to our families and so. much. has. (inevitably). changed.

But one thing has remained – all of us, wherever we are in the world and in our lives…and the Backstreet Boys.

Recently, and many times from many people unwilling to understand and more than willing to be unkind, it has been stated that all fans care about are “concerts and meet & greets”.

And honestly, we take offense to that. How undermining, right? How rude to decimate these friendships we’ve forged with each other, these moments we’ve felt, these memories we’ve made, the people that we’ve become…to think that we can’t be intelligent, beautiful, fully functioning bosses, moms, fathers, wives, husbands, women and men and still care deeply about a band, its music, and its members.

We’re going to say this once — the concerts, the meet and greets, the cruises, the events — they’re all absolutely wonderful and we wouldn’t trade the memories attached to them for the world, but they’re not what’s most important to the vast majority of us.

So, for the uninformed, if you care to actually be informed instead of making assumptions, here are the things, as fans, that we actually care about.

1. Each Other.

There are so many days when tour, events, new albums, VIP, etc. are not options, but every single day, we have each other. If you’ve been a fan for any length of time, chances are high that you’ve befriended someone because of being a fan…and chances are higher that, a lot of times, you’ve forgotten that that’s how you met. From chance meetings due to nights waiting for albums to come out, fanclub chats in the 90s-00s, event lines, concert seats, cruise photo groups and so much more have come some of our greatest friendships.

In the times where there is no new music, tour, etc., there are chats about relationships, health and children. There are travel plans that don’t center around the Backstreet Boys. There are celebrations and there are times of mourning – for and with each other.

And some of us, with only our love for the same band and nothing else, have prayed each other in times of darkness, cheered for each other in moments that we are genuinely happy for someone else, and shared in a passing moment of mutual love and agreement for the same things.

In short, because a shared dedication to a band brought a lot of us together, we are grateful. When all is said and done, we have each other. We have these memories. And we have the Backstreet Boys to thank.

2. The Music.

Take away all of the wonderful opportunities we’ve been given – the concerts, the meet and greets, the this and that – and there is still the music. The music is what we came for and what we will always be back for, old and new. To quote the Backstreet Boys themselves, as long as there’ll be music, we’ll be coming back again.

And far beyond the time that new music has stopped being created, we will continue to sing it, to listen to it, to tell our kids about it… because it has been the soundtrack to some of our greatest memories and adventures.

3. Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ, Nick, Their Families + Their Well Being.


If being a Backstreet Boy, going on tour, interacting with us… no longer served Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ or Nick, then we’ll be okay. If they felt it better that they stay home, retreat from the spotlight or seek new ventures for whatever reason, we would be sad, but we would also understand.

Because for nearly 27 years, they’ve been coming back to us. They’ve been working hard, they’ve fought every battle and they’ve continuously come out on top. In choosing to be fans of the Backstreet Boys, we have inevitably become fans of Kevin Richardson, Howie Dorough, AJ McLean, Brian Littrell, and Nick Carter as human beings, as fathers, husbands, and creators in every sense.

There is a 20+ year history between fans and the Backstreet Boys, whether we know them personally or not. As with family, there is nothing that can make us care any less about them or that can take away all the good that we know to be true. It’s not “turning a blind eye”, it’s understanding that everyone is a human.

If anyone thinks that any one of these men choosing to do what’s best for themselves at different points in time is going to negatively affect fans’ perceptions of them, they have another thing coming.

P E R I O D.

4. Making The Best Of The Time We Have.

All good things come to an end and even the best things… the things that seem infinite… won’t last forever (physically, anyway). All we’re doing is trying to make the best of the time we have, doing the things we love, with the people we care about. If that means we’re hype about a concert in our own hometown with five of our friends, so be it. If that means we’re excited to board a ship with 2000 other fans and the Backstreet Boys, then we deserve to enjoy it. If that means that we purchase a VIP meet and greet or stand outside for selfies when we can, then who is anyone else to tell us how to feel about it or what to do?

The thing is, at the end of the day, we’re all just trying to find a happy place and no one should be shamed for where that happy place is or who it is with. No one holds the power to undermine your feelings and experiences just because of some rude words on the internet, slung around to steal joy and ruin someone’s psyche. Being a Backstreet Boys fan doesn’t mean you’re incapable of being an adult with a full-ass life and highly functioning brain….

…It just means that your life is likely fuller than the person sitting at home, trying to make you feel bad on the internet, trying to project their unhappiness onto you, and making assumptions that fit their small-minded opinions.

