8 Things Backstreet Boys Fans Can Do This Summer To Keep Their Fan Skills Sharp

Much like Olympic athletes, who also had their games postponed this Summer, Backstreet Boys fans can’t just relax during this time off from tours and events. Any BSB fan could tell you that being a fan is a lifestyle, with immunities that we have built up and hardcore levels that we have achieved (do you know how long a lot of us can hold off going to the bathroom or eating, if need be?).  If we let our finely crafted skills go unused for a year, who knows what might happen!

So, we have carefully crafted a list for all of us to keep our fangirl / fanboy skills in check in this no-tour season and we’re sharing it with you!

(Actually, we just found some activities that we were participating in that brought up some feelings reminiscent of the usual Fangirl Summer and wow, we’re pretty hard up, so we thought you guys might be too.)

1. Throw yourself a party in the backyard and facetime your concert friends.


Hop in your pool (or buy an inflatable one) or settle yourself in the backyard and invest in a Bluetooth speaker because you are grounded this tour season! That doesn’t mean that you can’t simulate some kind of concert feels by paying family members $10 to make you a drink and facetiming your friends while you all sing along to your favorite songs.

Bonus points if you can throw in live concert ad-libs (“Hello!” “I see you!” “GOOD GOD!”) and have your quarantine mates run by to just-almost-grab your hand.

2. Stay up until midnight….to wait for Netflix to release the new season of a good show.


There’s no new album / music releases right now, but we’ve found that finding a good show with a new season coming out on a streaming service is a good way to keep this skill of midnight-ish anticipation. You know, for future releases. For maybe some holiday…releases….

3. Find a business selling something limited edition and use those Ticketmaster ninja skills!


True personal story — I got cutthroat about some limited edition “retired scent” candles this past week and not only did my fangirl TM skills serve me well, but the high was like an old familiar friend… without the $1000 price tag! We’ll be back on our tour game next year, but for now, find something you love to invigorate your home and fight for it! Trust me, it takes the edge off.

4. Wait in (a socially distant) line for something local.


Another personal story – waiting in line for a bakery that just opened (6 feet apart from other guests and wearing a mask) tricked my brain into that VIP feeling. What was I going to say was replaced with what was I going to order and being next in line was some sort of thrill. Times are tough. We have to get it where we can.

5. Make signs for encouragement!


Who says holding up signs is just for concerts?? Regular people need love too. Make signs for your neighborhood jogger, to protest something you believe in, or just to brighten someone’s day. Use this time to brush up on your marker skills! We expect some creativity next event!

6. Get some exercise (that includes some competition).


Get the kids involved and tell them to try to push you over with the force of a fellow fangirl while you stand your ground. Don’t let quarantine make you soft!  You’ve got a spot to hold down and many lines to stand in next year!

7. Deny yourself some basic needs every now and then.


Stand in the heat for hours. Survive off of water and altoids for a day. Break those heels in now. Stay up overnight then sleep for 2 hours then try to keep functioning. Drink for a good time and wander around like you’re at an airport in the early hours of the following morning. Don’t lose your “magic” sustainability powers!

8. Scream.


I mean, if you aren’t already….(but not in public).

Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Stay healthy.

We’ll see you next year for more Fan Olympics, er, tour season!

9 Backstreet Boys Fans Share Stories About Their Dads For Father’s Day

A few months ago, for Mother’s Day, we asked you to share stories about your moms as it relates to your Backstreet Boys experiences and we loved reading them all!

Naturally, with Father’s Day, we wanted to do the sames. We asked for stories about your dads and the dads to your babies and, as always, you sent them in. We laughed, we felt your feels, and we thank you for trusting WHOTB to share your stories!

