Fan Feature: 20 Questions With The Girls From ‘Boy Band Break’

We’re doing a new thing at WHOTB! From the beginning, our theme has always been “for fans, by fans”. While we’ve created many posts with your help and input, we wanted to take it a step further. That’s how Fan Feature was born!

There are so many of you doing cool things or known for various things and we hope, in the future, to reach out to more of you to give you an opportunity to share your Backstreet love! We also want to

We’re starting this series with a few friends of ours – the girls of Boy Band Break, a podcast about boybands. I first met Cinzia when she came from Canada to Nashville for a Nick Carter concert and subsequently met Sofia and Dianne a few months later. Since then, we have found ourselves at the same events on multiple occasions and YOU might know them from their epic VIP photos that usually involve some sort of signs and a theme. They’re a fun group of girls who started a podcast, along with Cinzia’s sister Lydia, just over a year ago and cover a lot of info and nostalgia.

We’re such fans, in fact, that we’ve posted all of their Backstreet Boys specific episodes on a page on WHOTB. Get to know them below then head over to take a listen!

 Getting To Know You


1. How did you guys meet and how long have you been BSB fans?
Cinzia and Lydia are sisters, so they met when Lydia was born. Sofia and Cinzia met because another fan from the fanclub forum arranged a dinner meet up for southern Ontario fans in November 2009 and they both attended. Dianne and Sofia met from talking on Live Daily but didn’t meet in person until Nick’s CD signing at HMV in Toronto in August 2011, where Dianne and Cinzia met for the first time also. Sofia and Dianne met Lydia because of Cinzia.

2. What inspired you to start a podcast and why should people listen?
We originally wanted to start a YouTube channel, we even recorded some videos, but then we realized how much work that was and also that we didn’t know how to edit videos. Cinzia’s friend Paul had been suggesting we start a podcast for a while, so we decided to try that because we felt like we needed an outlet for all of our fangirl stories. People should listen because we amuse ourselves and we feel like we will amuse you too!

Backstreet Adventures


3. What is the furthest place you’ve traveled for the Backstreet Boys?
Los Angeles. We went for the Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of movie premiere.

4. What has been your favorite adventure thus far and why?
Sof: For me it’s a toss up between BSB Cruise 2018 and Fandom Fest in Louisville, Kentucky in 2016. The cruise because of Millenium night and Cinzia and I got chosen to be on Brian and Leighanne’s Game Show. Fandom Fest because it was my first ever con and I didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out to be really great.

D: I think my favourite would be the first road trip we ever took together. We went to NYC for BSB on GMA in 2012. Personally, I never thought I would ever travel that far to see the boys but it was such an awesome experience and it really cemented our friendship.Obviously we’ve had quite a few adventures since then.

Cinz: I’ve had so many great moments over the years. My fave would probably be when Dianne and I decided last minute to go to Walker Stalker in Chicago in 2018. We hadn’t seen Nick in a while and were wondering if he would remember us. As we rounded the corner to see him, he opened up his arms and shouted “My Peeps!” at us and brought us in for a group hug. Oh and jumping into the pool during Millenium night on the last cruise and swimming with shirtless Nick.

Lydia: Our first group trip to Las Vegas! It was great to have a vacation and hang out with the girls and our moms Maria and Paula. The show was amazing and so were the drinks 😉 The girls didn’t tell me ahead of time that our seats had Nick and AJ performing behind us. It was an excellent surprise! I had a great time!

5. Tell us one of your favorite stories / memories with a Backstreet Boy(s).
D: I’m definitely stealing someone’s answer here but, through a random series of events Nick ended up sitting and eating lunch with us at Fandom Fest in Kentucky. At one point he referred to us as his friends. 13 year old fangirl Dianne was passed out inside of me, I was mostly cool on the outside.

