What’s Happening – Summer 2020: AJ McLean Edition

At the beginning of this 2020 season of life (late Spring / Summer / Quarantine / What Day Is It Time), we started putting everything the Backstreet Boys were doing in one post, updated regularly and then combing through to keep the monthly highlights.

Because some Boys are doing more than others, we’ve decided that, for the sake of being easy for fans to quickly find what they’re looking for, we’d break it down by individuals!

Since AJ has been churning out the most, it seemed best to start with him. Be sure to check back for more as he keeps it coming!

— Miscellaneous —

  • AJ’s Reddit AMA (April 2020)
  • AJ and Ava kicked off iHeartRadio’s Summer Camp With The Stars by teaching some choreography to viewers — watch here!
  • This timely parody of “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” with Chris Mann

— Music + Print Interviews —

— Visual Interviews —

Entertainment Tonight Interview With Ava

Can You Get The Backstreet Boys To Their Concert Venue In Time? :: An Interactive Adventure

While most of the world is stuck inside, we wanted to find something new for you guys to do! Remember those activity books when you were younger that were a choose-your-own-adventure situation? If you liked those, this is for you!

A lot of fans have dreamed of working for the Backstreet Boys, but could you make all the right choices without getting fired first? We’ve created a scenario for you to find out below! All you have to do is pick which option you think would be best…and try not to lost your job before you make it. Good luck!! Let us know via social media how you did!

If you enjoyed this, let us know!! Also, if the form below won’t work, you can find it here as well.

What’s Happening On The Backstreet: A January 2020 Backstreet Boys Update

There’s a little less than a month until the Backstreet Boys head back out on their DNA tour, but that doesn’t mean Kevin, Brian, Howie, Nick and AJ aren’t out and about!

Need a cliff notes version of things you might have missed? We got you!

Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell were on hand to induct Gary Baker into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Credit: TimesDaily

Gary Baker had a hand in writing Backstreet Boys’ songs like “Anywhere For You” and “Back To Your Heart” and last week, he was inducted into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. After working with the Boys, he became a friend and part of the family and asked Brian and Kevin if they would be part of his induction.

You can read the kind words that the two Boys shared about Baker here. They also joined Baker to perform “I’m Already There”, another one of his hits made famous by Lonestar. You can watch the performance here (or here, if you’re outside of the U.S.)

Howie D. opens musical in Omaha THIS WEEKEND!


We’ve been talking about it for a while, but the time has finally come! Howie’s musical, Back In The Day, debuts this weekend in Omaha at The Rose Theater. We have everything you need to know RIGHT HERE!

Nick Carter introduced Shania Twain at the Nevada Ballet’s Black & White Ball


Nick is still home in Las Vegas, enjoying time with his family, but he had a brief night out last weekend (with Lauren) when he attended Nevada Ballet’s Black and White Charity Ball.

What was he doing at this event? He had the honor of giving the history of the event plus announcing Woman Of The Year honoree, Shania Twain. You can see him welcoming her in here and Shania’s tweet about the event here.

AJ McLean Went On Tour With ATCK


For two(ish) weeks, AJ set out on a mini tour with side project band, ATCK (short for All The Cool Kids). Made up of members AJ McLean, DJ Lux, Ryan Stevenson, Drew Webber, Paul Law and others, the band garnered the attention of Backstreet Boys fans everywhere as well as drawing in others who just happened to be in the same city. ATCK is a good time, performing covers of popular songs, a BSB tune or two, some of AJ’s solo work, and more, they are worth checking out if you see them in your city.

Keep up on their official ATCK Facebook page!

8 Birthday Wishes We Have For AJ McLean

Close your eyes. Make a wish.

It’s a new year, another January and that means new birthday celebrations! We’ve tried to do something every year for every Backstreet Boy’s birthday and this year is no different.

One of the most magical parts of a birthday celebration, as we all know, is blowing out the candles and making a wish. While only the birthday boy can do that, we’re blowing out into the universe some of the big wishes that we have for him!

May your birthday (and your entire year to follow) be one of the best years yet, AJ McLean!

1. That He Continues To Share His Big Heart With The World.

If there’s one thing you need to know about AJ McLean, it’s that his heart is bigger than his entire body. Whether he’s known you 5 minutes or 5 years, he will make sure that you feel like you’re best friends and that you’re feeling the best when you leave. Time and time again, he’s proven that he cares in a big way.

