4 Things Howie D. Is Doing That You Need To Know About (+ #WOAI Updates)


What? You really thought we weren’t going to open a post about Howie doing stuff without saying that? He would be disappointed if we didn’t, we feel like.

Anyway, Howie is out here in 2019 doing some BIG THINGS and we are here for it. In fact, he’s doing so much that you might be like, “WHAT? LET ME IN ON THAT!”, when you hear about it. So, we’re laying it all out for you (our favorite thing to do) so that you don’t miss a Howie thing.

Wow, we’ve said Howie a lot in this post, huh? Anyway, here’s what you need to know…

1. He’s Dropping A New Solo Album, Which One Am I?, on July 12th.

It’s been 8 years since Howie released his solo album, Back To Mebut he’s finally back and this time… it’s a little more personal. The album is primarily for kids and loosely based on Howie’s life, but don’t expect your typical sing-along lullabies.

“It’s definitely not your normal kids record,” he told People recently. “This is more of a twist on a kids record. The goal is to teach people that no matter what they’re going through, they can overcome any obstacle in front of them. I want people who listen to the music not to worry, everything that happens is meant to teach you how to be the person you were meant to be.”

You can preorder the album here or pick it up at the merch table on the Backstreet Boys’ DNA tour.

2. His New Single, “No Hablo Espanol”, Is Personal.

Not only does the music video for his first single off of WOAI star his son James and his own mom, but represents his own life growing up.

“Being a kid who grew up in a mixed family, Mom is Puerto Rican, Dad is an Irish-American, you’re trying to find your identity with what you can relate to, and what people relate to you. A classic example is ‘No Hablo Español.’ People used to always look at me and automatically assume because I have olive, darker skin that I spoke Spanish, and unfortunately as a little kid I didn’t really learn Spanish. We grew up in a really Anglo-Saxon neighborhood, and as a kid with a lot of brothers and sisters, we never thought we needed to learn Spanish because there were no kids that were speaking it around us. My mom was also trying to learn English and didn’t want us kids to have to grow up with an accent, especially in the ’70s when it was a very judgmental time,” Howie told SongFacts.com

3. He’s Giving People A Sneak Peek On Tour.

Howie is offering VIP upgrades in select cities on the DNA tour to hang out with fans, preview some of the new music and talk about the inspiration behind his new solo project. You can find all dates (so far) and purchase tickets on HowieD.net.

**You must have concert tickets to attend this event in addition to purchasing the Howie upgrade.

**BSB VIP and Howie VIP are not the same thing. You CAN attend both, but you have to purchase separately. Timing does not overlap.

4. Howie Has Written Music For And Will Star In A Biographical Musical in 2020!

Working on Which One Am I? actually inspired Howie to create a musical for children with the same theme — being comfortable in your own skin. Three of the songs on the album made it to the score of the musical, which opens on January 31st and runs through mid-February at the Rose Theater in Omaha, Nebraska, with Howie performing live. Tickets are ON SALE NOW to theater members and on sale to the public starting August 1st.

UPDATE (6/13/19): Howie will be releasing another song (12am PST) + music video (9am PST) tomorrow (6/14). The song, “The Me I’m Meant To Be”, is about embracing the real you as you are.

UPDATE (7/3/19): There’s a few new things to read and see that we wanted to update you on!

  • Howie will be in NYC at Build Series on July 10th at 12pm EST. Tickets to attend the taping have sold out, but you watch the live stream here.
  • Want to win a Skype call with the Sweet D. himself plus own some sweet merch? Here’s your opportunity!
  • By now, you’ve all seen “The Me I’m Meant To Be” music video, but have you seen this official behind the scenes video??
  • Howie reveals his favorite places to travel and foods to eat in this new article from the L.A. Times

Other Media About Howie’s Album:

Howie’s album, Which One Am I?, is now available for purchase, download and streaming here!

2/5/2020: Howie has teamed up with Baby First TV and created a video for “It’s OK To Worry” — you can watch here! He stopped by KTLA to talk about the partnership — watch THAT here.

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