Backstreet Boys On Tour: A Fan’s Timeline and Itinerary

Being a diehard fan of any band is a totally chill situation… says people who are not diehard fans of any band.

If you’ve been a Backstreet Boys fan for any reasonable amount of time, you have more than likely been through your fair share of tour cycles. You’ve been through the highs and lows, the crazies and the calm, etc. You know how this goes… but do others? It’s time to reveal to the world what we put into the concert process (and poke a little fun at ourselves)!***

***We know this is not EVERY fan. No need to comment if you can’t relate
***It’s all in good humor. Don’t get twisted, fam.

2-3 Years Before New Tour: Begin begging for new tour

9-12 Months Before Concert Date(s): Purchase tickets for at least one show

11-12 Months Before Concert Date(s): Ask about Meet and Greet options

8-9 Months Before Concert Dates(s): Start thinking about what to wear

9 Months Before Concert Date(s): Make sure not to get pregnant

7 Months Before Concert Date(s): Ask about M&G options again. Think about adding another concert date….because your friends are going, duh.

6 Months – One Week Before Concert Date(s): Start posting the countdown that you will post every 2 weeks for the next 6 months and get more and more desperate about how much “YOU NEED THIS CONCERT, TIME WITH FRIENDS, VACATION UGH”

Oh, and keep asking about meet & greet.

One Month Before Concert: Literally throw a fit all over the internet because you don’t know VIP Meet & Greet details yet and DON’T THEY KNOW YOU HAVE TO PLAN AND YOU CAN’T JUST DROP $500 ON A WHIM?

7-14 Days Before Concert (8am): Come unhinged at the fact that VIP M&G options have been released and it’s not *exactly* what you wanted

7-14 Days Before Concert (8:15am): Start asking your friends what they’re doing and assemble teams for buying VIP upgrades, while also still refusing to “pay that much” because “you can live without it – you’ve met them before”

7-14 Days Before Concert (8:30am): Start a separate conversation off of the group text with friends you really want to go to VIP with because other people can’t make up their minds and you don’t care anyway and DECISIONS NEED TO BE MADE BECAUSE THEY GO ON SALE TOMORROW

VIP Meet & Greet On Sale Day (9:35am): Freak out because your Fan Club presale code isn’t in your dashboard even though it isn’t supposed to be there until 9:50am

VIP Meet & Greet On Sale Day (9:50am): Copy your presale code and start making empty threats about what you’ll do if you don’t get your hands on the upgrade you swore you weren’t buying 3 days ago.

VIP Meet & Greet On Sale Day (10:00am): TWEET FOR HELP BECAUSE YOU CAN’T FIND…. oh wait, nevermind…it’s working now.

VIP Meet & Greet On Sale Day (10:03am): Time to post on every social media platform about your new purchase(s)!

—- This is where the timeline varies based on tour, travel, etc. so let’s skip ahead to everyone’s favorite… CONCERT DAY!

8am…ish: Lay in bed and think about how you couldn’t sleep because TODAY IS CONCERT DAY.

8:15am: Eat breakfast…because it’ll be the last meal you eat today.

8:30am: Post on socials that “TODAY IS THE DAY. Might go live later. Idk.”

8:45am – 11am: Counting hours that you have before you head to the venue.

12pm: Start thinking about a different outfit, even though you’ve decided on your outfit months ago, but today it looks different.

12:45pm: Decide to just wear the original outfit.

1pm: Get the opinion of your friends and ask what they’re wearing.

1:15pm: What about shoes? Should you bring two pair?

1:20pm: Get sidetracked because there is always SOME kind of drama that you’re more interested in.


1:45pm – 3pm: Get yourself together….which basically means actually putting effort into your hair and makeup (if that’s your thing), even though you know it will mean nothing by the end of the night.

3pm: Approve yourself in the mirror and take selfies with the besties.

3:05pm: Post to your insta stories to make everyone jealoussssss.