2. That His Girls Realize How Very Lucky They Are.

One of our favorite things about AJ is watching him be a father to his girls, Ava and Lyric. Like we said, his heart is a big one and it’s no more apparent than when he talks about his daughters. We hope they grow up knowing that they are truly blessed to have a dad who thinks the world of them and we get more sweet posts like this one.

3. That His Voice Only Gets More Soulful.

There are many recognizable features when you hear a Backstreet Boys song and one of the most notable has always been AJ’s unmistakable rasp, which only seems to be getting better. As many fans will tell you, it’s a voice that we (and the group) could not do without!

4. That He Continues To Inspire Others With His Journey.

AJ McLean has been open about his ongoing struggle with sobriety and what it truly takes to live in recovery. It takes a strong individual to admit to a problem and an even stronger one to keep fighting while being honest about the tough journey behind it. We respect him for using his story to inspiring others to get help and to keep working at it everyday.

5. That He’s Finally Satisfied With His Album For Us To Hear It.

We’ve been waiting forever and recently, we’ve gotten some awesome singles from AJ and his new venture into country music… but we are DYING for a full album! We can only hope that he’ll finish something that he’s truly proud of. We will absolutely be so proud of him! Oh, and if you don’t know, he has another project, ATCK, that’s going out on tour in a week — find more info here.

6. That He Knows How Much People Across The World Love + Appreciate Him.

Our world would not be the same with AJ McLean and his sometimes irreverence, his tattoos, his ever changing looks, his INCREDIBLE talent and so much more. We love every bit of it.

7. That One Day, He’ll Venture Into Everything He’s Always Wanted To Do.

From nail polish to clothing to music to acting to phone cases to everything else, AJ has big, big dreams and we hope to see them all (or mostly all) of them come into fruition someday!

8. That He’ll Always Be The AJ That We Know And Love.

You know the one.

Happy Birthday, AJ!

We wish you the happiest birthday ever.


10 Backstreet Things We’re Looking Forward To In The Next Decade

LOOOOOOOKING back on the things they’ve DONNEEEEE….

Well, we’re tired of doing that. Let’s talk about what we want to see from Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick in future because as Nick Carter famously coded in his Millennium liner notes (someone please ask him how long that took to do), THE FUTURE IS SCARCE! We need some wishes granted pronto, ya know?

So here goes…

1. The Release Of A Christmas Album…And That Acoustic Album?


Another year without a Backstreet Boys holiday album (where we are forced to turn to that other boyband who actually does have a really decent one) has come and gone, but after the Boys dropped news that they were going to move forward with churning one out in the near future, we have hope for one in 2020! At least one of the Backstreet Boys is hoping for the same — Brian Littrell is forecasting the release for 2020 as well. If we don’t get it by next Christmas, the Backstreet Army will be storming the North Pole to have a long talk with Santa.

There was also a collection of their past music rerecorded acoustically that has yet to be released. Fingers crossed that it’s in our ears at some point in the next decade.

2. The Backstreet Kids Growing Up!


By the end of the next decade, the majority of the existing Backstreet kids will be teenagers!

We’ll give you a minute to stop your head from spinning.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these children and to watch their dads continue to be proud of them. We’re also thrilled to watch Baylee’s career continue to blossom (have we mentioned he’ll be nearly 30 by the end of the decade? Ouch. Our brains).

Mannnn, we really hope Nick is still making pancakes for Odin when he’s 13!

3. A Return To Vegas?


We love, love, love the tour life and obviously, the Backstreet Boys coming to us is convenient, but there was something fun and magical about the Vegas residency. Maybe it was the fact that we could fit multiple shows into one trip without having to go anywhere (plus fit fun things in between) or maybe it was all of our friends meeting in one place or maybe things were a blur because we hardly slept (but were also more well rested than tour kind of?) or MAYBE it was the fact that the pricing was generally better than on tour.

WHATEVER it was that made us love the BSB Vegas residency, we hope that we have the chance to do it all over again….between other things, of course. It also beats the alternative to not having anything at all, right?

4. More VIP Events and Cruises.


This decade has brought us so many new experiences with Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick. From different VIP Meet and Greet experiences to birthday parties to afterparties to cruises and so much more, we can’t go back to where we started now! Years ago, we never thought the opportunities we’ve been given would have even been possible, but here we are. These events are the location of some of our favorite memories and we hope to only make more.

An island event perhaps? A party bus? A party plane? We have hiiiiigh hopes!

