4 Reasons We’re So Excited To Watch ‘Boy Band’

ABC announced Boy Band and we were ecstatic to watch a new reality based on one of our favorite subjects.

ABC announced that Nick Carter would be joining the show as an architect with Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice) and we almost came unglued. Nick back on our TV every week for the Summer? Commercials that feature “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”? You’re being so good to us, 2017!

Let’s go over a few other factors that play into our excitement.

1. Nick Carter As An Architect.


Let’s just get this out of the way and not even pretend that this isn’t a MAJOR reason we’re excited to watch this new reality series. Anytime we get a Backstreet Boy on the TV on the regular is a good time to be alive. If Nick’s guest judge stint on DWTS was any hint of how well he’ll do on Boy Band, we’re here for it.

Judge away, Nick Carter. Mold this boyband!

2. A Spice Girl and Timbaland.


While Nick’s fellow architects are two of our favorite people in the music industry, we’re also excited for selfish purposes. It only seems natural that this bond between architects will extend beyond the show and into our grubby little hands with a Spice Girls or Timbaland + Backstreet collab, right? RIGHT?!

3. A Plethora of Future Boybanders To Choose From.


We can say that the Backstreet Boys are our only ones all we want, but be real, our “yeaaahh” answer to “Am I the only one?” is a lie. While the Boys may be the only ones in the moment they ask, and ultimately our ride or die, we’re always up for fresh boyband blood. If they can sing, dance in synchronization, point at us and pay homage to their predecessors, we’ll give them a chance.

Learn a little more about the sweet-faced, talented contestants here and get your boyband brackets ready!

(But if they ever win a Grammy – before the BSB – we’re finished.)

4. We Love To Have A Say!


Just like we voted our fingers off for Nick during Dancing With The Stars, we will also vote for our favorite boybanders. After all, we ARE the experts. Actually, we should take turns as the 4th architect, right? We HAVE been doing something right for 24 years. While Nick, Emma, and Timbaland might know what it takes to be in a boyband, we can pretty much predict how well they’ll do in real life.

Like, which one of these boys can take a crazy fan running at them screaming? Actually, can that be one of the things they have to go through? Should they go on a cruise first and see how that goes? Being in a boyband is tough work and how you handle fans can make or break you…. believe us.

Anyway, once Boy Band moves into live shows, watch our social media for how you can vote!

Want to read more about Boy Band? Head to nickcarter.net where interviews and updates will be posted. We will also be doing our best to give you our thoughts every week following the show (similar to our “Thoughts About…” DWTS posts).

Of course, we’ll be live tweeting as well.

WHO. IS. READY?! Grab your popcorn and your expectations – we’re about to get ourselves a new BOY BAND!

Boy Band premieres tomorrow (Thursday, June 22) on ABC at 8/7c

Everything You Need To Know About The Animal Foundation (And Those Free Backstreet Tickets)

The Backstreet Boys are teaming up with The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas to benefit you and some sweet animals! With animals being something that both Kristie and I care deeply about, we couldn’t not work this collaboration into a post somehow. It was announced earlier this week that simply by donating $100 or more to The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas, you can get Backstreet Boys tickets for a future concert in Vegas.

Allow us to pull your heartstrings a little more and give you a few more details.

What Is The Animal Foundation?

They are an organization operating the largest open-admission animal shelter in the state of Nevada, providing refuge for more than 30,000 unwanted, lost, and neglected animals per year.

Currently the shelter is at capacity, meaning they need more people to adopt these sweet animals and give them a forever home.

How Do I Give And Get Free BSB Tickets?

On June 23rd and 24th (Friday and Saturday), anyone can purchase a $100+ giftcard from PETCO or PETSMART and bring it to to Lied Animal Shelter, 644 North Mojave Road in Las Vegas, between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Go to the large white tent on the property to make the transaction. You must have a receipt for proof of purchase dated between June 15 and June 24, 2017. Live Nation Las Vegas will send a ticket confirmation to the individual donor within a week of the close of the promotion. Offer is good for redemption during November and February show dates.

Tickets are limited to TWO PER PERSON, with limited quantities available.

“We try to take advantage of every opportunity we can to give back,” says Brian Littrell,  “We hope our support draws awareness to help shelter animals and increase adoptions during the summer months when animals in Las Vegas most need our help.”