To all of you celebrating Father’s Day with a loved one today, we hope it’s a good one. To those of you who have suffered loss, an absence, or are celebrating this day in a different way (or just surviving a regular Sunday), we see you and we’re wishing you all the comfort one can stand. ❤

“When I was younger and the Backstreet Boys were just getting started in their career, I was very into their music. One day, I went up to my dad and I asked him for the Millennium CD, which came out May 18th, 1999. I also asked him for The Hits–Chapter One Cd which was released on October 23rd, 2001. He happily purchased both CDs for me knowing how much I liked the Backstreet Boys. Another time, knowing how much I loved this band, he came home one day and surprised me with the For the Fans VHS Tape which was only distributed by Burger King and was from like 2000. Even now as a grown adult knowing how much I still love Backstreet Boys my dad is so excited for me to be able to see them in concert next summer in July 2021. He is the best Dad in the world supporting my Backstreet Boy Habit and knowing how happy they make me! Thank you, Dad, for always supporting my Backstreet Boy Habit. <3” – Andreina Camejo

“I’m from Atlanta so when I was still living there my dad took me to both the Millennium tour and the Black and Blue tour! He may try to take me to the DNA tour next summer if there is any tickets left! Thanks dad, love you!” – Abby Mullilin

“My dad is the possibly the biggest not-so-secret/secret BSB fan. He’s a massive music fan anyway (seriously, he has like thousands of CDs) so he appreciates a well written pop song sang well. Being a BSB fan in my house growing up was inevitable and certainly both parents took a ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’ attitude (my older brother not so much). Dad always maintained Brian was his favourite as he reckoned he’d be the best one to go for a pint with. He chose “Don’t Wanna Lose You Now” as one of his ten songs for Desert Island Discs and even gave them a shout out in his father of the bride speech.

My favourite dad story when it comes to my dad though is when he managed to source Millennium for me 2 days before it actually went on sale. He was really good friends with the guy who owned the local independent record shop and between the two of us, we were in there quite often. The album was due to be released on the Monday and he’d been in on the Saturday going about his usual music buying business. From his recollection the conversation went something like this:

Dad: I imagine I’ll be back in Monday morning
John: How come?
Dad: Little ‘un will be after the new Backstreet Boys album
John: I’ve got it now if you want it?
Dad: But it’s not out until Monday…
John: Yeah but I’ll just ring it through the till on Monday morning
Dad: Serious dad points for me, sold!

I mean, not overly ethical, but this was over 20 years ago and that shop isn’t there anymore so I don’t think we’re in much risk of anyone getting in any trouble! What was even nicer was that I was out at the time so he just left it on the mantelpiece for me to finally notice. And of course, me being me and wouldn’t notice something if it came a snack me in the face, it took me a good hour or so. When i did see it though I think I made a sound only audible to dogs and probably knew all the words to every song by the Sunday morning. It may seem like a little thing, but back then, before stuff got leaked on the internet or you could stream stuff instantly, having an album two days before everyone else felt really, really special. And, without meaning to get too sappy (although it is father’s day after all), I think because music is something we’ve always bonded over so he got what it felt like to be really excited about new music form your absolute favourite band or artist. He knew how happy it would make me so was worth sticking his neck out for me.” – Helen Newman

“I was so lucky to have an amazing dad and many amazing memories with him. My dad was a computer programmer and I never had a lot of interest in it, but one day I asked him to help me learn how to make a website for the Backstreet Boys. The site helped my dad and I become closer and while the site never really went anywhere, it gave us something to really bond over.

He also always made sure we had the ability to go to shows and that my friends could go as well. (This was the early days of eBay) he bought tickets off eBay and paid for the hotels. He fully supported our BSB obsession (as long as he didn’t have to go lol).
I was very very lucky and I miss my dad a lot but I know he would be happy I’m out living my best life! 💖 Happy father’s day in heaven dad.” – Carrie Graham

“There was a store he used to buy lottery tickets from on his way home from work. And whenever he saw there were magazines with BSB on the cover, he would call to say he’s picking me up to take me to that store so I could pick out the magazines I wanted!” – Diana Jeanne

“Everyone knows I am super close to my dad but back in the Black and Blue Era he brought me to my first Backstreet Boys concert for the Black and Blue Tour. He didn’t watch the show with me but he stayed in the parents area the arena had at the time. He used to bring me to all my concerts and stuff. My dad is super supportive of my BSB travels. I love my dad and I have been very glad to have at least one parent that understands what the guys mean to me.” – Tracy

“I don’t have one about my dad but my husband and father of my two girls who LOVE BSB almost as much as I do!