3:15pm: Head to line up for VIP check in even though check in doesn’t start until 4pm but like…WHAT IF THE EMAIL WAS WRONG, OKAY? What if you miss Brian walking into the venue? How will you live with yourself if you’re not standing in line, actively pretending like you don’t see him and it’s all chill?

3:20pm: Make friends in line and bond over past experiences. Meet at least one fan who will try to one-up you on everything. Meet another who has never been to VIP before and relish in the newness of a fresh fan.

3:30pm: “Whyyyyy do we have to get here so earrrllyyy? I could run this better myself.” (Even though you didn’t have to get here this early and you literally work at Starbucks.)

3:45pm: Scroll through social media and ask other fans where they are, even though you have no intention of meeting up with them….but it’s nice to know.

4pm: Answer the 45th person walking by about what you’re standing in line for.

4:15pm: Regret sets in about the shoes you’re wearing, but YOU’RE NOT GOING TO BE A WEAK BITCH. Your legs look BOMB.

4:25pm: “The VIP lounge better have like…real food. I’m STARVING.”

4:45pm: “I’m like…so chill. This is my 345th VIP. This is what happens everytime.”

5pm: “OMG I don’t know WHAT they’re doing and what’s taking so long. Probably Nick. We always blame everything on him. HAAAAAAAAAA.”


5:20pm: You check in and return to normal human being…omgomgomg…Backstreet Boys.

5:30pm: “Oh my god, snacks! Oh my god, I can’t eat!”

5:50pm: Run to the restroom for the 4th time because you’ve got nerves…but also you’ve had two drinks.

6pm: Talk to old friends, new friends…or avoid them…it all really just depends.




6:20pm: Line up for the photo. Change back into your hot girl shoes if so inclined. The pain wasn’t worth it and you’ve been walking in flip flops since you got inside.

6:30pm: Act chilllll. You’re sooooo chill. You’re a pro.

6:31pm: But like, really, what are you going to say?

6:32pm: Is Nick going to remember your name? WHY DOESN’T HE KNOW YOUR NAMMMEE?

6:33pm: JK. He totally knows it.


6:35pm: Oh wait. We are SO CLOSE.

6:40pm: OMG. There’s Brian.

6:41pm: But like…it’s fine.


6:46pm: Tell Kevin that everything has been SO WONDERFUL.

6:47pm: Quietly walk out of M&G and grab your purse…then grab your friend and go over EVERY SINGLE THING THAT JUST HAPPENED.

6:50pm: “But wait…did that happen?”

6:55pm: “I think I might have blinked. I hope I didn’t blink.”

7pm: “I AM SO HUNGRY! A drink will fix that, right?”

7:15pm: Text all your friends about VIP before you forget the newness.

7:20pm: Post an obscure tweet on Twitter so everyone will want to know more.

7:25pm: Buy another VIP for a concert that you may or may not have tickets to yet. Who cares?

7:30pm-8pm: Take your shoes off and save your energy because we’re all getting older and you’re not going to make it…

8:05pm: “Where is my hair tie?! Why did I wear my hair down?? So hot. Ugh, but it’ll crease.”

8:10pm: “Oh my goooddd…where areeee theyyyyy?”

8:15pm: Scream the moments the lights go down because you need to scream about something, but it’s also just the opening act so…minimal effort.

9:15pm: Just as you’re about to whine for the 45th time, the lights go down again. It’s real this time. Oh my God, it’s REAL. R E A L.



9:18pm: ARE YOU CRYING? I’M CRYING. Where did these tears come from?? Is this just sweat?

9:20pm: This girl beside me BETTER NOT try to get in my way.

9:20pm-11pm: A weird state of euphoria where time does not exist, all of the fangirl demons that possess you pour out of your orifices, you sing along to the songs you swear you hate, you fEeL sOmEtHiNg when even your least favorite Backstreet Boy so much as makes eye contact with you, and SURPRISE — you’re now best friends with the girl beside you (at least for tonight). Oh, and you DEFINITELY put your hair up halfway through.

11:05pm: Walk out like a zombie in a delightful daydream and try to force others to scream sing with you because IT CAN’T BE OVER.