5. Music. Music. Music.


This is what we came for. This is why we stay. This is all we ask for even if we just got a new album.

Well, not all we ask for…but it is the basis.

6. A Grammy.



The tears of Backstreet fans worldwide will surely cause a flood when they do, right?

7. More Moments We’ll Never Forget.


The memory that just popped into your head while reading that — yeah, more of those. We’ve been lucky enough to love a band for almost 26 years and the number of things we’ve experienced because of them are endless. We know we reiterate it allllll the time, but damn, it’s really special, ya know? You know.

Also, can we get some wax figures, Madame Tussauds? That’s a moment we haven’t gotten yet and basically, they’re / we’re not getting any younger. We need them IMMORTAL.

8. AJ’s Solo Album.


Just gonna leave this one (or two or three) here. 🙂 Maybe someday.

9. A Few Collaborations.


We’ve had a taste of the Backstreet Boys in the country realm (where they won an award, joined in a stadium tour, and hit #1 on country charts with Florida Georgia Line) and a taste of the Backstreet Boys  in the EDM world (where they hit #1 on Dance charts, garnered a lot of attention with a music video, and more with Steve Aoki), but we want more! Of course we love the Boys on their own, but these collabs have proven to be excellent exposure and have exposed a lot of other celebrities as BSB fans (Tim McGraw and Lauren Alaina, anyone?).

Check out this past post for some ladies that we’d love to see them collab with in the future!

10. Another Decade.


We’re aware that this is like your 3rd wish from a genie being to have more wishes but we’ve been spoiled to a band that sticks together and, well, we want it that way. Let’s be real though – whether the Backstreet Boys play until they’re Mick Jaggering or not, as long as we are alive, we’ll be shoving them down everyone’s throats forever make sure that the music, the myths, and the legends that Kevin, Brian, AJ, Howie and Nick are and have created will live on for decades to come.

And we’d also like some merch disguised as home decor, kthx.


Farewell To The 2010s Era of Backstreet

10 years doesn’t seem like a long time…

Until you think about all of the things the Backstreet Boys achieved and everything that we’ve been present to witness in that time.

While the 90s and early 2000s might have been the most prolific era for the Backstreet Boys to many and is factually so based on numbers, for us, the period from 2010 to 2020 holds a significant place in the hearts of the most dedicated of fans.

The Backstreet Boys started this decade as a foursome, with a new album freshly released and a tour on the horizon. While the rest of the world had largely counted the Boys out, they pressed on…and so did we, showing up to amphitheaters all over the U.S. that Summer and concert venues in Europe, Asia and South America throughout the year for the This Is Us tour.

It could be argued that this was the time that the BSB and the fans formed a deeper bond. It was us and it was them and suddenly, we all seemed to be in this time of transition. Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick were finding their groove as a quartet and the majority of us were finding our way in life as adults. 2010 was the beginning of something we could only imagine.

The rest of the decade saw the return of Kevin to the group, multiple Backstreet Boys cruises, a major arena tour with the New Kids On The Block that included a performance at Fenway, their first collaboration and single on a Country chart with Florida Georgia Line, a documentary, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, an album on their own label, an album that went #1, a Grammy nomination, a record breaking Vegas residency and so. much. more.

Most importantly, there are all the memories we’ve shared in between. As we mentioned before, while this past decade may not have been the “peak” of Backstreet’s career commercially, it has been nothing short of defining in so many other ways.

We watched them rise back to a level of stardom they’ve deserved all along. We watched them exemplify hard work and determination over and over again.

We. Watched. Them.

For many of us, the years between 2010 and 2020 were the first years that we got to experience the Backstreet Boys on our own terms – as adults. We learned work-life-tour-event balance, we made friends all over the world with the rise of social media, we built trips around Backstreet adventures, we passed their music along to our children, and we’ve had experiences that we wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. To say that these years have made us proud is an understatement… because these men did it for themselves. Because despite the ups and downs, they recreate themselves, they learn, and the carry on. And if that doesn’t inspire you, what will?

So, while we could go on and on about everything Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick have achieved together and separately in this decade, we won’t…. because we were all there. And we were all together. And the memories that are flooding in as you read this are more than words could ever explain.

Here’s to more of that feeling when the lights go down, more confetti, more of hearing your favorite song performed, more friends and trips you never planned on, more begging for the things we want and making it work when we don’t get our way exactly. We may not have all shared the same feelings about things for the past decade but I think we can all agree that we can come together for these Boys.

