WATCH: Fans Share Some Of Their All Time Favorite Backstreet Boys Interviews

We have a love / hate relationship with downtime in Backstreet land. We love that the Backstreet Boys get time off to relax at home and that we (and our wallets), in turn, are doing the same. So what’s there to hate? Well, we get a little mopey sometimes when we don’t have any event to fret about count down to in the near future. That’s when we like to go back in time.

Some of us like looking at our own collections of photos, videos, etc. and some of us prefer going back to watch old interviews because there’s nothing that hits quite like enjoying the things your favorite band has to say – whether they be eloquent or hysterical.

We asked you to send in your favorite past Backstreet Boys interviews – either in print or video – and tell us why it’s your favorite. We’ve included your submissions and a few of our own favorites at the end for all of us to come back to and enjoy on the mopey days… and if you’re lucky enough, you may find one you haven’t seen before!

(Have an interview you’d like us to add? Email us the link and the “why” at

“The second question of this interview is “What is the strangest thing you’ve ever had thrown at you on stage?” And without missing a beat Brian responds “A box of macaroni and cheese!” Cracks me up every time! The rest of the interview is pretty funny too! Has me laughing the whole time.” – Susanah

“Not really sure if this counts but it cracks me up every time. My sister and I still refer to them as “Backstreet Bastards” and “the Backstreet Boyz with a Z, cuz we’re from the street and we don’t care about spelling” Poor Trent and his bad liposuction mishap.” – Cinzia

“The 1998 (?) MTV VMAs with Ben Still and Andy Dick. Still hilarious. I have it on VHS and need to didge the full clip as it aired.” – Laura Fu

“It’s my favorite because I love how open and honest they are with us fans and they all have good sense of humor and always smiling.” – Danielle

“It is always so beautiful to see how much the boys love each other and appreciate each other. The bond among them is undeniable! And just seeing the Boys talking about each other like in this video, it’s amazing! That’s definitely the biggest reason why I chose the interview. (Although, it’s overall pretty cute!) 😉

Side note: I was searching for the meaning of a “relative pitch”. And found out that there is barely a thing as tone deaf. And EVERYONE can learn to sing! So it turned out to be a pretty motivational, too! lol.” – Ilze

“It’s rarely thing interviewer is “real” fan. Chika is a famous YouTuber in Japan, she has been fan of them really. She is a good interviewer for them. I love that part from beginning, they introduced other members. Proud, a little serious and happy faces showed their bond. Of course BSB with baby is always precious and cutest!” – Jun

“I love garden gnome Brian, cozy cuddly Kevin and Nick, and just every question they asked. Anytime I need a good laugh this is my go to!” – Jenn

“There are so many interviews I love but I was watching this one just now and laughed so hard so I’m gonna go with this one, BSB React to Teens React to BSB. It was hilarious to see the Boys’ reactions to the teens’ honest opinions. At the same time, it was so cool that some of the teens who were not even born then still know their songs! Their music transcends different cultures, ages and generations. Most important of all, it makes people happy for more than two decades! So glad to be a 90’s kid and truly thankful to be a BSB fan!” – Emily

” I watch this interview often when I feel down. These Boys always make me laugh: I mean them talking about each other, Nick dancing to an ABBA song and these epic advices to Justin Bieber! 😀 (I wonder if he ever listened to one of these! lol)” – Ilze

“Because I never seen such type of short interview other place. LOL.” – Jun

“It’s not technically an interview … since they are doing trivia with themselves… but every time Kevin says “sexy time” and Nick laughs, I can’t help but laugh.” – Sarah

Some Of Our Top Picks

(We’ll add more as we think of them)

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