I Don’t Live In Las Vegas. Can I Participate?

Unfortunately, you can not get the free BSB tickets, you can absolutely still donate! Check out these options for donating or the shelter’s Wish List on Amazon. You can also check out your local animal shelters to see what their needs are. The summer is brutal for animals and we implore you to help however you can!

Check out some of the sweet babies your donations will be helping take care of until they find their forever home!

Please share with anyone in Las Vegas — these animals ARE up for adoption!


Been To A #BSBVegas Afterparty? Share Your Experience!

We’ve been to Backstreet Boys afterparties on tour, but the Las Vegas afterparties at Chateau Night Club are on a whole other level! With many more to come, we don’t want anyone to miss out on this hang-with-the-boys experience.

If you’ve been to an afterparty during the Backstreet Boys’ Larger Than Life run, we want to hear from you. Fill out the form below to be included in an upcoming post. Tell us all the juicy details, any tips you may have learned, and how much fun you had!

Backstreet Dads: Some Of The Sweetest Things The Backstreet Boys Have Said About Fatherhood

A few years ago, we did a Father’s Day series of posts on each Backstreet Boy (except for Nick because we’re not psychics all the time 😉 ). This year, we decided to keep it simple and post a few of the sweetest words and advice that Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick have shared about their children and about being fathers. If this doesn’t melt you, we don’t know what will!


We’ve written multiple times about how much we love seeing these Boys with their children, so we won’t go back into it. All we have to say is that we are SO proud of the fathers that each of these men have become and we can’t wait to watch Maxwell, Mason, Lyric, Ava, Baylee, Holden, James and Odin grow up and become everything their parents work so hard to instill in them.

Shout out to our own fathers who have taught us so many things, but also bought us Backstreet Boys tickets, listened to their music with us, and driven us to concerts before we could do for ourselves.

Last but not least, the fathers who are husbands of fans, those who keep the kids on the weekends we need a roadtrip with the girls, the times we NEED to cruise with the Backstreet Boys, and those who find a sitter and come along for the ride – you the real MVP!

Happy Father’s Day!

22 Backstreet Boys Tweets You Might Have Missed From iHeartRadio #iHeartSummer17

iHeartSummer ’17 was one for the books! From Miley Cyrus to 5th Harmony to THE BACKSTREET BOYS, Miami was on FIRE tonight. Of course, we’re only here to talk about our fab five, whose day started out at a volleyball game (champs!). We found out Kevin is an amazing cheerleader (duh), Brian is an incredible volleyball player (surprise, surprise), and AJ, Nick and Howie are the best sideliners you could ask for!

Oh, and the Boys shut down yet another summer festival… because really, who could follow them?

While there are some epic photos and tweets from iHeartSummer, we took the liberty of gathering all of the ones from iHeartRadio into one place for your enjoyment, amusement, and informational needs. Enjoy! We did.


Our celebrity volleyball is bumping right now, literally 🏐 #iHeartSummer17 #SummerYourWay (📸: @gregnoire)

A post shared by iHeartRadio (@iheartradio) on Jun 10, 2017 at 11:14am PDT


We. LOVE. These. Boys.


Fans, It’s Time To Celebrate… Our Backstreet Boys and Each Other


Wow, wow, wow! What a year 2017 has been for the Backstreet Boys and it’s not even halfway over.

There’s festivals.

There’s TV appearances.

There’s LAS VEGAS.

There’s the Smooth tour.

There’s a cruise.

There’s an upcoming world tour.

There’s a buzz in the air.

There’s a whole lot of love for the Backstreet Boys.

So why are we not all celebrating it?

We’re so thrilled that Brian, AJ, Nick, Kevin, and Howie are back on the scene in a very big way. We’re so excited for all the things that have happened and all the things that are yet to come. We’re so happy for every fan that can participate in any event and we’re anxious for fans that are waiting for their turn – because we know that good things come to those who wait.

We’re simply asking that you join us in celebrating.

We know it’s easy to get bummed out if you can’t go to something or events are simply too far, too expensive, etc. We also know that happiness is a choice and that looking forward helps immensely. We 1000% believe that the Backstreet Boys are doing what they can to reach everyone worldwide and trying to give everyone more opportunities to connect — we hope you do too.

The Backstreet Boys aren’t going anywhere.

They’ve proven time and time again that they do what they can for us.