Here’s to the Backstreet Boys and another 10 years…may we be lucky enough to be able to share in another decade of success, memories, and feelings that we’ll never fully be able to put into words. Together.

May we also be able to afford the Ticketmaster fees that come with loving a band.


(Looking forward, we’ve written about what we hope to see in the next 10 years — coming soon!)

What’s Happening On The Backstreet: December 2019

Merry Nickmas! Happy Howie-Days! And uh…an AJ…new year? (We’d try to work your favorite Kentucky cousins in here, but we sadly have no news to report on them.)

With the Backstreet Boys on break from the DNA tour (for now), there hasn’t been too many things to post about that we couldn’t say in a tweet or two. With that being said, we realize that things can be missed and so, like always, we want to keep you informed of ALL the things happening with members of the Backstreet.

Where to start, where to start….

VIP Packages For Howie D.’s Back In The Day – ON SALE NOW!


If you haven’t heard, Howie is opening his very first musical, loosely based on his life growing up, in Omaha, NE on January 31st. The original music for Back In The Day will be performed live by Howie himself, but he has also just released another treat for fans who are coming to enjoy the performance.

VIP upgrades are now available for select dates. They not only include a photo with Howie, but a Q&A and an autographed Playbill. How awesome is that? Click here for details, details and purchase info!

Nick Visits Germany – Drops New Info About Future Solo Work + TV Appearance

DORTMUND, GERMANY - December 7th 2019: Nick Carter at German Comic Con Dortmund

Nick made his last “official” appearance of the year in Germany last weekend at German Comic Con and in a performance with Helene Fischer. For the two days that Nick was at comic con, fans SHOWED UP in HUNDREDS, keeping his line long from open to close, with Nick staying late to try and meet everyone. You never disappoint, Europe!

The biggest news though, started with his Q&A panel, where Nick revealed that he is looking to record another solo album… in Germany and the surrounding area. He spent the rest of the week in Germany, posting some ideas for song titles and letting fans know that inspiration is back!

His performance with Helene Fischer will air on Christmas Day (December 25th). We will post more details as they become available.

AJ McLean Announces Dates With ATCK


If you don’t know, ATCK is a side project from AJ and a few musician friends, who perform with an EDM type feel. The band is going on a small tour in January and if you’re in need of a (singular) Backstreet fix, this is going to be your most immediate remedy.

Tickets are being sold through individual venues. Find all info on the Events page of their Facebook page.

Howie Announces New Fan Experience In South America


Howie is coming in HOT with those 2020 VIP experiences! If you’re seeing the Backstreet Boys in South America, this is for you. Sweet D. will be sharing some sweet eats (and a really good time with selfies, shots, etc.) with you in Mexico City, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and Rio. This experience is a new one and it sounds like a good time, so get your tickets before they’re sold out.

What’s Happening On The Backstreet: August 2019

As you all know, the DNA World Tour era is in FULL FORCE!! While we’ve been working to keep our tour posts updated, there are a few other things, appearances, interviews, etc. that haven’t ended up in a post and SO…here we are. How can we be What Happens On The Backstreet if we’re not telling you what’s happening?!

Here are a few links to things you might have missed. Keep checking back to this post for the month of August for everything non-DNA tour related. As always, we’ll keep up so you don’t have to.

  • AJ has made a few appearances at radio stations this week:
  • We know a lot of you have had questions about whether or not the BSB Funko Pops would be a no or go lately, but check this out! As soon as we’re sure about a release date, we’ll post about it.
  • AJ is also making an appearance at The Vanguard in Tulsa, OK on August 29th with his EDM side project – All The Cool Kids. You can find info on tickets and VIP here. 106.9 K-Hits is giving away tickets — find out details!
  • All The Cool Kids aka AJ and friends are also doing an event on Sept. 6th in St. Louis, MO — Find out more!
  • The Backstreet Boys Grammy Museum exhibit closes on September 2nd – don’t miss out!
  • Howie’s musical, Back In The Day, opens January 31st and runs through February 16th at Rose Theater in Omaha, NE. Tickets are ON SALE NOW!
  • Howie has announced few more listening parties before the Backstreet Boys concerts: Chicago and Boston
  • The Backstreet Boys have donated their Winnipeg Jets Jerseys, worn during the concert, to charity and YOU can bid on them here!
  • Watch a new Howie interview here and / or here
  • Brian performed during a tribute concert for Michael W. Smith a few months back and it aired on television last week. Watch below!