8 Things Backstreet Boys Fans Do Between Event Dates

Uggghhh… that weird time between Backstreet Boys tour dates when we don’t know what to do with ourselves. We use the time to do other things, but all the while keeping the impending “what could be” in the back of our minds. The “what could be” that keeps us from planning anything until we know everything. It truly is a way of life.

So what else are we doing during the IN BETWEEN? Well, we’re glad you asked. (SPOILER: It’s nothing productive, for the most part.)

1. Turn Everything A Backstreet Boy Says Into A Potential Announcement

If any of the Backstreet Boys or their social media accounts even punctuate different, we tend to think something is coming. If they explicitly say something is coming, we can’t handle anything but something big. It couldn’t possibly be a new merch piece, a remixed song, etc. It HAS to be a cruise, a string of new tour dates, something. we. can. go. to.

And if it’s not, you better stay away from our social media because the grump is real. Of course we knew better, but it doesn’t mean he didn’t reaaaaalllly want it.

2. Go To A-N-Y Solo Event.

Kevin could be playing in a dodgeball tournament and we’d be in the bleachers. The IN BETWEEN is a rough time after a while and we will take part in anything that even looks and smells like a Backstreet Boy, if we’re being honest. Lucky for us, it’s usually a good time!

3. …..And Harass The Solo Backstreet Boy About Potential Announcements.

If the opportunity presents itself, we’ll go straight to the source and bring the small details back to our friends to try to piece together a bigger potential timeline for ourselves. We didn’t get the name BSB CIA for nothing.

4. Get Hooked On Pushing For Random Things

Like what, you may ask? Oh, you know, Backstreet Boys Wax Figures, a MTV VMA Vanguard award and more! Anything to keep our supportive spirits in shape for the real things to come.

5. Mope. 

Let’s be real — this is what we do best.

6. Commiserate With Friends.

There is not one Backstreet Boys fan who doesn’t have at least one other fan-friend that will brood with them. They are also likely the friend(s) that will join in doing 2, 3, and 4 with them as well. What good is being cranky in the IN BETWEEN alone?

7. Make Plans A, B, and C.

With the tiny fragments of maybe-true info we have gathered from various Backstreet Boys during the IN BETWEEN, we start making potential, very tentative plans because we can’t TAKE IT ANYMORE. This is where the “if, then” plans are born. This is what we eventually work off of when real dates are released. Why we always act like we’re so shocked and they’re throwing our lives into disarray, we’re not sure. It’s just how we are. You know, tradition.

8. Thank God (or any higher power) That We Still Get Announcements!

THANK. GOD. FOR. THE. BACKSTREET BOYS. And their work ethic. And their persistence.

We are grateful. We are lucky.

But holy shit, we are impatient.

Please let us give you our money, Backstreet. We don’t know what to do when we have it.

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