Sof: When I traveled to Atlanta for Brian’s Health Heart Club event in 2009. It was my first time travelling out of the country, and the first time I met Brian and Leighanne. There was a VIP dinner where he mingled and took pics with the fans and we convinced him to dance with us. The 2nd Healthy Heart Club event we took pics in a photo booth and played carnival games. We played basketball together (and I lost).

Lydia: In March 2016, during the All American Tour, I really enjoyed Swet. I remember before it started, the girls were like “come, stand in front of us” and I was thinking “this song sucks” but the dancing started and my mind was blown.

Cinzia: When I had lunch with Howie D, CJ from 3Deep and a couple of other fans in Toronto. We won the auction at Howie’s Dorough Lupus Foundation event. He was the first Backstreet Boy I ever met (at a dinner cruise the year before). If you’ve never met Howie, he’s hilarious and tells great stories.


6. You guys have had some pretty epic VIP photos and your “signature move” at VIP and Backstreet events is to bring signs. How did you come up with these ideas? How do the Boys respond?
Cinzia has been bringing signs to concerts for years to get noticed in the large crowds. It just made sense to continue this when we got tired of the same VIP pictures over and over again. We usually brainstorm before we know we have a VIP coming up, sometimes the signs are themed with props we bring into the picture and sometimes they are just funny inside jokes. The boys have always been cool with holding the signs and totally game for playing it up or doing something silly. We think they like doing something different after so many smiley and huggy pics.

7. What are your tips for anyone who wants to make the best time of their VIP M&G?
First off, make a plan. It sounds stupid but if you practice what you want to say and what you want to do there is less chance that you’ll get a brain fart while you are staring into Kevin’s eyes and forget what you wanted to say. Also, keep your expectations low. This is not to say that the boys have ever been anything short of amazing. But your time is going to be limited and you need to remember that they have a lot people they need to meet and so everything might not go exactly as you planned. And sometimes it turns out even better than you expected.


8. You’ve been on a few BSB cruises! What would you tell fans who are trying to choose between going to multiple concerts / VIPs or saving for a cruise?
We prefer the cruises. We understand that they are not possible for everyone, especially those who have to travel from very far away to get to one, but if you can, YOU SHOULD DO THE CRUISE. It’s basically like 3 or 4 days of concerts and VIPS in a row. Plus you get a fun tropical vacation with your besties and meet new friends from around the world. Multiple concerts and VIPS are obviously gonna be great too, but there is nothing like a BSB cruise. You never know what’s going to happen.

9. What’s one of the most valuable things you’ve learned in your adventures that you think other fans would find helpful?
Plan ahead. Maybe this is just because Dianne is a little OCD but people often forget to consider things like eating, drinking water, or how long they will be standing (possibly outdoors). Also be nice to other fans. Nothing bad is ever going to happen from you being nice to someone else. Karma usually takes care of anyone who might try to screw you over so, if you’d have your moment, let other fans have theirs. We’re all in this together ladies (and gentlemen).

Fun Stuff + Fan Stuff


10. Favorite Boy?
Nick, for all of us. Some longer than others but … as of November 2019, everyone’s answer is Nick Carter. Sorry other guys, we love you all as well.

11. What’s the weirdest interaction / thing you’ve said to a Backstreet Boy?
Cinz: Probably the time I told Nick it looked like he crapped his pants in Belleville (for the I’m Taking Off Tour in 2011). He was wearing harem pants and I was very tired and couldn’t stop talking. I talk about it in Episode #14 of our podcast called “Memories”.

Sof: At the Pittsburgh after party in September 2014, I was trying to explain an inside joke (Dickplash) to Kevin, he looked at me like I had 2 heads but … he went along with it for the picture.

D: Not really something I said, but something I did. At Walker Stalker 2018 in Chicago Cinzia and I took a VIP photo where we pretended to beating up Nick with baseball bats (at his request). That picture just kinda keeps coming back to haunt me, ahahahaha.