Luckily, we can’t hear them over the music, the concerts, and the sounds of lives well lived.

A Note From The Backstreet Boys’ DNA Circle: Here’s What It’s Really Like

Since the In A World Like This tour, Backstreet Boys fans have been given the opportunity to be closer than ever to our favorite band. General admission spots, more commonly referred to by fans as “the pit”, have been a staple since the 2014 tour, carrying through the Boys’ Larger Than Life Vegas residency, so we were thrilled to see the circle built into the DNA stage.

Please note that we’re not here to discuss the pricing or the way things played out with packages and whatnot. If you couldn’t afford the circle or couldn’t stand for a long period of time, we get it. From circle to nosebleeds, there’s not a single fan that shows up for the Backstreet Boys on tour that is better than any other.

But we want to talk a little bit about one of the most beautiful aspects of the DNA Circle.

Admittedly, we thought the circle would be more like the Vegas stage – low and loaded with Backstreet interaction. Would we still be able to see everything if we were under 5’7″? Would we be able to reach their hands? Would it be crowded? Would it be worth it? How do we go from the pits of IAWLT and BSB Vegas to this, which seemed to be a step backward?

We had all of these thoughts.

And we’re here to tell you — we were wrong.

Not only is there LARGE AMOUNTS OF SPACE in the circle – you can literally run circles or lay down and take a nap, whatever suits you – but it’s a whole new experience that we weren’t prepared for.

Because this time, the “pit” felt like that Backstreet Boys had chosen to make us a part of the show. It felt like this tour is for us and equally ours all at once. For those of us who stood in summer heat of the “fan pit” for multiple concerts at outdoor amphitheaters during the IAWLT tour and returned time and time again to Vegas, cramming into both sides of the stage to be included in an unforgettable energy, the circle experience felt easy.

And it felt thoughtful.

We had the space to dance. We had the space to run around hugging our friends before the show started. And when the lights went down, we had enough space to back up and take it all in. When they jumped down onto the main stage, our fangirl hearts felt like they were exploding into the confetti that we would soon be showered with.

Then they started coming down onto the circle “sides” and all of our worries about the stage being too high were gone because Kevin, Howie, AJ, Nick and Brian are bending and stretching to touch every last person that’s reaching for them throughout the show. All the while, they can be seen by every person in the arena, from floor to ceiling.

When they finally made it to the “second stage”, we saw what they were seeing.

The view…well, it’s some sort of magic. 

For years, we’ve wondered where the Backstreet Boys get their energy. We’ve wondered why they get emotional mid-concert. Standing in the circle, we got our answers.

We all joke about it not being such a bad view – to be staring at the back of the Backstreet Boys for some of the show – but to be honest, more than a few of us wondered if it was the *best* view.

Then you see it. You see Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick standing at the front of the stage, while thousands of people, floor to ceiling, scream for them. Scream with us.

You hear it. Every song you’re singing along to being sung from high, low and every side of the arena. For nearly two hours, you get glimpse of what the Backstreet Boys have been in and out of for 26 years. For those of us who traveled city to city for lesser known tours in the past, the feeling…the vision…is surely something that will make you swallow your emotions when you stop to take it in.

It felt like a warm hug from our favorite band.

As the five men continued to steadily circle around us from main stage to second stage and the in between for the whole show, there was excitement, a warmth and suddenly, the circle felt like it was a hug. The music wrapped us in its familiar tones, the Boys were present and performing but also including fans in every single moment and in those hours, in that circle, we were protected. Inside that circle, we were protected from the outside – the people who told us to stop wasting money on a band, the real life problems we might have been facing earlier that day, the anything-but-wonderful thoughts that we sabotage ourselves with. There is a comfort and a peace and a euphoria and a circle full of memories that will no doubt make this a chapter we won’t soon forget.

And an overwhelming sense of gratitude. 

Building a circle in the center of the stage seems like a perfect way for the Backstreet Boys, ever grateful for their fans and expressing such repeatedly during their show, to take it a step further by giving us an opportunity to be as close as possible. Not only are those in the circle as close as possible, but they are a focal point of the stage and the show itself. It is not lost on us that it’s just another way of the Backstreet Boys backing what they’ve always said – that they would be nothing without their fans.

And, of course, the feeling is mutual. Where would we be without the Backstreet Boys? Not with these memories and moments to last a lifetime.

Everything has come full [DNA] Circle.