11:15pm: WHERE CAN YOU GET PIZZA ASAP OMG. Also, you need to sit down and look at the next few tour dates and make them work because you are GOING.

11:20pm: Analyze every moment with your friends who were there because you need to know one more time that that just happened.

11:45pm: Wonder when Justin will upload Meet and Greet photos. Ask everyone online even though you’ve done this before.

Next Day: REFRESHREFRESHREFRESH on the photo page because you gotta get those social media likes while it’s fresh. Panic to anyone that will listen that you think you blinked / were talking.

Once Photos Are Up: Post the HD version of the VIP pic (after you ask people how to do that) and add casual, cliche caption (i.e. “Always in the VIP”, “About last night”, etc.)

Next 25 years: Do it all over again. Never regret one minute.


**This is strictly humor based and the times are not entirely accurate for this tour**
Featured Photo: Justin Segura







4 thoughts on “Backstreet Boys On Tour: A Fan’s Timeline and Itinerary

  1. All of what you wrote is so true. But like did it actually happen? Did I blink and why do these girls try to one up you when there is a newbie among us? Why is vip so expensive and how do I get more money for another show?! Lol


  2. As promised on Twitter… the Itinerary for a non-VIP concert day (mom-fan):

    Evening before concert day. Pack all the items you need the next day. These include a bunch of snacks and candy, some bottled drinks for in the queue, a plastic bag to sit on, a disposable poncho, an old blanket if it is a cold day. Maybe a packed lunch, some fruits (got to keep your vitamin up). And for me it’s always pen and paper because there’s a lot of time to kill so that always helps. All that in a bag that you can loose at the entrance and then the other concert necessities in a small bag/purse that meets the specs of the venue. This bag will hold your concert ticket (at least triple check if you pack that), make-up and deodorant, phone (but not already because you’ll need a full battery so it’s going to get charged) and anything you’ll want in there. Go to bed early knowing full well you can’t sleep with excitement. Lay out your outfit.