We were in pit in Vegas for the very first time and I asked my husband to lift up our youngest who was 6 at the time of any of the boys came to like touch hands or what not! I kid you not, HE PUSHED HER OUT OF THE WAY to fist bump Kevin! LOL. He later said he got caught up in the moment because he didn’t realize they were that cool or awesome live!

*she also got fist bump* Haha!” – Zaria

“One day my dad was watching MTV and they where playing “Get Down”. He asked me who that band was, and I didn’t know so I investigated with my cousin and she told me they are the Backstreet Boys!! So my dad is the reason that I’m a fan of them and I’m grateful.” – FaBy

“My dad accompanied me to every BSB concert I visited in the 90s and early 00s. My best memory is of the Millennium tour. There was a competition to meet the boys if you had a blue outfit. So my dad matched my smurfette outfit with a Papa smurf outfit. We didn’t win but I love the dedication!” – Janneke

Thank you to all who shared and Happy Father’s Day to these cool dads and beyond!

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Join Us In Giving Back This Backstreet Tour Season! // #TheBackstreetGiveBack

While many of us planned to be seeing the Backstreet Boys on tour this Summer, the world had other plans. We’ve since found ourselves with some extra time on our hands, some of us with extra funds that we had set aside for tour, and all of us with a lot of love to give to people who are hurting.

There’s a lot going on in the world today, so we wanted to band together as a Backstreet fan-mily and show ’em what we’re made of! We’re turning our mindset from “Give back tour season!” to “This tour season, we’re giving back!”


The charities and organizations listed vary by cause and have been suggested by fellow fans. Some will ask for your donation of time and some will ask for your monetary donations. All of them are just asking you to put a little more love into the world.

We are always open to suggestions! If there is a charity / organization / petition we are missing, please email me at whothebackstreet@gmail.com. We will TRY to fit it in!

Share this project on your socials by using the hashtag #TheBackstreetGiveBack

**Once you decide where to donate your time or money, please fill out this form so we can announce all that has been accomplished at the end of the season (October 2020).**

We are thinking about summarizing all listed organizations here. If that is something you’d like, let us know.

3 Useful Items To Help Plan Your Backstreet Boys 2021 ‘DNA’ Tour Travels

Since the Backstreet Boys released the newly rescheduled 2021 DNA World Tour dates, a lot of us have been planning our Summer for next year (because what else are we doing?).

If you’re anything like us, the details of what you’ve purchased, who’s going where, when to ask off work, who’s paid for what, etc. is all getting very muddled. A lot of us had purchased tickets already, but the new dates work for us to add more and, well, we needed somewhere to write it all down.

So, being big on organization, we created these forms and thought that you all might need them as well! As we plan, if we think of more needs, we’ll add them here. If you can think of anything else, feel free to give us a shout!

Also, we went through and broke down the tour dates by days of the week so that if, like us, you’re planning around vacation time and time to sight see, you’ll know just how many days you might need to work around. Hope this helps!!

**Scroll to the bottom for a more matching set — I like options**

Colorful Bold Creative Work Schedule PlannerColorful Bold Creative Work Schedule Planner (1)12

Colorful Bold Creative Work Schedule PlannerDNA Tour 2021DNA Tour Days 2DNA Tour Days

What 2020 Has Been Like For Backstreet Boys Fans (Using GIFs From Schitt’s Creek)

When the Backstreet Boys sang “I got mixed emotions”, they were ahead of their time. 2020 has been nothing but a rollercoaster of mixed emotions so far for fans around the world.

Some of our favorite WHOTB posts have involved combining our love for some of our favorite TV shows. While we’ve done plenty of Friends and a Golden Girls theme, we’re bringing a new one in to describe our feelings this year — Schitt’s Creek! A family who lived a high life and had it swiped out from underneath them seems appropriate for this year, no?

So this is what how it all went down…

After the DNA tour ended last October, we were all ready for more. Luckily, the Backstreet Boys swiftly announced dates in Australia, New Zealand, South America ANNNDD North America!