After 24 years, they’ve been coming FOR. US.

This year has been H U G E for them and it’s time that we’re there for them. If not physically, supportive. Slow down on asking them what else they can do for us all the time and let them know how excited you are for them and what’s to come.

Give them time. Let them breathe. They’ll make their way back.

Celebrate other fans.

We completely understand feeling left out, but it’s going to be alright – we promise. But please, please try being positive. Be happy for your friends and mean it. Don’t focus on what you can’t do, but what you can (like text your people the whole time they’re at an event and ask for a play by play).

We are making a conscience effort to be inclusive of all fans all over the world – to tweet and post and write to bring everyone together and make everyone feel like they’re at an event. We hear you, we read everything you send in, and we appreciate every one of you. We don’t appreciate knocking of other fans or the Boys themselves.

BOTTOM LINE: We know how powerful Backstreet fans can be when we all work together positively. We know how it feels when we all band together to work toward a common cause.

Let’s celebrate Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick.

Let’s celebrate each other.

Let’s enjoy this time. Let’s think about each other. Let’s be helpful to each other. Let’s be kind. Let’s be creative, positive, and powerful without bringing each other down.

Believe in ourselves and believe in them. Believe that really great things are happening and the best is yet to come.

We do.



What It’s Really Like To Meet The Backstreet Boys

A few weeks ago, a video went viral among fans with a young lady named Jessie receiving tickets for KTUphoria to see the Backstreet Boys. Fans shared it on every social media platform possible, hoping to catch the eye of a Boy or a member of their team to get Jessie to receive every fan’s ultimate goal….

….To meet Kevin, Brian, AJ, Howie and Nick.

It wasn’t because Jessie’s video had already gained attention by the time fans saw it. It wasn’t because she has Down Syndrome. It was because every fan that watched that video knew exactly how she felt.

We know how it feels to see these Boys for the first time. We know how it is to be handed those tickets. While for many of us, it was a long time ago, people like Jessie remind us what it’s like to feel that kind of euphoria – to simply be thrilled with just a set of tickets.

The video made it’s way to AJ and Kevin who retweeted it and invited Jessie to meet and greet. On Saturday and Sunday, the videos of Jessie’s meet and greet circulated  quickly. We were all in tears. We were all in our feels.

We were reminded why we love these Boys.

We were reminded how it feels to meet them for the first time.

We were reminded that, at the end of the day, we need to stop getting so caught up in the frills and we need to get back to that magic.


Meet and Greet Video #1

Meet and Greet Video #2

Meet and Greet Video #3

If you ask any of us what it’s like to meet the Backstreet Boys, the first words that will probably come to mind are that “it depends”, “expensive”, “rushed”, and more.

Sometimes we spend so much time planning for the meet and greet and concentrating on everything we didn’t say, get, etc. afterward that we forget about those 2-3 minutes that we had everything.

If we’re being completely honest, we’d tell you that meeting the Backstreet Boys is everything we ever dreamed of when we were 10, 11, 12 years old.

We’d tell you that Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick are five of the kindest men you’ll ever meet.

We’d tell you that there isn’t one time that they haven’t welcomed us with open arms, again and again, even after 200 other fans.

We’d tell you that they try to listen to everything we say and everything we don’t when we’re too choked up.

We’d tell you that we get butterflies everytime, just like the first time.

We’d tell you that Kevin is sincere about every word he says (and you will hang on those words).

We’d tell you that if you’re nervous, Brian will put you at ease.

We’d tell you that AJ will talk to you like your old friends.

We’d tell you that Howie really is the sweetest.

We’d tell you that Nick’s smile is even better in person.

We’d tell you that every emotion we had when we saw them for the first time comes rushing back.

We’d tell you that we’re mad at ourselves everytime for not saying everything we wanted to say.

We’d tell you that every minute we spent voting for their videos on MTV, hanging their posters, begging our parents to let us stay home to watch them, following them around world was 100% worth it because after all these years, they’re still giving us something to believe in.

We’d tell you that everytime we meet the Backstreet Boys… it feels like coming home.

From fans around the world, we’re so happy that you finally got to feel the magic, Jessie. We thank YOU for reminding us how lucky we are, how lucky we’ve been, and what an amazing group of guys our Backstreet Boys really are. For all of us that couldn’t be at KTUphoria this weekend, thank you for sharing your moment with us. ❤