The Essentials: Backstreet Boys’ Fans Tips, Tricks and Must Haves For Concerts + Events

Back in one of our first years,  we wrote a post giving you an essentials list for the Backstreet Boys cruise, including not only our own list of essentials, but suggestions from fans as well. Oddly enough, we never did one for land events… until now!

With the DNA tour in full swing and the Backstreet Boys having no end in sight, we inevitably all start asking each other, every tour, every event, etc., for suggestions. Sometimes we don’t ask, but we see other fans mention things we never even thought about that would make our concert lives so much easier.

So, we asked for you. We took to Twitter and Facebook to ask fans for their concert essentials and received an overwhelming response. Thank you to everyone who contributed! We’ve taken all of your top suggestions on products, tips, tricks, and hacks and condensed them below (as well as thrown in a few of our own).

If you think there is anything that should be included in these lists that were not, feel free to contact us! Also, if you have any specifics for these generic suggestions (a favorite concert shoe, bag, etc.) — PLEASE LET US KNOW.

Concert Must Haves

– Comfortable Shoes (!!!)

This was one of the #1 suggestions from fans and obviously, with good reason. With most BSB events now having some sort of general admission situation and undoubtedly a line or two to stand in for a while, you have to save your feet! We’re not getting any younger – this is important!! What about those cute, painful shoes that you wanted to wear to VIP though? Skip down below for concert hacks.


– Lip Balm

Not only are dry lips uncomfortable and can make or break a concert lewk, a few fans suggested that keeping your lips moisturized is a way to feel hydrated without drinking water (and losing your spot in line / pit when you have to pee).

– Writing Utensils and Paper

In case of autograph opportunities (or a need to pass along any notes, write down a fan’s info because you have a great photo of them, etc.), these items are helpful to have on hand!

– Mobile Charger (!!!)

Aside from comfortable shoes, a portable charger was the most commonly suggested item that you most definitely need on hand for a Backstreet Boys event of any kind. Like we said, you’ll likely be waiting a while, no matter the event. There’s nothing worse than


– Hair Ties + Bobby Pins

You never know when you’re going to get hot or when you need to pin back that hair that has inevitably fallen out of the style you worked so long on! Honestly though, we’ve used hair ties to hold things together and bobby pins as quick fixes for wardrobe malfunctions. The uses are endless when you’re in a pinch. Also, if you have these a few of these items, you’ll be everyone’s best friend.

– Water (If Possible)

The Backstreet Boys have a tendency to hold their events in the heat or at the very least, not without long lines. If there is one piece of advice we can give you, it is to STAY. HYDRATED. You definitely don’t want to overheat or dehydrate when it matters most – when you’re about to see the Backstreet Boys or worse, in front of them. This is also important if you’re drinking alcohol. Don’t hate yourself in the morning!

– Extended Phone Camera Lens

If you use your phone as your concert camera in lieu of a point and shoot camera, this is a great investment, as suggested by a fan on Twitter! An extended lens fits right on your phone to give your camera a little extra zoom.

-Mini Deodorant

Not only is deodorant good to have on hand for refreshing your sweaty bod, but it helps with thigh chafing and sliding some on the bottom of your feet will help keep your feet from sliding around inside your heels / shoes.

– Make Up Wipes

You never know when you might cry, when you might sweat, or when…well, we don’t know, but if you can fit some kind of wet wipe into your bag, it’s not a bad idea.

– Crossbody Bag / Purse

Crossbody bags are by far the easiest purses / bags to take into a concert or event. Not only are your arms free and the weight on your shoulder less, but you can hang any jackets over them and stuff a lot into them without being in others’ way. Obviously, check your venues’ bag restrictions before bringing anything though.

One fan also suggested this FlipBelt for a fanny pack alternative!

– Lanyard Phone Case

This nifty little thing was suggested as a way to keep your phone out without having to hold it! There are other options if you google, but this one was suggested to us.

– Small Poster Board and Markers

In case you have a message for the Boys, of course!

– Mints / Cough Drops

We keep all of these on hand and a lot of other fans said they do as well. Anything like a mint (Altoids!) or a cough drop that will trick your mouth into not drying out while you hold your spot in the pit instead of running to pee every five minutes is something to keep on hand.

One fan suggested these patches! While we have no personal experience, she speaks highly of them getting her through the cruise.

– Make Up

If you can grab travel sizes of the make up you’ve put on, it’s a good idea to keep them on hand – especially lip stuff, eyelash glue, powder and anything that give a quick fix to anything that might smear, fall off, etc.

  • Setting Spray is your FRIEND and the best way to try to keep things staying put throughout the day / night. Urban Decay All-Nighter is our top pick (and many other fans). One fan also suggested making sure to use primers before you put make up on. Becca Ever Matte Poreless Primer and MILK Hydro Grip Primer.
  • If you’re into false eyelashes but need ones that will last, we’re big fans of Tarte brand. They did NOT move!

– Drawstring Bag

Drawstring bags folded up are a way to get past some venue’s strict policies or simply a way to not have to carry the merch you buy once you’re inside. Drawstring bags are typically backpacks so, again, free arms!

– Band Aids

This is self explanatory. Band aids are a must in any area of life.

– Medicine

We can not stress this enough – do NOT forget to be prepared for anything. Most BSB events are going to keep you somewhere for a few hours and in those few hours, anything could happen. From headaches to upset stomachs, you’ll thank yourself if you AT LEAST bring some ibuprofen.

– Point and Shoot Camera

It may sound old school, but a lot of times, the zoom is better. Plus, it saves your phone battery!

Concert Hacks

– “For a short period of time, I used to bring a Command hook & stick it to the barrier. I would change out of my heels after meet & greet & hated holding a plastic bag around my arm. This kept it in front of me where I knew it was safe & my arm was free to move around.”

– Make friends with the people around you! If you’re trying to stay in a specific spot, it’s nice to build a “wall” around the spot with people surrounding you. Plus, you have someone that will let you through if you have to leave for any reason.

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