We were like…

giphy (16)

giphy (29)

Then we saw the dates and HOLY COW…there were so many and so perfect!

giphy (6)

giphy (14)

giphy (30)

So we immediately renewed our fanclub memberships because…

giphy (36)

Everything was lining up for the perfect concert summer / tour season with friends! We were hitting up Ticketmaster like…

giphy (19)

giphy (20)

giphy (22)

giphy (31)

Then… the COVID-19 pandemic hit and things were being shut down left and right. Including live performances… and DEFINITELY no meet and greets allowed..

giphy (23)

So we waited for any kind of announcement about what would happen to our DNA tour plans and the range of feelings was WILD. We tried to remain positive, but also, realistic.

giphy (3)

giphy (24)

giphy (15)

Then it happened. For the benefit of everyone involved, the Backstreet Boys postponed the remainder of their 2020 dates to 2021.

They were like…

giphy (12)

And we were like…

giphy (38)

We couldn’t help but be a little bit like…

But also, we understand… because it truly is for the safety of everyone.

giphy (5)

But still…

giphy (25)

Then we realized that the only logical thing to do is to look forward to 2021. Those of us in North America (and Sao Paulo) will be like this until we get those dates…

Us, to anyone who asks us to do something in 2021 before we get those dates:

giphy (21)

In fact, we’re going to add MORE dates to our plans (if possible) and no one is going to change our minds!

giphy (8)

giphy (26)

giphy (37)

Us, to anyone who tries to stop us:

giphy (2)

So for the rest of this Summer, we’re going to be something like this:

But next Summer…well…we can only hope that it’s something like this:

giphy (9)

giphy (10)

Until then, we’ll be here to commiserate and lift each other up – together ❤

giphy (4)

The Perfect Fan(s): 14 Backstreet Boys Fans And Their BSB Loving Moms

Mother’s Day holds a lot of different meanings for different people all over the world. Whatever, however, and whoever you are celebrating today, we wish you a wonderful day!

For a large majority of us, our moms had some sort of hand in helping us become the Backstreet Boys fans we are today and some of our moms even became fans themselves! We asked you to share stories about your fanmoms behind the fangirls and you all proved that moms really ARE the perfect fans!

Continue reading “The Perfect Fan(s): 14 Backstreet Boys Fans And Their BSB Loving Moms”

All Of The Good Things The Backstreet Boys Are Doing For Others During The Pandemic (And How You Can Help Too)

The Backstreet Boys might be spending some extra time at home… but that doesn’t mean they’re sitting around twiddling their thumbs. On top of many other things, they’ve been out in full force, giving back worldwide and to their community, using their platform(s) to call attention to great organizations, and giving recognition over and over to those who deserve it.

We couldn’t be more proud to back these Boys! If you’re looking to give at this time, consider letting this post inspire you. One small act of kindness can change the world.

Continue reading “All Of The Good Things The Backstreet Boys Are Doing For Others During The Pandemic (And How You Can Help Too)”

10 Little Backstreet Things We Miss Right Now

While music fans around the world are coping with a different look to this usual tour season, Backstreet Boys fans, who have the luxury of having them around for 27 years, are also missing a few specific things.

1. The feeling of anticipation about upcoming anything. Normally going into Summer, we’re planning trips, tours, outfits, etc. Now we’re just anticipating (begging) Kevin, Nick, Howie, AJ, and Brian to post a selfie so we know they’re alive.

2. A few hugs in VIP. There’s nothing like the warmth of a Backstreet Boy, ya feel me? Until we get back to it, we suggest investing in a weighted blanket.

3. The feeling you get for the split second between the bright light of the arena and the sudden darkness, right before the Backstreet Boys come onstage. This feeling can only be replicated now with turning out your light, turning up your favorite BSB playlist, shining a flashlight on a poster, and punching yourself in the heart. Not that we know or anything.

Continue reading “10 Little Backstreet Things We Miss Right Now”

Fan Feature: 18 Questions With Backstreet Boys Fan Artist – Kimmie Moekotte

One of our favorite things to do on WHOTB is getting to know fans with BSB-themed projects, talents, stories, etc. and giving them the opportunity to tell us more about their ventures!

A few months ago, we brought you the first Fan Feature when we asked questions to the girls of the podcast, Boyband Break.

