ICYMI: Brian Littrell Is Nailing It On The ‘DNA’ Tour

We’ve never been shy about the fact that we root for every single one of the Backstreet Boys during their highs and lows in the past 4 years that WHOTB has been created. Obviously, the celebrations and triumphs have been our favorite moments and we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge this one.

Since he opened up about his vocal struggles in the Backstreet Boys 2015 documentaryShow ‘Em What You’re Made Of, we’ve been cheering for Brian a little louder, literally and figuratively. We’ve sang along with him during performances and watched him steadily progress over the past few years. Every note he’s ever sung has made us grateful that he is a Backstreet Boy and that we’ve been blessed to have him in our lives as 1/5 of our favorite band, but knowing now how hard he has worked to reach those notes again – the ones we unknowingly took for granted – has made us even more elated to hear them, even more thankful for the hard work that all of these men put in, and beyond joyful that Brian Littrell is still the fighter we’ve always known he was.

When the DNA tour began in Europe in May, we didn’t know what songs would be performed and with the Vegas residency setlist being the only one they performed for two years, we’d be lying if we didn’t say we weren’t curious about how more than a few things would sound from all of the Boys, especially with the hints that old songs were being pulled out of the vault. There were new songs, old songs, a new stage, new choreography, sold out arenas…

…And Kevin, Nick, Howie, AJ and Brian.

Brian, who after the first show, fans were posting left and right about how phenomenal he sounds.

Brian, who fans continued to tweet and instapost about through the entire European leg, because he continually sounded stronger than he has before in recent times.

Brian, who, whether we were watching in person or online, made our hearts fill with joy as he confidently belted out the songs that have served as a soundtrack to some of our favorite moments.

Regardless of anything, we’re so very proud of you, Brian. You continue to inspire us daily and we hope that you are nothing short of proud of yourself for how far you’ve come. No matter what, we will keep singing along with you and feel all the feelings about every perfectly executed note.

How lucky we are to have the opportunity to still hear these five beautifully blended voices live? It’s unfathomable.

Welcome Back, Michael Jordan. ❤


Featured Photo: Justin Segura

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