— Please Note —

This post is not written to determine the “level” of any fan. You can be in the nosebleeds or you can not see this tour at all and still be a huge, loyal, ride or die fan. In this post, I have used the phrase “some of the biggest fans” because there are people in the circle that are casual fans – ones who missed the past tours, albums, etc. – that might not get the same feelings. Before you come at us for this post, please understand that it is not meant to insult anyone who can’t afford it. This show is made to be seen from all angles and if you can swing it, please see it!

Also, this is purely subjective. This is how I felt in my experience and I know many who feel the same way. If you didn’t, that’s okay too! We get asked daily if we think the DNA circle is worth it, so here it is. For me, it was.


10 Signs That It’s Backstreet Boys Tour Season

Tour Season (proper noun): The period of time that the Backstreet Boys are on tour; a time of intense planning, prepping, overthinking and every emotion under the sun

It’s Summer 2019 and we are deep in the throws of what Backstreet fans call tour season. It’s the best of times, the worst of times, time of (nearly) complete irresponsibility, and severe lack of sleep, whether it’s due to travel, planning, or worrying. You know how it is.

We’ve compiled the top 10 signs for people who don’t, in fact, know how it is.

1. Slowly, Profile Pics Start To Change.

This is one of the best indications of tour season on social media. As soon as the first batch of VIP Meet and Greet photos are posted, people dump their best angled selfies and their family pictures for their latest photo with Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick. Soon, your timeline is full of people who have similar looking profile pics / avis and you have to squint to see who you’re really talking to….unless someone has a clear favorite and other BSB be damned, er, cropped.

2. You Know At Least One Person Traveling To A Show Everyday.

This probably contributes to the most amount of FOMO and greatest irresponsibility because as soon as your friend gets out of the concert and is telling you about it, the fumes of greatness are all you need to start planning another tour travel. Or to further your moping. It really depends on the day and time and alcohol consumption, right?

3. Everyone Is Asking For Suggestions About Different Locations.

Backstreet Boys fans have become masters at turning concert destinations into full blown vacations. After all, a concert is a perrrfffecccttt excuse to jet set to that one (or five) city you’ve always wanted to go to.

Of course, with the friends you’ve accumulated across the land just by being fans, you neeeeed suggestions about what to do and where to eat in the in between. There is ALWAYS someone asking for suggestions about random cities during tour season. Always.


Speaking of your friend collection, tour season is PRIME TIME to get together! Half of the fun of tour season is either making plans to travel WITH your friends, happening to all be going to the same show or honestly just being like “my city or yours?” All the instagrammable moments, right?

5. Finances And Funds Are Whatever.

Literally, what even are bills during tour season? Not something anyone is particularly worried about. This season sees even the most responsible people going rogue “because YOLO”.

But actually it’s just that we’ve become so acclimated to tour season that we usually have funds stashed somewhere for occasions such as this aka loss of self control.

6. Aggression Is High. Standards (And Love) Are Conditional.

If you’ve been through any tour season, you know that with the crazy good, comes the crazy bad. Concerts and merch and pricing and VIP and the words SOLD OUT will bring out some kind of asshole monster in us all at some point or another. Whether it’s the hunger for more or the sleep that we are definitely not getting, we lash out more than we should sometimes.

And don’t even get us started on the normal things that we suddenly find unacceptable when it comes to tour season. One person online hints at something we were thinking and it’s all downhill from there. “WHY DON’T THEY JUST ASK US?!” – Every fan at some point during some tour season when we get cocky enough to think we know everything.

But it’s all okay as soon as the lights go down – trust.

7. Actually, Every Emotion Is High. We’re High.

As much as we can bitch during tour season, the love we’re feeling is even greater. The love for the band, our friends, the different seasons, etc. keeps us traveling from city to city, keeps us looking for new events to attend and keeps us coming back for more. Everytime. Every season. Always.

8. Only Fellow Fans Understand What You’re Talking About.

I mean, really, anyone else reading up to this point that isn’t a fan really wouldn’t understand any of it. But we do. An army. A fan-mily. Thanks to 26 years of tour seasons.

9. You Haven’t Been To Work For A Whole Week In A While.

What are vacation days / sudden “flat tire” call-out-of-work days and owed favors for? Tour season. Duh.

10. So. Much. Happiness.

Refer back to #7. The feeling a fangirl (or boy) gets from heading to an arena with their best friends in tow, running into friends you never see otherwise, and everything from VIP to seeing how close your seat really is to the minute the overhead music turns off and the lights dim, that’s the good stuff. Those are the moments that memories are created. Those are the moments that we go back to when we’re feeling lesser than. Those are the moments that we can forget everything else. In the height of tour season, we are happy….. and that’s how you know.