Now, we bring you a post about another fan whose work you might have seen in recent months. Kimmie has been drawing the Backstreet Boys and posting her work for other fans to enjoy. Her art and her talent is truly something to admire. The pieces are so lifelike that they’ve even garnered the attention of the Backstreet Boys themselves!

Kimmie has also recently taken part in paying it forward by giving away a piece of art for free to another BSB fan for her own birthday. We love it!

Keep reading to get know a little more about our fellow fan and check out her amazing work.

1. Where are you from?

I’m from The Netherlands (or Holland as the Boys like to call it :))

2. How long have you been a BSB fan?

I’ve been a fan for over 23 years now. I was 14 when I saw them on TV for the very first time. Their video from “We’ve Got It Going On” was playing and I was hooked.

3. How long have you been drawing?

I started at a young age. I think I was about 5 when I started drawing. I always had my drawing pad and my pencils with me, even on holidays. I drew everything from shells to the cottage we were staying at.


4. What inspired you to combine the two, being a fan and an artist?

Well, combining two things that you love isn’t that hard. I found an old drawing of Nick that I did when I was 15 and that inspired me to start drawing the Backstreet Boys.

5. What has been your favorite BSB memory so far and why? 

Oh my goodness, there are so many great memories. But I think my best memory was when Kevin returned. I cried my eyes out! The group was whole again and it made me so happy.

6. Your drawings have garnered some major attention, even from the Boys themselves. What’s been the most “wow” moment for you?

I’ve got two actually. The first one was when I woke up one day and my phone had exploded with messages from other fans and friends. The Boys had featured a group drawing I had made on their Instagram page and their Twitter. I couldn’t believe they had featured me, I was so grateful.

And my second wow moment was when I finally could give Nick my two family drawings I made for him. I had waited 22 years to meet him and it was amazing, he’s such a sweetheart. He really loved them.


7. Were you surprised by how many people love your work?

Yes, I didn’t see myself as a big artist, I still don’t. But the comments I got on my drawings were amazing! I loved to read how I made people happy with my drawings. (Smiles)

8. Your favorite drawing so far?

My favorite drawing by far has to be the colored one I did of Nick. It was the first time I used colored pencils and it turned out amazing.

9. Do you draw other things / take commissions?

Yes, I do take commissions. I do draw other people than Backstreet Boys. I’ve done some flowers and animals but I soon realized that my interest goes to people. I love drawing people, especially eyes. I love it when I can put emotion into their eyes.


10. What’s one thing you haven’t drawn yet that you want to?

That’s a good question. I would really like to do all the Backstreet families. The wives and kids. That would be awesome to do.

11. Favorite Backstreet Boy?

Always has been and always will be Nick Carter. He has become my drawing muse. His facial features are amazing to draw.


12. Your favorite thing about being a BSB fan?

That I’ve met so many people because of them. Some people turned into really great friends. And of course their music. Whatever mood you’re in they always have a song that fits your mood.

13. Your least favorite thing about being a BSB fan?

To be honest, money. Everything costs money, and that’s hard sometimes especially with a family. So I try to save as much as I can so I can spend it on these guys that I love so much.

14. What’s an item on your BSB “bucket list”?

There are two actually. Doing a meet & greet, because I met 1/5th and now I need to meet them all!

And a BSB cruise, I would love to go on one!

15. What is something the Backstreet Boys haven’t done that you wish they would?

I really got to think about that because they have done so much! I would love to see them go more acapella, those harmonies are one of a kind. That’s the Backstreet sound.


16. What’s a piece of advice you have for other fans?

Never lose hope if you haven’t met any of them. They know you’re there and they appreciate you. Please be kind to your fellow fans because great friendships can blossom from it and makes this world, and this fandom, a better place.

17. Piece of advice for other artists?

Always believe in the work your creating. Put your heart and soul into it because it shows in your work when you do. Always keep believing in yourself.

18. Any last words?

Hopefully I can continue to make people happy with my drawings. And if someone is interested feel free to message me on Twitter or Instagram / Instagram.

Thank you for sharing your talents with us, Kimmie!! You’re incredible!

The Backstreet Effect: How One Band Has Impacted So Many Around The World

Today, the Backstreet Boys celebrate 27 years officially together as a band.

