10 Little Backstreet Things We Miss Right Now

While music fans around the world are coping with a different look to this usual tour season, Backstreet Boys fans, who have the luxury of having them around for 27 years, are also missing a few specific things.

1. The feeling of anticipation about upcoming anything. Normally going into Summer, we’re planning trips, tours, outfits, etc. Now we’re just anticipating (begging) Kevin, Nick, Howie, AJ, and Brian to post a selfie so we know they’re alive.

2. A few hugs in VIP. There’s nothing like the warmth of a Backstreet Boy, ya feel me? Until we get back to it, we suggest investing in a weighted blanket.

3. The feeling you get for the split second between the bright light of the arena and the sudden darkness, right before the Backstreet Boys come onstage. This feeling can only be replicated now with turning out your light, turning up your favorite BSB playlist, shining a flashlight on a poster, and punching yourself in the heart. Not that we know or anything.

4. Refreshing Ticketmaster like we’re playing a slot machine. It is no secret that we have lived through several generations of the Hunger Games  Ticketmaster “algorithms” and we’re not particularly fans of “platinum” blah blah, but MY GOD, the THRILL of snagging good tickets! What we wouldn’t give for a good ticketing blood bath right now.

5. The sweat flying from the stage. If you’ve been anywhere near the Backstreet Boys during a concert, you’ve no doubt been hit by perspiration and while disgusted, also oddly delighted? Also, thought about how 10 year old you would never show again?

6. Anything coming from the stage, honestly. Roses, underwear, towels, water bottles – we’ve had it all and we can’t wait for a day to fight over it, beg for it via tweets, post odes to it on Insta, and be catty about (BUT OMG SO HAPPY FOR YOOOOUU) all over again! Having our significant others throw laundry down the stairs at us doesn’t have *quite* the same effect.

7. Blacking out. Not the afterparty kind of black out (which some of you might miss – we’re not judging), but the “omg what just happened?” black out that can only happen after you experience such euphoria that you literally don’t even remember what happened because your brain is trying to protect itself from imploding. For example, anything that happened while briefly interacting with one of the Boys, being sung to by one of the Boys, being looked / winked at by one of the Boys, etc.

8. Worrying about what to wear to any event. Oh my God, we would die to care about what we’re wearing at this point. What even are shoes? When did we last wash our hair? Everyday is like the last day of the BSB cruise, except a lot less actually Backstreet Boys and a lot more annoying people aka your family.

9. Having new memories. Our entire fangirl lives are a giant THROWBACK right now and we’re feeling pretty basic right now. How many times can we post “ugh, take me back” before it actually happens or every one of our friends unfollow us? Can’t we tap the heels of our most painful concert heels together while singing “No Place” to ACTUALLY FRIGGIN TAKE. US. BACK? No? Okay, whatever. In the interest of being positive though, staying safe at home will not last forever and soon, we’ll be the only throwing back we’ll be doing is with our heads to scream-sing the lyrics to our favorite songs while we record video and then wonder WHO IS SINGING later on.

10. The predictability of the Backstreet Boys. As anyone knows who has been in the fandom long enough, we do a fair share of LOUD SIGHING and wondering why the Boys can’t “just drop an album”, surprise us with something, etc. Now, in a world like this (no pun intended), all we want is for them to tell us something…then take a million years to do it. For them to say the same things in every concert. To hear “Hi, we’re the Backstreet Boys” in perfect synchronization. While we gripe about their predictability, they’re also our proverbial favorite pair of old jeans – we know they’re worn in just the right places and exactly how they’re going to fit and we wouldn’t know what to do without them.

We can’t wait for all of these things to return when we make our return to normal and we can’t wait to see all of YOU again! Hope everyone is staying safe and sound and thriving ❤


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