12. What is your favorite thing about being a BSB fan?
Sof: Personally it is travelling to shows with my besties

Cinz: Ditto. Plus love meeting new fans, and you can tell that the boys really care about their fans (unlike some other celebs)

D: Everything the girls already said but also, they make me proud to be a fan. Their talent. Their songs. Their stage shows. Their charitableness. Their down to earthness. I could go on and on …

Lyd: The fact that I get to do a podcast with my friends because of them

13. What is your least favorite thing about being a BSB fan?
Lyd: Everything costs so much money

Sof: The drama. Can’t we all just get along?

D: The fact that other everything seems to be a competition between fans

Cinz: Agreed. Just because something good happened to someone else, doesn’t take anything away from you.


14. What is something that you wish more fans were aware of?
Sof & Lyd: Our podcast 🙂

Cinz: I wish non BSB fans knew they were still together and are putting out new albums and doing events and aren’t always so shocked every time I post something

D: I wish BSB fans who haven’t met the boys knew how awesome they all are. It doesn’t always come across on the internet because some are more active than others. But they are all so funny and sweet in their own way and I just wish everyone could have the chance to know them like we do.

15. What’s an item on your Backstreet “bucket list” (something you would love to do that you haven’t yet)?
Lyd: I should go on another cruise. I only went on the first cruise and it was half charter and I think they’ve gotten a lot better since then.

Sof: Laser Tag with the boys

Cinz: Escape Room with the boys. Specifically Nick because I feel like he would be really into it, but any or all of the boys would be great.

D: Travel overseas to see them. So far I’ve only travelled within North America.

16. If you could choose ONE Backstreet Boy to have on Boy Band Break, which one would it be and why?

Lyd: Nick, because I want to touch his butt.

Sof: Brian, because I think it would be a really funny interview and he could give us the inside scoop on everything Littrell.

Cinz: Howieeeeee, because he’s super entertaining, has lots of inside gossip, and tells great stories about his celebrity friends (like Chris Kirkpatrick). (Ed. Note: Cinzia LOVES Chris Kirkpatrick)

D: AJ, because I feel like he doesn’t know when to stop talking and we could get a lot of good information *wink*

17. What has been your favorite episode of Boy Band Break to record so far?
Lyd: I liked the one where we painted the eggs. Episode #37: Easter. Oh! And the Lou Pearlman episode, #15

D: Episode #27: Valentine’s Day. We played “Date, Marry, Kill” and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Sof: Episode #56: 2019 Fantasy Boy Band Draft … because I won! And it was fun coming up with names for our Fantasy Boy Bands

Cinz: It’s a toss up between Episode #2: Boy Band Firsts and Episode #14: Memories. I just like reliving the memories of things we’ve done.

18. Cruise, Concert, or Con — which Backstreet-related activity do you prefer?
Lyd: Con. I’ve never been to one to meet a Backstreet Boy but I have been to many conventions and I like how much time you get to talk to the celebs.

Sof: It’s a toss up for me between cruise and con. The cruise you get a concert, pictures, games and lots of other fun things. Cons you get more time with the artist and it’s cheaper, but not all of them are there.

Cinz: I agree wholeheartedly with everything Sofia said.

D: Dollar for dollar your best value you is at a con. And you get experiences on a cruise that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. But I really love concerts. Hearing the music live and feeling the energy in the room is one of my favourite things. Sorry, I can’t pick.


19. What is something the Backstreet Boys haven’t done yet that you wish they would?
Lyd: Nude Calendar

D: Christmas Album!!

Cinz: Win a Grammy!!

Sof: Have figures in a wax museum

20. Any last words?
Lyd: Listen to Boy Band Break. And also go to my YouTube channel: Dorkalicious

Sof: Enjoy your fandom. Don’t worry what others think.

D: I love BSB!

Cinz: Thanks for reading! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @boybandbreak

**I recently called in to chat with these ladies for an episode of Boy Band Break! You can listen below**

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