In those 27 years, they’ve achieved massive success worldwide. They’ve broken multiple records, won countless awards, sold out arenas and amphitheaters, churned out album after album, sold out cruises, kept reinventing themselves, crossed genres, and so much more than the music industry ever thought they would be able to achieve. Personally and professionally, Kevin, Brian, AJ, Howie and Nick have not only remained a group, but a family.

But they’re not the only ones.

On April 20, 1993, five guys came together (every fan knows the story) to form the Backstreet Boys. They worked hard day in and day out and became the very definition of hustle. They made it in Europe, they made it in Canada, they finally made it in the U.S and things have never been the same.

Not a fan? It doesn’t matter. The chances are high that you know the words to at least “I Want It That Way” or “Everybody”. You know what Nick Carter’s hair looked like in the 90s because every guy you went to school with had the same cut. They’ve taken the stage with legends like Elton John, Aretha Franklin, and Sting. They made the term “boyband” a respectable label, whether you like it or not.

But we’re not here to argue those points. We’re here to tell you what the Backstreet Boys have done to impact our lives.

When we were young, some of us saw five guys that were cute, could dance, and had great music. Some of us saw something to hold onto to. Some of us saw a band that would bond us with our best friends. Some of us found out our parents weren’t so bad when they sang along to the songs, surprised us with magazines, took us to concerts and recorded their appearances while we were at school.

The Backstreet Boys, to us, were never just a band. 

They were a connection to a world that most of us hadn’t yet delved into. For the majority of fans, they were the beginning of adventures. If we hadn’t stayed up till midnight on an album release night, we might have never learned the value of making memories at the oddest times. If we hadn’t convinced our parents to let us buy the album before school, we might have never learned the power of persuasion or that some things are worth waiting up for.

They were a connection to people that we might have never met otherwise. Whether love for the Backstreet Boys gave you common ground with girls at recess or a friendship with someone you would have never otherwise talked to, these guys were the reason some of us finally fit in somewhere. Without knowing it, they gave us a “home” in the years when we didn’t know who we were yet – we just knew what we loved.

And boy, did we love. They had voices that became so familiar to us, faces that we would know anywhere, and there was a security in knowing that they were never going to let us down. They got us through celebrations, failures, the smallest of victories and the biggest of breakups. Before most of us even had a chance to see them live, they were an integral part of who we were and who we were becoming.

They were never our role models… but by being fans, we learned a lot. From the beginning, the Backstreet Boys never lied about the hard work it takes to achieve success and the even harder work it takes to maintain a normal life after success. They’ve taught us to fight for what we believe we deserve and to never settle what you’re handed. Ultimately, because of the Backstreet Boys, we learned that nothing feels as good as earning something.

And here we are today…

Just like they did when we first became fans, Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick are still giving us a “home”. We’re still connecting because of them, we’re still finding comfort in the familiarity and we’re rooting for them every step of the way…because between the time 27 years ago and now, the road has been long, it has been tough, and we’ve all survived. Together.

We owe a lot to the Backstreet Boys. It’s not easy to stay putting in long hours at the same job for over two decades and we certainly (a lot of the time) haven’t made it any easier on them, but here they are and here they’ve stayed. We couldn’t…and don’t want to…imagine a world without them because, for us, they’ve only made it better. We could write a million thank yous and it still wouldn’t be enough.

Forgive us, Boys, for all of our endless requests, questions, etc. What sounds like a constant need or want is really just us making sure that you all know that we still need you around. No matter what the future holds, we have been so blessed to live in a time where the Backstreet Boys exist. We are so lucky that, against all odds, you’ve all been a constant. You don’t know how much it means to us.

Will anyone who has never been a fan of someone or something understand all of this? Maybe not. But if you don’t understand, you’re missing out on something great. Being a fan of a band doesn’t mean you have to worship them or think about them 24/7. It just means that you’re lucky enough to have something to go back to when life seems to hard, a song to turn on when you need to sing along, and moments in your life that make really good stories in the midst of all the “normal”.

We’ve been irrevocably changed… For the better. Because of five guys and a lot of years.

Happy 27 Years, Backstreet Boys. Thank you for everything. Always.