    6AMish: Lay in bed and think about how you couldn’t sleep because TODAY IS CONCERT DAY and hoping all of your friends get to the point from which you travel to the arena in time.
    6:30AM: get dressed, eat breakfast, give kids and hubby a kiss and tell them you love them but mommy has a mommy day all to herself. Pack those last minute additions to the stuff you already had prepared the day before (charged phone, some cold drinks, that packed lunch), go to the toilet before you step in your car and remind your bladder it’s concert day so it has to do with the bare minimum. Leave for the meeting point.
    7-8AM (depends how far you and your friends are apart from each other and the venue): Go from home/hotel to the meeting point to the concert venue. Try not to get lost in traffic, find a good parking spot, try to remember where you leave your car.
    8Amish join the fans outside the venue who had to travel less then you or actually spend the night there. Make sure you queue at the correct entrance. Annoy anyone that looks like they are security and/or venue employee with questions about if this is the right queue and what times the doors will open. Also locate possible toilet and food options nearby where you can take turns with your friends going to…. (you stay in line and save my spot and I’ll bring you back….). Put that plastic bag down on the floor. That is your spot in the queue. Sit down on it and only stand if you need more blood to your legs, get cold or need to get some food or go to the toilet.
    Most of the day is then spend talking to other fans and media (radio/tv) that amazes about how the Backstreet Boys fans are still this active…. Requesting songs to radio shows, perfecting make up and hair, trying to contain nerves, calling in to home to find out if kids and hubby are okay, some social media. Sing some songs with other fans. Be very strict on your bladder (no you have to wait one more hour). Try to eat that packed lunch but fail on it… do eat the snacks/candy and drink some of the drinks (not to much because of the bladder) and have a good time with the rest of the early fans.
    2 PMish enjoy how it’s starting to get crowdy but you’re quite in the front so you’ll have a good spot tonight.
    3 PMish get annoyed because security is asking you to make more room for the late arrivals, so you have to start standing around now. Do it anyway and try to contain your nerves because it’s nearly door time.
    4:30 PM the nerves are getting to us now… what time was doors again? Maybe get some food now while we still can.
    5:30 PM oh this food doesn’t taste good… well let’s eat it anyway…. We’re going to need our strength. What’s the security crew up to? Are they going to keep us organized or not? Where is my ticket???
    6:15 PM… just 15 minutes till the doors open… let me in!. Dump all the stuff that isn’t going in with you now…. Do finish those bottled drinks because they’re not allowed in. Hey don’t push!
    6:30 PM Doors should be open now… why aren’t they? Oh yeah Backstreet time…
    6:35 Pm yes we start moving. Ticket in hand, little bag open for inspection…. Get that ticket scanned. All my friend trough the cjheck in? Let’s GOGOGO!!!! Make a mad dash to the stage… ignore the “DON’T RUN!”… you’re not running you’re speedwalking here…. Look around frantically. How does the stage look? Where is the best spot? Let go there… Sit down when you can.
    7:00 PM be glad about the spot you secured. Try to locate some of the people that where in the queue with you. Eat some candy. Ignore that pesky bladder of yours… It’s going to have to wait. Wonder why they never play music you actually like while you wait for the other fans to fill up the arena.
    7:30 PM just one call home to see how the day went.
    7:45 PM this is taking forever… Oh wait I see some movement near the stage…. SCREAM… oh false alarm… but funny that the rest of the fans follow your lead.
    8:00 PM isn’t that opening act supposed to start now? Get started so the boys can get ready!
    8:03 PMish they finally started… Scream the moments the lights go down because you need to scream about something, but it’s also just the opening act so…minimal effort.
    8:35 PMish okay that was that… OMG nearly show time.
    8:54 PMish movement again… SCREAM… oh never mind….
    8:59 PM BSBtime or on time?
    9:01 PM BSBtime…. But that song is nearly over… so let’s start to SCREAM
    9:03 PM No lights out… so never mind….
    9:07 PM The lights go down. THIS IT IS! SCCCREEEEEEEEEEEAMMMMMM! Hey don’t push!
    9:08 PM ARE YOU CRYING? I’M CRYING. Where did these tears come from?? Is this just sweat?
    9:10 PM This girl beside me BETTER NOT try to get in my way.
    9:10pm-11:30pm: A weird state of euphoria where time does not exist, all of the fangirl demons that possess you pour out of your orifices, you sing along to the songs you swear you hate, you fEeL sOmEtHiNg when even your least favorite Backstreet Boy so much as makes eye contact with you, and SURPRISE — you’re now best friends with the girl beside you (at least for tonight).
    11:35pm: Make a selfie near the stage as the show is over as you have one of every show you’ve been to.
    11:36Pm now where’s the nearest toilet because I NEED ONE NOW!
    11:39PM OMG THAT LINE!
    11:47PM Glad that’s out of me… Sorry bladder…
    11:48Pm Oh look merch! I need that! What a line though!
    0:29 AM next day: Yes security I know we need to go… but I need to use the toilet once more… my poor bladder….
    0:35 AM now where did I parked that car????
    0:45 AM FOUND IT! Drive home, talking about what has happened that day and joke that you’ll get to old for this… but plan to do the exact same thing the next time the boys have a show near you.


  3. Omg this pretty much alll happened.
    Met my bff in line for the VIP . I was there 2 hours early!!!!!! Tried to eat, couldn’t. Met Shelly in line…

    Shelly: omg AJ is in the sunglasses store
    Me: I’m going inside (went inside right next to him but didn’t say anything and ran out)

    Inside VIP
    Me: do you have tickets to DNA tour? Yes? Omg you should come to my show and I’ll come to yours

    In line to meet the boys
    Shelly: I hope I don’t black out
    Me: just make sure you talk to them and we will be fine

    After meeting the boys
    Tell each other every single detail so we don’t forget

    Two days after the concert:
    Me: should I buy meet and greet for my show. I’m gonna do it. Screw it.

    Shelly: I just bought tickets to your show and got meet and greet too!

    42 days til I see Shelly. 43 days til the concert


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