3 Backstreet-Related Songs You Should Be Listening To Right Now

We’re posting late on a release day, but with the Backstreet Boys kicking off their DNA tour in less than 24 hours and an afterparty going on sale, there’s a LOT. GOING. ON.

May 10th may be busy for those reasons, but wait…THERE’S MORE! Howie Dorough, AJ McLean, and Brian’s son, Baylee Littrell ALL. DROPPED. MUSIC today and to be honest, it’s enough to make us TYPE. LIKE. THIS. one more time. So, while this post will be on the shorter side, we’d be doing everyone an injustice if we didn’t talk about these pieces of music that you should be listening to this weekend!

1. “No Hablo Espanol” – Howie D.


We’ve known for a bit that Howie has been working on music for children / the whole family and on Thursday, he surprised us by revealing that he would be releasing his single “No Hablo Espanol” on Friday, as well as opening pre-orders for his album Which One Am I?, dropping on July 12th. BONUS: When you pre-order the album, you receive the single for free!

Perhaps the sweetest part about this project is the fact that the music video for his first family-oriented song is actually, indeed, a family affair. If some of the people in the video look familiar to you (besides Howie, of course), it’s because the main star is his own son, James, with his mom making an appearance as well! Check it out below.

Also, click here to read about the story behind the inspiration for Howie’s upcoming project. We LOVE his real life being put to music! Way to go, Howie!

2. “Give You Away” – AJ McLean


Also along the family route of things, AJ has released yet another song from his upcoming album, Boy And A Man. 

It’s no secret that one of our favorite things about AJ is watching him be a father to Ava and Lyric, who are the clear inspiration behind this tune. The lyric video features photos of him and his girls throughout the years while he sings about giving them away at their eventual weddings.

You can stream and download the song here. No actual release date for his album yet.

3. “Boxes” – Baylee Littrell


Last but not least, Baylee Littrell, Brian’s son and the opener for the North American leg of the DNA tour, has also dropped a new single, a second off his upcoming country album.

The song, much like his debut single “Don’t Knock It”, is a catchy song that reflects young love and it’s definitely one we could hear on the radio. Check out what he said to Sounds Like Nashville about the new single here. He also stopped by The Bert Show with the fam before Brian left for tour!

You can stream + download “Boxes” here.

We’ve added all these and more of our faves to our What’s Happening playlist on Spotify!


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